Help Shut Down a Neo-Fascist Event in New Jersey

from It’s Going Down

Background: On August 31, the Broadway Theatre in Pitman, NJ, will play host to variety of speakers from the far-right, including Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, who helped fuel the anti-feminist harassment of GamerGate.

Other speakers include Mark Meechan, aka Count Dankula, who was found guilty of violating anti-hate legislation in the UK; Aydin Paladin, a Holocaust denier; and Andy Ngo, a Quillette editor who recently pushed a conspiracy theory about journalists that inspired an Atomwaffen-affiliated kill list and has made a career off of promoting literal fake news about the antifascist movement.

Action: Call the Broadway Theatre at (856) 384-8381 and ask them not to let fascists use their space to organize. Be polite and offer to explain the context of the event.

Sample Script: Hello, I’m calling on behalf of No Hate NJ to ask you to cancel the upcoming MINDS New Jersey event that will be held at your theater on August 31. The speakers include Carl Benjamin, who helped inspire a campaign of harassment and terror against feminists during GamerGate; Mark Meechan, who was convicted of a hate crime in the UK; Aydin Paladin, a Holocaust denier; and Andy Ngo, a conspiracy theorist who recently inspired a neo-Nazi kill list with his lies. Thank you so much for your time.

Monday, 8/26: Letter-writing for anarchist Eric King

from Philly ABC

When: Monday, August 26th, 6:30pm

Where: A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Avenue

Snacks Provided; No Letter-writing Experience Necessary

Eric King, vegan anarchist political prisoner, was arrested and charged with an attempted firebombing of a government official’s office in Kansas City, MO in September 2014. Eric was charged with throwing a hammer through a window of the building, followed by two lit Molotov cocktails. The criminal complaint states that both incendiary devices failed to ignite. Eric was identified as a suspect by local police because he had previously come under suspicion for anti-government and anti-police graffiti.

On March 3, 2016, he accepted a non-cooperating plea agreement to one count of using “explosive materials to commit arson of property used in or affecting interstate commerce.” Eric King was sentenced to ten years, the statutory minimum and maximum for the charge he plead guilty to. His release date is June 2nd, 2023. Since his arrest and subsequent incarceration, he has been extremely isolated from his loved ones and has repeatedly been targeted by the guards, who regularly put his safety in jeopardy.

On or around 8/3, when in custody at USP Lee, Eric woke up unable to use his left hand/arm whole side of his body with paralysis of the whole left side of his face. When looking in the mirror he experienced mirrored-self misidentification, which means that he did not recognize himself in the mirror. Within 24 hours all symptoms were gone, meeting a lot of the qualifications of a transient ischemic attack or a mini stroke. Obviously without testing we can not know, but if this is the case it puts him in danger. One in three folks with this go on to have a full blown stroke. If he doesn’t get a neurological assessment asap, there is the possibility of  irreversible damage. The standard of care is to perform an immediate CT scan and ultrasound of the neck, be evaluated by a neurologist, and have blood tests.

However, instead of any medical care, he was picked up for transfer at 3am on August 13th and told he was being called into court on a “writ.” It seems likely that they are bringing him back to Colorado to try to charge him federally for being dragged into a broom closet, attacked and then kicked in the head repeatedly by 6 officers, tied to a 4-point bed covered in blood for 8 hours, having to urinate on himself, before being placed in a cell with a toilet clogged with feces and a strobe light overhead for 4 days.

Transfers are always difficult for prisoners, but this one is especially so because in addition to him losing access to his commissary money, contact with his family will be limited/more expensive, he will likely lose access to vegan meals and is STILL in need of urgent medical attention in addition to whatever bogus reason he is being called into court for. We will be writing letters to Eric with words of support in this difficult set of circumstances and have them ready to drop in the mail as soon as we get word which facility he ends up at after transfer. If you are writing from home, check for news on where to send mail. We understand he tends to like news about his favorite football team Manchester United, science, IRA articles, space, anything interesting, funny, weird or entertaining. We also encourage folks to donate to his support crew or buy merch from them as funds will be needed for commissary and legal expenses.

We will also send birthday cards to prisoners with birthdays in September: Brian Vaillancourt (the 4th), Leonard Peltier (the 11th), and Abdul Maumin Khabir (the 14th).

solidarity posters!

from Till all are free

Solidarity posters were put up in Philadelphia, USA.

Wooden Shoe A Selection Of Upcoming Events

from Facebook

Sunday August 18th, 2-3 pm
Divest Philly from the War Machine Coalition meeting

Tuesday August 27th, 7 pm
Them Fatale showcase & open mic

Wednesday September 4th, 7 pm
Heineken in Africa: A Multinational Unleashed
A book discussion with author Olivier van Beemen at the Wooden Shoe

*Followed by an after party at Tattooed Mom during their 10-11 pm happy hour 🍻

Friday September 13th, 7 pm
Discussion of Black Anarchism and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement

Wednesday September 18th, 7 pm
The Battle for the Mountain of the Kurds: Self-Determination and Ethnic Cleansing in the Afrin Region of Rojava
Discussion with PM Press author Thomas Schmidinger

Thursday September 19th, 8-9 pm
The Rhubarbs Present: The Never Ending Veggie Tale

Saturday September 21st, 7 pm
One People’s Project Philly Fundraiser
Join the subject of the feature film “Skin” and the star of the documentary “Alt- Right Age of Rage” and One People’s Project founder Daryle Lamont Jenkins

* * *

17-17-17 by Dwayne “BIM” Staats

from Support The Vaughn 17

On October 17th 2017, 17 prisoners were indicted for allegedly partaking in the uprising that occurred at James T. Vaughn Correction Center in Smyrna Delaware on February 1, 2017. This miscellany of individuals would eventually be given the moniker “Vaughn 17.”

Contrary to our charge of “conspiracy,” prior to this case many of us had never interacted with one another before. As far as myself I only knew 3 of my co-defendants on a personal level. I believe this unfamiliarity exacerbated the tensions that arise while one is engaged in a struggle for life, freedom or truth. Ultimately our triumph hinged upon surmounting psychological barriers that were buttressed by our diverse array of ideologies, idiosyncrasies, experiences, maturity levels and ways of life. Out of all that, there still remained a sad but proven reality that weighed heavily on our minds. There’s 17 co-defendants — the odds are in favor of at least 4-6 opting to cooperate with authorities to secure some type of leniency for their cowardice. With that being the foremost concern, me and Jarreau “Ruk” Ayers approached individuals and recommended that they first consult with us, if they found themselves pondering thoughts of compromising. Being though the vast majority wasn’t privy to or knowledgeable of any specifics concerning the takeover, we would of provided them with details pertaining to our actions, so they wouldn’t concoct fabrications about anyone else. Figuratively speaking we’d accept being stabbed in the chest to present others from getting stabbed in the back. Only one person gave the proposal any consideration. More than anything he was frightened of the maliciousness of the deputy attorney generals, and felt vulnerable against the power they wield. Imagine going to sleep at night with 4 years remaining on your sentence, then morning comes and your greeted by 3 counts of murder, 3 counts of assault, 4 counts of kidnapping, 1 count of riot, 1 count of conspiracy. Internally a lot of my co-defendants were grappling with this abuse of discretion, but they never expressed any desire to seek a pseudo refuge in anticipation of the metaphorical slaughter that some thought was inevitable.

During these preliminary stages it definitely appeared as though the prosecutors had everything rigged to ensure our guilt. The department of corruption aided their accomplice. By keeping us sequestered in living quarters conducive to the deterioration of one’s mind. Some of our adversaries disguised themselves as court appointed lawyers. The system “tried” to box us in on every level. For the first 8 or 9 months the only discovery (evidence) that “some” of us received was co-defendant statements, DNA analyses, and other reports that were deemed paltry. Any material critical to our defense specifically, information alluding to why we were charged was held under a protective seal by a judge’s order. The cumulative effect of these hinderances (tactics) provoked one of my codefendants to contemplate “throwing in the towel,” somehow he rationalized that pleading guilty to something he had no involvement with was a viable solution towards evading the barrage of mental intrusions. Their schematic design became so overwhelming that it nearly infringed upon his sanity. To a degree, all of us were on the verge of psychological exhaustion. Instead of mentally collapsing, it caused us to start making conscious efforts to morally support each other. This was around the time my motion to go pro se (represent myself) was granted. I filed a subsequent motion stating that I be issued a laptop and be given all the discovery discs that the lawyers were entitled to. My request was granted with the stipulation that I adhere to the rules and regulations of the protective order. Which basically meant that I share nothing with my co-defendants. “Yeah Aight!” Once I started receiving the material “we” began analyzing it. Simply saying that we immersed ourselves within this case would be an understatement. I never witnessed a group of individuals move with such a synchronized mind. “Due diligence” is why truly empowered our collective. After sifting through the discovery, which amounted to 7 boxes of documents and about 45 discs. There was no physical evidence, no surveillance footage, or forensic evidence. It all came down to our 17 against 41 lying snakes.

The results: Me and Ruk was found guilty, for basically admitting to our levels of involvement. Deric Forney, Kevin Berry, Abednego Baynes, and Roman Shankaras were acquitted. John Bramble and Obadiah Miller had a hung jury on a few of the charges, but a retrial would not be pursued. Cory Smith, Luis Sierra (Abdul Haqq), Janiis Mathis, Robert Hernandez, Jonatan Rodriguez, Alejandro Rodriguez, Pedro Chairez and Lawrence Michaels all got their cases dismissed. R.I.P. to Kelly Gibbs who took a plea during jury deliberations of the first trial. He committed suicide the night the verdicts returned.

This narration of events was shared to provide a fundamental basis to delineate another nuance of “Vaughn 17.” Like I mentioned, we were essentially strangers comprised of different races, affiliations, motivations etc. Some of my co-defendants had real beefs on the streets. We are a microcosm of the prison population, which reflects society as a whole. I just want to put emphasis on how our discrepancies became inconsequential after the true enemy was identified. If the 17 of us along with our comrades and supporters could unify to deliver a blow that caused the political landscape in Delaware to implode imagine what 1,700 or 17,000 strong can accomplish….

The power is the people.

This Week in Fascism #21: When Antifascism Means Giving Blood

from It’s Going Down

[Philly Anti-Capitalist note: only content relevant to Philadelphia has been repost here. To see the entire post follow the link above]

Bruce McClay, Firefighter Proud Boy in Havertown, Pennsylvania

AntiFash Gordon identified Bruce McClay, a Lieutenant at the Bon Air Fire Company in Havertown, Pennsylvania, and member of the Philadelphia Proud Boys.

The Philadelphia Proud Boys have recently escalated their violence, paying a midnight visit to the home antifascist researcher Gwen Snyder. Snyder was not home at the time, so they confronted her neighbor.

“You tell that fat bitch she better stop,” one of them told her neighbor.

You can contact the Bon Air Fire Company via their online contact form.

Researchers in Philadelphia have set up a website,, to track the members of the group.

Embarrassing Turnout for Philly Militia Rally

About a dozen militia members, including Unite the Right’s Tammy Lee and Gary Sigler, paraded around historic Philadelphia on Saturday under heavy police escort.  They’re doing these “Patriot Pride” marches as a series of weekend rallies, they were in Chicago last weekend.  Look for them in your city soon.

Antifascist Alert! Far-Right March Saturday

from It’s Going Down

Community alert that a far-Right march will take place on Saturday in Philadelphia.

WHITE NATIONALISTS, ISLAMOPHOBES and other assorted FASCISTS are planning to show themselves in Philly on 8/3, for a late-announced march under the guise of “Patriot Pride.”

Organized by Houston resident Chris White with local the event doubles as a publicity campaign for White’s “Freedom Hard” lifestyle brand. As part of an attempted national campaign White marched in Chicago on July 27th to a paltry turnout, had planned to hold similar events in DC and Philly, but seems to have canceled his DC event for lack of interest.

But what White and friends either don’t know or care about, is that this march’s registered attendees include members of hate groups such as the Proud Boys, Three Percenter Militia, Chester County KKK, white supremacist Asatru practitioners and other assorted far right CHUDs.

As seen nationally post-Charlottesville, many far right groups have retreated from attempts to organize in the open, and recruit covertly inside more milquetoast right wing groups. This was widely exposed leading up to last year’s “We The People” rally, similarly organized under the guise of innocuous patriotism but actually planned and attended by Three Percenter Militia and Proud Boys members.

Take this information as you will; vulnerable folks seeking to avoid Center City tomorrow is totally understandable. But if you’re willing and able to help keep Nazi’s and their ilk off our streets, any resistance is encouraged!

Tomorrow’s unpermitted “Patriot Pride” march includes plans gather at 11AM the Liberty Bell, and then march at noon to an unspecified location.

Developer Ori Feibush says “anarchists” vandalized his Point Breeze home

from Mainstream Media

White paint defaces Ori Feibush's Point Breeze home. (Courtesy of Ori Feibush)
White paint defaces Ori Feibush’s Point Breeze home. (Courtesy of Ori Feibush)

The Point Breeze home of Philadelphia developer Ori Feibush was vandalized in an early morning incident that saw the first-floor windows of his home smashed by bricks and paint-splattered across the property.

It’s the latest in a string of vandalism incidents that have targeted properties associated with the developer and his company, OCF Realty. In a phone interview, he blamed “anarchists” who he said had left an incriminating note attached to a brick used to smash the windows of his home.

The developer has been at the center of controversies surrounding the gentrification of the South Philadelphia neighborhood where his company has developed hundreds of properties.

“It’s disappointing,” Feibush said. “There’s always an opportunity for public discourse and I appreciate a healthy debate. But this is not a productive or healthy way to approach these issues.”

The developer said he was awoken Thursday morning around 2:30 a.m. to the sound of shattering glass. Along with bricks and a note, the perpetrators threw bottles of white paint that splattered on the facade, the interior of the home and a car parked nearby. Police arrived on the scene shortly afterward.

In an image sent to WHYY by the developer, a note reads “enjoy your luncheon, ori” with a “circle-A” symbol historically associated with anarchist movements written in permanent marker.

Feibush appeared at an Inquirer panel Philadelphia real estate “influencers” today — an event which itself attracted criticism for its high ticket prices and failure to include voices critical of city’s development industry.

A note left at Feibush’s residence. (Courtesy of Ori Feibush)

Three individuals were captured on video by several surveillance cameras on the block, although the developer declined to release video of the incident.

Several other properties associated with OCF have been vandalized in past attacks. In one instance, four homes were destroyed by a fire that investigators said had been intentionally set.

Feibush said there have been “42 major incidents” of vandalism at his properties over the past year, some of which had not made headlines.

“This was the same M.O. as every other bit of vandalism we’ve had over the past year,” he said of the Thursday window smashing.

How many landlords have their own police department? #OccupyPHA

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Anarchism and Education w/ Mark Bray & Rob Haworth

from Facebook

On October 13, 1909, Francisco Ferrer, the notorious Catalan anarchist educator and founder of the Modern School, was executed by firing squad. The Spanish government accused him of masterminding the Tragic Week rebellion, while the transnational movement that emerged in his defense argued that he was simply the founder of the groundbreaking Modern School of Barcelona. Was Ferrer a ferocious revolutionary, an ardently nonviolent pedagogue, or something else entirely?

Anarchist Education and the Modern School is the first historical reader to gather together Ferrer’s writings on rationalist education, revolutionary violence, and the general strike (most translated into English for the first time) and put them into conversation with the letters, speeches, and articles of his comrades, collaborators, and critics to show that the truth about the founder of the Modern School was far more complex than most of his friends or enemies realized. Francisco Ferrer navigated a tempestuous world of anarchist assassins, radical republican conspirators, anticlerical rioters, and freethinking educators to establish the legendary Escuela Moderna and the Modern School movement that his martyrdom propelled around the globe.

[July 31 from 7 PM – 9 PM at Wooden Shoe Books 704 South St]