Philly specific resources:

100 Years Ago: the Philadelphia dockers strike and Local 8 of the IWW
(analysis of dockers strike of 1913)

215 Rioters: Heroes Forever [Read PDF] [Print PDF]
(zine chronicling the Walter Wallace Jr uprising)

The 2000 Republican National Convention in Philadelphia: The Black Bloc, State Power, & the Death of John Timoney [read] [print]
(compilation of analysis about the 2000 RNC)

After The Fact
(poster on repression and security)

An Anarchist Report Back and Some Embedded Critiques of #OccupyICE Philadelphia [print] [read]
(report back of first night of occupy ice)

An Incomplete Timeline of Action Against Gentrification
(poster on gentrification resistance)

An Incomplete Timeline of Action Against Gentrification [color] [black and white]
(poster on gentrification resistance)

Anarchism and Revolutionary Strategy: Insurrectionary Councilism [read] [print]
(zine on organizing strategy)

Anti-Gentrification Direct Actions Philadelphia 2013-2018
[read] [print]
(zine of local gentrification resistance)

Bury Me Not in A Land of Slaves: A Short History of Immediatist Abolitionism in Philadelphia, 1830s-1860s [essay] [read pdf] [print pdf]
(essay on local abolitionist history)

Cameras watch our every move
(poster on surveillance, control, and crime)

Cars, Riots and Black Liberation [read pdf] [print pdf]
(zine on the Walter Wallace Jr uprising)

Defenestrator Archive
(now defunct local anarchist newspaper)

Fuck 12 2016: a year against cops and capture
(poster on actions against police and prisons in 2016)

Gentrification is already taking place here [west philly] [south philly]
(poster about gentrification)

The Immiseration of Labor
(economic analysis of philly)

Insurrectionary Memory Posters [Attack White Supremacy] [Collective Memory] [Revenge] [Up to no Good] [Vengeance] [Xmas]
(posters to remember revolt)

(pamphlet on justice and social war)

Machete Group Archive
(now defunct radical artist group)

No Platform for Neo-Nazis [full page] [quarter sheet]
(antifascist pamphlet)

Philly Anticap Flier [full page] [quarter page]
(flier for Philly Anticap)

Philly Dudes Collective: Year One
(anti-sexist men’s group’s zine)

Philly Fights Alongside Ferguson [read] [print]
(zine chronicling Ferguson solidarity in Philly)

PHL 2017
(zine chronicling anarchic activity in 2017)

Police Departments in Philadelphia
(map of police and repressive infrastructure in Philly)

Policing and Resistance in Philadelphia: A Short History
(essay on history of and resistance to policing)

Security and Demonstration Tips
(two-sided info-sheet on security awareness and street demonstrations)

The time to attack is always now
(quarter sheet flyer on attack)

Up Against the Wall: A History of Resistance to Policing in Philadelphia
(history zine about struggles against police)

We All Float Down Here
(history zine about Black power struggles in Philly)


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