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Monday April 26th: Letter-writing for Mumia Abu-Jamal

from Philly ABC

mumia-abu-jamal.jpgMumia Abu-Jamal is a former Black Panther and internationally recognized award-winning journalist known as “the voice of the voiceless” for his many years spent writing about racism in Philadelphia, the murder of local MOVE members, people in prison, and more. It is now urgent that we raise our voices for the freedom of Mumia as he faces serious health complications from medical neglect inside prison.

After years of denial of treatment for various chronic health conditions, Mumia had heart pain over last weekend. He was rushed to the hospital, and is expected to undergo heart surgery Monday, April 19, 2021. According to Dr. Ricardo Alvarez, Mumia’s chosen doctor:

There is significant evidence, both legal and medical, that Mumia has suffered severe harm because medical, legal, law enforcement, and judicial professionals have not met proper standards. Mumia has been recently hospitalized for COVID and Congestive Heart Failure and he already suffers from hypertension as well as liver cirrhosis and diabetes, both induced by court documented medical neglect. Freedom is the only treatment.

Watch the full, emergency press conference here.

Due to public pressure, Mumia was able to call his wife last Thursday, but we need to continue the pressure to demand:

  1. Mumia be allowed to call his chosen doctor, Dr. Ricardo Alvarez.
  2. Mumia not be shackled to his hospital bed, as is the rule in Pennsylvania and across the United States.
  3. His immediate release from prison.

Your support with calling and emailing prison authorities today and in the coming weeks is absolutely critical to ensure that Mumia gets the best possible medical care before, during, and after the surgery on Monday.

The it’s ALL OUT FOR MUMIA on April 23-25 – a weekend of action for Mumia’s 67th birthday.

Finally, join us on Monday, April 26th at 6:30pm in Clark Park (stone platform near 45th and Chester) as we gather to write letters of solidarity to Mumia. Move members will provide an update on Mumia’s condition and next steps for the fight to bring him home. If you are unable to make the event, please send him your solidarity at:

Smart Communications/PADOC
Mumia Abu-Jamal AM-8335
SCI Mahanoy
P.O. Box 33028
St. Petersburg, FL 33733

We will also send birthday cards to political prisoners with birthdays in May: Xinachtli (the 12th), Kojo Bomani Sababu (the 27th), and Doug Wright (the 30th).


Pa. National Guard activated as Philly preps for potential unrest ahead of Derek Chauvin murder trial verdict

from mainstream media

Members of the National Guard stand in guard in front of the Philadelphia Municipal Services Building in Philadelphia, Pa. Friday, October 31, 2020.

Philadelphia officials and community leaders Friday outlined plans for increased emergency operations and law enforcement staffing, while Gov. Tom Wolf activated more than 1,000 Pennsylvania National Guard members to the city in preparation for any potential unrest following the verdict in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the former Minneapolis police officer charged in the killing of George Floyd.

At the request of the city, Wolf signed a proclamation of disaster Friday evening, activating the 1,000-plus state Guard members, to support “the current efforts in Philadelphia to protect our beloved neighbors and city.” The proclamation is effective for 90 days unless Wolf rescinds or extends it.

The activation of the Guard came after city leaders held a news conference Friday, saying they learned from the large-scale racial justice demonstrations and unrest in Philadelphia last spring following Floyd’s death, and have developed a “holistic plan” to address any aftermath of the landmark Chauvin verdict.

“Regardless of what may develop, I am confident that our department is prepared for whatever may come our way,” said Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw, standing in front of the Municipal Services Building — a flash point for conflict in 2020, where the statue of former mayor and police commissioner Frank Rizzo once stood, and where a mural highlighting Black Lives Matter protesters was later installed.

Last year, she said, ”while we made missteps along the way, we are committed to moving forward in a meaningful and productive manner.”

Closing arguments in the trial are set to begin Monday, with no timetable on when the verdict may be reached.

A review commissioned by Mayor JIm Kenney found that police were “simply not prepared” for the demonstrations that ensued in Philadelphia following Floyd’s death last May, where short staffing, lack of equipment, and insufficient planning had “cascading effects,” with “inordinate use” of tear gas and other less-lethal munitions by police and “at times, excessive force against protesters.”

This year, the Police Department is increasing staffing and canceling days off to ensure a presence across the city, “to enhance the protection of critical infrastructure, businesses, and neighborhoods,” Outlaw said. Beginning Saturday, the Office of Emergency Management will also be fully staffed every day for the next several weeks, said Director Adam Thiel.

The National Guard — which occupied Philadelphia for weeks last year following unrest after Floyd’s death and again in October after officers shot and killed Walter Wallace Jr. — is not in the city yet, Thiel said, but it is ready to deploy ”if needed.”

According to Wolf’s office, the Guard’s duties may include — but are not limited to — area security, manning traffic control points, and providing security at critical infrastructure sites. Citing security concerns, the office said that specific locations, numbers of troops, and locations could not be discussed.

Outlaw said that police have not ruled out using tear gas, rubber bullets, and other “less-lethal munitions,” but that they would not be fired “against peaceful demonstrators.” Following the tear-gassing of demonstrators on I-676 and residents in a West Philadelphia neighborhood, police implemented a moratorium on the munitions in June, and in November, Kenney signed a bill barring use of such devices “on any individual engaging in First Amendment Activities.”

Police intend to honor the moratorium and legislation, a spokesperson said.

Outlaw said the department would do “everything possible” to avoid disruptions, but that some streets may be closed to traffic.

“Things might look different in your neighborhoods over the coming days,” she said. “You will see officers on bikes, and some officers on foot. Some officers may be on horseback. You will even see some officers throughout the city, along with police clergy, offering prayer, opportunities for healing, and distributing City of Philadelphia resources. There’s even a chance that you will see a Pennsylvania National Guard soldier in your neighborhood. Please remember that they are all here to serve you.”

Officials encouraged residents to sign up for emergency updates by texting “ReadyPhila” to 888-777.

Ahead of the Chauvin verdict, the city will also assist in virtual “community healing circles” for residents to share their feelings and find support from neighbors, said Managing Director Tumar Alexander. He said the city is asking community leaders to hold their own events, and providing resources to encourage healing conversations offer support, and information on knowing your rights while protesting. Additionally, he said, business owners, volunteers, Town Watch Integrated Services, and the Office of Violence Prevention will “passively patrol the communities and commercial corridors … not as law enforcement, but just as citizens looking to engage other citizens and business owners.”

Some community and faith leaders also urged residents to refrain from destroying property in protest.

“We must be ready to embrace the opportunity to dig deeper to end racism, brutality, and injustice, we should embrace the right to protest to demand change,” said Sharmain Matlock Turner of the Urban Affairs Coalition. As the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. said, “‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere,’” Turner added, but Dr. King “also gave us wisdom in our fight for justice saying, ‘Nonviolence is a powerful and just weapon. It is a sword that heals, which cuts without wounding and nobles those who wield it.’”

“Speak up, protest, but do not tear up,” said state Sen. Vincent Hughes (D., Phila.), recalling discussions with city business owners whose stores were damaged during unrest last year, some who never recovered.

In Minneapolis on Thursday, after nearly three weeks of testimony, Chauvin’s defense rested after he declined to take the stand.

Last week, miles from where the Chauvin trial was underway, police in a Minneapolis suburb shot and killed Daunte Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, leading to several nights of unrest. In Philadelphia, protesters marched through the city for justice for Wright, and more demonstrations are expected this weekend.

April in-person event: demotivational training

from Viscera

We’re gonna take a bet on more nice weather and host another in-person outdoor event this month! Following up on bolo’bolo’s resistance to the planetary work machine, we’ll be reading excerpts from Demotivational Training by Guillaume Paoli.

…the objective of practicing demotivation, and this treatise is a modest step in that direction, would be rather to divest oneself from the apparatuses used to lead all of us donkeys to the market, to methodically dismantle the mechanisms that ensure that, despite everything, it works.


We’ll be meeting on Saturday, April 24th from 1-3 pm at Clark Park near the chess tables.

Emails show DEA’s “covert surveillance” of racial justice protesters in Philadelphia, Chicago, Albuquerque

from Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington

Donald Trump walks with Bill Barr and members of the military out of a gated area

[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above link.]

The Drug Enforcement Administration conducted “covert surveillance” on people protesting the killing of George Floyd last summer in Philadelphia, Chicago and Albuquerque, according to emails obtained by CREW. The operations involved the use of undercover DEA agents to “infiltrate” protests, social media monitoring and aerial surveillance by the DEA Air Wing.

Justice Department leadership authorized the surveillance efforts in May 2020, per a DEA memorandum revealed last year by BuzzFeed News. The decision—which significantly expanded the DEA’s law enforcement authority nationwide for 14 days—was decried by members of Congress and civil liberties advocates as an invasion of First Amendment rights.

Representatives Jerry Nadler and Karen Bass urged the Justice Department to “immediately rescind” the decision in a June 5 letter, calling it “unwarranted and antithetical to the American people’s right to peacefully assemble and to exercise their Constitutional rights without undue intrusion.”

The new emails, obtained by CREW as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, provide a glimpse into how the DEA utilized its expanded surveillance authority in three cities.



In a June 2 email, the Philadelphia Police Department requested that DEA’s local Special Agent in Charge, Jonathan Wilson, assign agents to “infiltrate crowds” at protests “for intel purposes.”

Within 30 minutes, Wilson obtained approval from Principal Deputy DEA Administrator Preston Grubbs, the agency’s second highest ranking official, to conduct “covert surveillance from within protests in the city of Philadelphia” in order to “identify protest leaders,” among others.

A June 3 email from a Philadelphia police sergeant provided “operational information” for DEA agents assigned to surveil a protest later that day. The email instructed agents to download a “communications app” to carry out their “surveillance operation,” even though DEA “doesn’t normally use” the app. The name of the app is redacted in the emails released to CREW.

An attachment to the June 3 email titled “Philly Riot Suspects.pdf” is redacted in its entirety.

Another operational email instructed DEA agents to dress so they could “b[l]end in with the crowds. Masks and bag packs [sic] are a good idea.”

A June 4 email shows extensive social media monitoring of protests expected through the weekend, with event names such as “Peaceful March: South Street to City Hall,” “Mt. Airy Solidarity March,” “4th Annual Stop Killing Us (SKU) March to DC!,” “George Floyd – Peaceful protest,” and “Candle Light Vigil for Breonna Taylor.”

Another June 4 email shows that DEA’s surveillance operation continued at least through June 7. An Assistant Special Agent in Charge thanked agents for their “tireless[] dedication to this mission, along with the sweat and blisters.”

Philly police ID officers who fired shots during fatal encounter with man in Logan

from mainstream media

Philadelphia crime scene unit laying down evidence markers after gunfire left 24-year-old man dead and officer wounded at 15th Street and West Somerville Avenue in North Philadelphia on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

The Philadelphia Police Department on Monday evening released the names of the five officers who fired shots during an alleged gun battle while stopping a vehicle in Logan last week that left a 24-year-old man dead.

The department also said that the officers incorrectly believed that James Alexander had an outstanding warrant for “bail jumping” in Wisconsin, which led them to attempt to arrest Alexander.

“Police later learned that the ‘bail jumping’ warrant for James Alexander returned on a different individual, similarly named, with a similar date of birth, but differing FBI number,” the department said in its updated statement.

In response to written questions from an Inquirer reporter, the department said the officers had intended to investigate everyone in the car and were in the process of having all the occupants exit the vehicle when the gunfire erupted.

Alexander “would not have necessarily been placed under arrest at the scene if the officers were able to determine that he was not the individual coming back with a warrant (and this would also be assuming that he was not illegally carrying the firearm that he later fired at our officers),” the department said in its written response.

“The officers were in the process of removing ALL of the individuals from the vehicle as they conducted their investigation. At the time, 3 of the 4 individuals in the vehicle were coming back with warrants. 2 of those warrants are active. It wasn’t determined that the warrant on Mr. Alexander was for a different individual until he was fingerprinted,” the department said in its response.

There were four occupants in the blue Kia Optima sedan that Officer Christopher Burton, 28, and Officer Charles McCairns, 29, stopped about 6:45 p.m. April 7 on Somerville Avenue at 15th Street because the car allegedly had run through a stop sign.

The Police Department said in a statement on April 8 that the officers ran checks on the occupants and found that Alexander had the warrant from Wisconsin, and that the driver had a warrant for some type of probation or parole violation.

“Due to the wanted status of the two (2) individuals, Officers Burton and McCairns requested additional back-up officers via Police Radio,” the department said in its statement Monday evening.

The department said in its written response to the Inquirer that even if only the driver had an active warrant, the two officers would have called for backup because of the potentially volatile nature of traffic stops.

Four other uniformed officers arrived. The three who fired shot are Officer Michael Braun, 30, and his partner, Officer David Tamamoto, 40, along with Officer Matthew Ponente, 29. Ponente’s partner did not fire his sidearm and was not named.

“Officers Burton and Braun approached the driver’s door and requested him to exit the Kia, and he complied,” according to the police statement.

“Officers McCairns and Tamamoto approached Alexander on the passenger side,” the department said.

“Officer McCairns opened the rear passenger door and requested Alexander to exit the vehicle. Officer McCairns instructed Alexander to leave his cell phone in the vehicle and asked Alexander if he had a gun on him,” the department said.

The department alleges that Alexander then pulled a gun from the front of his waistband and McCairns then yelled, “He’s got a gun,” and backed away, as did Tamamoto and Ponente.

“Alexander, still positioned in the vehicle, discharged his weapon in the direction of police, who had positioned themselves on the passenger side of the Kia,” the department alleges.

Alexander then got out of the Kia and fired two more shots in the direction of the police, according to the statement.

The five named officers then fired at Alexander, striking him.

Police transported Alexander to Einstein Medical Center, where he was quickly pronounced dead.

Ponente suffered a gunshot wound to his left foot. His partner took him to Einstein and he was treated and released.

None of the Kia occupants nor any bystanders was hurt.

A .40-caliber, semiautomatic Ruger handgun that Alexander allegedly fired was taken into evidence.

Three spent shell casings matching that caliber were recovered at the scene.

Twenty-eight spent shell casing from rounds fired by the officers also were recovered.

According to the department, two occupants of the Kia told investigators afterward that “Alexander announced that he had a gun on his person, and stated that he could not go back to jail.”

The department said body-cam video from the officers shows a cloud of smoke inside the Kia at the time Alexander allegedly fired a shot, and then another cloud of smoke when he was outside and allegedly fired two more shots.

The department said it would show the body-cam video to Alexander’s family but had no plans for a public release.

The department’s Internal Affairs unit is investigation the shooting.

Antifascist Mobilizations Shutdown Neo-Nazi Organized “White Lives Matter” Rallies Across the US

from It’s Going Down

[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above link.]

Antifascists and anti-racists across the so-called US organized mobilizations in the face of “White Lives Matter” rallies organized by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and members of the Proud Boys. While many of the demonstrations were shut down before they even began by organizers afraid of antifascist online infiltration, online chats show that many potential rallies were also called off when fascists saw the size of the counter-demonstrations on the ground. In Huntington Beach, which has long been the site of far-Right, pro-Trump and in recent months, anti-mask/re-open demonstrations, the White Lives Matter protest was promoted by the Ku-Klux-Klan, who distributed flyers for it in various neighborhoods. While a Klan presence never materialized, various neo-Nazis and fascists did show themselves, along with Trump supporters who waved Trump and “All Lives Matter” flags. Clashes and fights in the streets quickly sent the racists packing, leading authorities to make multiple arrests and declare an unlawful assembly. Arrests also took place in Sacramento, as antifascists clashed with a small WLM group at the state capitol.

The failure of the “White Lives Matter” demonstrations shows that the racialist wing of the far-Right can still not mobilize on its own without massing its forces in one place like in Charlottesville and also networking with other adjacent movements, such as Trump supporters, the militias, or Qanon. It should also be noted that white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups like Patriot Front, the National Justice Party led by neo-Nazi podcasters and former Daily Stormer staffers, and the Groypers led by Nick Fuentes – all did not endorse the WLM actions, seeing them as poorly organized. In the end, the rallies where total disasters and optically were also complete failures in distancing white identity politics from Hitler saluting neo-Nazis. For groups like the Proud Boys who have spent years attempting to deny associations with racist groups, their involved will only help in tarnishing what’s left of their image.

Despite the success of the counter-mobilizations, both online and in the real world, it should be noted that the danger of the far-Right still hasn’t gone away. In Fresno, California for instance, several dozen Proud Boys rallied alongside Trump supporters and against progressive demonstrators attempting to stop the sale of a historical theater hall that is central to the LGBTQ and progressive community. The Proud Boys on the scene were made up of several chapters from different cities; showing that despite State repression, bad press, and continued opposition, the group is still able to mobilize its forces and intervene in wider currents alongside more mainstream Trump supporters. Also, members of the Nationalist Social Club (NSC) also rallied without opposition in Wakefield, Massachusetts, after according to local antifascists, “being chased out of Malden.”

It’s in these areas, often outside of larger cities where rallying several hundred can be done quite easily, that we need to work on building coalitions and relationships, not only between autonomous groups, crews, and organizations on a regional basis like our enemies are doing, but within broader communities in struggle and those who are targeted by the far-Right on a daily basis.

Check out our roundup below of all the action and support those facing repression in Sacramento, here and in Huntington Beach, here.

  • Philadelphia, PA: Antifascists held a public picnic and a pre-planned WLM demonstration failed to materialize.

[Twitter link]
[Twitter link]

What You Should Know About PPD Recruiting Community Orgs

from Twitter & Twitter

April online event: Against Identity Politics

from Viscera

This month we’ll be revisiting Against Identity Politics, the classic critique of identity politics by Lupus Dragonowl. The world has lots of bad critiques of identity politics, but this is one we actually like.

From all of this, we must conclude that IPs are just another type of leftist, promoting sacrifice and renunciation, posing as liberators of the oppressed.

Find the essay here.

We’ll be meeting on Sunday, April 18th from 1-3pm EST on jitsi. Get in touch for the password!

Stand Up Against Hate

from Instagram

FLIER TIME! SHOW OUT! April 11th 12:00 Noon!

[City Hall Sunday]

American Imperial Republicans and Alexander N. Gross

[Philly Anti-Cap: After receiving messages from multiple people familiar with Alex Gross we are removing a section of this post that we believe incorrectly identifies him as a different person at a Proud Boy event. We are leaving the rest of the post up as the rest of the information seems to be correct. We thank everyone who contacted us to correct the information. If you have information regarding the accuracy of this post contact us at phillyanticap at riseup dot net.]


This doxx should have come out a minute ago but didn’t for whatever reason. After the Proud Boys failed rally a few months ago, I was snooping around their telegram, they posted this website.

So I snooped a little on the sailortwift site and found a link for AIR

Then I snooped a little on AIR and found it was fascy af.

So the sailortwift site had videos by this guy Alexander Gross

So I found Alexander Gross on Twitter, Gab, and Linkedin

From his linkedin I found his resume and middle initial

Which allowed me to find his address

Heres all his links (some might not be live anymore…thankful 4 screenshots!):


Do with this info what you, desire, fuck a fascist.

Info on local fash


Heads ups for April 11

With a White Lives Matter march coming up April 11th (https://leftcoastrightwatch.org/2021/04/new-jersey-neonazis-plan-march-through-philly/) it might be useful for anti-fascists to familiarize themselves with local neo-Nazis and fascists who seem to be associated with the event. Much groundwork has already been laid for identifying members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association and their associates Keystone United/Keystone State Skinheads and Patriot Front. Although at the time of this writing NJEHA has attempted to distance themselves from the upcoming march (https://nitter.mastodont.cat/DLamontJenkins/status/1378399699967868930) there is no reason to believe that they are doing anything but trying to save face. The NJEHA has come to Philly before to harass anti-ICE protestors (http://idavox.com/index.php/2019/07/04/nj-boneheads-tried-to-cause-trouble-at-philly-i-c-e-protests/) and to put up fascists propaganda. KU/KSS have a much longer history of organizing fascist events, namely Leif Erikson Day, a celebration of colonization (https://phillyantifa.org/keystone-united-exposed-closing-thoughts/). Below are some links to information on known local fascists and far-right scum. The Proud Boys have not yet been associated with the White Lives Matter march but are included below in the event any that they attend unannounced.

Keystone United / Keystone State Skinheads / Be Active Front

New Jersey European Heritage Association FKA Advanced White Society
https://nitter.mastodont.cat/zig161zag/status/1329560884713189379 (or twitter.com/zig161zag/status/1329560884713189379 to view the original post on twitter)

Philly Neo-Nazi Member of New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA) Exposed

https://nitter.mastodont.cat/NYCAntifa/status/1349171255765848067 (or twitter.com/NYCAntifa/status/1349171255765848067 to view the original post on twitter)

Patriot Front FKA Vanguard America
Kieran P. Morris

Scott Baxtin—Erie, PA fascist.

Philly Proud Boys

General Local and National Fascists

Local Fascists and Nazis

One People’s Project Rogues’ Gallery

Verify your information when possible, people move, people get new cars, etc.

Jackson Bradley NJEHA Nazi Behind “White Lives Matter Philadelphia”

from Twitter

In early January, Nazis skulked around NYC taking pics of themselves sieg heiling with a fascist flag. The Nazi in the grey & black coat is Jackson Bradley, a Philly member of the New Jersey European Heritage Association who goes by “Jesse Herring” on Telegram.
Jackson Browning Bradley was identified by antifascists in 2020 as a Philly member of the Nazi group, the New Jersey European Heritage Association. The NJEHA is connected to fascist groups like Patriot Front & has heavily targeted areas in Staten Island.
Jackson Bradley, in the same grey & black coat, was also seen flyering for the NJEHA with local NYC Nazi, Jovi Val, and a third man in Philadelphia in early January– across from Independence Hall and the National Museum of American Jewish History.
Jackson Bradley (as “Jesse Herring”) openly bragged about targeting the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philly in the Operation Flag Drop Telegram channel–which is run by a well-connected NYC MAGA grifter, Dion Cini, who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th.

Eviction Defense


On Wednesday March 31 individuals showed up to a call to eviction defense at the 13/15th & Locust PATCO Station, where some Philadelphians have created an encampment for themselves.

People started offering their support as early as 7:30AM (Food Not Bombs). Followed by other autonomous individuals who spent the day in the terminal to combat and resist the city’s planned “service day.” “Service days” are long known to be the misleading term the city uses for sweeps. This is widely understood amongst people plugged into housing issues and people living outside or on public property.

Defenders spent the day in the terminal monitoring the police presence, getting to know the people in the encampment, arguing with city workers to maintain possession of unaccounted for items, and guarding people’s tents and belongings to prevent them from being deemed trash or getting ruined while workers power-washed the terminal. Workers unsurprisingly had a host of disrespectful things to say about the Philadelphians living in the terminal and their belongings.

Housing services showed up to suggest that residents leave the terminal for other housing options. Supporters remained present and directly over-heard city services proclaiming that we were there to use the residents for publicity. An interesting interpretation considering no one was photographing, recording or otherwise taking it upon themselves to tell residents what to do. Some supporters checked in with residents after their conversations with city workers. Heard were sentiments such as “they’re trying to get us to go into rapid rehousing but I’ve been through this before and it’s a bunch of bullshit, we’ll be out of there and back on the street by next week.”

At the end of the day, several occupied areas were successfully defended and were untouched by city workers, who originally told residents they would have to at least remove all of their belongings. Unhoused people often lose their belongings in sweeps because they are unable to watch their things all day, unable to move all their belongings themselves, or unsuccessful at resisting city workers who are intent on proclaiming that any personal items that aren’t on private property or on ‘your person’ are trash.

While the defense on the ground happened in solidarity, the discussion online surrounding it beforehand raised relevant issues, especially as moratoriums end and eviction defense becomes an increasingly pressing issue and way to show up against capitalism and for each other.

On March 29th and 30th a flyer started to circulate on anarchist, housing-support and eviction-defense networks (such as Signal and Telegram), as well as on social media. The simple B&W flyer stated “Block the eviction” / “Stop the city from clearing the encampment at 12/13th & Locust PATCO station” / “Meet at 10am — Defend at 11am” / and “Share widely.”

The “action words” included “Block,” “Stop,” “Meet,” and “Share.” The flyer did not mention black bloc, nor did it suggest defenders “throw down,” or “fight the police.” A discrepancy that makes the critical comments following the flyer’s appearance important to question, analyze and address.

Visually it referenced the accidental blockade of the Suez Canal by the Evergreen ship — which is popularly known to have been a temporary (and celebrated amongst anti-capitalists) disaster for commerce. It was relevant (albeit somewhat tangentially) in that eviction defense/illegal occupation of city-owned property is inherently threatening to capitalism and often involves literally blocking government workers from carrying out sweeps.

When the flyer was shared on the popular social media platform Instagram (IG), Individuals and activists added commentary by way of clarifying “re-posts” and comments about the flyer. For example:

“Hey it isn’t an eviction, it is a sanitation event. Please don’t show up to fight the police. The department of Housing Services have promised that people’s belongings won’t be thrown away as long as their owner is with them.”
“Honestly delete this post (re: flyer/call to eviction defense). We’re worried about people showing up in black bloc to fight the police for an eviction that isn’t happening”
“Clarity: it seems that folks are *not* being evicted tomorrow. However encampment residents are asking that people are there ONLY to make sure they are not displaced. They have been told they will not be during tomorrow’s routine cleaning.

DO NOT ANTAGONIZE ANY POLICE. Showing up and being SUPPORT is fine, but anything else goes against the graces for brutality from the police. So show up, be kind to the encampment workers, protect them and their things if you HAVE to, and that’s it.

Do not put people’s lives in danger with your own agenda.”

“So so important that folks not antagonize or escalate on their own impetus with houseless  comrades in the crossfire.”

These statements, while not necessarily wrong or made in bad faith, are representative of misunderstandings, as well as misrepresentations of direct action and those who carry it out.

The intentions of the private networks who participate in direct action are frequently critiqued, often in bad faith, because the government, mainstream media and liberal agenda encourages a disdain towards them. This is tactical on the governments part, as these individuals often make a life-style out of resisting and combatting government oppression. The goal here is not to point fingers and declare which statements were from whom, but to discuss why the commentary was premature, misguided and harmful.

People claiming that the city does not mean to harm individuals living in encampments and squats —on any occasion — is, first of all, mislead. Secondly they are directly supporting the city government in being free to terrorize the housing-insecure population uninhibited. Even if an eviction is not happening at all, people showing up en masse to demonstrate their support and willingness to fight evictions in general deters the city from dishing out eviction notices.
When it comes to encampments or people living on public property, the best eviction defense is building relationships, sharing resources, and offering aid on a regular basis. This lets the government know who is in solidarity with them. This may include community aid, street art, combative action towards oppressive government programs/officials and much more.
However none of those things can stop evictions if we do not make a practice of showing up on the day and time that they’re rumored to happen AND demonstrate our willingness to not take the city government’s orders. Showing up to “support” only goes so far. At some point what matters most is who is prepared to keep standing and keep guarding belongings when city workers demand we back down. This is why we take issue with the cautionary language contained in the comments.

Eviction defense is anti-gov, anti-cap and anti-property. It ultimately involves combative/non-compliant action verses cooperative/lawful support. Participating in & defending encampments, squats, and even non-gov-approved mutual aid is conflictual, disobedient, and risky. It predicates a power struggle with the government and city services. Showing up to an eviction defense requires a willingness to not cooperate with the government and to possibly accrue legal penalties. It also potentially creates grounds for police to justify targeting, taking note of, and repressing you.

You are supporting people in resisting laws, zoning and city operations. For some, this warrants “bloc-ing up” and for others it might not. This can depend on countless factors, some of which might be if individuals are involved in other illegal activities and anti-state efforts, if they are already on the police’s radar or facing police repression, or if they are inherently targeted by police.

Eviction defense is about more than preventing people from losing their possessions and having to find alternate shelter. It’s a relevant fighting ground for undermining capitalism, state power and its entities – most notably, private and government-owned property, both being extensions of colonization.

Encampments are already illegal because they overwhelmingly exist on public property owned by city government. Encampments exist in the first place because the city hoards property, fuels gentrification and refuses to allow anyone to make shelter out of the countless vacant homes capable of providing it. The reason the city doesn’t allow these homes to be used is because all government systems are invested in capitalism.

Capitalism works by placing monetary value on the things people need to survive — like housing, food, and healthcare — making them unavailable to those without adequate capital. Capitalism is maintained by creating consequences like homelessness, hunger, loss of autonomy or death for those who do not acquire and maintain the level of capital needed to acquire those things.

As such, the city government, including the OHS has an obligation to make sure people are unable to “live for free” by occupying public spaces instead of paying for private property or surrendering their autonomy to be granted a spot in a shelter.
People made many anticipatory and presumptuous claims about those behind the flyer and the call for eviction defense. Critical responses to the flyer were based on a fear of black bloc, escalation, conflictuality, as well as the private networks that organize and plan direct actions. Publicly encouraging a narrow and uninformed understanding of black bloc is a fantastic way to bolster police repression. It alienates willing and active individuals who may already be on the police’s radar and need to obscure their identities to keep themselves safe in settings monitored by police.
A clear misunderstanding of what conflictual and combative tactics are for was also evident. The people in our networks seek to destroy systems of oppressive. Sometimes this does involve literal destruction of property but that’s just one of many tactics in the arsenal. Eviction defense is a defensive action that may or may not involve direct confrontation with the police. The goal (which was clearly communicated in the flyer) was to prevent eviction and protect the people in danger of being evicted. It is with a lack of understanding and solidarity that what occurred in response was an expectation for people to throw down, start a “street fight” with cops, and harm individuals in need of defense.
Lastly, a common thread in the critiques was for individuals to not show up “with their own agenda,” or act “on their own impetus.” Believing that people should not show up to eviction defense as part of their own struggle is disempowering. People commonly show up to actions because they are personally interested in seeing something through. This is usually because it is a part of their personal agenda for resistance against larger systems.

It is short sighted to think eviction defense and housing justice only concern those who are currently unhoused in a specific situation. Property is violence because the state owns and controls land and punishes people for trying to survive by making the things they need inaccessible through capital. Anyone with an interest in resisting or combating capitalism’s grip on our lives has a personal interest and agenda when it comes to eviction defense. Defending someone’s home, when their residency is illegal is joining them in their resistance. Defense isn’t a passive action. It is patronizing to not recognize that people living in encampments, squats and on public property are already involved in resistance, regardless of if it is only for themselves or part of a larger agenda against oppressive systems.

Nazis GTFO!: Picnic Against Hate

from Facebook

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Come celebrate our community by joining our picnic with a purpose: telling Nazis to GTFO!

Violent white supremacists have announced plans for a racist “White Lives Matter” rally in Center City (exact location TBA). Promotional material for the day prominently features Nazi symbolism, like the swastika.

Bring signs but also music, picnic blankets, lunch, puppets, etc.

Their announced gather time is 1 pm, so we’re asking folks to do their best to come out by noon.

We’ll show fascists that there is no room or love for them in our streets or in our city.

[Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM EDT
Center City]


from Left Coast Right Watch

An April “White Lives Matter” rally planned to take place in Philadelphia is being organized primarily by members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association, or NJEHA. An SLPC-designated hate group, NJEHA was formed in 2018 and has a wide presence in the Northeast United States. The Telegram group “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” is operated by previously-identified NJEHA member Jackson Browning Bradley, a white supremacist and neo-Nazi with a long history of far-right activity in the Delaware Valley.

Plans for organized “White Lives Matter” rallies across the country were first disseminated via multiple white supremacist Telegram channels and were picked up by antifascist researchers in late March. Coordinated from the “White Lives Matter – 4/11” Telegram channel, networked channels for rallies in as many as fifty cities across the US and Europe have appeared in the last three weeks. Groups range from as few as two to as many as two hundred members, organizing as part of a nationwide “day of action” planned for Sunday, April 11. The Philadelphia channel has quickly grown to one of the largest in the network – at the time of this reporting, with over 100 subscribers. It’s also one of the most racist, routinely posting content so openly hateful that other users have suggested distancing themselves from the channel, even wondering if it could be a “false flag” planted in the network by federal operatives.

A Telegram message edited to remove identifiable information. Message reads: 'lol surely this room is an op. I mean mate, this is supposed to be a way to onboard normies and they are posting GLR and the turner diaries? Idk maybe they’re just edge lords but it seems like they are trying too hard.'
A Telegram message in “White Lives Matter – 4/11” referencing the Philadelphia page theorizes that the group may be an “op”.

In fact, the “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” channel is confirmed to be operated by members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association, a white supremacist group operating out of southern New Jersey. NJEHA has a small following but was responsible for a majority of white supremacist propaganda in New Jersey in 2019. The channel is operated by NJEHA member Jackson Browning Bradley, a Philadelphia resident with a long history of far-right organizing. An NJEHA member since its formation in 2018, Bradley is a vicious anti-Semite and adherent of American neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell (“GLR”). Bradley served as the infiltration point for a large disclosure of information about the hate group by antifascist researchers in 2019, which identified the group’s leader and the extent of their activities across the mid-Atlantic. Bradley was identified with NJEHA on multiple occasions, including an event at Princeton University in 2019 that featured neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier Patrick Little. Bradley was also caught on camera in 2021 posting white supremacist propaganda around the National Museum of Jewish-American History in Philadelphia with members of NJEHA. On video, Bradley gives a Nazi salute and can be heard saying “Heil Hitler, by the way” as he is chased from the scene by bystanders.

The “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” channel is one of the most openly racist of the WLM-4/11 network, routinely espousing violent and genocidal anti-Semitic rhetoric. Posts shared from known NJEHA channels spread literal Nazi propaganda and call for violence against non-white ethnic groups.

“The end of World Jewry…this new war will be more decisive then[sic] the last one,” one post shared from an NJEHA-operated page states. “We shall end the Jewish Control over our society along with the White Traitors who worked with them to destroy our Race”.

A post in the 'White Lives Matter Philadelphia' Telegram channel: the red and black Nazi swastika symbol with a black-and-white globe in the center. Below the swastika, the words 'SYMBOL OF WHITE POWER'
A swastika symbol posted in the “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” channel accompanied by the words “SYMBOL OF WHITE POWER”.

Bradley’s distinctive writing style can be identified from his active Facebook page, where he routinely crossposts black-and-white photos of segregated Philadelphia from his Telegram pages. Bradley also operates in the central “White Lives Matter – 4/11” organizing channel under a known alias, where he posts links to the official NJEHA Telegram page. He also claims in conversations to have organized marches with Patrick Little, further solidifying proof of ties between NJEHA and the Philadelphia rally.

A Telegram post edited to remove identifiable information, posted by a known alias of Bradley: 'I hope your\[sic\] careful though these Jews will try to tear this apart so it must be important to have our leading people to have discipline and order when we’re\[sic\] are doing this and have your faces covered! I did White Lives Matter Marches for Patrick Little so I know what I’m talking about!'
In the “White Lives Matter – 4/11” chat, Bradley confirms his participation in 2019 “It’s Okay to Be White” rally organized by neo-Nazi Patrick Little.

The planned march will gather in Philadelphia on April 11 in conjunction with other “White Lives Matter” marches planned across the country. Bradley claims that the group will rally in Center City before marching to Northeast Philadelphia and/or South Philadelphia. Other identified participants include members of the Philadelphia Proud Boys and the Patriot Party of PA, as well as other members of NJEHA. All named groups should be expected to be in attendance. Fliers for the national movement claim rallies will begin at 1pm, but a specific time for the Philadelphia rally has not yet been confirmed.

A Telegram post posted by “White Lives Matter Philadelphia”: 'This Rally is going to be in Center City to South Philly and Northeast Philly! To Rally our people in our White Neighborhoods to entice them to join our March! The Whites here have had enough of the Jews and the Anti-White System displacing them and using Antifa to intimidate our people!'
A post from “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” claims that the planned 4/11 rally will gather in Center City and travel to “South Philly and Northeast Philly!”