Insurgent SupremacistsThe US Far Right’s Challenge to State & Empire

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A major study of movements that strive to overthrow the U.S. government, that often claim to be anti-imperialist and sometimes even anti-capitalist yet also consciously promote inequality, hierarchy, and domination, generally along explicitly racist, sexist, and homophobic lines. Revolutionaries of the far right: insurgent supremacists.

In this book, Matthew N. Lyons takes readers on a tour of neonazis and Christian theocrats, by way of the patriot movement, the LaRouchites, and the alt-right. Supplementing this, thematic sections explore specific dimensions of far-right politics, regarding gender, decentralism, and anti-imperialism.

Intervening directly in debates within left and antifascist movements, Lyons examines both the widespread use and abuse of the term “fascism,” and the relationship between federal security forces and the paramilitary right. His final chapter offers a preliminary analysis of the Trump presidential administration relationship with far-right politics and the organized far right’s shifting responses to it.

Both for its analysis and as a guide to our opponents, Insurgent Supremacists promises to be a powerful tool in organizing to resist the forces at the cutting edge of reaction today.

[May 16 at 7PM at Wooden Shoe Books & Records 704 South Street]

Meet Your Wobblies!

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This International Worker’s Memorial Day, socialize with your local IWW and memorialize fallen workers!
This is a family friendly event with snacks, beverages and boardgames for the Junior Wobblies!
Solidarity Forever!

[April 28 from 1pm to 5pm at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]

Solidarity Not Borders: From Athens to Philadelphia

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Come to the Wooden Shoe to learn about non-state, non-NGO solidarity work with global migrants, with a focus on Greece. Collective member Sharon Jacobs will share experiences from months living and organizing with migrants in an Athens squat, and we will watch an episode of the subMedia show Trouble connecting the situation in Athens with migrant struggles around the world. We’ll discuss connections between Greece and other places where migrants face state repression and human rights violations, within a context of international conflict and imperialism.

This event is being held in solidarity with Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza ( and the #17m18ActionDay against anti-migration policies between states.

[March 18 from 7PM to 9PMat Wooden Shoe Books 704 South St]

Antifascist Education (a discussion)

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The Radical Education Department (RED) is hosting a discussion about anti-fascist education in both senses of this expression: i) educating ourselves about the deep and broad history of anti-fascism; and ii) mobilizing education as a weapon for anti-fascist struggles today.

The discussion will explore the connections between fascism, capitalism, the patriarchy, and racism, as well as the ways that liberal ideology abets fascist movements by misrepresenting issues such as violence and free speech. It will also point out the importance of linking the many sites of antifascist struggles at universities, prisons, public monuments, and beyond.

Ultimately, the discussion will map possibilities for countering a rising tide of fascism with a broad radical left politics that isn’t only on the defensive but goes on the offensive!

This event has been organized by John-Patrick Schultz and Gabriel Rockhill, who are founding members of RED, an autonomous collective dedicated to the construction of a radical internationalist Left through the training and federation of its cultural warriors. They will be joined in the conversation by two longstanding activists: Ania Loomba, who has recently been involved with the Campus Antifascist Network, and Kempster (Ghani) Songster, co-founder of The Redemption Project. For more information and/or to get involved:

[March 15 from 7PM to 9PM at Wooden Shoe Books 704 South St]

Black Rose Movie Night: The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution

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There will be a showing of The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution at Wooden Shoe Books on Sunday, Feb 25th @ 7pm followed by a discussion of the Black Panther Party from an anarchist perspective.

[Wooden Shoe Books and Records 704 South St]

Food for the Body and the Mind-a MOVE Fundraiser

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Big tasty dinner, brought to you by Food Not Bombs Solidarity!
Chili, cornbread, soup, greens, rice/veg, salad, cupcakes-
This is a fundraiser for the MOVE organization, also a panel discussion event live-streamed from NYC will be shown here.
Free-will donation, $7-10 requested
sit n eat n watch the livestream , or take your dinner home!

[February 24 from 5PM to 8PM at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]

Monday Feb 12th: Show some love to Debbie & Mike Africa for Valentine’s Day

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MOVE members and partners Debbie and Mike Africa have been incarcerated since 1978, spending years apart from each other, their children and families and from our community. Right before Valentine’s Day, let’s show them a little love and send them a stack of letters so they know we are still fighting with them from the outside. We will also be sending out birthday cards to all political prisoners with birthdays in February– Veronza Bowers & Norm Lowry (the 4th), Kamau Sadiki (the 19th), Oso Blanco (the 26th), and Ana Belen Montes (the 28th). North Philly Food Not Bombs will provide a vegetarian dinner!


[February 12 from 6:30PM to 9PM at LAVA Space 4134 Lancaster Ave]

Go Birds

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We’ve seen these beautiful pieces of artwork floating around our social media the last few days

[Go Birds
Fuck The Patriots
Fuck 12
City Hall 2/4
After the Super Bowl
Bird Bloc]

J20 info session and support dinner

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Greetings Friends,

Many of you may have heard that there was a substantial victory this past week in the cases of the more than 200 people (collectively referred to as the J20) arrested and charged at last year’s Inauguration Day protests in Washington DC. 129 people had their charges dropped, while 59 people still face multiple felonies and potentially decades of jailtime.

In an article appearing in The Intercept on Friday, one of the defendants, Miel Macchio, who was acquitted in the first trial, notes that “the dismissals are a testament to the success of the defendants’ collective defense strategy. By refusing to plea and instead coordinating their defense, the accused succeeded in thwarting the government’s effort to collectively punish dissent. ‘What we are [now] seeing, is a strategic narrowing of the government’s case,” Macchio says, “Those still facing charges are now much more vulnerable as a smaller group.'”

On this coming Sunday, January 28, from 5:30-7:30pm we will be hosting a J20 InfoSession and Support Dinner at 5835 Hadfield Street in West Philadelphia. This will be a chance for folks to gather in one place in order to be updated on the current situation, to learn how they can get involved and provide support for those still facing charges, and to generally share food and company together.

We will be making a big batch of vegan chili and some cornbread, but it would be great if others could bring and contribute food to the mix as well!

Again, the basic details:
What: J20 InfoSession and Support Dinner
When: Sunday, January 28 from 5:30-7:30pm
Where: 5835 Hadfield Street, Philly 19143

Hope you can make it!

In struggle,

Emily & Layne

Movie Screening

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Everything u need to kno is on the flyer ^^ catch u there ^_^ #massivewildprotets #potential #powerful #impressive #moviescreening #philly #phillyanarchy

[7PM January 20th at Wooden Shoe 704 South St Free Wheelchair Accessible]