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We’re interested in listing demonstrations, benefit events, conversations and workshops, protests, movie screenings, or anything else organized by or of interest to anti-authoritarians and anarchists in and around Philadelphia. If you hear about or are organizing an upcoming event let us know. When sending event information please specify if you want us to make a blog post or just add it to the calendar.

-Philly Anti-Cap

No Pasaran: Shut Down Nazi Rally

from Facebook

Members of “Altright” groups took to Twitter calling for the disruption of a mainly liberal trump impeachment march on July 2nd in 12 cities including philadelphia, These groups don’t deserve to be called by names other than fascists so we will leave it at that.

We are calling for direct action against the disruption and asking the community to stand togther against hate and bigotry. Fascists should never be given a platform to spread hate, let’s these fascist know Philadelphia is a hate free zone.

[July 2 10AM at City Hall]

Taking Back Pride: Philly Report Back

from It’s Going Down

While LGBTQ Pride began as a riot lead by black and brown trans women, today’s Pride celebrations do nothing to address the unjust system that oppresses queer people of varying intersectional identities, namely Queer Trans People of Color (QTPOC). As of mid-June 2017, thirteen black and brown trans women have been murdered this year. Queer youths are kicked out of their homes and make up almost half of the homeless youth population across the country. Transphobia and transmisogyny run rampant in all aspects of culture. Instead of throwing bricks, burning police cars, or taking it to the streets in protest, Pride has lost its revolutionary roots and instead become an agent of the very thing that oppresses us.

On Sunday June 18th, Philadelphia Pride proved problematic as ever, starting with the sponsorship by multiple alcohol brands, big banks, and investment companies. These corporate interests do not at all represent the struggles of QTPOC, and often systemically oppress these populations further. After the corporate Pride parade, instead of an accessible community-based event, attendees were expected to pay fifteen dollars to get in to a post-celebration at Penn’s Landing, just to pay even more money for everything inside. Pride should be an inclusive celebration, but instead, if you are one of the hundreds of homeless LGBTQ youth in Philadelphia, you likely wouldn’t even be able to afford to attend.

More than ever we need a Pride that isn’t cissexist, racist, and transphobic – but Pride has been co-opted. Philadelphia’s queer community is not short of racism: the senior adviser for Philadelphia corporate Pride is a huge Trump supporter, the owner of the gay club ICandy throws around the “n-word,” and there was huge backlash when the City of Philadelphia included a black and brown stripe on the rainbow flag this year.

Realizing that something had to be done, Philly’s Equity Coalition organized an event called QTPOC Take Pride Back that aimed to start with a rally at City Hall, protest along certain areas of the corporate Pride parade, and end in a protest at Penn’s Landing. Through community organization, the event was able to draw in people from different backgrounds and give voices to the black, brown, and trans members of our community who too often are ignored during Pride. QTPOC Take Pride Back shed light on the sick injustice that Pride itself has become in exploiting queer people for money while serving the interests of the cis white gay men.


QTPOC Take Pride Back started off at City Hall with a group of about 65 who gathered to listen to speakers that galvanized the crowd with their personal experiences as queer people of color. As the event progressed, police presence began to grow. First, a group of about ten bike cops were stationed on the corner, two undercover police stood on the sidewalk behind the crowd, then a police van parked nearby, and finally a counter terrorism vehicle parked behind that van. As the speakers began to conclude, a black bloc of about 20, donning militant queer branded shields and flags, descended upon the event creating a protective barrier behind the QTPOC Take Pride Back attendees. Dozens of matching flags and trans colored bandanas were passed out in solidarity with the bloc.

Shortly after the speakers finished, organizers roused the crowd to begin the march. The march from City Hall was lead by QTPOC and the bloc was in a “U” formation around the back to protect the vulnerable sections. Shields and flags were used as noise makers as several chant leaders shouting “take Pride back!” As QTPOC Take Pride Back and the bloc marched, they were immediately followed by a wave of bike cops flanking both sides attempting to disrupt the march and discourage marching. They were unsuccessful and the march cut down the middle of Broad Street. At this point, the police began their aggression towards the bloc and plain clothes protestors by riding in the streets and attempting to hit protesters with bikes.

The front of the QTPOC Take Pride Back march began to make it’s way down a side street, in order to gain access to the corporate Pride march, but was blocked by bike cops once again. After some maneuvering, the march was able to go down another side street to gain access to a section of the corporate Pride parade. Then police quickly formed a line of separation between corporate attendees and the march. On megaphones, the QTPOC Take Pride Back marshals encouraged the crowd of corporate parade attendees to realize the damage being done to the LGBTQ community and to join them in the streets in solidarity.


As the QTPOC Take Pride Back march continued on each street continued to be blocked by police. At one point a police line on a particularly isolated street began physically assaulting plain clothed QTPOC Take Pride Back marchers, using their bikes as weapons to slam people to the ground and hit people, even openly punching and grabbing trans people. Luckily, the bloc and marchers jumped to action defending targeted folks and actively resisting the police violence through the use of shields and flag poles. It should be noted that any and ALL comrades who were grabbed were successfully de-arrested and no arrests were made.

“some corporate Pride attendees were high-fiving and fist-bumping with police, the same police who 20 minutes before were smashing their bikes…”

After several kettling attempts and increased violence by police, the QTPOC Take Pride Back marchers and black bloc were separated into three sections: two were caught on cross streets and the other, representing a large number of the bloc, escaped into the corporate Pride parade, quickly followed by a line of police. Even with a guard of police, the bloc was immediately met with intense cries of support by corporate Pride attendees and many even joined in anti-cop and anti-corporate chants. However, some corporate Pride attendees dissented and were high-fiving and fist-bumping with police, the same police who 20 minutes before were smashing their bikes in to QTPOC. Once the corporate Pride parade route had finished, the black bloc to exited the march without issue.

Even though protesting outside of Penn’s Landing was no longer possible due to the amount of police violence shown toward QTPOC Take Pride Back marchers and the bloc, the goal had been fulfilled through infiltration of the corporate Pride parade, protection provided to marchers by the bloc, and bringing awareness to corporate Pride parade attendees. Afterward, a free queer picnic for the community was provided by a local Food Not Bombs chapter and other accomplices. The picnic itself embodied another portion of what LGBTQ Pride should be about: community building, support, compassion, and free access for everyone no matter income or background.

Reflecting back on June 18th, it’s apparent that only through militant resistance of the state and its corporate entities will progress be reached. Queer people must ask themselves: What would Marsha do? What would Sylvia do? What would our other Queer siblings who started the Stonewall Riots do? For every brick we grab, every body we put on the line, every pig we face, every window that gets smashed, we do so with them.

Special notation: in the days following June 18th, it became clear that the level of resistance for QTPOC Take Pride Back from the police came directly from a 9-1-1 call by a cis white gay male organizer who sought to attack the Equity Coalition. This is a stark reminder of the history that liberals have had condemning revolutionary movements across the years.

Rally and March for Police Abolition

from Facebook

Over the last two months, the pigs have exceuted and brutalized several black people. In Philadelphia, David Jones was murdered by Ryan Pownall. Pownall shot David in the back, and claimed that David had a gun. An off-duty pig brutalized a young man named Naji Tribble. The cop slammed his head into the groud leaving him with a severe skull facture. Naji has suffered from seizures and other health problems as a result of the incident.

In Seattle, Charleena Lyles, was murdered by pigs in front of her three children. She’d contacted police to report a burglary and the cops shot her for having a knife in her hands.

In St. Paul, Jeronmio Yanez, the pig who killed Philando Castile in front of his girlfriend and daughter was found not-guilty of his murder.

The list of black and brown people murdered by cops is growing every day. We know we can NEVER reform a system created from the enslavement on African people. In order to proect our communities, we must completely dismantle the current system. We must fight for police abolition.

Please join us for a rally and march on June 28th at 5:30pm. We will gather in front of the Municipal Services building. Please join us!

[1401 JFK Blvd]

Harrisburg, PA: Reportback and Analysis of June 10th Counter-Demo

from It’s Going Down

On June 10th, ACT for America held anti-Muslim rallies across the country. They were assisted by American Vanguard, a white-supremacist fascist group, and the Oathkeepers, a hyper-masculine organization of former military and police officers. One of the rallies was held in Harrisburg, PA, where they were joined by the ultra-racist Keystone Skins. In an effort to create a strong counter-presence a call was put out to activists in the region to join Harrisburg comrades in shutting them down. We were among many who answered.

As anarchists, we firmly believe in self-criticism and learning lessons from every action. This is our attempt to do so.

Leading up to the day of the action, we had concerns about what we perceived as some organizers’ peace-policing discussions of militant tactics. We did not gain a complete understanding of their concerns, and felt that ours were not fully heard. Arranging a spokes council well in advance would have prevented much of the resulting tension in both preparation and execution, and provided clarity in terms of goals, contingency plans, support for autonomous actions, diversity of tactics, etc.

A spokes council, when properly implemented, is distinguishable from representative councils: the spokes (individuals comprising the spokes council) constantly rotate, must closely follow the affinity groups’ mandates, can be immediately recalled, and any decisions are non-binding. This provides a method for organizing the decision-making process of a large group while preserving the autonomy of all involved. A spokes council can help level the field of communication, so that everyone’s voice is heard, most importantly those of folks who are too often silenced, i.e.: women, people of color, lgbtqia+.

Decisions can be made using consensus, and agreements and understandings can be efficiently communicated from each crew to the spokes council and vice versa. Groups voluntarily opt in or out, and have time to speak amongst themselves to determine the nature of their relationship to the spokes council. Moreover, a spokes council provides the opportunity for people from different crews to establish personal connections, and potentially boost confidence in the strangers they will stand with as comrades on the day of the action.

For the action in Harrisburg, the spokes council would have been talking on a regular basis, met the night before and morning of, and been ready to meet quickly when necessary during the action itself. Instead, there was an attempt to make critical decisions among 40-60 people. While full participation in decision-making can function on the ground, with the lack of clarity between groups leading up to the action and with cops and fash looking to pick a fight, it proved ineffective.

The Action

Our crew plus one person from Harrisburg arrived at the meet-up spot at the designated time already bloced up. It took the rest of the day’s main organizers and crews over an hour to arrive, during which time we were scouted by both fash and cops. This put us at a severe disadvantage and deflated the morale of those who had waited around for so long.

Once more people arrived, a decision was made to move the group to a location that was not clearly communicated and to which several individuals and crews had severe misgivings, leading to further lack of confidence in some of the local organizers. A few crews even de-bloced and considered leaving town, and then re-bloced once we decided to take to the streets. That said, at least one of the local organizers was attentive and responsive to outside concerns, and did their best to relay messages to the other local organizers. We had established a rapport with them weeks prior, vibed well, and felt comfortable looking to them in times of critical decision-making, which speaks to the need for good inter-regional communication before an action. Unfortunately, other organizers appeared to drown them out and dismiss them, which not only hampered confidence but, in our eyes, actually led to harmful chaos.

Upon arrival at the capitol, it was clear we had arrived well after the fash and pigs, whose occupation of the capitol steps was reinforced by armed paramilitary, police barricades and mounties (pigs on horseback). For our movement to succeed we must constantly evaluate the situation on the ground and ensure we dictate the terms of success. The goal was immediately changed from stopping the march (which was clearly not going to happen) to preventing fash from approaching the rallying point and drowning out their chants. Crews continued to arrive, bringing noisemakers and other supplies. Fash continued to arrive, too, albeit in meager numbers, and when some people within the bloc attempted to hold the line as they approached, others did not, and they were able to break through easily, assisted by the pigs, who came armed with rubber bullets, smoke grenades launchers, and zip-ties.

Around this point, some crews left and de-bloced. While some returned, others did not. Organizers had continuously called for the bloc to “tighten up” so we could somehow reach consensus as a full bloc. This was clearly not working, and some of us recommended the creation of a spokes. An ad-hoc spokes was assembled, in which not all crews were represented, some individuals attempted to function as an actual spokes, a few attempted to dominate the conversation, and others seemed unsure of how to operate within that environment.

Amidst this spokes reevaluation, a peace-police antagonizer came into the bloc and began yelling incoherent nonsense. Rather than removing him, pigs arrested a person of color who was standing close by, and the bloc did nothing to stop it. We attribute this arrest to disorganization and miscommunication, and need to figure out how to avoid situations like this in the future: how to neutralize rogue antagonizers while protecting and maintaining the bloc.

Eventually, the spokes decided we should leave the location and begin a march as a way of coopting the fash’s plan and create an anti-racist march.

The march was immediately pursued by mounties, police on foot, and several police vehicles. In an attempt to outpace the pigs, the “leaders” of the march kept a fast pace, which was dangerous for several reasons. First and foremost, it was ableist—some who may have wanted to participate couldn’t. Second, it risked spreading the bloc thin. Luckily several individuals ensured this did not happen. We began to feel much more confident, forming lines in the street and pushing through aggressive mounties who tried to penetrate, reroute, and divide the bloc. We dictated the terms of the march and cut off police interference. A local civilian joined the march and suggested a densely populated public destination, and we marched there effectively.

Once we’d passed this location, the mounties became much more aggressive, charging the bloc in an effort to remove us from the street. Shit was going south. As we weighed separating from the bloc and some of us even began to so do, pigs started to make arrests and we were cut off.

After de-blocing, regrouping, and meeting up with others, we observed several roaming bands of Proud Boys (who appeared young and weak) walking the streets looking for members of Antifa to fight. Groups of pigs did the same, clearly in coordination with fash and also in pursuit of Antifa, stashed gear or perhaps even cars that looked out of place. Nonetheless, several members of different Antifa crews beat the shit out of a few Proud Boys with their own weapons (they later complained about their wounds, using social media to request safe spaces to spout their hatred).


1) There should always be a secure and comprehensive scouting plan before any action, but especially a large-scale action. This includes leading up to and day of. We need to ensure that we have a complete understanding of the terrain: potential locations where we can demonstrate our power, choke points, escape routes, etc. This must be done carefully and thoroughly.

2) The host crew and folks coming from abroad must be clear about where they stand, what they are willing to do, goals, and contingency plans. Clear communication is key always, and every effort must be made to listen to anyone who expresses concerns during planning. This is crucial when working with others as it ensures that people know they are being heard, and helps everyone to work as a more cohesive unit.

3) As a movement, we need to be more creative with our tactics. The fash and pigs have become accustomed to bloc strategies in these types of scenarios. In order to win we need to think about other ways to take them on.


We were able to enact an effective noise-making counter-demonstration, drowning out the fash’s pathetic chants and renditions of “God Bless America,” or whatever. We were then able to take the streets, creating decent optics by staying tight, chanting in unison, and maintaining the bloc through an extensive route in downtown Harrisburg. And, after the bloc dissipated, folks were able to de-bloc and make some fash regret leaving their keyboards. All of these elements of the action could’ve been improved with better communication and planning, and in the future, as we make a more concerted effort to do so, we must take into consideration lessons from the June 10th action in Harrisburg.

P.S.: Remember, horses are our friends, and even though they can be scary they don’t want to be involved in our oppression any more than we do. They are frightened in those moments, and will often defy their masters when the heat is on.

RIP David Jones

from Instagram

RIP David Jones shot in the back by police

LAVA Benefit : Solarized, Sheena + Nosebleeds, Manikineter

from Facebook

hey LAVA Space needs our help to pay some bills! come see some bands and give some cash!

(transcend the paradigm…don’t want the moon, stay yo ass on earth then)

(the freedom and liberation of paranoia, the ghost in the machine)

(the queen of comets burst through the noise)

(b-list gobots make messy trance)

DJ Yung Nila

[June 25 7-11PM at LAVA 4134 Lancaster Ave]

LAVA Benefit: The Guests, Ramona Cordova, Anili Mars, Talon Duch

from Facebook

After a bunch of bullshit, we owe the water department a lot of money. Come help us out and enjoy a bunch of dope music.

The Guests

Ramona Córdova

Anili Mars

Talon Ducheneaux

$5-20 Sliding scale love for LAVA
Doors at 7PM


[June 24 at 7pm at LAVA 4134 Lancaster Av]

Ugly-Ass Frank Rizzo Mural In South Philly Gets Tagged, Again

from Tattle Tot

In case you missed it, Philadelphia Police Officer Ryan Pownall, a white man, shot David Jones, a black man, in the back earlier this month.

Jones died.

In the coming weeks I’ll be doing more reporting on the case. But for now, let us just enjoy and praise the brave soul who tagged the ugly-ass Frank Rizzo mural in south Philly.

Philly Machines Malfunction for Dangerous June

from Anarchist News

During the first half of dangerous June some machines decided to experiment with freedom. They expressed their solidarity with J20 arrestees and anarchists facing repression worldwide before taking their own liberating actions:
* Four security cameras flew away from their posts to see the rest of the world.
*A digital advertising billboard by a highway got a makeover.
*Four fare checking machines tried new foods and got constipated.
*A door to a security force’s building chose to sleep in and delay work.

-Mutinous Machines Solidarity Cell – Philadelphia