J20 & June 11th posters going up

From June 11th

Some anti-repression posters were put up around West Philly.

OCF Windows


Guess you didn’t get this PSA the first time around, but thanks for the pictures!

I opened the windows a crack to let in the night air…oh right, they were the windows of gentrifying OCF Realty’s main office ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, this got me thinking that lots of people may not feel comfortable or confident in their ability to throw, limiting the range and impact of some attacks. So I wanted to encourage folks to play catch with their friends, throw a ball against a wall, play fetch with their four-legged friends, etc. It’s fun and builds useful skills!

Shout out to those facing continued repression here and elsewhere.

Rest In Power Paul Z. Simons.

J20 Benefit Series: LAVA 2

from Facebook

The battle still continues….

Our efforts have led to full acquittals for the first 6 defendants to go to trial. The prosecution has dropped 129 additional cases since. There are 59 defendants still facing decades in prison for protesting trump. This is the SECOND of two LAVA shows to benefit the remaining 59. We must keep fighting and we must keep winning.


ZORN – Dark



CLAM – Snot

Nobody turned away for lack of $
Don’t be an asshole

VOL 1: https://www.facebook.com/events/424496247985195?%3Fti=ia


[April 13 from 7PM to 10:30PM at LAVA]

Philly ABC April Letter Writing to Janet and Janine Africa

from Facebook

On 04/02/18 Philly ABC will be hosting a letter writing event to Janet and Janine Africa, 2 members of the MOVE 9. Please join us in writing letters to these rad folks.

” The August 8, 1978, police attack on MOVE followed years of police brutality against MOVE and was a major military operation carried out by the Philadelphia police department under orders of then-mayor, Frank Rizzo. Mayor Rizzo’s reputation for racism and brutality was and is well known–it followed him up through the ranks of the police department to the police commissioner’s office to the mayor’s office.

During this attack, heavy equipment was used to tear down the fence surrounding our home, and cops filled our home with enough tear gas to kill us and our babies, while SWAT teams covered every possible exit. We were all in the basement of our home, where we had 10 thousand pounds of water pressure per minute directed at us from 4 fire department water cannons (for a total of 40 thousand pounds of water pressure per minute). As the basement filled with nearly six feet of water we had to hold our babies and animals above the rising water so they wouldn’t drown. Suddenly shots rang out (news reporters and others know the shots came from a house at 33rd and Baring Street, not our home, because they actually saw the man shooting) and bullets immediately filled the air as police throughout the area opened fire on us. Officer James Ramp, who was standing above us on street-level and facing our home, was killed by a single bullet that struck him on a downward angle…Nine of us were charged with murder and related charges for the death of James Ramp.” (http://onamove.com/move-9/)

J20 Benefit Series: LAVA 1

from Facebook

The battle continues….

Our efforts have led to full acquittals for the first 6 defendants to go to trial. The prosecution has dropped 129 additional cases since. There are 59 defendants still facing decades in prison for protesting trump. This is the first of two LAVA shows to benefit the remaining 59. We must keep fighting and we must keep winning.


Sciamachy – Epic melodic crust.

Bitter Taste – Punk

Bloated Subhumans – uncomfortable noises

Nobody turned away for lack of funds
Don’t be an asshole

VOL 2: https://www.facebook.com/events/565095977187096?%3Fti=ia


[March 31 at 7PM at LAVA]

Help NJ Activist Resist Police Repression

from You Caring

During the summer of 2017 Linette was wrongfully accused and arrested for vandalism in South Jersey. Linette is being wrongfully targeted by police due to their leadership as an activist against police violence and repression. Linette’s ongoing legal battle is becoming increasingly difficult and they need your help.

Linette has been denied for Pre Trial Intervention four times and is now facing five misdemeanors of criminal mischief and the possibility of a minimum of 5 or more years of jail time. In order to be accepted into the Pre Trial Intervention program, which would in turn drop all of Linette’s charges, Linette needs to pay $30,000 of restitution. Friends of Linette are trying to raise $15,000 to help mitigate the cost for Linette’s family.

If Linette cannot raise this money by April 20th 2018 the case will unfortunately go to trial. Because Linette is already a target for police the likelihood of the court system making and example of them is extremely high. If you oppose police repression, support activism, or believe in freedom of speech and expression please give to Linette’s fund. Keeping activists out of prison and in the communities where they are doing the work is critical to upholding justice, we can’t do it without you!

[Donate Here]

Monday, March 5th: Letter-writing for Cleveland 4 prisoners

from Philly ABC

We’re back on our normal first Monday of the month schedule in March and will be writing letters to Josh Stafford, Connor Stevens and Doug Wright of the Cleveland 4.

They were arrested on April 30th, 2012. They were accused of plotting a series of bombings, including that of an area bridge.  However, the real story is that the FBI, working with an informant, created the scheme, produced the explosives, and coerced these four into participating.

Connor and Doug took non cooperating plea deals and pled guilty to all charges.  The judge applied a “terrorist enhancement” charge to each of them, elongating their sentences as well as subjecting them to harsher prison conditions.  Doug is serving 11.5 years, Brandon 9 years 9 months, and Connor 8 years 1 month.

Skelly took his case to trial. He went pro se and acted as his own lawyer. The FBI offered him a non cooperating plea deal with a 3 year sentence, if he would have plead guilty. Josh refused to plead guilty to something he wasn’t guilty of doing. He was found guilty on all counts by his jury and sentenced to 10 years. Even though Skelly had the most minimal role, he got the second longest sentence because he took his case to trial.

Doug and Connor plead without an agreement while facing the threat of life in prison. On appeal of there sentencing they were primarily fighting against the life long probation that was handed down at sentencing. Doug also fought against being branded the leader. After months of waiting for a verdict on the appeals, we got word back. The appeal have been denied.

They all continue to fight against the government’s attempt to brand them as terrorists and to expose the techniques of entrapment employed by the FBI and their informants.

Dinner will be served by North Philly Food Not Bombs and we will sign birthday cards for Joy Powell (the 5th), Andrew Mickel (the 13th), Cinque Magee (the 16th), and Jaan Laaman (the 21st).

[6:30 pm at LAVA (4134 Lancaster Ave)]

Whammo!: MOVE9 Parole; Addicted to Screens; Anarcho-Syndicalism in Kosovo

from The Final Straw Radio

This episode contains three segments:

Move 9 Parole
“Stare Into The Lights My Pretties”
Anarcho-Syndicalist Organizing in Kosovo

Audio Player


MOVE9 Parole

First, there’s the interview that Bursts held with Michael Davis Africa Jr., a member of the MOVE organization.  MOVE is a Philadelphia-based black liberation group founded by John Africa in 1972. The group lives communally. During the conversation, Michael Jr. talks about the case of the MOVE9, who were 9 members of that group who were arrested and accused of the killing of a police officer in 1978 in Philadelphia, a charge they each deny.  Officer James Ramp was killed following a year of the Philly PD blockading the house for a year under an eviction order and the police besieged the house on August 8th, 1978.  The MOVE 9 have been incarcerated for almost 40 years now, with Merle & Phil dying behind bars.  Police and white supremacist affiliated groups have successfully gotten parole denied for Eddie, Michael and Delbert Africa over the last 9 months as they do for many Political Prisoners from the 1960’s through 80’s in the U.S.  There are upcoming are parole hearings for Janet, Janine and Debbie Africa and more info on who to petition for their release can be found at http://onamove.com/move-9/. The name of the D.A. who prosecuted the MOVE9 in 1978 and who is still on the paperwork and has a say on the parole of the MOVE9 40 years later is named John Straub.

Coming up this Saturday, February 24th starting at 4pm there’ll be an event called “Framed In America: The Making of Political Prisoners”.  This will take place at The National Black Theater, 2031 5th Ave in Harlem, New York and will include presentations by Ramona Africa, Fred Hampton Jr, Pam Africa, Roger Wareham, Betty Davis, Ralph Poynter and Johanna Fernandez.  More info can be found on the Justice for the Move 9 fedbook group.

J20 info session and support dinner

from Facebook

Greetings Friends,

Many of you may have heard that there was a substantial victory this past week in the cases of the more than 200 people (collectively referred to as the J20) arrested and charged at last year’s Inauguration Day protests in Washington DC. 129 people had their charges dropped, while 59 people still face multiple felonies and potentially decades of jailtime.

In an article appearing in The Intercept on Friday, one of the defendants, Miel Macchio, who was acquitted in the first trial, notes that “the dismissals are a testament to the success of the defendants’ collective defense strategy. By refusing to plea and instead coordinating their defense, the accused succeeded in thwarting the government’s effort to collectively punish dissent. ‘What we are [now] seeing, is a strategic narrowing of the government’s case,” Macchio says, “Those still facing charges are now much more vulnerable as a smaller group.'”

On this coming Sunday, January 28, from 5:30-7:30pm we will be hosting a J20 InfoSession and Support Dinner at 5835 Hadfield Street in West Philadelphia. This will be a chance for folks to gather in one place in order to be updated on the current situation, to learn how they can get involved and provide support for those still facing charges, and to generally share food and company together.

We will be making a big batch of vegan chili and some cornbread, but it would be great if others could bring and contribute food to the mix as well!

Again, the basic details:
What: J20 InfoSession and Support Dinner
When: Sunday, January 28 from 5:30-7:30pm
Where: 5835 Hadfield Street, Philly 19143

Hope you can make it!

In struggle,

Emily & Layne

Vegan Brunch Spectacular!

from Facebook

That’s right, it’s time! Us North Philly Food Not Bombadiers wish to honor the one year anniversary of a day that shook this planet: January 20th of 2017, the day trump seized the mantle of control of this (lol) ‘democracy’. To oppose trump and his zombies, there were some brave and marvelous souls that took to the streets, galvanized into fierce action, and kicked off a wave of rebellion that has not ceased yet (we hope it never does!). Essentially they put their lives on the line, as hundreds are facing what amounts life sentences for their public defiance.

We want to offer up another all vegan brunch fundraiser as a means for people to get together, forge bonds and to hold space for this important day. Everything will be completely vegan and delicious. We will invite some other wonderful radical groups into the mix too, there will surely be some fantastic books and art.

Please make it out! Each brunch we’ve done has been better then the last. We will update menu and location as soon as confirmed!

[10AM to 3PM January 20 Location Cindergarden-Ask a skunk!]