Anarchist/Autonomous Spaces:
A-Space [website facebook twitter] (anarchist social center)
Gilbert’s Shoes (collective community center and living space)
LAVA Space [website facebook]  (anarchist social space and library)
Making Worlds Bookstore and Social Center [facebook twitter] (abolitionist and climate-adapted bookstore and social space)
Wooden Shoe [website instagram twitter facebook] (anarchist bookstore)

Antifascist Groups:
Berks County Antifa (antifascists in berks county)
Delaware County Antifa [twitter facebook] (antifascists in delaware county)
Philly Antifa [website twitter facebook] (antifascists in philly)
Philly Proud Boys (information about local proud boys)
Radical Education Department [website facebook twitter] (college campus oriented anti-fascists)

Anti-Repression and Prisoner Support:
Books Through Bars (books to prisoners)
Dreaming Freedom | Practicing Abolition [website twitter]
Philly Anarchist Black Cross [website facebook instagram twitter] (prisoner support and prison abolition)
Philly Autonomous Anti-Repression Fund [website twitter] (bail and medical fund)
Up Against the Law Legal Collective [website twitter facebook] (activist legal collective)

News and Media:
Anarchadelphia (philly news, events, happenings)
Anathema (philly anarchist periodical)
Here and Now Zines (radical zines at shows and events)
Unicorn Riot [website twitter] (decentralized educational media organization)

Other Infrastructure:
Black Rose / Rosa Negra – Philadelphia [website instagram facebook] (revolutionary anarchist organization)
Friendly Fire Collective [website facebook twitter] (spiritual leftist and anarchist collective)
Liberation Project [facebook twitter] (liberation and equity for all people)
Philly DSA LSC [facebook twitter] (libertarian socialists DSA members)
Philly IWW [facebook instagram twitter website] (radical worker, student, & ex-worker union)
RAM Philly [website twitter instagram facebook] (local revolutionary abolitionist movement chapter)

Support and Care:
Firefly Action Medical (philly area street medics)
Food Not Bombs Solidarity (free vegan and vegetarian food)
North Philly Food Not Bombs [facebook twitter instagram] (free vegan and vegetarian food)
Philly Childcare Collective (free childcare to grassroots organizers)
Philly Survivor Support Collective (support for survivors of sexual assault)

Anti-authoritarian News from Elsewhere:
325 (international)
Act For Freedom Now (international)
Active RVA (richmond)
AMW English (international)
Anarchist News (north america mostly)
Anarchists Worldwide (international)
AnimaSubTerra (durango)
Anti-State STL (st. louis)
Conflict MN (minneapolis and st paul)
Defend DNVR (denver)
Enough is Enough (international)
Filler PGH (pittsburgh)
It’s Going Down (canada, mexico, usa)
Montreal Counter-Info (montreal)
Northshore Counter-Info (southern ontario)
Phoenix Anarchy (arizona)
Plain Words (bloomington)
Puget Sound Anarchists (pacific northwest)
Rififi (bloomington)
SubMedia (international)
Torchlight (pittsburgh)
Wild Insurgency (north america)


If you feel your project is in line with ours and want to see it on this list (or if you want your project taken off this list) send us an email