J20: Everymen (FL) // Complex // Cape of Bats //Humo

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Everymen (FL) – On the road from Florida

Complex – Mutant pogo freaks

Cape of Bats – metallic blackened punk


*****J20 BENEFIT BAR*****
Think twice or 3 times before you byob

No bullshit OR ELSE

Proceeds from this show will go to the Philly J20 Support fund to help ease the financial burden of traveling back and forth to DC for court appearances, lawyer fees, etc. If you can’t make it to the show but would like to donate please do so using the link below:
For a look at the current legal situation for J20 defendants you can give this article a read (i know its buzzfeed but its fair and accurate):


[May 13 from 7pm to 11pm]

PRFC summer free movie meetup: Surf Nazis Must Die [1987]

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An earthquake leaves the California coastline in ruins and reduces the beaches to a state of chaos. A group of Neo-Nazis led by Adolf, the self-proclaimed “FĂĽhrer of the new beach”, takes advantage of the resulting chaos by fighting off several rival surfer gangs to seize control of the beaches. Meanwhile, an African American oil well worker named Leroy is killed by the surf Nazis while jogging on the beach. Leroy’s mother, “Mama” Washington, devastated by the loss of her son, vows revenge…
[May 12 from 7 to 10pm at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]

Benefit Show for Let’s Get Free

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Westboro Baptist Choir, The Bleeders (from Kutztown), The Invasive Species (release of new song/seed packet, Plus possibly one other band TBA , Poetry from Emily Abendroth, presentations from Philly prisoner’s advocates, fancy cocktail bar, This show is a benefit for Pittsburgh based Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee, Let’s Get Free. Come learn about what they do and support them and rock out
[May 5th 8PM to 11PM at LAVA space 4134 Lancaster Ave]

PA Pipeline Resistance Fundraiser

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[April 26th from 6 – 8 PM at Bartram’s Garden 5400 Lindbergh Blvd
Suggested Donation of $20]

Phl 4/27: J20 Benefit Raffle and Show

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This is a special night where we can all come together and enjoy eachothers art, music and company while raising money for Phily heads who were arrested protesting the inauguration in DC on J20. Some awesome businesses, bands and artists have helped contribute to set up this RAFFLE/SHOW and it is gonna be very cool and you just might leave with some awesome stuff.

Raffle Prizes Contributed by:
Michelle K
Erik Savage
Kevin Spaghetti
Low Level
Yoni Kroll
Green Line Cafe
Sit & Spin Records
Beautiful World Syndicate
Jim Shomo
Dottie’s Donuts
+More TBA

Musical Acts by:


S.L.I.P. (PGH)




Ten bucks gets you 1 raffle ticket and entry to the gig
Eleven bucks gets you 2 raffle tickets and entry to the gig
Twelve bucks gets you 3 raffle tickets and entry to the gig

think before you byob

Ask a klunk for address

Doors at 7
Sound at 8

Act a fool
Leave a fool


[April 27 from 7pm to 11pm]


Benefit Screening of Killing the Black Snake


Come out, watch trouble and throw some đź’°for #disruptj20 arrestees this wednesday. April 1 to 8 is a week of solidarity with everyone facing repression so let’s come together to learn and support each other. We’ll pass the hat to collect money for philly people arrested in DC protesting trump’s inauguration. Killing the Black Snake is a short documentary about the fight against the dakota access pipeline being built through sacred Sioux land in north dakota.

[April 5th from 5pm to 8pm at LAVA Space 4134 Lancaster Ave]

Call to Action: Camp White Pine to Resist the Mariner East 2 Pipeline in Pennsylvania

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March 18 rally against the Mariner East 2 pipeline at Raystown Lake in Huntingdon, PA. Photo by Angela Vogel

As the seasons begin to change, something’s stirring in the mountains and valleys of Northern Appalachia.

With construction season upon us, there’s a call for land defenders and water protectors to join the growing resistance to pipelines and fracking infrastructure across the region. In the Susquehanna Valley of so-called Pennsylvania, Camp White Pine is digging in our heels to fight the Mariner East 2 pipeline, and invites you to come join us. Exactly a year after tree-sitters successfully interfered with the completion of tree-clearing along the pipeline route in Huntingdon County, we are once again confronting Sunoco Logistics, the same company responsible in part for the Dakota Access pipeline across Sioux territory in North and South Dakota. The Mariner East 2 is a 350+ mile long pipeline project, comprised of two new pipelines starting in southeastern Ohio, and running through northern West Virginia and across the length of Pennsylvania. These lines will carry natural gas liquids (NGLs) like butane, ethane, and propane to an export facility along the Delaware River in Marcus Hook, PA.

Resistance to the Mariner East 2 is spreading, with impacted residents and organizers working in communities all along the proposed route. Here in Huntingdon, work has already begun at Raystown Lake, the largest lake entirely within Pennsylvania state borders, where Sunoco intends to use a horizontal directional drill to bore underneath and lay the pipe. Sunoco Logistics and its subcontractors have no regard for the beauty of Appalachia, the preservation of its diverse ecosystems and rich culture. They care not for the people of the Lower Susquehanna. We at Camp White Pine are here to stop the Mariner East 2 pipeline. If you have a passion for fighting energy extraction and infrastructure and believe in preserving the forests and rivers of Appalachia, come and join us in the valley this spring and summer.

Get in touch with us:

Computer Literacy and Defense

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Computer literacy & defense

“skillshare with demonstrations

beginner subjects included but not limited to: feeling comfortable with your OS (operating system), understanding the way your computer fits together, RAM vs. ROM, computer maintenance & hygiene, password strength.

intermediate subjects we can introduce and demonstrate if people are interested: VPN (Virtual Private Network), PGP-encrypted email, introduction to the math that crypto is made of, the limitations of Signal & Riseup.

bring a laptop if you have one.



disclaimer: not an expert, just a geek. open to breakout groups and open to co-facilitating w another geek.”

[March 19th 4 to 7PM at Wooden Shoe Books 704 South St]

Benefit-Event: Voices From Standing Rock!

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Mothers Against METH Alliance & Red Warrior Society

DATE: Feb. 12, 2017
LOCATION: First Unitarian Church, 2125 Chestnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19103


We are pleased to announce that the Mothers Against METH Alliance & Red Warrior Society are traveling through Philadelphia (occupied Lenape territory) to share stories of resistance and report backs from the frontlines of Standing Rock and the fight against the Black Snake Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL).

Suggested donation $5-20. Funds will go to support M.A.M.A. & Red Warrior Society’s work and their tour “Ride For Resistance”. (No one will be turned away from lack of funds.)

IF YOU CAN NOT MAKE IT TO THE EVENT BUT WOULD LIKE TO DONATE to support their work and tour you can send donations via PAYPAL TO: julzzzzrich@gmail.com


Julz Rich (Lakota Tribe), founder of Mothers Against METH Alliance (M.A.M.A.) and member Red Warrior Society
Victor Puertas (Yagua Nation), member of the Red Warrior Society.

Liz Ellis (Peoria Tribe), historian and member of Philly with Standing Rock / Philly NoDAPL

Mothers Against METH Alliance (M.A.M.A.) out of the Pine Ridge Reservation in so called South Dakota has been fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline from the very beginning alongside with the RED WARRIOR SOCIETY. They are strongly building resistance to colonization in the many forms in which it manifests––in the Black Snake pipelines and addiction in both bodies and minds–wherever resource extraction is imposed onto their land and their people. They see the ways that colonization has attacked them, but as they state: “Our Warriors Are Strong, OUR ARROWS ARE SHARP.” —
Julz Rich — is the founder of Mothers Against METH Alliance (M.A.M.A.) out of Pine Ridge. She is a Lakota Grandmother who works to rid the presence of meth on the reservation. She also founded the MAMA camp at Standing Rock to provide shelter and safety for mothers and children at the camp. She and her loving family are fierce land-defenders who have resisted the first proposed tar sands mine in the (so called) U.S., on Ute territory/Utah. She organizes educational prevention workshops in schools and the community, exposes dealers and meth houses, and all night patrols to give youth safe rides home at night.
Victor Puertas — is a member of the Yagua nation in so called Peru. He is a fierce land and water protector who has been active in direct action mobilization against tar sands mining in Ute territory/Utah and has provided sustained solidarity to Lakota, DinĂ© and other indigenous, anti-colonial and anti-border imperialist struggles.

IWW GDC Tour Picket Training in Philadelphia

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. Picket/Direct Action Training- The Industrial Workers of the World-General Defense Committee’s Picket Training, developed to help people strategically think through and plan pickets, protests, and other direct actions. Focuses on effective planning and threat assessments, thinking through goals and the right tactics for them, the roles in a picket line or action, and how to counter common threats. The training includes some role-playing, as well as group discussion, and work sheets planning action strategies for different scenarios and locations.

[February 6 from 5pm to 9pm at LAVA Space 4134 Lancaster Ave]