Neo-Nazi Publishers “Antelope Hill” of Green Lane, PA Exposed

from Philly Antifa

Dmitri Loutsik, Vincent Cucchiara and Sarah Cucchiara, proveyors of neo-nazi publishing house Antelope Hill.

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published a story on their Hatewatch blog exposing the principals behind the Pennsylvania-based White Nationalist publisher “Antelope Hill Publishing.”

Antelope Hill is being run by Vincent and Sarah Cucchiara (née Nahrgang) of 134 Main St., Green Lane PA and Dmitri Anatolievich Loutsik of Lehigh Valley, PA.

Vincent Cucchiara of Antelope Hill Publishing
Sarah Cucchiara of Antelope Hill Publishing. Unsurprisingly, both she and Vincent were involved in anti-choice organizing.

The article goes into great detail about the history of Antelope Hill as well as their ties to the neo-nazi National Justice Party and The Right Stuff podcast.

In addition, check out this thread by AnonCommieStan on twitter, which details other individuals associated with Antelope Hill as well as reveals that Vincent Cucchiara works as a real estate agent at EXP realty. Sarah Cucchiara was, alarmingly, working as a public school teacher until she was fired for racist facebook posts.

[Twitter Link]

Publishers like Antelope Hill do not seem like urgent threats when compared to companies of fascist Stormtroopers operating all over the U.S., but Antifascists should remember the lessons of Resistance Records or Micetrap Distributions. Both of which operated with impunity for years and helped indoctrinate new individuals into Fascist movements. The ripple effect of harm done by those individuals is incalculable. While we don’t advocate for government censorship of these kind of companies, we do think there should be financial, social and personal consequences for profiting off such books as “Hitler: In His Own Words” and using your home to form neo-nazi political parties with Mike Enoch.

As with any political movement, there are factions in Fascism that usually can be divided into Militant Vanguardism and Incremental Entryism. For example, nazi Boneheads vs. Suit-and-tie nazis attempting to infiltrate local GOP groups.

However, like in most political movements, individuals themselves will move between these factions over a lifetime and work with both. Ultimately, the factions are working towards the same or similar goals. While the militant fringe nazis will openly provoke a response with their constant terror attacks, the suit and tie types, in the past, have flown under the radar for many Antifascists.

A prime example of this is the American Renaissance conference, organized annually by Jared Taylor and other “intellectual” racists. While groups like One People’s Project and local Antifascists have long raised the alarm and protested the conference, it took years before any larger responses were mobilized. Yet Amren has been as damaging as any regional bonehead crew or Patriot Front cell.

This is not to turn our nose up at confronting the Fascist stormtroopers, whose role in trying to “control the streets” should also not be understated. The cold reality is we must fight them on both front. We are paraphrasing, but there’s an old quote that goes…”They have a political agenda that must be confronted politically. They also have a physical agenda that must be confronted physically.”

There will always be trendy leftists, who didn’t have the time of day for Antifa before we started getting media and political slander hurled from all directions, who will either dismiss the fascist militants as “idiot thugs” while also dismissing the fascist intelligentsia as “nerd internet nazis.” The reality is they aren’t going to fight fascism, and their insecurity around that compels them to try and discourage others who do.

Publishers like Antelope Hill, podcasts like The Right Stuff and Daily Shoah and their affiliated parties are equally a threat to our communities as any network of Nazi bonehead crews or Attomwaffen terrorists. They are all part of the same movement. Which seeks to “correct” the demographics of the U.S. through mass murder and deportation, destroy the left and feminist movements here, and impose a far right, ultra-authoritarian nationalism. A society of forced conformity through rigid gender and sex roles and eugenics. A nation of militarism and slavery, with themselves at the top.

That’s the world that our enemies want. Moreover, it’s the world we are headed towards if we fail to stop them. On all fronts.

Eternal War on the Hitler Youth (and all fascists),

UPDATE: Philly Proud Boys Member Rodrigo Gibson No Longer Working At Drexel University

from Philly Antifa

Rodrigo Jesus Gibson, circled, with the Proud Boys in Washington, DC in Dec. 2020. Gibson formerly worked as Communications Director for the Office of the Provost at Drexel University. His hat reads “Proud Boy.”

After the Epik Data breach by hacktivist group Anonymous last year, it was revealed that the registrant of the Philly Proud Boys’ website was one Rodrigo Jesus Gibson.

Gibson was also identified from sources close to the PB’s, as well as facial recognition software, according to this thread by @Ruthlesswe.

Once identified, there is no shortage of information about Gibson available online. Gibson was previously living in Miami, where he was a musician and had a multimedia company.

Gibson is no longer employed at Drexel University. His listing as an employee on their website appears to be out-of-date.

Gibson participated with the Proud Boys when they marched unannounced in Old City in Sept. 2020.

Rodrigo Gibson, holding flag, with Proud Boys at City Hall in Sept. 2020. In front of Gibson, unmasked with a beard, is Brien James, longtime neo-nazi head of Vinlanders Social Club and affiliate of Blood and Honour USA as well as many other white power orgs. James also heads the Indiana Proud Boys.


Gibson (circled with purple) in Washington DC with fellow PBs in 2020. Including Zach Rehl (circled on left), who is currently on trial for charges related to the Jan. 6th, 2021 far-right attempt to stop the certification of the Presidential Election.

Gibson is listed as living in an apartment in Center City at 2220 Walnut Street.

Patriot Front Network 10 Member “Mark PA” Identified as Nicholas Wolfgang Kauffman

from Philly Antifa

We’ve been scooped!

[twitter post]

Nick Kauffman (circled), standing in the Shield formation before a Patriot Front march in DC. Kauffman is behind fellow Network

Some nice work by Central Oregon Antifascists in identifying Kauffman as a Patriot Front member.

As discussed in the thread above, Kauffman works as a surgical assistant for the Lehigh Valley Health Network at their Muhlenberg Location.

Kaffman has put up Patriot Front stickers in the area around LHVN’s offices in Allentown, PA, including the Citgo on West Street and the Butz Corporate Center on Hamilton Street.

Patriot Front Sticker put up outside the Butz Corporate Center in Allentown by Mark Kauffman.
Patriot Front Sticker put up outside the Citgo on West Street in Allentown by Mark Kauffman.
Kauffman also put up Patriot Front stickers at the Lehigh Valley Disc Club’s course at Creek Park.

Kauffman’s place of business can be reached at 610-402-8000. We encourage our readers to politely call and demand that LHVN fire Kauffman, who started working their in November, for practices that clearly contradict their standards.

Pennsylvania Patriot Front Leaks

from Twitter

NWXoctober… The Sparring-Central-PA subfolder shows several PA members of Patriot Front, including Dustin Sargent aka ‘Alan PA’, training outdoors:…

from Twitter

Despite this name, the ‘Dallas Stencil’ folder also includes footage of Patriot Front members being detained by police during an aborted night march in Philadelphia on July 7, 2021:…

Several More Fascists Identified in PA – Including 2 Patriot Front Network 10 Members – And One Arrested

from Philly Antifa

Since the massive info leak of neo-fascist group Patiot Front, social media is abuzz with nazis being identified by Anti-fascist researchers.

The Patriot Fail blog has been started to keep the information centralized, but here are 2 PF Network 10 (Eastern PA, NJ, Northern DE and NYC Metro Area) nazis who have been exposed since our last post. “Alexander PA” – aka Devin Heming of Altoona and “Ryan PA” – aka Zachary Stern of Bushkill.

Additionally, a New Jersey Proud Boy named Alvor Bass has been exposed by @ruthlesswe as the major supplier of the Proud Boys’ merchandise.

Finally, Joseph Paul Berger , nazi host of the “Alt Right Armory” podcast, aka “GlockDoctor1488” was arrested by the feds, along with his father, for having an arsenal of illegal weapons.

Well done to everyone working to expose and report on the organizing fascists in our area. Another expose’ on a Patriot Front Network 10 member previously unidentified will be coming shortly, but at this rate someone may beat us to it!

Patriot Front Neo-Nazi “Ryan-PA” Identified as Zachary Ross Stern of Bushkill, Pennsylvania

from Anonymous Comrades Collective

The recent leaks of the neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front by Unicorn Riot has provided the public with a disturbing glimpse into the nation-wide network of a white nationalist group. This has also provided antifascist researchers with a valuable resource for identifying the members of this group. Our contribution to this research in this article is the Patriot Front member who used the alias “Ryan-PA.” We have identified this individual as Zachary Ross Stern of Bushkill, Pennsylvania. Stern’s story, however, has an strange twist. This is our report.


Zachary Stern came to our attention when he was mentioned in an article about Patriot Front in the Huffington Post, “Inside Patriot Front: The Masked White Supremacists On A Nationwide Hate Crime Spree.” Chris Mathias and Ali Winston wrote:

Videos showing Patriot Front’s retreat included footage of a rental number on the side of one of the trucks. HuffPost has obtained a copy of that truck’s corresponding rental agreement on July 3. It shows that it was rented by a man named Zachary Stern, who listed an address in Bushkill, Pennsylvania, about a two-hour drive north in the Poconos, as his residence. Public records show Zachary Stern owning a house at that same address.

Stern could not be reached for comment as to why he had rented a truck to transport white supremacists to and from a rally in Philadelphia, or whether he was a Patriot Front member himself. His father, who was also listed as an owner of the Bushkill property, declined to comment.

Naturally, we thought this was peculiar behavior for someone to rent a truck for a neo-Nazi organization and refuse to comment about it. Looking into Stern’s background, we found some interesting parallels with a Patriot Front member who used the code-name “Ryan-PA,” and whose member number is “PF-2575.” Rose City Antifa located a photo of this Pennsylvania member in their gallery of Patriot Front members. The photo of “Ryan-PA” located by Rose City Antifa bears a striking resemblance to photos we located of Zachary Stern on various social media accounts.

Patriot Front member "Ryan-PA" (photo from Rose City Antifa).
Patriot Front member “Ryan-PA” (photo from Rose City Antifa).
A photo of Zachary Stern found on Instagram.
A photo of Zachary Stern found on Instagram.

While the resemblance between the individuals in the photos is remarkable, it is not enough to make a conclusive identification. For that we needed something more. Zachary Stern is a tattoo enthusiast and his arms are extensively covered with tattoos. Most imagery of “Ryan-PA” in the Patriot Front leaks found in photos and videos feature him with arms fully covered, making it impossible to confirm his identity by his arm tattoos. However, Zachary Stern also has a distinctive tattoo on the third finger of his left hand. A detailed examination of the imagery of the individual suspected to be Stern also reveal that this individual has an identical tattoo in an identical location.

Zachary Stern's arms are extensively tattooed, as evident by this photo found on social media.
Zachary Stern’s arms are extensively tattooed, as evident by this photo found on social media.
Zachary Stern also has a distinctive tattoo on the third finger of his left hand.
Zachary Stern also has a distinctive tattoo on the third finger of his left hand.
The Patriot Front member suspected to be Stern also has a distinctive tattoo on his finger as Stern.
The Patriot Front member suspected to be Stern also has a distinctive tattoo on the third finger of the left hand.
Collage of images from the Patriot Front leaks of "Ryan-PA."
Collage of images from the Patriot Front leaks of “Ryan-PA.”

For further confirmation, leaked messages posted by “Ryan-PA” also mention an individual whom we have identified as the spouse of Zachary Stern. Considering these factors, this was enough to conclusively identify Patriot Front member “Ryan-PA” to be Zachary Ross Stern of Bushkill, Pennsylvania.

"Ryan-PA" mentioned a name whom we have identified as the spouse of Zachary Stern. We have redacted this name here, but full details are available at the Unicorn Riot Patriot Front Leaks.
“Ryan-PA” mentioned a name whom we have identified as the spouse of Zachary Stern. We have redacted this name here, but full details are available at the Unicorn Riot Patriot Front Leaks.

A Disturbing Twist

Zachary Ross Stern of Bushkill, Pennsylvania was born on March 16, 1993. He has a lengthy involvement in white nationalist circles, but what is disturbing is that this is despite having a Jewish background. We cannot explain the reasoning behind this, but we have encountered this before, as in the example of the neo-Nazi podcaster Diana “Pikachu” Brancoveanu, who later claimed that her years of posting on the internet as a Jewish person was “just a persona.” In 2011 while residing in New jersey, Zachary Stern had a metal band called “Nuklearenpest” who claimed they were “anti-zionist,” but not a “racist/NS band” because “2/3 members are Jewish, 1/3 is Mexican.” However, the band also proclaimed: “VIOLENT RAW BLACK METAL, NUKLEARENPEST OPPOSES THE NATIONALIST POLITICAL REGIME OF THE ISRAELI ZIONISTS.” While we recognize that criticism of the Israeli government is not by itself antisemitic, antisemites and white nationalists often adhere to conspiracy theories about “Zionist occupied governments.”


Zachary Stern's now-defunct band "Nuklearenpest"'s entry in The Metal Archives.
Zachary Stern’s now-defunct band “Nuklearenpest”‘s entry in The Metal Archives. [archive]

Zachary Stern was also the person behind “Vanguard Productions,” a small record distribution company named by the Southern Poverty Law Center in their list of hate music. Historical WHOIS records show that “Zach Stern” was the registrant of this record company’s website domain name. 

WHOIS records show "Zach Stern" as the registrant of a white nationalist record company's website.
WHOIS records show “Zach Stern” as the registrant of a white nationalist record company’s website. [archive]
A screenshot from an archived view of the Vanguard Productions website.
A screenshot from an archived view of the Vanguard Productions website.

Besides being a distributor of neo-Nazi music, his company also distributed white nationalist books by the American neo-Nazi leader George Lincoln Rockwell, esoteric Hitlerism guru Miguel Serrano, the fascist Francis Parker Yockey and the like, as well as apparel featuring white nationalist and neo-Nazi imagery.

Some of the items sold through Vanguard Productions as viewed in archived posts of the website.
Some of the items sold through Vanguard Productions as viewed in archived posts of the website.
Some of the items sold through Vanguard Productions as viewed in archived posts of the website.
Some of the items sold through Vanguard Productions as viewed in archived posts of the website.

There is no doubt about Zachary Stern’s position as an antisemite now that we know he is a member of the explicitly racist, antisemitic neo-Nazi organization Patriot Front. We find this particularly upsetting since his family, as seen on social media, seems active in fighting antisemitism.

Research on Patriot Front is ongoing and there are no doubt many more identifications that will be made by antifascist and antiracist groups in the near future. Such identifications are necessary to keep our communities safe and free from hate.

Zachary Ross Stern, Patriot Front member “Ryan-PA”

Date of birth: March 16, 1993.

Last known residence: Bushkill, Pennsylvania.


Local NJEHA Nazi, Dan D’Ambly, Spotted at East Windsor Retro Fitness

from Jersey Counter-Info

Local Nazi, Dan D’Ambly of the New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA), spotted at Retro Fitness in East Windsor, NJ.


Dan is a confirmed regular (full paid member he does not just have a day pass) at this Retro Fitness in East Windsor, address 440 Rt 130, South Street on weekday evenings around 5-6pm.

Local NJEHA Nazi, Dan D’Ambly has been out in the open flaunting his Nazi ideology in East Windsor. While Dan has been reported on regularly over the past few years in NJ and his white supremacist activity has allegedly cost him everything from a car, a job, and friends he is still unapologetic Nazi scum.

As you can see here he is openly wearing a Nazi “black sun” and other outward fascist symbols, claimed by neo nazis as a symbol of their ideology.

Dan has also been intimidating members when approached about his attire. Dan is clearly asking for for the left to do something, so why don’t we?

Please call and email Retro Fitness and request to speak with management at (609)277-3642 and respectively. Please use the following script and photos to encourage Dan’s membership to be suspended and for more information about their policies on hate symbols in their gym.

“Hello I am a concerned resident and I am calling to discuss something I witnessed at your gym location. Dan D’Ambly, a member of this gym and self identified neo nazi with the hate group NJEHA, has been wearing wearing Nazi imagery and intimidating other members when approached about his clothing. What is Retro Fitnesses’ policy on hate symbols at your establishment? What steps are you taking to ensure all members are safe at your gym? As of now Retro Fitness is not safe for Jewish, POC, queer, immigrants, and other marginalized people with Dan’s behavoir of intimidation and hate. I request that action be taken immediately through suspending Dan’s membership indefinitely and an assessment/revamping of internal gym policies to prevent this from happening again. Thank you for your time.”

PENN STATE COMMUNITY ALERT: There is a Dangerous B1got on Campus!

from Medium

Content Warning/Trigger Warning

Community Alert! Those in the Penn State and State College community should be aware of a dangerous bigot on PSU campus who advocates for r*pe and wh!te supremacy named AVI RACHLIN. Rachlin uses the handles: resistpennstate (twitter) and avsterbone (reddit). The following report and photographs document only a few of the many instances where Rachlin has committed discriminatory harassment and violence. This info is already public: anyone can research Rachlin to find the same information. The images below have been censored. All community organizations in State College, thank you the work you do, please inform your networks!

Email PSU’s Office of Student Conduct, or call 814–863–0342 to demand Rachlin be held accountable for “discriminatory harassment.” Email PSU Provost Nick Jones ( to demand Rachlin be removed from Penn State.


In a reddit thread, Rachlin alarmingly says that if he could get away with it or face no consequences, he wishes to do a school shooting. He says, “I’d definitely shoot up a school,” and “I’d then probably start driving around and shoot at random cars & pedestrians.” In this same fantasy, Rachlin says that he desires to r*ape and m*rder women, if he could get away with it.


Recently, New Jersey police denied Rachlin a gun permit because they deemed him a threat. Police determined that Rachlin has a history of domestic harassment and unhinged, aggressive behavior. See Rachlin v Baumann where public court records detail the reasons New Jersey police consider Rachlin a threat. After he was denied a gun permit, Rachlin violently disrupted a PSU campus rally waving a sign with an image that threatened gun violence. The image depicted Alex Jones holding a pistol aimed at viewers. Over this image the sign said, “Shut the F*ck Up Liberals.” At worst, this image could be interpreted as depicting Rachlin’s fantasy of using gun violence to m*rder students and professors whom he sees as his enemies. At best, the image depicts the kind of gun violence that New Jersey police believe Rachlin might commit if he were to possess a handgun. In line with this, Rachlin has also repeatedly tweeted his unwavering support for armed white vigilantes who murder Black Lives Matter protestors.


Rachlin is an avid white supremacist. He’s proud that people call him a n*zi. He believes “wh*tes should remain dominant.” In a public Penn State discord channel, Rachlin yelled the n-word. Fellow students reported Rachlin to Penn State’s Office of Student Conduct, but Penn State ignored the complaint and did nothing to hold Rachlin accountable. Rachlin also calls people the n word on his reddit account.


Rachlin has a long history of being a r*cist, mys*gynist, and hom*phobe. Penn State admitted Rachlin as a student despite his public support for r*cism and r*pe. Penn State has also allowed Rachlin to remain on campus despite threatening and assaulting students, professors, and community members at a pro-vaccine campus rally in August of 2021.


Rachlin was removed from a gamer community after one its members who was a minor reported that Rachlin had sent them pornographic images. A moderator notified Rachlin he was being removed because he had sent pornographic images to a minor. Rachlin admitted to this and then bragged that he “was a deadass” for committing this violence to a minor.


On numerous occasions, Rachlin has advocated for the r*pe of women. Screenshots from his twitter and reddit accounts show him admitting to engaging in phone s*x with women without their knowledge or consent. He also claims that women who don’t dress conservatively deserve to be s*xually a*saulted. In December of 2021, Rachlin tweeted that “r*ape is good for your s*x life.” In 2018, Rachlin called a Wendy’s restaurant to demand he be allowed to masturb*te on the premises. He recorded this act of sexual harassment for his youtube channel.


In Oct. 2021, Rachlin proudly served as a volunteer for a f*scist and hom*phobic event on PSU campus titled “Pray the G*y Away.” The speaker of the event advocated for conversion therapy. Rachlin recruited other volunteers to join him to help make the event possible. Before the event, Rachlin tweeted a message that denounced LGBTQ+ students, saying support for LGBTQ+ students is “nauseating.”


In August of 2021, as mentioned above, Rachlin threatened people at a pro-vaccine campus rally. Several students and professors tried to deescalate Rachlin to protect themselves from his dangerous behavior. In response, Rachlin attacked these people. The Penn State police were called on Rachlin who removed him from the rally. Rachlin then lied to Penn State police, claiming his was victimized. Penn State police sympathized with Rachlin because they share the same anti-vax, white supremacist politics. Penn State police targeted one of the professors who protected students from Rachlin’s violent actions that day. Penn State police unjustly charged the professor for keeping the campus safe from Rachlin’s threatening behavior. The professor was innocent and was later cleared of all charges. The DA and a judge did not believe Rachlin’s lies. So far, though, neither Penn State police nor Penn State administration have held Rachlin accountable for his violent actions that day.

Currently, Rachlin remains on PSU campus. PSU Police have greenlit Rachlin’s dangerous behavior. Say no to white supremacists and r*pe promoters like Rachlin. Share this article to alert the Penn State and State College community. Demand Penn State remove Rachlin from the campus community. People aren’t safe with him around.

As mentioned above, email PSU’s Office of Student Conduct, or call 814–863–0342 to demand Rachlin be held accountable for “discriminatory harassment.” Email PSU Provost Nick Jones ( to demand Rachlin be removed from Penn State.

“Alan-PA” of Patriot Front Pennsylvania Identified as Dustin Sargent of Kunkletown, PA – Owner of Sargent and Sons Masonry Contractors

from Philly Antifa

Dustin Sargent, aka “Alan-PA,” member of the neo-nazi organization Patriot Front
Sargent “training” with fellow PF members in October.

Patriot Front has rapidly become one of the most active neo-nazi groups in the region. Specializing in provocations designed to avoid confrontation, PF has defaced George Floyd memorials all around the mid Atlantic. They held a hilariously inept nighttime flash march through the city over the summer, managing to be driven into retreat by a handful of random bystanders (greatest city in the world!). PF and their allies have also done banner drops with “White Lives Matter” and pro-Kyle Rittenhouse messages around the city. PF engages in similar actions all over the U.S..

The George Floyd memorial in Olney after it was vandalized by Patriot Front in June.
Patriot Front PA vandalizing a “Hate Has No Home Here” mural in Boyerstown, PA.

Fortunately, Unicorn Riot and Ddos Secrets have just released a comprehensive data dump of all the inner workings of Patriot Front. PF took great lengths to protect the anonymity of their membership, so this is a welcome breakthrough that provides invaluable information to Antifa everywhere trying to stop PF’s growth and increasing activity. Those responsible should be very proud.

Anti-Fascists unaffiliated with Philly Antifa have identified one member, known in Patriot Front chats as Alan-PA, as Dustin Sargent, owner of Sargent and Sons Masonry in Kunkletown, PA. We have independently confirmed the information sent to us through the above mentioned data leak and social media posts by Sargent.

“Alan-PA” (Sargent) lent his 02 Ford Pickup (PA ZRC8587) to “Jackson-PA” and “Erik-PA”, who drove it to DC for the Patriot Front march held there in December.

Dustin Sargent’s truck visible on the right at the Patriot Front camping area for their DC demo.

The same truck is visible in several pictures on Sargent’s personal FB page of his masonry work. Note the matching bluish-gray sticker on the upper left of the tailgate.

Dustin Sargent’s truck is visible in this picture posted on his personal Facebook

Once the truck from the DC meetup was linked to Sargent, it was easy to find plenty of evidence of his racist, fascist politics. His Facebook has videos of British Union of Fascists leader Oswald Mosley (a favorite among Patriot Front members) as well as an anti-Semitic video pushing the conspiracy theory of a Jewish cabal trying to destroy western civilization.

Video of British Fascist Oswald Mosley posted by Dustin Sargent on his personal Facebook
Anti-Semitic video posted by Sargent on his personal Facebook.

Sargent’s FB friends list is riddled with fellow nazis as well. It’s worth noting that Sargent uses his FB for business, so his friends list includes people who may be unaware of his politics, though anyone who bothered to look at his profile should be able to spot it pretty quickly.

Just a cursory glance at Sargent’s friends list reveals a large number of fellow nazis.

Sargent was also identified as in a picture of PA Patriot Front on a hike together from his distinctively bent cap brim.

Sargent (right) at a Patriot Front group hike.

Sargent also trained alongside PF members from PA and nearby states in October.

Sargent at a Patriot Front “drilling” meetup in October

Sargent and Sons is registered to 111 Stone Lane in Kunkletown, PA. Dustin Sargent identifies himself as the owner on his FB.

Unfortunately, Sargent and Sons seems to be doing good business. His clients are mostly unaware of his affiliation with a neo-nazi organization, and we think that should change. Groups like Patriot Front survive almost entirely on member dues and contributions. Targeting their memberships’ wallets is an effective tactic at disrupting the organization as a whole.

Be sure to leave them reviews on google, yelp, and anywhere else possible. Anyone aware of Sargent and Sons working in the Philly area should contact us.

Sargent does have some criminal charges in the state for Corruption of minors, criminal mischief, and more recently for making false statements related to the transfer of a firearm.

This is a treasure trove of information that will take some time to work through. But rest assured that we will be combing through every picture, video and message to identify every last Patriot Front (or affiliated) nazi in our region. Any PF member feeling regretful (or like saving their own skin) should probably reach out and give us some info on their buddies before we get to them.

More to come for fascist scum.

Kevin McNamara, “Webmaster” for the Proud American Patriots Network

from Community Reseach Opposing Hate

2022-01-26: This article has been updated upon learning that McNamara is no longer working for LVHN.

This past fall, hackers released a trove of data from Epik, a domain registrar and web hosting company notorious for hosting far right content. If you have 180 GB to spare, you can download the entire leak from DDOSecrets’ wiki on Epik. We requested and received a series of csv files containing records for Pennsylvania domain registrar customers from Panic! in the Discord research collective before they closed up shop in November.

The leak includes, among other things, customer names and addresses associated with the Proud American Patriot Network (PAPN), a far right militia with direct ties to the Three Percenters. PAPN has already been covered by Bucks County reporter Cyril Mychalejko and Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch & DFRLab. Our understanding of PAPN depends heavily on Mychalejko & Holt’s reporting.


The organization was founded in 2020 by husband and wife Theodore “TJ” and Brittany Kosin of Doylestown. The Kosins initially came onto the right wing activist scene as Three Percenters, but started to distance PAPN from the militia network since the Capitol riot (J6). This has been a trend nationwide, according to Holt. In July, the Canadian government listed The Three Percenters as a terrorist organization.

Picture of TJ & Brittany Kosin
TJ & Brittany Kosin

In late August, PAPN planned a protest of the Bucks County School Board over mask mandates. The event was sponsored by PAPN & “The Parents of Central Bucks School District,” according to flyers. A grassroots campaign against the protest was started on Facebook, and successfully got it shut down. After this failed protest, PAPN engaged in typical public relations, denying ties to the Three Percenters, even denying that they were a militia.

Mychalejko’s research clearly contradicts these statements, as does the site history on the Wayback Machine at and PAPN’s recent decision to rename their scholarship program after Kyle Rittenhouse.

Latin translates to “Liberty or Death. Never Give Up, Never Surrender.”
Jan 10, 2021, PAPN promotes raising funds for Ashli Babbit’s family. Babbit was killed after breaking into a barricaded area in the Capitol.
Rittenhouse Scholarship
PAPN’s youth scholarship program is now named after Kyle Rittenhouse

The Dox

dox image w/ McNamara in Confederate and skull maskCROH would like to introduce you to Kevin M. McNamara (52) of Allentown. McNamara is a software developer who previously worked for the Lehigh Valley Health Network and webmaster for various domains associated with PAPN, including <> and <>. Despite being an Epik domain, <> was not listed in the leaked data. The Wayback machine shows that <> started to redirect to <> at some point between April 16 and August 17, 2021, so it is possible that the domain was purchased after the leaked data was obtained. These domain records include TJ and Brittany Kosin’s names, as well.

Screenshot of database records with McNamara's name next to domains associated with PAPN
Some Epik domains associated with Kevin McNamara & PAPN. THEOANDSON.XYZ may be a test site for THEOANDSON.COM, TJ Kosin’s business website.

McNamara’s Facebook profile is full of far right dog whistles and memes. He has posed in a confederate flag mask, as well as the skull mask popularized by the neonazi paramilitary group AtomWaffen Division.

We were able to confirm his former employment at LVHN on his Facebook and LinkedIn profile.


McNamara’s profile banner was created by the white supremacist media outlet VDARE.

McNamara in confederate maskIdentifying Info:

dallas cowboys tattoo
Cowboys tattoo on right arm
Cross tattoo on left forearm
Cross tattoo on left forearm.
chest and shoulder tattoos
Various chest and shoulder tattoos
leg tattoos
Leg tattoos (blurred out puncture wound)

Three more Philadelphia Proud Boys have been charged in Capitol riot after taking photos inside a senator’s office

from Mainstream Media

Isaiah Giddings, Brian Healion, and Freedom Vy are accused of flashing hate symbols inside a U.S. senator’s office and posing on the steps of the Capitol during the insurrection.

From left to right: Brian Healion, Freedom Vy, Zach Rehl, and Isaiah Giddings pose for a photo on Jan. 6 in the office of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D., Ore.), according to federal prosecutors.
From left to right: Brian Healion, Freedom Vy, Zach Rehl, and Isaiah Giddings pose for a photo on Jan. 6 in the office of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D., Ore.), according to federal prosecutors.

Federal prosecutors Tuesday unsealed charges against three more members of the Philadelphia Proud Boys related to the Jan. 6 insurrection, after agents uncovered photos of the men flashing hate symbols inside a U.S. senator’s office and posing on the steps of the Capitol during the riot.

The three men — Isaiah Giddings, 29, of Philadelphia; Brian Healion, 31, of Upper Darby; and Freedom Vy, 36, of Philadelphia — were arrested Friday, and have been charged in federal court in D.C. with unlawful entry on restricted buildings or grounds, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Giddings’ attorney did not immediately return a request for comment. It was unclear whether Healion or Vy had obtained lawyers.

The new charges against the Philadelphia Proud Boys members come after prosecutors have pointed to the chapter’s president, Zach Rehl, as having a top-tier leadership role in strategizing the group’s plan of attack on Jan. 6. And it was, in part, a search of Rehl’s phone that led agents to charge the other three.

In a group chat on Jan. 5 — which authorities found on Rehl’s phone after his March arrest — the men swapped information about their blood types and emergency contacts with an unnamed person before carpooling to Washington, court documents say.

According to the charging documents, contact information for Giddings, Healion, and Vy in Rehl’s phone all included the letters “PB,” and other messaging content led investigators to believe the men knew each other, at least in part, due to their affiliation with the Proud Boys. Investigators have described the Proud Boys, a militant nationwide organization whose members were among Donald Trump’s most vocal and violent supporters, as one of the primary instigating forces behind the Capitol attack.

Zach Rehl (top left), Isaiah Giddings (center), Freedom Vy (bottom left), and Brian Healion (bottom right) on the Upper West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, according to investigators.
Zach Rehl (top left), Isaiah Giddings (center), Freedom Vy (bottom left), and Brian Healion (bottom right) on the Upper West Terrace of the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, according to investigators.U.S. District Court Filings

“Im ready my dudes,” Rehl texted the group just before 4 p.m. on the eve of the insurrection.

That evening, hotel records show the four — Rehl, Giddings, Healion, and Vy — checked into the Darcy Hotel, around two miles from the Capitol.

According to court filings, by 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 6, Vy and Healion were snapping selfies in front of the Washington Monument, flashing the “OK” hand gesture, which has been classified by the Anti-Defamation League as a symbol of hate and affiliated with white supremacy.

And after a large mob breached the barriers around the U.S. Capitol around 1 p.m., Rehl, Healion, Giddings, and Vy posed for a group photo on the Upper West Terrace of the building while flashing the “OK” hand signs, according to court records.

Rehl would later post the selfie to his Telegram group chat on Jan. 7, captioned: “Badass pic in DC.”

Zach Rehl (front), snaps a selfie with Freedom Vy (left), Isaiah Giddings (right), and Brian Healion (back right), according to investigators.
Zach Rehl (front), snaps a selfie with Freedom Vy (left), Isaiah Giddings (right), and Brian Healion (back right), according to investigators.U.S. District Court Filings

According to court filings, publicly available images and video depict the men entering the Capitol building. Agents were able to better view the Giddings’ and Vy’s faces when they lowered their neck gaiters on camera, court filings said.

A photo texted to Rehl from Healion shows the four sitting and standing near a desk in the office of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D., Ore.) during the breach. A photo later published in the New Yorker magazine showed Rehl smoking a cigarette and checking his cell phone in the midst of a mob in Merkley’s office.

Around 11 a.m. on Jan. 7, as the group checked out of their hotel, Giddings texted the unnamed person with an update: “everyone all accounted for all safe […] none of our Philly guys had any PB gear the entire event just plain trump supporters from beginning to end thank for the constant check ups and the law enforcement and news updates.”

Rehl was charged in March in a federal conspiracy case along with three other Proud Boys leaders, and is being held in prison without bail. On Tuesday, Rehl was named in a sweeping lawsuit brought by Washington, D.C., Attorney General Karl A. Racine against the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers militia, seeking costly financial penalties intended to hobble the far-right groups he alleges were at the center of the violence. Rehl is also named in a lawsuit from the Capitol Police that contends Trump conspired with the Proud Boys, Oath Keepers, and others to commit “bias-motivated acts of terrorism.”

At least 694 people — including more than 60 from Pennsylvania — have been arrested in connection with the Capitol riot.

FBI Raids Home of Philly Proud Boy’s Vice President Aaron Whallon Wolkind

from Philly Antifa

From The Inquirer:

Aaron Whallon Wolkind, Vice President of Philly Proud Boys, despite living in Delaware.

“The FBI raided the home of the vice president of the Proud Boys’ Philadelphia chapter on Friday, seizing his computer, phone, and other electronics to gather information on the Jan. 6 attack at the U.S. Capitol, his lawyer said Monday.

Aaron Whallon Wolkind, 37, woke up around 4 a.m. Friday to more than a dozen federal agents, dressed in riot gear and accompanied by an armored vehicle and battering ram, swarming his Newark, Del., home, and ordering through a loudspeaker that he exit with his hands in the air, his lawyer Jonathon Moseley wrote in a court filing…

Wolkind was not in D.C. during the Jan. 6 riot, Moseley said. He believes the search and seizure was to gather information in the case against Zach Rehl, the self-described president of the Philadelphia Proud Boys, whom Moseley also represents. Rehl was arrested in March on charges he conspired with other leading members of the organization to attack the Capitol and has been in custody in Philadelphia pending trial since.”

( click link for full story)

Wolkind is a longtime Proud Boy who participated with Rehl, Richard Schwetz and other PB’s/assorted racists who attacked Anti-Racists at the Columbus Statue in Marconi Plaza in the summer of 2020. Wolkind has been at nearly every Proud Boys demo in Pennsylvania since the group’s founding.

Zach Rehl continues to be held at FDC Philadelphia awaiting trial.


Meet “Mama P” of the Alt-Right Folk Duo “The Mamas and the Pepes”: Julie “Jewels” Green of Wallingford, Pennsylvania

from Anonymous Comrades Collective

Leave it to the alt-right to besmirch something as classic as the The Mamas and the Papas. In contrast to the acclaimed American folk band, “The Mamas and the Pepes” has been making racist music distributed by the “White Art Collective” since 2017, with titles such as “Anchor Baby,” “Pride and Privilege” and “Fake American.”

Thanks to the recent breach of Nazi-friendly domain registrar by the hacktivist collective Anonymous, we were able to track down the identity of the front person and lead singer of “The Mamas and the Pepes” who calls herself “Mama P.” Since the hack by Anonymous was in response to hosting an anti-choice website, what we discovered in our investigation was surprisingly topical.

“The Mamas and the Pepes”

Logo for the alt-right folk duo "The Mamas and the Pepes."
Logo for the alt-right folk duo “The Mamas and the Pepes.”

“The Mamas and the Pepes,” named as a spoof mash-up of the American band “The Mamas and the Papas” and the alt-right mascot “Pepe the Frog,” has been creating music with racist, homophobic, transphobic, antisemitic, Islamophobic and fascist themes since 2017 . Fronted by “Mama P” with “The Handsome Horse” on guitar, the duo has produced such songs as “Hate Crime Hoax”:

They pay Blacks & Jews & Muslims the most
So if you need your race hate sub-sid-ized
Have yourself a HATE CRIME HOAX

Accompanying artwork for The Mamas and the Pepes' song "Hate Crime Hoax."
Accompanying artwork for The Mamas and the Pepes’ song “Hate Crime Hoax.”

and “You Gotta Go Back”:

You gotta go back where you came from
You don’t like us
You just like our stuff
We gave some to you, but it’s never enough.
So let’s coexist
Over the wall, out of our hair

The Mamas and the Pepe's encouraged snitching on undocumented immigrants to ICE on the web page for their song "You Gotta Go Back."
The Mamas and the Pepe’s encouraged snitching on undocumented immigrants to ICE on the web page for their song “You Gotta Go Back.”

In “Bad Optics” the lyrics reference the racist “great replacement” conspiracy theory:

I took a trip back to my old hometown
and lo and behold – the children are brown!
I’m wonderin’ where all the white people went
This is the goal of the GREAT REPLACEMENT

Accompanying artwork for the song "Bad Optics."
Accompanying artwork for the song “Bad Optics.”

Neither members of the duo show their real faces publicly, with “Mama P” using a literal sock puppet for her online appearances on neo-Nazi podcasts.

A "Mama and the Pepes" album cover. "Mama P" is represented by the sock puppet on the left.
A “Mama and the Pepes” album cover. “Mama P” is represented by the sock puppet on the left.

“The Mamas and the Pepes” are closely affiliated with the White Art Collective (WAC), a group of musicians and visual artists who promote white supremacist themes and other right-wing beliefs. “Mama P” conducts many interviews with other alt-right personalities (and even one of themselves) for their website and also hosts a music show on the WAC’s DLive channel.

One of the interviews “Mama P” conducted was with the Global Minority Initiative (GMI), a group that seeks to provide legal, financial and moral support for whom they call “political prisoners” (ie. neo-Nazis and other white supremacists who are incarcerated). She ends the interview with:

So please, whatever your belief system, taking care of our guys matters. It matters to me, and it should matter to you, too.

While there is much to criticize about the prison industry, by “our guys” “Mama P” means the white supremacists who are incarcerated for committing violence upon non-white persons and other minorities. “The Mamas and the Pepes” even did a promotional piece for the GMI in which you can hear their speaking voices:

“The Mamas and the Pepes” also have a Gab account operated by “Mama P” on which they promote their material and post racist and LGBT-phobic messages, as well as anti-vaccination messages.
Racist post on Gab by "Mama P."
Racist post on Gab by “Mama P.”
Transphobic post on Gab by "Mama P."
Transphobic post on Gab by “Mama P.”
Anti-vaccination post on Gab by "Mama P."
Anti-vaccination post on Gab by “Mama P.”

They may not have known at the time but “The Mamas and the Pepes” was quickly attracting some unwanted attention by some nosy antifascists (us).

An Epik Fail

On September 13, 2021 the hacktivist collective Anonymous announced that they had breached the systems of, a domain name registrar known for catering to extreme right-wing customers, in response to their hosting of an anti-choice website and would allow access to this information. The info dump proved to be a treasure trove for researchers and provided what we needed to track down “Mama P.”


An “Epik Fail” for; An epic win for antifascists [archive].

The official website for “The Mamas and the Pepes” was registered through and the registrant’s information was present in this info dump, as shown below. (We have redacted some details, although this information is now publicly available):


“Julie Green”,”+1.215694****”,”in****”,”59 S ********** Rd, Wallingford, PA 19086″

Information for the registrant of "" was found in the breach.
Information for the registrant of “” was found in the breach.

A password used by “” and stored in plain text by was an appreciative nod to violent right-wing extremist “Based Stickman” Kyle Chapman.

While this was a tremendous lead, by itself it was not enough, especially considering that some of the customer data in the Epik breach was deliberately falsified by customers who wished to avoid identification, so further scrutiny was necessary. A quick search of public records indicated that a “Julie S Green” was indeed a real person residing at the registered address, but we needed more proof to ensure that this was the person behind the account. A search of popular social media sites was not fruitful with such a common name. What we did have, however, was an email address: in****

Upon researching this email we learned that it was also present in another information breach, that of the blogging website Livejournal. While this particular blog had been deleted, the username found in this data set was an important clue: “jewelsgreen.”

We located another now-deleted blog on an archive site belonging to a person calling herself “Jewels Green.” One of the images displayed on a blog post was also an image used on the Google profile for the in****  email address, though its orientation had been rotated by 90 degrees.


Public Google reviews made by the email address "" Note the profile image above [a baby's hand with an adult's hand].
Public Google reviews made by the email address “in****” Note the profile image above.
An image found on an archived blog by "Jewels Green" is also used on the Google account associated with the email address "" found in the Epik breach [a baby's hand with an adult's hand]
An image found on an archived blog by “Jewels Green” is also used on the Google account associated with the email address “in****” found in the Epik breach (orientation rotated) [archive].

While this was simply a stock photo, we found no other instances of this particular cropping elsewhere on the internet. We also found a website, The Burgenland Bunch, in which she is listed with a surname “Sem” and the in**** email address is linked. In this case, that email was publicly attached to “Julie Shana Sem” of New York, New York, born in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Altogether, these were very strong indicators that we had found the person we were looking for. Further research made this indisputable.



Photo of "Jewels Green" found on an archived blog
Photo of “Jewels Green” found on an archived blog [archive].

“Jewels Green” was very active in anti-choice circles regarding abortion for a period of time between 2011 and 2017. She claimed to have had an abortion as a teen and to have worked at an abortion clinic, but came to regret her past. As such, there are numerous videos on the internet of her speaking appearances. We were able to compare her voice on these videos of her speaking appearances with the voice of “Mama P” found on the many examples of her speaking and singing. One of them may be found here, on her own YouTube channel.
Julie “Jewels” Green, aka “Mama P” in a video on her YouTube channel.

If that video happens to disappear, other examples exist:

We have these videos archived locally in case they are removed.

We compared Jewels Green’s speaking voice with the speaking voice of “Mama P” on her various white-supremacist podcast appearances such as one called “The After Party,” a short clip of which may be viewed and listened to below.

We concluded that the voices were undeniably the same; Julie Shana Green, of Wallingford, Pennsylvania, aka “Jewels Green” was the person behind the voice and (literal) sock puppet of “Mama P” of “The Mamas and the Pepes.”

From Anti-Choice to White Supremacy

With the knowledge that “Mama P” was in fact anti-choice activist “Jewels Green,” much of the Twitter activity of “The Mamas and the Pepes” Twitter account (@MamasPepes) made clear sense, showing very specific knowledge of anti-choice talking points.


Postfrom @MamasPepes Twitter: "Planned Parenthood performs >300,000 abortion’s per year (per their own annual reports) and since the 1990s their market share in the abortion business has increased to 30%"
@MamasPepes Tweet: "Now find a picture of what the baby looks like after an abortion and ask the same question. #abortion"
Tweet from @MamasPepes: " W T A F FDA Acquiring ‘Fresh’ Aborted Baby Parts to Make Mice With Human Immune Systems "


(Further examples: [archive][archive][archive][archive][archive][archive][archive])

At some point Julie “Jewels” Green went from conservative anti-choice activist to full on fascist, as demonstrated by this awful parody of a Partridge Family song:


Julie Shana Green
Julie Shana Green

Julie Shana Green was born on August 26, 1971 and claimed to have been “a 17-year-old drug-using high school drop-out” who was forced into an abortion by her then-boyfriend. She then claimed to have “worked at an abortion clinic for five years (from age 18 to 23)” and claimed to have been a pro-choice activist during this time. She graduated from Kutztown University in 1995 (under her surname previous to her marriage to Green, “Sem”) and then claimed that she quit working at the abortion clinic and became an anti-choice (so-called “pro-life)” activist.

Around 2000 Green got married and converted from her Lutheran faith to Catholicism, the faith of her husband, a prominent Wilmington, Delaware lawyer.

Julie Green (R) with her husband, a prominent Wilmington, Delaware lawyer.
Julie Green (right) with her husband, a prominent Wilmington, Delaware lawyer.


“Mama P”‘s extremist brand of Catholicism is reflected in this archived tweet [archive].

She was a copy-editor at under her real name of Julie Shana Green and later became a public speaker and editor for the same outfit under the name “Jewels Green.”


Julie Shana Green, aka "Jewels Green," in an anti-abortion rights promo.
Julie Shana Green, aka “Jewels Green,” in an anti-choice promo.


Julie "Jewels" Green at a speaking appearance in 2013 [].
Julie “Jewels” Green at a speaking appearance in 2013 [archive].
Picture of Julie Green on Twitter

Her anti-choice activism continued through around 2017, and during this time she made many public appearances at anti-choice demonstrations. After around 2017 “Jewels Green” seemed to disappear from the anti-choice activism scene.


We can only speculate why such a notable anti-choice speaker who claimed to have converted from a pro-choice stance and who claimed to have had an abortion herself in the past left the scene so suddenly and thoroughly, but the slide from anti-choice into full-blown white nationalism is unsurprising. The crossover of racism and xenophobia into anti-choice circles is a well documented one. As Alex DiBranco, writing for The Nation, notes:

In recent decades, the movement mainstream has been careful to protect its public image by distancing itself from overt white nationalists in its ranks. Last year, anti-abortion leader Kristen Hatten was ousted from her position as vice president of the anti-choice group New Wave Feminists after identifying as an “ethnonationalist” and sharing white supremacist alt-right content. In 2018, when neo-Nazis from the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP) sought to join the local March for Life rally organized by Tennessee Right to Life, the anti-abortion organization rejected TWP’s involvement.

The mention of Kristen Hatten is interesting since we found that Green (perhaps unsurprisingly) seemed to be a close associate of Hatten, as evident by their appearances together at anti-choice events.

Julie "Jewels" Green (center) with Kristen Hatten (right).
Julie “Jewels” Green (center) with Kristen Hatten (right) [archive].
Tweet from Kristen Hatten "liked" but Jewels green as it appears on
Tweet from Kristen Hatten “liked” by Jewels green as it appears on

Green also associated with several other extreme right-wing Twitter accounts, such as Ashley Rae Goldenberg (aka “@Communism_Kills) who is known to associate with white supremacists and Robert Spencer, operator of the Islamophobic website “Jihad Watch,” as evident by archived Twitter posts.


Twitter: the Mamas & the Pepes@MamasPepes: "It's GREAT to be white."
Twitter post by Julie Green operating the “@MamasPepes” Twitter account [archive].

In 2017 the white-nationalist folk musicians “The Mamas and the Pepes” appeared, with presences on Gab and other right-wing-centric internet platforms. While having strong opinions about abortion is one thing, Green obviously feels that her racist, white nationalist views are more dangerous to her social standing since she has only appeared from behind a cheaply made sock puppet. She has expressed on various racist podcasts that she cannot show her face. Apparently, she would much rather express her racist views with poorly written jingles and cheap cotton socks.


Julie "Jewels" Green
Julie “Jewels” Green

While we don’t know what made Julie “Jewels” Green disappear from the anti-choice activism scene to become a white nationalist folk singer who hides behind a sock puppet, we do know that she can put those socks back on her feet because she can’t hide behind them anymore.

Julie Shana Green of Wallingford, Pennsylvania.
Julie Shana Green of Wallingford, Pennsylvania.
Julie "Jewels" Green, aka "Mama P" of "The Mamas and the Pepes."
Julie “Jewels” Green, aka “Mama P” of “The Mamas and the Pepes.”
Julie "Jewels" Green, aka "Mama P" of "The Mamas and the Pepes."
Julie “Jewels” Green, aka “Mama P” of “The Mamas and the Pepes.”
Julie "Jewels" Green at a Star Wars event.
Julie “Jewels” Green at a Star Wars event. Interesting that she chose to side with intergalactic fascists, no?
(Photo by Lawrence Lucier/Getty Images) [archive]

A big shout-out goes to Anonymous, whom we are not affiliated with in any way, despite our name.  Thank you for your service!

Gavin James Hanf, Disinformation Propagandist of Pennsbury, Pennsylvania

from It’s Going Down

Karma161 gave fascist doxer Gavin James Hanf an 18th birthday present by exposing his racist activity online. Gavin is a recent graduate of Pennsbury (north of Philadelphia) who has doxed and harassed marginalized people and leftists under a multitude on online pseudonyms. He has been documented sending money to fascist domestic abuser Chandler Pappas and collaborates closely with pedophile Joey Camp.

[Twitter Thread]

Community Alert Flyer About Patriot Front and NJEHA

from Philly Antifa

Patriot Front Alert

Click the link above for a .pdf of our new community alert in response to recent activities by Patriot Front/New Jersey European Heritage Association in and around Philly.