A second antifascist was visited by the FBI

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A second antifascist was visited by the FBI in Philadelphia yesterday. Well, sort of. The weird thing is the FBI wasn’t even looking in the right ‘state’ as the person they were seeking out lives in New Jersey. That’s some real Grade A police work! Anyway. The state is up to something – possibly in collaboration with far right conspiracy theories that ‘antifa’ had something to do with the right wing violence on January 6th. News flash: ‘antifa’ had nothing to do with that whole shitshow, that scene was a wholly white supremacist riot. Be safe friends, MAKE SECURITY CULTURE YOUR #1 PRIORITY. They are only trying to intimidate us – don’t let them – be brave!

Anti-Fascist Comrade Visited By FBI

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[This afternoon, January 15 2021, an anti-fascist comrade was visited by two FBI agents at their home in Philadelphia.

The agents said they had questions about the recent events at the Capitol. The comrade refused to answer questions & immediately got in touch with legal & anti-repression support. We don’t rely on the state to address fascist threats. The FBI has roots in repressing anarchist and Black liberation movements. We do not trust that they are only investigating the events at the Capitol. We challenge their attempts at repression with our collective refusal to speak to law enforcement.

If you are contacted by the FBI or other law enforcement, contact Up Against The Law or Philly Anti-Repression.

Up Against The Law: 484-758-0388
Philly Anti-Repression: 267-460-1886]

Gentrifying Activist Spaces – PSL Philly

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[Document Here]


from Keeping Our Spaces Safe


[CW: SA, misogyny, racism]

(Written content contains brief references to sexual assault, harassment, and predatory behavior.

Images contain examples of misogyny and feature course language; images have been edited for hate-speech and to protect uninvolved individuals.)

It is our hope that this information may serve as a warning to others of the dangers posed by the individual known as Alex Stein; a predator with a history of sexual assault, and a supposed “anarchist” with fascist associations who has repeatedly attempted to organize, infiltrate, and recruit in leftist spaces.

Alex has been known by many names. In the fascist’s circles, where Alex appears to spend much of his time, he may be known as “Brandon Woods” (aka “Brandon W PA”) or “Sam Specter” (aka “Sam Specter PA”). While attempting to purport himself as a “leftist” Alex has operated under numerous aliases, including: “Alex Stone”, “Terry”, “Felix”, “George Bailey”, “Woody”, and “slyalex”.

He is the creator & primary author of the Twitter account “Anticommunist Action Philly” (@AnticomPHL) and the page “WolftrapAF”, which operates on multiple social media platforms under the usernames “WolftrapAF”, and the associated account, “TwolftrapAF”.

Alex is also believed to utilize numerous additional accounts under his various personas -ranging from democratic socialist to insurrectionary anarchist, which may be listed in locations across the country- using multiple social media platforms. Evidence suggests that this is done in order to continue to attempt to cultivate new relationships with leftists; and <b> <i> to avoid accountability for his history of abuse, including multiple accounts of sexual assault and predatory behavior, repeated attempts to incite dangerous and high-risk situations against the consent of others in the area, volunteering information on activists to far-right groups [and the state,] and his wide-spread banishment from spaces.

While living in New York, Alex’s reported history included harassment, abuse, and aggressive behavior which resulted in his expulsion from radical spaces.

After moving to Pennsylvania in late 2016, Alex quickly attempted to insert himself into activist spaces, almost immediately acting with a complete disregard for the safety of others.

In late 2016 Alex began using his social media accounts to repeatedly make public posts calling for people to engage in “antifascist” organizing, tagging unaware individuals across the country, and encouraging others to form local organizations operating under his personal guidance.

Over the holiday season he launched an online fundraiser for an action in Montana using his legal name, along with the name of a legitimate local activist group. As an individual publicly raising money for an antifascist cause he was almost immediately doxed. The funds, which were intended to support local activists on the ground, were never accounted for and numerous reports suggest they were stolen. During this time he participated in media interviews, purporting himself as a ‘representative’ of various local groups and organizations as it suited his cause and as he perceived it would be of interest to each particular news agency.

In early 2017, Alex began to attempt to force his way into radical spaces claiming to offer expertise gained through membership in groups he was never a part of, and taking over control of tasks and events being organized by others against their wishes. Playing off his youthful appearance and lying about his age, he targeted spaces occupied by younger activists and consistently attempted to push others to engage in actions they did not consent to participate in. He employed these forced associations, along with the city-wide success of a MAGA counter-demonstration in the spring of 2017, to further establish his credibility within local activist circles. Over the following months, Alex used this notoriety to commit multiple acts of sexual assault. Using his position in the local community and his strong manipulation skills, he quickly created an environment of fear to silence his victims through threats of danger to themselves and of ostracization from their community.

From March through June of 2017 Alex’s intermittent presence and consistently toxic behavior in various local spaces persisted, as did the demands for him to be accountable for his actions. To avoid expulsion from the community he continuously ‘took accountability’ for smaller indiscretions and offensive behavior- making superficial motions towards responsibility while insisting that his inexperience, heavy alcohol use, and lack of understanding of social cues relieved him of any ‘guilt’. Instead, he repeatedly created ‘roles’ for himself in order to force his way back into spaces, while he continued to intimidate his victims and engage in abusive and predatory behavior. During this time he befriended an individual working at a local crisis center who cited their experience as a victims’ advocate to justify their championing of Alex’s continued presence.

In June an individual confided to fellow community members about a specific instance of Alex’s predatory behavior which had left them feeling extremely unsafe and requested support to eliminate any possible future situations where he may be able to approach them while alone. The public recognition of the need for this safety measure created a space for additional victims of his abuse to come forward. Following an extensive review of all presented accounts of experiences Alex was held accountable by the community for r*ping a local activist along with a series of additional instances of predatory behavior, expelled from the space, and banished from all future events. Warning calls were immediately made to contacts and other local groups Alex had been known to engage with to urge that steps be taken to ensure the safety of community members in any spaces where he may be present. Hours after Alex was informed of his expulsion from the local community a large-scale public campaign of extreme harassment began against an individual acting as an advocate for his victims, and their family, which placed them in personal and legal jeopardy. This resulted in some local groups hesitating to formally ban Alex from their events out of fear of similar retaliation against themselves and their loved ones.

In July it became publicly known that Alex had begun associating with local fascists, as well as with the white nationalist group, Vanguard America, while they engaged in the planning process for “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville, Virginia. During this period Alex attempted to contact numerous groups and organizations in an effort to build connections and networks by exploiting the promise of information regarding these plans, which was needed to ensure the safety of the local community, in order to create relationships of dependency with activists from around the country.

For the next month Alex leveraged these awaited critical details, and his unique ability to provide them, to avoid further censure for his actions as the word of his history of abuse and the resulting calls for him to be banned from additional communal spaces spread widely. Having failed to ever provide the information as promised, Alex actively participated in the events of “Unite the Right” all the while continuing to subject activists on the ground to rapidly escalating levels of danger in an attempt to maintain the indispensable role he had created for himself with activists and organizers.

Shortly after “Unite the Right”, Alex was arrested in the company of local fascists following a[n alleged] ‘fight’ and charged with possession of a retractable baton. Afterwards, he told local activists that he had been released from custody after [reportedly] telling police that despite appearances, he was in fact “an antifascist infiltrator”, and had information he wished to share regarding the nationalist group, Vanguard America. Following subsequent court dates he once again attempted to enter local spaces, despite repeatedly being told that he was unwelcome due to his history of abusive and predatory behavior.

With his abusive and predatory history now widely known, Alex found himself barred from more and more spaces upon his return to the Philadelphia area. In late August he attempted to contact members of the local community once again, claiming to have been ejected from the group Vanguard America where he had participated in chats under the alias “Brandon Woods” aka “Brandon W PA”, accusing respected local activists of “outing him” to Vanguard America leadership and demanding they be banned from future local events, in an attempt to once again force his way into the community.

Upon finding himself still unwelcome, and his claims quickly and easily disproven, Alex sought to once again create a role for himself and engineer relationships by reaching out and offering information to activists around the country who had not yet learned of his history of assault. Promising that his help would better ensure the continued safety of their local communities, this time he purported to offer information regarding the actions of the newly-formed white nationalist group, Patriot Front, which he had gained entry to through his new alias, “Sam Specter” [aka “Sam Specter PA”].

Throughout the fall Alex strived to find a place for himself in small regional circles, attempting to exploit their decreased access to the larger community and its resources. When he was instead confronted with knowledge of his past actions he offered elaborate falsified accounts of events and circumstances, customizing the details to suit each audience.

When efforts to hold him accountable continued and he was denied acceptance into spaces he attempted to garner sympathy for his exclusion, and when that failed, he resorted to threats, intimidation, and sexually-predatory behavior. -Once again, individuals were forced to go to great lengths in attempts to block his access to their spaces and warn their communities of his danger in an effort to maintain their own personal safety.

In Winter of 2018, it came to light that Alex had been in ongoing contact with an individual who was engaged in gathering personal information on individuals whom they considered to be ‘activists’. This information was later published and used for targeted harassment campaigns against those identified. Additional reports suggested that while Alex had been engaging in outreach to individuals to offer information and build relationships, he may have also used the opportunity to request additional details and contact information during these conversations. The exact purpose of these inquiries, and whom, if anyone, that information may have been shared with, cannot be conclusively confirmed. The majority of these [known] attempts were quickly shut down and rumors began circulating that he had begun spending a significant portion of his time in New Jersey despite retaining his official residence in Philadelphia.

Despite claims in Spring of 2018 of leaving the left in May, Alex once again began reaching out to leftist spaces. After claiming to have participated in May Day actions in NYC, he also attempted to reach out to radical organizations in the Philadelphia area in June, though these efforts were quickly rejected. Recently, it was reported that Alex had begun attempting to build new relationships and connections in an effort to create a role for himself in the response to Unite The Right II events to be held in D.C. this year.

This information is an open warning call; this individual poses a danger to all communities. Due to nature of his tactics, his extraordinary manipulation skills, his enjoyment of “playing a character”, and his use of multiple aliases both in real life and online, protective steps should be implemented across all spaces and platforms. In addition to ‘activist’ spaces, Alex frequents burlesque, film, theater/performance spaces, and sideshow spaces. He particularly enjoys “haunted attractions” and may seek employment in these venues. He appears to spend most of his time in the Northeast and is most frequently in the Philadelphia, South Jersey, and New York City regions.

Over at least the last year, Alex focused the majority of his recruiting energy on engaging with those he perceived as liberal. In doing so he attempts to offer guidance and create dependence on his involvement to access additional resources and educational opportunities. This also allows him to control not only his own narrative, but to ensure new contacts remain isolated from the larger community where they may learn of his history. In reality, Alex uses his new friends not only for access to new spaces and for the creation of networks under his control, but also for his personal entertainment.

Please help to ensure others in your area are alerted to this risk by sharing this information in local activist and performance spaces as able. If Alex has attempted to organize or is involved in burlesque or other community spaces in your area, to report additional accounts/aliases, or for a shareable flyer version of this alert, please contact KeepOurSpacesSafe@protonmail.com. Thank you.

Multi cyber identities: self defense 4 warrior womyn

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[Continua en Español]

Do you feel surveilled by the oppressive systems as a womyn and gender non-conforming POC? Do you feel harassed in the public {{{and private}}} digital space called THE internet? Do you want to use the tools and not be used by corporations? Do you want to ENJOY a transfeminist Internet?! Come and join us in this laboratory to stretch your hackfeminist muscles!

Register here:

Our body is our first technology as a womyn warriors. How can we defend us and care for collectively?

A lab session to explore how to fight with joy the different threats and counter-attack war technologies: espionage, facial recognition, and mass surveillance when we inhabit the internet. How internet affects our communications, our privacy, and our public opinions? We invite you to define this digital territory as our ground battle where we are in defense of our digital bodies, pleasures, struggles, and politics! We will experiment how can we transmute into multiple cyber identities, and how the use of our right to be anonymous can be a powerful kick-ass tool of hackeminist self-defense. (; We welcome all LBTQ and womyn! No previous experience need it, so come and just bring yourself!

This session is co-facilitated by Lil_Anaz, Mexican hackfeminist artist based in México City, and Ana Martina, Mexican hackfeminist cooperator based in Philly, who join forces to share strategies towards the liberation of the multiple territories that we inhabit: our bodies, our neighborhoods, our data and our Internet! Join us for this unique event!

We ask a $5 -$25 sliding scale donation to support the presenter Lil_Anaz who is coming from México to present this content in Philly! Nobody will be turned away!

Co-facilitated by @Lil_Anaz https://lab-interconectividades.net/lili_anaz/, https://twitter.com/lili_anaz
& @radiosonidera https://radicante.media/about


Registrate aqui

¿Te sientes vigiladx por este sistema opresivo por ser mujer o de género no binario y persona de color? ¿Te sientes acosadx en el espacio público y {{{privado}}} de Internet? ¿Quieres aprender a usar herramientas tecnológicas y no ser utilizadx por las corporaciones? ¿Quieres GOZAR una Internet transfeminista? ¡Pues ven y acompáñanos en este laboratorio para calentar esos músculos hackfeministas! No necesitas tener ninguna experiencia previa.

Nuestro cuerpo es nuestra primera tecnología como mujeres guerreras. ¿Cómo podemos defendernos y cuidarnos colectivamente?

En esta sesión exploraremos cómo combatir los diferentes peligros cuando habitamos Internet, y cómo contra-atacar a las tecnologías de guerra (espionaje, reconocimiento facial y vigilancia masiva) con tecnologías de gozo cyberfeminista. ¿Cómo afecta Internet anuestras comunicaciones, nuestra privacidad y nuestras opiniones públicas? Lxs invitamos a reimaginar este territorio también como nuestro campo de batalla en el que defendemos nuestros cuerpos, nuestros placeres y nuestras luchas! Vamos a transmutar en multi cyber-identidades y experimentar cómo el derecho al anonimato puede ser una poderosa y chingona herramienta para la auto defensa hackfeminista. Todxs lxs mujeres LBTQ son bienvenidxs a este laboratorio. ¡No necesitas tener ninguna experiencia previa! (;

Esta sesión sera co-facilitada por Lil_Anaz, artista mexicana hackfeminista que reside en la Ciudad de México, y Ana Martina cooperativista hackfeminista que reside en Philly. Estamos uniendo fuerzas para compartir estrategias para la liberación de los múltiples territorios que habitamos: nuestros cuerpos, nuestros barrios, nuestros datos y nuestro Internet. Acompañanos en este evento único!

Pedimos una cooperación de $5 a $25 para apoyar con gastos y viaticos a la presentadora Lil_Anaz, a quién esta viniendo desde México para presentar estos contenidos en Philly. Si no puedes cooperar no te preocupes, a nadie se le negara la entrada.

Co-facilitado por @Lil_Anaz https://lab-interconectividades.net/lili_anaz/, https://twitter.com/lili_anaz
& @radiosonidera https://radicante.media/about

Pretty Vandalism


These photos were taken by me, friends, or stolen from the internet. They are of graffiti, stickers, and window smashings around town. To my knowledge none of these acts were claimed with communiques. I do not know the intentions of whoever carried them out but they lift my mood, and bring some joy to my day. I share them here to remind myself and anyone reading what is possible, to generate inspiration, and to help spread the disorder of the city to those who might not have the good fortune to stroll by it as they go about their day.

The broken windows are at Swirl Cafe in West Philly (attacked twice!) and OCF Realty in South Philly.

All these photos are from the last few months. Each photo (with the exception of those taken from the internet) have been cropped and all of them had their metadata removed to avoid identifying the cameras they were taken with.


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Back in June 2017, Camp White Pine experienced an uptick in attempted infiltration. SOME entity sent no less than three infiltrators to the Huntingdon area who used various tactics to try to scheme their way into the movement.

One of them called herself “Aly Patrick.” She made contact with a local person who had been prominently in support of the Gerharts’ efforts to #StopETP since last year while that local was working in a public place. She befriended them, claiming she had moved to the area because of the lake, and because her online job allowed her freedoms. She asked a lot of questions, but couldn’t even answer the question of who her specific “online” employer was. She came to public rallies and was incredibly enthusiastic. However, she strategically avoided cameras at those events.

“Aly” claimed not to use any social media platforms. We found a picture of her anyway, taken at one of the rallies she attended. She was last seen driving a white sedan with Virgina plates and gave a phone number with a Tennessee area code. Please share with your networks, and help make sure “Aly” never succeeds in infiltrating any water protector movements.

For more insight into dirty disruption tactics read the section “Social Engagement Plan” of this article from The Intercept: https://theintercept.com/…/leaked-documents-reveal-securit…/

And this follow-up article under the section “Use as many locals as we can”: https://theintercept.com/…/dapl-security-firm-tigerswan-re…/

ALERT! Fascists Make Fake Philly Antifa Twitter Account

from Philly Antifa

Fake twitter account made by alt-right nazis. Antifascism.org is another honey pot by fascists. 

A fake twitter account has gone up posing as our organization.  This is becoming a common tactic by Fascists trying to disrupt Antifa organizing.

Here is a link to our real twitter account (@phillyantifa). Spread the word about the fake and be vigilant for further attempts.

Computer Literacy and Defense

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Computer literacy & defense

“skillshare with demonstrations

beginner subjects included but not limited to: feeling comfortable with your OS (operating system), understanding the way your computer fits together, RAM vs. ROM, computer maintenance & hygiene, password strength.

intermediate subjects we can introduce and demonstrate if people are interested: VPN (Virtual Private Network), PGP-encrypted email, introduction to the math that crypto is made of, the limitations of Signal & Riseup.

bring a laptop if you have one.



disclaimer: not an expert, just a geek. open to breakout groups and open to co-facilitating w another geek.”

[March 19th 4 to 7PM at Wooden Shoe Books 704 South St]

Digital Self-Defense Series: Browsing [TOR, Bitmask, VPN’s]

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Digital Self Defense Series are back! This time to explore tools for Browsing. A Lab to explore TOR, Bitmask and exploration on VPN’s. Come with ur devices, questions and experience to try these tools together. All levels of experience welcome, we encourage the learning together experience. This is a free event, hosted by Radicante.Media. Bring snacks if u wish! /// Las Series de Auto Defena Digital estan de regreso!!! Esta vez para explorar herramientas de Navegacion. Un Laboratorio abierto para explorar TOR, Bitmask y VPN’s. Caele con tu dispositivo, preguntas y experiencia para probar estas herramientas juntxs. Todos los niveles de experiencia son bienvenidos, esta es una sesion para compartir conocimiento juntxs. Este es un evento liberado gratuito a cargo de Radicante.Media. Traete una botana o algo pa compartir si quieres!!!

[December 10 from 2PM to 4PM at 1652 Ridge Avenue in the Francisville neighborhood (part of North Philadelphia)]

Mobile phone security Lab by Radicante.Media

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Once again the Digital Self Defense Series is here, this time Mobile Phone Security Lab. Come and learn how to secure your conversations over your phone device. Let’s have a discussion about the tool that you carry everywhere with you, how this device tracks your data, your friends, locations, ect. Then let’s do a hands on lab to try tools to protect your data and your compxs. Encryption + Signal + Orbot + IMSI catchers and more! //// Una vez mas ya esta aqui La Serie Auto Defensa Digital, esta vez para hablar de Seguridad en Telefonos Mobiles. Ven y aprende como tener conversaciones mas seguras en tu dispositivo telefonico. Tengamos una discusion sobre esa herramienta que llevas contigo a todas partes, como este dispositivo rastrea tus datos, a tus amigxs, lugares que visitas, etc. Luego vamos a la parte manos a la obra en el Laboratorio para probar herramientas para protegerte y a tus compxs. Encriptacion + Signal + Orbot + IMSI catchers y mucho mas!!

[October 5 from 7pm to 9pm at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]

Email Encryption with PGP Lab – Radicante.Media

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Email Encryption with PGP

Next episode of our Digital Self Defense series is a hand on workshop on PGP email encryption. We think all email should be encrypted by default and that it should be easy and straight forward. Unfortunately it’s not always. So we’re here to help :).

This workshop will focus on getting Open PGP (GPG) set up with an email client.

Learn how to use PGP encryption to communicate securely with your friends, comrades and organizations!

We will briefly go over the basics of email encryption and then get straight into installation. We’ll be using Thunderbird, Enigmail and GPG, the open source implementation of PGP email encryption.

Bring your laptop loaded with Linux, OS X or Windows and we’ll do our best to see you leave with a working encryption setup! Please download /Install Thunderbird and Enigmail to get a good head start.

[September 7 from 6PM to 8PM at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]

Basic Digital Security for online rebels

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Basic Online Security
The first of a series of digital security basics workshops brought to you by radicante media, a tech-media collective

Everyone from corporations like Sony to our government to your mother is getting hacked.
Corporations and governments are using your regular internet activity to track you and build increasingly more precise profiles of groups and individuals.

Snowden’s leaks now have shown the government is collecting ALL of your browsing activity.

This is an introductory workshop with an overview of everyday internet security basics. We’ll introduce some common threats and give an overview of how we can easily introduce some tools and behaviour to keep us safer online.

This workshop is for people with basic computer knowledge (checking email, web browsing, etc.)

[July 6th from 7pm to 9pm at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]