Antifascist Mobilizations Shutdown Neo-Nazi Organized “White Lives Matter” Rallies Across the US

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[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above link.]

Antifascists and anti-racists across the so-called US organized mobilizations in the face of “White Lives Matter” rallies organized by white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and members of the Proud Boys. While many of the demonstrations were shut down before they even began by organizers afraid of antifascist online infiltration, online chats show that many potential rallies were also called off when fascists saw the size of the counter-demonstrations on the ground. In Huntington Beach, which has long been the site of far-Right, pro-Trump and in recent months, anti-mask/re-open demonstrations, the White Lives Matter protest was promoted by the Ku-Klux-Klan, who distributed flyers for it in various neighborhoods. While a Klan presence never materialized, various neo-Nazis and fascists did show themselves, along with Trump supporters who waved Trump and “All Lives Matter” flags. Clashes and fights in the streets quickly sent the racists packing, leading authorities to make multiple arrests and declare an unlawful assembly. Arrests also took place in Sacramento, as antifascists clashed with a small WLM group at the state capitol.

The failure of the “White Lives Matter” demonstrations shows that the racialist wing of the far-Right can still not mobilize on its own without massing its forces in one place like in Charlottesville and also networking with other adjacent movements, such as Trump supporters, the militias, or Qanon. It should also be noted that white nationalist and neo-Nazi groups like Patriot Front, the National Justice Party led by neo-Nazi podcasters and former Daily Stormer staffers, and the Groypers led by Nick Fuentes – all did not endorse the WLM actions, seeing them as poorly organized. In the end, the rallies where total disasters and optically were also complete failures in distancing white identity politics from Hitler saluting neo-Nazis. For groups like the Proud Boys who have spent years attempting to deny associations with racist groups, their involved will only help in tarnishing what’s left of their image.

Despite the success of the counter-mobilizations, both online and in the real world, it should be noted that the danger of the far-Right still hasn’t gone away. In Fresno, California for instance, several dozen Proud Boys rallied alongside Trump supporters and against progressive demonstrators attempting to stop the sale of a historical theater hall that is central to the LGBTQ and progressive community. The Proud Boys on the scene were made up of several chapters from different cities; showing that despite State repression, bad press, and continued opposition, the group is still able to mobilize its forces and intervene in wider currents alongside more mainstream Trump supporters. Also, members of the Nationalist Social Club (NSC) also rallied without opposition in Wakefield, Massachusetts, after according to local antifascists, “being chased out of Malden.”

It’s in these areas, often outside of larger cities where rallying several hundred can be done quite easily, that we need to work on building coalitions and relationships, not only between autonomous groups, crews, and organizations on a regional basis like our enemies are doing, but within broader communities in struggle and those who are targeted by the far-Right on a daily basis.

Check out our roundup below of all the action and support those facing repression in Sacramento, here and in Huntington Beach, here.

  • Philadelphia, PA: Antifascists held a public picnic and a pre-planned WLM demonstration failed to materialize.

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Stand Up Against Hate

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FLIER TIME! SHOW OUT! April 11th 12:00 Noon!

[City Hall Sunday]

American Imperial Republicans and Alexander N. Gross

[Philly Anti-Cap: After receiving messages from multiple people familiar with Alex Gross we are removing a section of this post that we believe incorrectly identifies him as a different person at a Proud Boy event. We are leaving the rest of the post up as the rest of the information seems to be correct. We thank everyone who contacted us to correct the information. If you have information regarding the accuracy of this post contact us at phillyanticap at riseup dot net.]


This doxx should have come out a minute ago but didn’t for whatever reason. After the Proud Boys failed rally a few months ago, I was snooping around their telegram, they posted this website.

So I snooped a little on the sailortwift site and found a link for AIR

Then I snooped a little on AIR and found it was fascy af.

So the sailortwift site had videos by this guy Alexander Gross

So I found Alexander Gross on Twitter, Gab, and Linkedin

From his linkedin I found his resume and middle initial

Which allowed me to find his address

Heres all his links (some might not be live anymore…thankful 4 screenshots!):

Do with this info what you, desire, fuck a fascist.

Info on local fash


Heads ups for April 11

With a White Lives Matter march coming up April 11th ( it might be useful for anti-fascists to familiarize themselves with local neo-Nazis and fascists who seem to be associated with the event. Much groundwork has already been laid for identifying members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association and their associates Keystone United/Keystone State Skinheads and Patriot Front. Although at the time of this writing NJEHA has attempted to distance themselves from the upcoming march ( there is no reason to believe that they are doing anything but trying to save face. The NJEHA has come to Philly before to harass anti-ICE protestors ( and to put up fascists propaganda. KU/KSS have a much longer history of organizing fascist events, namely Leif Erikson Day, a celebration of colonization ( Below are some links to information on known local fascists and far-right scum. The Proud Boys have not yet been associated with the White Lives Matter march but are included below in the event any that they attend unannounced.

Keystone United / Keystone State Skinheads / Be Active Front

New Jersey European Heritage Association FKA Advanced White Society (or to view the original post on twitter)

Philly Neo-Nazi Member of New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA) Exposed (or to view the original post on twitter)

Patriot Front FKA Vanguard America
Kieran P. Morris

Scott Baxtin—Erie, PA fascist.

Philly Proud Boys

General Local and National Fascists

Local Fascists and Nazis

One People’s Project Rogues’ Gallery

Verify your information when possible, people move, people get new cars, etc.

Jackson Bradley NJEHA Nazi Behind “White Lives Matter Philadelphia”

from Twitter

In early January, Nazis skulked around NYC taking pics of themselves sieg heiling with a fascist flag. The Nazi in the grey & black coat is Jackson Bradley, a Philly member of the New Jersey European Heritage Association who goes by “Jesse Herring” on Telegram.
Jackson Browning Bradley was identified by antifascists in 2020 as a Philly member of the Nazi group, the New Jersey European Heritage Association. The NJEHA is connected to fascist groups like Patriot Front & has heavily targeted areas in Staten Island.
Jackson Bradley, in the same grey & black coat, was also seen flyering for the NJEHA with local NYC Nazi, Jovi Val, and a third man in Philadelphia in early January– across from Independence Hall and the National Museum of American Jewish History.
Jackson Bradley (as “Jesse Herring”) openly bragged about targeting the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philly in the Operation Flag Drop Telegram channel–which is run by a well-connected NYC MAGA grifter, Dion Cini, who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6th.

Nazis GTFO!: Picnic Against Hate

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No photo description available.

Come celebrate our community by joining our picnic with a purpose: telling Nazis to GTFO!

Violent white supremacists have announced plans for a racist “White Lives Matter” rally in Center City (exact location TBA). Promotional material for the day prominently features Nazi symbolism, like the swastika.

Bring signs but also music, picnic blankets, lunch, puppets, etc.

Their announced gather time is 1 pm, so we’re asking folks to do their best to come out by noon.

We’ll show fascists that there is no room or love for them in our streets or in our city.

[Sunday, April 11, 2021 at 11:30 AM – 3:30 PM EDT
Center City]


from Left Coast Right Watch

An April “White Lives Matter” rally planned to take place in Philadelphia is being organized primarily by members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association, or NJEHA. An SLPC-designated hate group, NJEHA was formed in 2018 and has a wide presence in the Northeast United States. The Telegram group “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” is operated by previously-identified NJEHA member Jackson Browning Bradley, a white supremacist and neo-Nazi with a long history of far-right activity in the Delaware Valley.

Plans for organized “White Lives Matter” rallies across the country were first disseminated via multiple white supremacist Telegram channels and were picked up by antifascist researchers in late March. Coordinated from the “White Lives Matter – 4/11” Telegram channel, networked channels for rallies in as many as fifty cities across the US and Europe have appeared in the last three weeks. Groups range from as few as two to as many as two hundred members, organizing as part of a nationwide “day of action” planned for Sunday, April 11. The Philadelphia channel has quickly grown to one of the largest in the network – at the time of this reporting, with over 100 subscribers. It’s also one of the most racist, routinely posting content so openly hateful that other users have suggested distancing themselves from the channel, even wondering if it could be a “false flag” planted in the network by federal operatives.

A Telegram message edited to remove identifiable information. Message reads: 'lol surely this room is an op. I mean mate, this is supposed to be a way to onboard normies and they are posting GLR and the turner diaries? Idk maybe they’re just edge lords but it seems like they are trying too hard.'
A Telegram message in “White Lives Matter – 4/11” referencing the Philadelphia page theorizes that the group may be an “op”.

In fact, the “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” channel is confirmed to be operated by members of the New Jersey European Heritage Association, a white supremacist group operating out of southern New Jersey. NJEHA has a small following but was responsible for a majority of white supremacist propaganda in New Jersey in 2019. The channel is operated by NJEHA member Jackson Browning Bradley, a Philadelphia resident with a long history of far-right organizing. An NJEHA member since its formation in 2018, Bradley is a vicious anti-Semite and adherent of American neo-Nazi George Lincoln Rockwell (“GLR”). Bradley served as the infiltration point for a large disclosure of information about the hate group by antifascist researchers in 2019, which identified the group’s leader and the extent of their activities across the mid-Atlantic. Bradley was identified with NJEHA on multiple occasions, including an event at Princeton University in 2019 that featured neo-Nazi and Holocaust denier Patrick Little. Bradley was also caught on camera in 2021 posting white supremacist propaganda around the National Museum of Jewish-American History in Philadelphia with members of NJEHA. On video, Bradley gives a Nazi salute and can be heard saying “Heil Hitler, by the way” as he is chased from the scene by bystanders.

The “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” channel is one of the most openly racist of the WLM-4/11 network, routinely espousing violent and genocidal anti-Semitic rhetoric. Posts shared from known NJEHA channels spread literal Nazi propaganda and call for violence against non-white ethnic groups.

“The end of World Jewry…this new war will be more decisive then[sic] the last one,” one post shared from an NJEHA-operated page states. “We shall end the Jewish Control over our society along with the White Traitors who worked with them to destroy our Race”.

A post in the 'White Lives Matter Philadelphia' Telegram channel: the red and black Nazi swastika symbol with a black-and-white globe in the center. Below the swastika, the words 'SYMBOL OF WHITE POWER'
A swastika symbol posted in the “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” channel accompanied by the words “SYMBOL OF WHITE POWER”.

Bradley’s distinctive writing style can be identified from his active Facebook page, where he routinely crossposts black-and-white photos of segregated Philadelphia from his Telegram pages. Bradley also operates in the central “White Lives Matter – 4/11” organizing channel under a known alias, where he posts links to the official NJEHA Telegram page. He also claims in conversations to have organized marches with Patrick Little, further solidifying proof of ties between NJEHA and the Philadelphia rally.

A Telegram post edited to remove identifiable information, posted by a known alias of Bradley: 'I hope your\[sic\] careful though these Jews will try to tear this apart so it must be important to have our leading people to have discipline and order when we’re\[sic\] are doing this and have your faces covered! I did White Lives Matter Marches for Patrick Little so I know what I’m talking about!'
In the “White Lives Matter – 4/11” chat, Bradley confirms his participation in 2019 “It’s Okay to Be White” rally organized by neo-Nazi Patrick Little.

The planned march will gather in Philadelphia on April 11 in conjunction with other “White Lives Matter” marches planned across the country. Bradley claims that the group will rally in Center City before marching to Northeast Philadelphia and/or South Philadelphia. Other identified participants include members of the Philadelphia Proud Boys and the Patriot Party of PA, as well as other members of NJEHA. All named groups should be expected to be in attendance. Fliers for the national movement claim rallies will begin at 1pm, but a specific time for the Philadelphia rally has not yet been confirmed.

A Telegram post posted by “White Lives Matter Philadelphia”: 'This Rally is going to be in Center City to South Philly and Northeast Philly! To Rally our people in our White Neighborhoods to entice them to join our March! The Whites here have had enough of the Jews and the Anti-White System displacing them and using Antifa to intimidate our people!'
A post from “White Lives Matter Philadelphia” claims that the planned 4/11 rally will gather in Center City and travel to “South Philly and Northeast Philly!”

Philly Proud Boys Exposed as Federal Snitches

from Twitter

This right here is why Philadelphia Proud Boys President Zach Rehl is not in jail with his buddies. The Philly PBs chapter is a cesspool of federal informants. The feds give them a long leash to do fashy shit so long as the snitches feed them a steady stream of intel.

Philly Proud Boys president Zach Rehl marched alongside leaders charged in Capitol riot

from Mainstream Media

Images from the day show Zach Rehl, the Philly Proud Boys president, at the forefront of a crowd that marched on the Capitol and eventually breached the security perimeter. He hasn’t been charged.

Proud Boys leaders Zach Rehl, of Philadelphia (camouflage hat, left), Ethan Nordean, of Seattle, and Joe Biggs, of Florida, (grey plaid flannel with neck gaiter) lead marchers to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Nordean and Biggs have both been charged with playing a role in the storming of the Capitol.
Proud Boys leaders Zach Rehl, of Philadelphia (camouflage hat, left), Ethan Nordean, of Seattle, and Joe Biggs, of Florida, (grey plaid flannel with neck gaiter) lead marchers to the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. Nordean and Biggs have both been charged with playing a role in the storming of the Capitol.

With top leaders of the Proud Boys now facing charges for their alleged roles in the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol attack, scrutiny has increasingly turned toward one Philadelphia member of the group who stood by their side, helping to guide the organization’s march through Washington that day.

Photos and videos shared widely on social media show Zach Rehl, the self-described president of the Proud Boys’ Philadelphia chapter, assisting two other leaders of the far-right nationalist group — Ethan Nordean and Joseph Biggs.

Wearing a camouflage “Make America Great Again” hat and a Temple Owls backpack, he and the other two men led roughly 100 followers toward the halls of Congress, and ultimately beyond the building’s security perimeters, the footage shows.

Another photo, published in New Yorker magazine, appears to show Rehl checking his cell phone and smoking a cigarette, amid a crowd of rioters in the office of a U.S. senator.

But while Nordean, of Seattle, and Biggs, of Florida, have been charged in connection with the attack, Rehl had not been arrested as of this week.

He immediately hung up the phone when contacted by an Inquirer reporter and has ignored subsequent text message requests to discuss the photos of him at the Capitol.

Amateur online sleuths who first identified him from the photos have submitted tips to the FBI. But a bureau spokesperson declined to confirm or deny whether it has opened an investigation of Rehl’s activities that day. Since Jan. 6, agents have been flooded with thousands of leads about possible participants in the riot and continue to bring charges against newly identified defendants on an almost daily basis.

Investigators have described the Proud Boys, a militant nationwide organization whose members are among Donald Trump’s most vocal and violent supporters, as one of the primary instigating forces behind the Capitol attack. More than a dozen members have been charged in connection with the insurrection so far — more than any other organized group.

And Rehl, 35, of Port Richmond, has emerged as one of the group’s most visible representatives on the East Coast. A former Marine and son and grandson of Philadelphia police officers, he has led the Proud Boys in the city since at least 2018 — a role that has put him at the fore of many of their most controversial moments.

When Proud Boys were spotted mingling with officers at a “Back the Blue” rally outside the Fraternal Order of Police lodge in Northeast Philadelphia this summer, Rehl was there, drinking beer and chatting with others in the parking lot who were openly carrying a Proud Boys flag.

He was one of the organizers behind the 2018 pro-Trump “We the People” rally outside Independence Hall, which drew a minuscule crowd of supporters but led to heated clashes with a much larger group of counterprotesters.

“It’s not a rally for the Proud Boys,” Rehl told The Inquirer at the time, denying affiliation with the group. “We’re not interested in having any racist groups there.”

And when Donald Trump called his supporters to Washington for a Jan. 6 rally to protest Congress’ certification of President Joe Biden’s victory in the 2020 election, Rehl took steps to attend.

He opened a crowdfunding account on the Christian website GiveSendGo, popular among far-right extremist organizations, that raised more than $5,500 to fund his travel. He urged his followers on the social media site Parler not to be scared off by increased security around Washington.

“Just FYI, WE’RE HERE with you in DC now!,” he posted the night before the Capitol attack.

A screen shot from an archive of Zach Rehl's account on the social media site Parler, which is favored by conservatives.
A screen shot from an archive of Zach Rehl’s account on the social media site Parler, which is favored by conservatives.Screenshot

In the days that followed the Capitol attack, Rehl defended the insurrection as “historical.”

He shared photos on Parler of rioters walking off with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern and, in another post, co-opted the language of the Black Lives Matter movement to memorialize Ashli Babbitt, the Air Force veteran fatally shot by Capitol police, with the hashtag #sayhername.

“Some dumba — thinks that today wasn’t a historical day,” he wrote. “Shut up child. Maybe you will learn to take a history class.”

But unlike many of the insurrectionists now facing criminal charges, Rehl did not post photos and videos of himself from Jan. 6.

The FBI has cited social media posts from Nordean, the self-described Proud Boys sergeant-at-arms from Seattle, and Biggs, a Proud Boys organizer in Florida, in building cases against the men whom Rehl marched alongside that day.

In court filings this week, agents described Nordean, who goes by the alias Rufio Panman, as the de facto leader of the group’s activities in Washington and said he had been granted “war powers” by the group’s membership to take “ultimate leadership” of the Proud Boys after the Jan. 4 arrest of the organization’s national leader, Enrique Tarrio.

Prosecutors contend that Nordean led the Proud Boy cohort in tactical planning that day to avoid detection — a strategy that allegedly involved voiding clothing with the group’s distinctive black-and-gold laurel insignia, splitting into groups to approach the building from different vantage points, and looking to recruit so-called “normies,” or non-Proud Boys, in the crowds to join in the Capitol siege. Nordean has denied these allegations.

An Inquirer review of dozens of social media photos and videos of Nordean’s activities that day showed that Rehl was often at his side.

Members of the Proud Boys including Joseph Biggs (grey plaid flannel shirt) and Zach Rehl (camouflage cap) march near the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.
Members of the Proud Boys including Joseph Biggs (grey plaid flannel shirt) and Zach Rehl (camouflage cap) march near the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

One nearly two-hour Livestream — filmed by fellow Proud Boy Eddie Block of California — depicts Nordean, Biggs, and Rehl leading a group of more than 100 Proud Boys and followers on a meandering march around the Capitol.

They gathered as Trump’s rally was still ongoing at the Ellipse, near the White House, and began their procession a full half hour before the president had taken the stage. Visible among the crowd were several other Proud Boys and associates who have since been charged with assaulting police or property damage at the Capitol later that afternoon.

Nordean directed the marchers via bullhorn, leading chants of “Whose Streets? Our Streets” and “F — Antifa!” while Rehl and Biggs at various points used raised fists to signal to the Proud Boys behind them to stop or start their progress.

“Who is leading because Enrique isn’t here?” Block asked rhetorically at one point, before answering: “Biggs and Rufio Panman.” He does not mention Rehl by name.

Still, Rehl appears throughout Block’s footage at the fore of the group — dressed in the camouflage hat, a bulky black hooded coat, and Temple backpack, with a radio clipped to its shoulder strap — at times, smoking cigarettes or quietly checking his phone.

Warning: The video below contains offensive language.

Other videos show the same group of Proud Boy marchers joining a mob gathered at a barricade outside the Capitol just before 1 p.m.

In one, Biggs appears to briefly huddle with a man in a red “Make America Great Again” hat who then charges the police barriers, toppling them, injuring officers, and making way for the crowd to storm into restricted grounds. Authorities identified that man as Ryan Samsel, 37, of Bristol, and arrested him last month.

Rehl, Biggs, and Nordean again appear together in footage taken later that day on the front lines near the Capitol steps.

But while Biggs and Nordean were caught on camera entering the building — a fact that prosecutors have cited in the cases against both men — no similar footage of Rehl appears to have surfaced.

Still, a photograph published Jan. 25 in New Yorker magazine of a crowd of rioters carousing in the office of Sen. Jeff Merkley (D. Ore.) shows a man wearing Rehl’s same bulky black coat, camouflage hat, and striped neck gaiter smoking a cigarette while checking his cell phone.

Sent that photo by a reporter this week and asked to comment, Rehl did not respond.

Nordean and Biggs face charges including obstruction of Congress, illegally entering a restricted area, and disorderly conduct. Both have been released while awaiting trial.

Bangor Resident Amie Eckert Chartered Buses to Violent “Stop the Steal” Rallies & J6 Coup Attempt in Washington, DC

from Community Research Opposing Hate

Four images of Amie Eckert.

Amie Eckert Charged with Harassment & Disorderly Conduct at October 2020 Pro-Trump Event She Organized in Easton

Amie Eckert is a Bangor, PA resident and Lehigh Valley Tea Party (LVTP) member who — over the course of 2020 — became increasingly active in organizing for the MAGA and Patriot movements in the Lehigh Valley. She also exported her far-right organizing, going as far as arranging a bus charter and transporting dozens of Lehigh Valley residents to the January 6th fascist coup attempt at the US Capitol Building.

Amie was a regular participant at local “pro-Trump flag rallies” leading up to the 2020 US Presidential Election. She was so active, in fact, that she quickly began organizing more flag rallies herself. Take, for example, this event that took place in Easton on October 30th, 2020.

On the left, a screencap of the "Pro Trump Flag Rallies for Lehigh and Northampton County" Facebook page promoting Amy Eckert's "TRUMP flag waving rally" event. On the right, a screencap of the event page. Listed as host of the event is Amy Eckert.

At this particular event, Amie was charged by Palmer Township Police for harassment and disorderly conduct. Of course, she lawyered up, hiring LVTP Chairman Tom Caroll as attorney. If the name Tom Caroll sounds familiar, it may be because he was forced to resign from his position as Assistant District Attorney for Northampton County after a he engaged in a racist prank against a black colleague.

Caroll succeeded in convincing the court to drop Amie Eckert’s charges. But the fact that charges were laid against Eckert in the first place speaks to her willingness to engage in elevated confrontation with political opponents far beyond passionate dialogue.

Amie Eckert Chartered Buses from Lehigh Valley to the November 14th & December 12th “Million MAGA Rallies” in Washington, DC

Amie Eckert’s far-right organizing extends well beyond the Lehigh Valley. Eckert organized bus trips to both the November and December “Million MAGA Rallies” in Washington, DC. Both of these events were covered widely in the media due to the extreme violence and mass intimidation that far-right street brawlers carried out on DC residents and anti-racist activists.

Two screencaps from Amie Eckert's Facebook page. Each is a series of images from the November 14th and December 12th bus charters to DC.

In the weeks leading up to both of these events, activists in DC raised alarm bells and implored white liberals to acknowledge and respond to this burgeoning campaign of fascist violence. Aside from a small contingent of committed activists, calls to show up and outnumber the Proud Boys and their coalition partners largely went unanswered.

Among the Lehigh Valley residents that Eckert bused to DC was Benjamin Jacques. Eckert and Jacques expressed their support for the Proud Boys — a far-right street gang — in the below screen capture from Eckert’s November 14th Facebook post. Not only did Eckert and Jacques express support, they admitted interest in starting a local chapter and went as far as e-mailing the Proud Boys organization. Eckert suggested that Jacques (a graphic designer) begin work on a flag design for their “division.”

Screencap of a November 14th Facebook post by Amie Eckert. In the comments Amie, Benjamin Jacques, and others discuss creating a Proud Boys chapter.

Not only did Eckert and Jacques communicate with Proud Boys online, they actually formed real life connections at the December 12th “Million MAGA Rally.” Take for example, Jacques’ Dec. 12 Instagram post featuring a photo from this event. In the photo, Jacques poses with a unit of Proud Boys and other far-right street brawlers in full tactical gear. Included in this photo is Philadelphia Proud Boys President Zach Rehl, who was captured on video repeatedly as he helped direct the fascist coup on January 6th. Also in the selfie is Dion Cini, a far-right provocateur with ties to neo-Nazis who actually breached the US Capitol Building at the aforementioned coup. A third person posing for the selfie is Philadelphia Proud Boys Vice-President Aaron Wolkind-Whallon. All three men display the “white power okay sign” in Jacques’ selfie.

In the middle, a selfie that Benjamin Jacques took at the December 12th "Million MAGA Rally" in DC. Surrounding this image are photos highlighting the fascist exploits of Zach Rehl, Dion Cini, and Aaron Wolkind-Whallon.
Some info pulled from sources linked above. Thank you to all researchers who laid the groundwork for us to identify these individuals.

We know that Eckert marched the streets of DC threatening anti-racist activists with members of the Proud Boy street gang because she live-streamed it to her Facebook profile. In the video below, you can actually see the moment that Benjamin Jacques asked these Proud Boys for a selfie.

In another live-stream from December 12th, members of Eckert’s crew walk past the US Capitol Building and discuss the police presence. One man asks “Do they really think we’re gonna rob the Capitol?” to which a second man replies “Well, we won’t today. But we might.”

As the video above implies, these November and December “Million MAGA Rallies” can best be understood as dress rehearsals for the fascist coup attempt at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021.

Amie Eckert & the LVTP Charter Bus to January 6th Fascist Coup Attempt at US Capitol Building

On December 19th, 2020, Amie Eckert posted to her Facebook account imploring her followers to join her on the multiple buses she was organizing for the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally-turned-coup-attempt in DC. Three days later, on December 22nd, the LVTP posted a flyer to their website and Facebook page advertising a bus charter to DC. It’s clear that the LVTP’s bus charter and Eckert’s bus charter are one and the same because the flyer reads “Contact Amie ASAP: 484.626.2529.” A comment on the LVTP Facebook post reads “Guns optional?”

On the left, a screencap from Amie Eckert's Facebook profile imploring her followers to join her bus charter to DC on January 6th. In the middle, a screencap from the LVTP's Facebook account a flyer advertising this bus trip. On the right, a screencap from LVTP's website advertising the same bus trip.

This comment serves as a good representative of right wing online chatter in the weeks approaching the January 6th coup attempt at the Capitol. And Amie Eckert’s social media posts were no exception. Below are several posts from her Facebook account that indicate a militant disposition to the approaching event.

Series of photos displaying Amie Eckert's militancy leading up to the J6 Capitol coup attempt.

Most images and commentary about the January 6th coup attempt have since been removed by Eckert and her associates. However, we were able to capture comments by Benjamin Jacques which confirm Eckert and Jacques’ J6 contingent were on the steps of the Capitol engaged in direct confrontation with Capitol police:

“We were on the front line… On the steps… We were tear gassed, pepper sprayed… peppered pellets.”

Screencap from Steve Lynch's Facebook post. Benjamin Jacques comments on the post, claiming that he was personally on the capitol steps in conflict with Capitol police.

This next subject is incredibly sensitive, and we have done our best to handle it with care. We have never and will never post images of children; even images from violent, far-right political actions. That said, the information below is so egregious, we felt we had to address it.

Amie Eckert Brings Her Elementary-Age Child to Fascist Rallies, Child Streams Confrontation & Poses for Photo with Proud Boys

Unfortunately, Amie Eckert has made a habit of bringing her elementary-age child to the events described above. While we could not confirm that Eckert brought her child to DC on January 6th, it was very clear that Eckert brought them to the November and December “Million MAGA Rallies.” In December, she actually allowed her child to live-stream their march with Proud Boys on the streets of DC.

During this live-stream (taken from Eckert’s phone and broadcasting to Eckert’s Facebook profile), her child wandered among a crowd of Proud Boys capturing video. It’s important to point out that the Proud Boys have recently been classified a terrorist group by the Canadian government, and the FBI considers them an “extremist group with ties to white nationalism.” After the crowd began marching, their group engaged in verbal altercations with DC residents; verbal altercations that the child engaged in personally.

In another video captured from her Facebook profile, Amie Eckert’s child anticipated the antifascist presence in DC, saying “I think antifa is here if I’m not mistaken. Because there are so many cops coming up. I hope they’re here.” Offscreen, a man can be heard asking the child, “You gonna beat them up?”

The next topic is likely the most egregious action that Amie Eckert took in regard to her child at these fascist rallies. At the November 14th “Million MAGA Rally” in DC, she had her child pose for a photo with two Proud Boys in tactical street-fighting gear along with the text “(child’s name) and the Proud Boys.”

Screencap of Amie Eckert's Facebook post from November 14th, 2020. On the left, an image of Eckert's elementary-age child (blacked out for the child's privacy), posing with two Proud Boys in street fighting gear. On the right, comments in support of the Proud Boys.

It’s bad enough to personally throw one’s support behind a fascist movement. It’s bad enough to personally view white nationalist paramilitaries as one’s friends. But to bring a child to fascist rallies where white nationalist paramilitaries engage in violence against local residents… the irresponsibility cannot be understated.

In Conclusion

Over the course of 2020, Amie Eckert rapidly radicalized around the MAGA movement. She organized events in support of this fascist movement. She was charged with harassing a political opponent at one of these events. She repeatedly posted racist, transphobic, and conspiracy-driven memes and messages on her social media accounts (see below). She organized bus charters to multiple violent, fascist rallies; including the January 6th coup attempt at the US Capitol Building. She brought her elementary age child to these events and had them pose with members of a far-right street gang. For all these reasons — in the interest of community safety — we have compiled this article, as well as the information below.

Additional Information:

Full Name: Amie Lynn Eckert
AKA: Amie Yankowy
DOB: 4/19/1976 (age 44 at date of writing)
Address: 6787 Fairview Ave, Bangor, PA 18013
Home Phone: (610) 264-8459
Mobile Phone: (484) 626-2529
Mobile Phone (possible): (610) 462-4826
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Disgraced Lawyer Jason Jenkins Attended J6 “Stop the Steal” Rally with Allentown Teacher Jason Moorehead

from Community Research Opposing Hate

Two images of Jason Jenkins. On the left, Jenkins takes a selfie on a street corner in Washington, DC with "Stop the Steal" protestors behind him. On the left, a photo of Jason Jenkins in a blue shirt.
Images of Jason Jenkins, who accompanied Raub Middle School Social Studies teacher Jason Moorehead to J6 “Stop the Steal” Rally in Washington, DC.

The Allentown School Board zoom meeting this past Thursday night saw parents, students, and community activists speak out in fierce opposition to the reinstatement of confirmed J6 “Stop the Steal” attendee Jason Moorehead, a teacher at Raub Middle School. While the overwhelming majority of speakers opposed Moorehead’s return to Allentown schools, there were a few community members who spoke in favor of the Social Studies teacher.

Among them was Jason Jenkins, a disgraced Allentown lawyer whose license was suspended in 2012 for stealing money from his clients. During the public comment segment of the school board meeting, Jenkins claimed he was with Jason Moorehead in DC on January 6th. A direct quote: “I was with Jason Moorehead on January 6th so I know he never went within a mile of the Capitol building. And this is an easily verifiable fact.” Jenkins argued that he and Moorehead were nowhere near the violence at the Capitol building that day.

Jason Jenkins’ comments at the February 11th School Board Meeting are interesting, because they conflict with the comments Jenkins made on his Instagram on January 7th (the day after the J6 Capitol Riot).

Two screencaps from Jason Jenkins' Instagram account. On the left, a post Jenkins made on January 7th, in which he sets his geolocation to "U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC." A selfie of Jenkins approaching the "Stop the Steal" Rally in Washington, DC. And commentary from Jenkins "Yesterday was a day of so many emotions. Tear gas, flash grenades, rubber bullets, etc. So much to say and lots of my videos I have to sift through before I'm willing to share, if ever. I suspected yesterday would be a bad day for our constitutional republic and it was, regardless of your political views." On the right, a screencap of the comments below the post just described. A follower of Jenkins comments "Oh wow jason, you were there? Must have been crazy." To which Jenkins replied "you have no idea".

To be clear, Moorehead’s choice to attend the J6 “Stop the Steal” rally-turned-riot is reason enough for him to never teach a student ever again. So any other details are besides the point. That said, Jason Jenkins’ Instagram comments cast serious doubt on Moorehead’s public accounting of his actions in DC that day.

First and foremost — if Jenkins and Moorehead never got within a mile of the Capitol building, why did Jenkins geolocate his post to “U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC”? And if they were never within a mile of the Capitol building, then why would Jenkins post to his Instagram page on January 7th — the day after the riot — “Tear gas, flash grenades, rubber bullets, etc. So much to say and lots of my videos I have to sift through before I’m willing to share, if ever.” In the comments section below Jenkins’ photo, a user posted “Oh wow jason, you were there? Must have been crazy.” to which Jenkins replied “you have no idea,” further inferring that Jenkins and Moorehead were close to violence while in DC.

US Capitol Building with 1-mile radius added.

You don’t see flash grenades or rubber bullets from a mile away. In fact, there is no place in Washington, DC one mile away from the Capitol building where one can see anything save the dome. Jenkins’ geolocation, in addition to his comments, imply heavily that he and Jason Moorehead were far closer to the Capitol building than they claim. And what is even more suspect — Jenkins claims to be sitting on video from the January 6th “Stop the Steal” rally-turned-riot that he will likely never share.

Later in his public comment, Jason Jenkins condemned the Allentown School Board for not contacting him as part of their investigation into Moorehead:

“Not one person from the district has so much as called me, given me a text, an e-mail, nothing. Nor the other four people that were with Jason that day. None of us. We were willing to sign a verification or affidavit under penalty of perjury, that Jason would affirm his actions and his whereabouts. Nobody has asked us to do so.”

Considering Jenkins’ history stealing money from his clients, and the subsequent suspension of his license to practice law in Pennsylvania — is he really a reliable eye witness to Jason Moorehead’s actions? Given his multiple, conflicting accounts about his experience in DC on J6, we can only conclude that his statements are not to be trusted.

Jason Jenkins attempted to advocate for his friend at the Allentown School Board meeting. But he likely ended up hurting Jason Moorehead’s case. Jason Jenkins can’t get his story straight, and any comments he makes at School Board Meetings past, present, and future, can only be understood as unreliable. Given Jason Jenkins’ public admission that he traveled to DC in support of the fascist “Stop the Steal” rally with Jason Moorehead and four of their associates — in the interest of community safety — we have compiled this article, as well as the information below.

More information:

Name: Jason Anthony Jenkins
Address: 2121 W Greenleaf St. Allentown, PA 18104
Phone: (610) 439-0865

Image that originally alerted the Allentown School District to Jason Moorehead’s attendance at J6:

Two screencaps from Jason Moorehead's FB page. On the left, a FB post by Moorehead where he shares a photo of himself at the J6 "Stop the Steal" rally in Washington, DC along with his text "Doing my civic duty!" On the right, Moorehead shares a meme from FB page "Vintage Political Memes" which reads "Don't worry everyone the capitol is insured". Jason adds his own commentary: "This!"

Gerard Stezelberger — Prolific Nazi Memorabilia Dealer & Owner Of Relic Hunter Firing Line — Chartered Bus to Capitol Riot

from Community Research Opposing Hate

Gerard Stezelberger, Prolific Dealer of Nazi Memorabilia

Gerard Stezelberger of Slatington, PA is known to most as the owner of Relic Hunter Firing Line, a gun shop and shooting range in the Lehigh Valley. However, most Lehigh Valley residents are not familiar with the shop’s origin story. Namely, that Relic Hunter Firing Line was funded by Stezelberger’s online business, a major distributor of authentic Nazi gear.

Screencap from the Facebook page.

Viewing on the Internet Archive, we can see that Stezelberger’s web site explicitly specialized in selling Nazi memorabilia from 2003 until 2016. A deeper dive reveals that Relic Hunter was a high-volume online store. Old Nazi memorabilia was constantly going out the door, and was quickly replaced by more.

As for Stezelberger’s reason for selling Nazi gear, he claims in a 2006 capture of, “We’re first and foremost collectors… We’ve decided to become sellers, because of the lack of quality ORIGINAL items we see in the market.” He possessed so many Nazi hats, uniforms, posters, and daggers, that he felt personally responsible to start a business and ensure everyone have access to “quality” Nazi items.

A 2006 capture of

Despite Stezelberger’s supposed commitment to providing original Nazi collectibles, a 2016 forum thread on MilitariaCollectors.Network details concerns about counterfeit Nazi gear. One commenter spoke to Relic Hunter’s notoriety as a dealer of Nazi memorabilia, and referenced Stezelberger as a “downright bent crook.” In CROH’s opinion, making money as a dealer of Nazi wares is deeply unethical, period. But it’s interesting that even among the unscrupulous bunch who buy and sell those Nazi wares, Gerard Stezelberger could be called a “crook.”

Jason Moorehead: Social Studies Teacher on the Wrong Side of History

from Community Research Opposing Hate

On January 6, Jason Moorehead, a social studies teacher at Raub Middle School in Allentown and Woman’s Row Coach for Lehigh University, took a photo of himself at the “Stop the Steal” rally that incited the deadly fascist riot at the Capitol Building later that day. A picture shows Moorehead in a MAGA hat and waving a yet unidentified flag. Later that day he boosted a post that made light of the storming of the Capitol Building.

The next day, Allentown School District Superintendent Thomas Parker announced in a letter the suspension of an unnamed staff member who was “involved in the electoral college protest that took place at the United States Capitol Building on January 6, 2021.” Moorehead has since been confirmed to be that unnamed staff member.

Moorehead quickly lawyered up in order to challenge the suspension. On January 23, Moorehead and his lawyer were given a national platform by Michael Smerconish on CNN. Moorehead claims that he was no closer than a mile away from the Capitol Building and didn’t break any laws that day. His lawyer, Francis Malofiy, argued that Moorehead’s First Amendment rights are being violated. On January 28, Moorehead’s supporters organized a call-in to the Allentown School District Board Meeting asking for him to be reinstated, one person comparing his plight to the victims of Nazi Germany.

Moorehead and his sycophants miss the point, of course. No one denies that Moorehead has the right to free speech and assembly, but that doesn’t necessarily translate into employment protections. The fact of the matter is that Jason Moorehead is either a willing and knowing participant in a fascist political movement, or he is wholly unqualified to teach middle school social studies. Whether the former or the latter is true, he does not belong in an Allentown classroom. The safety, educational development, and rights of the students are fundamental to the operation of Allentown School District. Moorehead’s employment as a teacher disrupts the school district’s ability to maintain a safe learning environment for the students of Allentown.

Green Anti-capitalist Front stencils and banner drops

from Instagram

Photo by Philly GAF on February 05, 2021. May be an image of brick wall.

GAF stencils and banner drops! WE WANT EVERYTHING!

Photo by Philly GAF on February 05, 2021. May be an image of brick wall and outdoors.

A second antifascist was visited by the FBI

from Instagram

A second antifascist was visited by the FBI in Philadelphia yesterday. Well, sort of. The weird thing is the FBI wasn’t even looking in the right ‘state’ as the person they were seeking out lives in New Jersey. That’s some real Grade A police work! Anyway. The state is up to something – possibly in collaboration with far right conspiracy theories that ‘antifa’ had something to do with the right wing violence on January 6th. News flash: ‘antifa’ had nothing to do with that whole shitshow, that scene was a wholly white supremacist riot. Be safe friends, MAKE SECURITY CULTURE YOUR #1 PRIORITY. They are only trying to intimidate us – don’t let them – be brave!