Pennsylvania Libertarians Invite Fascist Augustus Invictus To Speak on Immigration

from It’s Going Down

“It has been said that I associate with neo-Nazis and skinheads. You’re goddamn right I do. I am a criminal defense lawyer, and I am proud of the work I have done for the American Front.”

Augustus Invictus

On Saturday, April 1st, 2017, the Pennsylvania chapter of the Libertarian Party will host the “Mid-Atlantic Liberty Festival and Soiree,” bringing together Libertarian Party members and activists together from across the region. The event will take place at the Hilton Hotel in Harrisburg, the capitol of Pennsylvania.

From 2pm – 3pm, the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania has also invited fascist organizer and speaker, August Invictus, real name Austin Gillespie, who has a long history of networking and organizing alongside neo-Nazi, Alt-Right, and white supremacist groups, to take part in a debate on immigration. While some within the Libertarian Party think that this is the “best way” to confront Austin Gillespie’s views, it is actually helping to normalize and cement them as an acceptable position within the party. Meanwhile, others are openly embracing the fascist and white supremacist position within the Libertarian movement and see Gillespie as a leader.

A youtube/podcast interview with Gillespie that appeared on Red Ice TV. Red Ice is a white nationalist media platform. Notice how Gillespie is openly promoting his connections within the Libertarian Party. Radio Fourteen also refers to the “14 Words,” a saying popularized by David Lane, a member of the white supremacist and neo-Nazi terrorist organization The Order, which planted bombs and carried out murders in the 1980s.

Such a push is also not isolated just to Gillespie, as across the US, there is a growing attempt by factions within Libertarianism to merge with the Alt-Right. Invictus, along with popular podcasters and youtuber Stefan Molyneux, the Hoppee Caucus who brought white supremacist Richard Spencer to the International Students for Liberty Conference, ‘anarcho’-capitalists attempting to host Richard Spencer in a debate in Florida, and ‘anarcho’-capitalists who have organized a series of pro-Trump rallies in Berkeley, have all pushed Libertarianism into more racist and fascist directions. Will the Libertarian Party itself be next?

White nationalist speaker and writer Jack Donovan tattooed this on Gillespie’s back, and it features an eagle carrying a fasces, a symbol which represents fascism.

Who is behind bringing Gillespie to speak? The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania’s 2017 Convention Facebook page lists Greg Faust as the official contact of the Party and for the Soiree event. Greg Faust is also a member of the ‘Radical Caucus’ within the Libertarian Party, known as LPRadicals, which by and large makes up the “anarcho”-capitalist wing of the Libertarian Party. Greg Faust is also a Facebook friend of Augustus Invictus.

Pennsylvania Libertarian Party organizer Greg Faust is Facebook friends with fascist Augustus Invictus.

Gillespie has attempted to make a ‘career’ off of portraying himself as a “bad boy” within Libertarian circles, much like Milo Yiannopoulos in the wider Right, and also through his attempts to speak at a variety of occult events across the country. Currently, Gillespie is pushing his new website, the Revolutionary Conservative, which is a mix of white nationalist, ‘anarcho’-capitalist, ‘national’ anarchist, fascist, and national capitalist thinkers, authors, and podcasts. In short, Augustus is trying to meld the libertarian world with Alt-Right, white nationalist, and fascist ideas. As Augustus wrote in January 2017 on the about section of the website:

The Revolutionary Conservative will present brutally honest commentary addressing the themes of current political issues, the restoration of the American republic, and the defense of Western Civilization. In doing so, we will eschew the tired format of modern journalism, which pretends to be unbiased while pushing their paymasters’ hidden agenda. This will be a revolutionary paper, as of old, with a definite objective: the defense of the West, starting with the restoration of the American republic.

It was pamphleteers like our colonial forefathers who made possible the first American Revolution. It was Paine’s Common Sense and Jefferson’s Summary View of the Rights of British America that educated the public and prepared them for independence. We aim to do likewise in preparing Our Fellow Americans to declare themselves independent from the globalists, the leftists, and the international financiers.

May God help us in our task. May we conquer or die.

Gillespie has already spent years attempting to bring the Libertarian Party into neo-Nazi circles. In March of last year, he attempted to speak at an event organized by the American Front, a neo-Nazi organization made up of racist skinheads. The speaking event like others last year, was an attempt to drum up support among white supremacists and the Alt-Right for us run for Senate on the Libertarian Party ticket in Florida. Many people within the party itself wanted nothing to do with him; the Florida Party chairman actually resigned out of disgust. However it seems that many newcomers, perhaps energized by Gary Johnson’s run for President, are still buying the fascist snake oil.

Gillespie speaking in front of a “Rock Against Communism” banner. RAC was a collection of far-Right and neo-Nazi bands that opposed anti-racist and anarchist musical acts in the 1980s in the UK.

Gillespie continues to cozy up to the Alt-Right, neo-Nazis, and fascists. In the spring of last year, Augustus spoke in front of another neo-Nazi organization, the National Socialist Movement, who is known to openly parade around with Nazi banners, deny the Holocaust, and praise Adolf Hitler. There is also evidence that Gillespie was once a member of the NSM. Here’s a shot from a website promoting him speaking, notice the swastika:

Invictus also worked as a lawyer to represent neo-Nazis in court:

As a lawyer, Invictus represented white supremacist Marcus Faella of the American Front, working on Faella’s appeal for his conviction on two counts of teaching and conducting paramilitary training with the intention of starting a race war. While defense lawyers typically have all sorts of clients, Invictus writes about the white supremacist Faella as being “my friend” on the Invictus for Senate website. In fact, on February 27th of this year Invictus spoke at an American Front gathering in Washington state.

Gillespie has already been dropped and banned from a variety of speaking events and conferences. While he often boils this down to his non-mainstream religious views, it’s quite clear that Gillespie has direct links to white supremacists and openly supports their program. Why does the Libertarian Party welcome him with open arms then? Will Libertarians become simply another section of the Alt-Right, or will they draw lines against racism, white supremacy, and patriarchy?

One thing is clear, as long as fascists like Augustus Invictus are welcomed with open arms at Libertarian events, even their diluted view of “Liberty” can’t be taken seriously, as more and more, Libertarians openly embrace fascism as a vehicle to achieve a society ruled by private property, profit, and markets.

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is located at:  

3915 Union Deposit Road #223 Harrisburg, PA

Their phone number is listed at:

(844) 725-4237


17109 1-800 R-Rights or 1-800-774-4487

Email Greg Faust:

Hilton in Harrisburg: 

(717) 233-6000

Script for Calling and Emailing:

“Hello, I am angered that a fascist and neo-Nazi known as Augustus Invictus, actual name Austin Gillespie, is being given an open platform to speak at your conference and spread his racist views in an open debate. It seems that there is a connection between Greg Faust, an event organizer and Invictus. Why is this? Will the Libertarian Party embrace the Alt-Right, neo-Nazism, and white supremacy, or will it reject them?”

Reportback/Critique of the Solidarity Forum

We know we need to help turn Philly into the site of a radical resistance to Trump and the social forces he represents.  But there is no clear, widespread sense of what that kind of resistance might look like in this city.  Right now, we mostly have a series of disconnected efforts.

One way to deal with this is to think critically about the kinds of resistance we *do* have and about how to radicalize and deepen it.  The Solidarity Forum here in Philly is an extremely limited, ineffective response to Trumpism.  But it’s valuable for the questions it raises about how to radically resist.

1. Reportback on the Solidarity Forum

The Solidarity Forum has been a monthly event at Arch Street Methodist Church since December that’s attempting to drum up resistance efforts in the city (last meeting: March 11th).  It’s organized by many of the same people behind the DNC Action Committee, which organized some very light resistance during the 2016 DNC. The Forum is built on the “speed dating” model: people move from table to table every two minutes to hear a pitch from groups who want them to join.  It has had some decent turnout. At its February meeting, I’m estimating about 150 people total showed.

Some of the groups there are, thankfully, more radical: the Philly Coalition for REAL Justice and Philly Antifa come to mind.  But a lot of the groups fall into the more liberal variety and avoid any image of conflict at all.  For example, one group wants to march to Harrisburg and ask elected officials to change their ways.  The idea seems to be the people in office just don’t realize what they’re doing is hurting people.

The forum is somehow a step backwards from the DNC Action Committee.  The goal of the Action Committee was largely to coordinate the most local groups possible.  This meant rejecting any possibility of confrontation or conflict so as not to offend. Early on, the committee was called the DNC Protest Committee.  After an early debate, the leadership decided the goal and language of protest would be dropped completely as too alienating.  But
at least (and this is hardly anything) it was an attempt at some kind of solidarity.

The Solidarity Forum, by contrast, has jettisoned the idea of organizing. It’s more like Amazon than anything: it wants to connect people to their favorite baubles, which they can then play with in private.

2. An anarchist response?

What should a radical leftist, anarchist response be to events like this? An obvious answer would be to ignore them.  But I think this is a mistake. Events like this are symptoms, not causes; and more than this, they’re fairly popular place for more and less radical groups to gather. Like it or not, this is one of the places organizing in Philly is starting from.

There’s no clear path towards mass, radical politics in Philly.  But the forum shows us a clear roadblock: the “common sense” of a lot of the left in Philly that resistance should be totally allergic to disruption and confrontation.  How do we start shifting this common sense?  Is it possible for the more radical left to engage and work with the Solidarity Forum without itself becoming too reformist and reactionary?

How can we start pushing the political culture in Philly to the more
radical left?  How can we avoid, as anti-authoritarians, being a vocal but isolated clique?  Can we develop a “polyamorous” and “queer anarchism” that works with different kinds of people and approaches, but keeps pushing ideas and people to the antiauthoritarian left?

Philadelphia, 3/25: #DisruptMAGA

from It’s Going Down

March 25, 2017, Independence Hall, Philadelphia (5th and Market)

On March 25th, a group of Trump-worshiping right-wing scum will be in Philadelphia to hold a “Make America Great” rally and march near independence hall. The rally will be to show support for Donald Trump and his racist, sexist and transphobic policies. They will cheer for the loss of life-saving medical coverage for so many who need it. They will celebrate the continuation and acceleration of policies of mass incarceration, unrestricted police murder/brutality/harassment, and deportations. They will cheer as trans women are murdered almost daily and then have the gall to turn around and claim those women are predators to be kept from children. They will then attempt to march through the streets of Philly, a city that overwhelmingly does not support Trump, as a show of strength.

We say fuck that.

Let’s show them that Philly knows the truth. That America was founded on Colonialism, Genocide, Slavery and Sexism. Those traditions continue today, though sometimes in varied forms. America was never great. But Philly can be great on March 25th. Let our rage send a message to all those who think the election of Trump means that we will lie down and die, and all those unsure how to best stand against Trump and his minions.

#DisruptMAGA welcomes and encourages a diversity of tactics. However, “peace police,” people who collaborate with law enforcement, and people who seek to restrict the actions of other demonstrators are not welcome. Be smart; this is not a civil disobedience where everyone tries to get arrested or injured. Come with a buddy, protect your identity and watch your back.

So let’s make a little noise for ourselves and everyone else who had to suffer to “Make America Great.”


Social Media Event
Twitter (Use hashtag #DisruptMAGA)




Computer Literacy and Defense

from Facebook

Computer literacy & defense

“skillshare with demonstrations

beginner subjects included but not limited to: feeling comfortable with your OS (operating system), understanding the way your computer fits together, RAM vs. ROM, computer maintenance & hygiene, password strength.

intermediate subjects we can introduce and demonstrate if people are interested: VPN (Virtual Private Network), PGP-encrypted email, introduction to the math that crypto is made of, the limitations of Signal & Riseup.

bring a laptop if you have one.


disclaimer: not an expert, just a geek. open to breakout groups and open to co-facilitating w another geek.”

[March 19th 4 to 7PM at Wooden Shoe Books 704 South St]

Anathema Volume 3 Issue 2

from Anathema

Volume 3 Issue 2 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

Volume 3 Issue 2 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

In this issue:

  • On the Women’s Strike
  • Prison Update
  • Point-Counterpoint: $$$
  • Spring Ahead, Bounce Back, Fall Flat
  • Pipeline Resistance Updates
  • Paris is Burning
  • Black Resistance March Reportback
  • What Went Down

International Women’s Day March PHL

from Instagram


Femmes to the Front: A radical march and action

from Facebook

We have seen a predominantly white, liberal front in the past few months. Specifically, the Women’s March had failed to include women & femmes of color everywhere by ignoring intersectionality, racial equality, and the struggle against white supremacy. We are calling for a united and militant approach. We are tired of white-led protests. We are tired of white people taking up space. We are tired of the liberal agenda that the Democratic Party will somehow save us.

NO MORE “Love Trumps Hate”, “We Are The Majority Vote”, “Pussy Grabs Back”, “Her Body Her Choice”, etc. The revolution will start here in Philadelphia and it will be of color.

It is crucial for us, as women & femmes of color, to gather in a collective space to mourn, express anger, and display solidarity towards each other. Past protests have failed to show the people how to stay involved in community organizing. We know that marching isn’t enough. We know protesting is only the first step. That is why we have organized a *mostly* all day event where we will start out rallying and listening to women & femmes speak about their experiences, then taking the streets, and finally asking organization representatives to follow through and introduce protesters to organizational work.

We are asking you to dress in black and mask up if you can. The purpose of this is to challenge how society perceives women & femmes of color. Nothing intimidates White Amerikkka more than masked Black & Brown women/femmes. The purpose of masking up is not only to prove a point but also to provide all of you safety.

We will come together the weekend leading up to President’s Day. This event is open to everyone regardless of your race, sexuality, sexual preferences, class, disability, religion, etc. HOWEVER, we are asking that if you are white and are planning to come to this event, that you understand your role in providing safety to women/femmes of color.

[March 8 from 4 to 8PM Location tba]

Windows Busted at OCF Construction Site


Passed this OCF construction site at wharton and 20th with the windows busted

Solidarity w Anaheim Rebels

from Instagram

Solidarity w Anaheim Rebels spotted downtown. #ftp #anaheimrebels #philly

Resistance, Repression, and Media Lies in Philadelphia: Reportback from the Black Resistance March, 2/17/17

from Crimethinc

Donald Trump has taken to his soapbox to carp about “fake news,” as if the corporate news media were a subversive force. On the contrary, while biased or outright dishonest reporting is the rule rather than the exception, it almost always serves those in power. The interests of the corporate news media cannot be disentangled from the advertisers who fund them and the authorities they count on for scoops. In this eyewitness report from a demonstration in Philadelphia last Friday, participants relate how police attacked them with batons and pepper spray, then persuaded local media to report that it was the demonstrators who pepper-sprayed them.
Last night in North Philadelphia, four people were arrested and many were injured by batons and mace during a march organized by a local militant Black Lives Matter group, Philly Coalition for REAL Justice. The flier described it as a “Black Resistance March.” The online description expanded on this:

“All are welcome as long as they make space for black people at the front of the march. The issues contained in the assaults on LGBT folks, on Muslims and refugees, occupation and militarization abroad are intersectional. Today we center our black women, our black immigrants, black LGBTQ family, and our black Muslims. Dress warm and be vigilant.”

The march kicked off with a line of Bodyhammer-style shields made from large city traffic cones. Each one had a letter painted on it so that together they read “U-N-G-O-V-E-R-N-A-B-L-E.” Even the protest chants had an air of militancy. “Bullets Trump Hate” resonated throughout the streets as the march headed north on Broad Street. One person with a megaphone paid homage to the words that became a rallying cry after police officers murdered Eric Garner. “They say ‘hands up, don’t shoot,’ but we have another one for you… ‘guns up, shoot back.’”

The march made its way north towards the Temple campus. We stopped at the bustling intersection of Broad and Girard, a main artery for traffic and public transit. The crowd blocked the streets and burned American flags while people of color talked about police repression and terrorism through a megaphone. “This is not my flag. It has never been my flag. We’re burning this flag for Emmit Till. Trayvon Martin. Michael Brown. Freddie Gray. This is for Brandon Tate Brown.” There was more talk about the current racist stop-and-frisk policy, and, of course, the MOVE bombing of May 13, 1985. The list went on while the fire grew.

After it began to burn out, the march started to move again. The group wasn’t half as large as some anti-Trump demonstrations that brought out thousands only a few weeks ago. In a fashion typical of Philadelphia Police, the march was followed by dozens of squad cars and at least two police helicopters, and surrounded on either side by bike cops who seemed to outnumber participants by at least two to one. The strategy for policing mass mobilizations in Philadelphia is heavily influenced by former Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey; usually, the police avoid making arrests, while oversaturating the area with officers. This approach is informed by the “Vancouver Model” as outlined in the police manual Managing Major Events: Best Practices from the Field by the Police Executive Research Forum.

As soon as we neared Temple University, the march became confrontational. Those with megaphones tried to rush into the campus dining hall. Uniformed officers tripped over each other as they hurried to block the entrance and exits, using their bikes to shove people who stood in their way. They formed a line in front of the doors with their bikes as blockades.

Someone noticed a Bank of America across the street and everyone rushed in that direction. Only one officer stood guard before all the shielded protestors formed their own line at the entrance. Bike cops rushed over, clumsily tripping over each other again as they scrambled to catch up with the crowd. A scuffle broke out. Someone threw black paint over the bank window and perhaps an officer or two. Cops extended their batons. Shielded protesters stood their ground and moved forward, chanting “Kill the Rich.” Police pepper-sprayed a large portion of the crowd, then began swinging their batons and hitting many people. Four arrests took place. There was an unsuccessful attempt to de-arrest someone. I saw at least one person bleeding from the head after being hit by police. Street medics took care to help flush the pepper spray out of the eyes of those struck.

All the local news media outlets that covered this event reported that protestors pepper-sprayed the police and that police were hospitalized with injuries. No one I spoke with has witnessed anything other than the police pepper-spraying protestors. One person’s account is as follows: “Here’s what happened. We wanted to get inside Bank of America. A bunch of cops started beating people up with bikes and batons because they care more about capitalist institutions than people. One of them started spraying us with pepper spray. I got it in my eyes. The cops started shouting to their own guy, “Who’s spraying? Stop spraying!” Now, in order to cover up their incompetence, the press is implying that we were the ones who injured them.”

Six more people were arrested outside the precinct the next day while doing jail support. It took over 24 hours before everyone was released. The Up Against the Law Legal Collective worked nonstop to find out where everyone was being held and when they would be eligible for bail, while the local Food Not Bombs chapter fed the gathering crowd of people expressing support outside the jail. The charges being filed against the arrestees are outlandish, but we plan to fight the system with solidarity.

The courts and the police want us to feel scared and isolated. As long as we have each other’s backs in the mounting resistance to come, we can win. And we will win.