Philly specific resources:

After The Fact
(poster on repression and security)

An Incomplete Timeline of Action Against Gentrification
(poster on gentrification resistance)

An Incomplete Timeline of Action Against Gentrification [color] [black and white]
(poster on gentrification resistance)

Cameras watch our every move
(poster on surveillance, control, and crime)

Fuck 12 2016: a year against cops and capture
(poster on actions against police and prisons in 2016)

Gentrification is already taking place here [west philly] [south philly]
(poster about gentrification)

Insurrectionary Memory Posters [Attack White Supremacy] [Collective Memory] [Revenge] [Up to no Good] [Vengeance] [Xmas]
(posters to remember revolt)

(Pamphlet on justice and social war)

No Platform for Neo-Nazis [full page] [quarter sheet]
(Antifascist pamphlet)

Philly Anticap Flier [full page] [quarter page]
(flier for Philly Anticap)

Philly Fights Alongside Ferguson [read] [print]
(zine chronicling Ferguson solidarity in Philly)

Security and Demonstration Tips
(two-sided info-sheet on security awareness and street demonstrations)

The time to attack is always now
(quarter sheet flyer on attack)

Up Against the Wall: A History of Resistance to Policing in Philadelphia
(history zine about struggles against police)


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