For Antifascist Futures: Against the Violence of Imperial Crisis

from Making World Books

Making Worlds Book Film Screening, Book Launch, and Discussion: For Antifascist Futures: Against the Violence of Imperial Crisis [Philadelphia launch]

We must take antifascism as a major imperative of movements for social change. For Antifascist Futures takes seriously what is new in this moment of politics, exploring what the analytic of fascism offers for understanding the twenty-first century authoritarian convergence by centering the material and speculative labor of antifascist and antiracist social movement coalitions. By focusing on the long history of Black and Brown antifascist resistance that has been overlooked in both recent conversations about racial justice as well as antifascist resistance, the essays, interviews, and documents included here make clear how racialized and colonized peoples have been at the forefront of theorizing and dismantling fascism, white supremacy, and other modes of authoritarian rule.

Linking a deep engagement, both scholarly and practical, of racial justice movements with an antifascist frame, and a global analysis of capitalism, the editors and contributors of For Antifascist Futures assemble a powerful toolbox for our struggles.

Registration required, click here.

The evening starts with a screening of Mangrove School (34 mins, 2022), directed by Filipa César and Sónia Vaz Borges.

5pm: Film screening

Mangrove School film (34 min, créole guinéen, coul, 2022) Dir. Filipa César and Sónia Vaz Borges

6pm: For Antifascist Futures book discussion & panel

  • Friday, September 30, 2022
  • 5:00 PM 7:30 PM
  • Making Worlds Bookstore & Social Center 210 South 45th Street Philadelphia, PA, 19104 United States (map)


Report Back: New Jersey Gay Pride Pennsauken, NJ Free of Fascist Activity

from Jersey Counter-Info

Last week Sunday September 11, the fourteenth annual New Jersey Gay Pride was held in Pennsauken, NJ. With the surge in hate crimes and the far right terrorizing local queer communities in the region and all over the so-called united states, there was concern whether or not New Jersey Gay Pride would be targeted by fascists. To ensure attendees safety and in an effort to confront fascism in the streets, anarchists and antifascists in the region prepared for the event in advance. Event organizers were alerted of the possibility of a fascist presence, specifically NJEHA due to their recent activities, and were made aware prior to the event.

Anarchists and antifascists were on the ground throughout the duration of the event and spoke to a number of community members and groups who were tabling to give them a heads up about fascist activity and share information. Both the community members and anarchists and antifascists did not encounter any fascists or far right presence during the event. The community was able to come together and mourn lost ancestors, celebrate trans youth, and celebrate pride with one another with no interruptions or threats to safety.

To any fascists who may be reading this: If you show up at LGBTQ+ events or spaces the community, anarchists, and antifascists are prepared and are watching.

– some anarchists and antifascists

Meet Oathkeeper Michael Shelton of Catasauqua, PA

from Twitter

CROH would like to introduce you to Michael Shelton of Catasauqua, PA. In ’21, Shelton was a member of both the Oath Keepers & Three Percenters, according to emails leaked by #ddosecrets. Shelton was a contractor with the DHS from 2015 to 2020, when the ID he sent expired.

ALERTA! Paul Minton is a neo Nazi living in South Philly

from Sunlight AFA

ALERTA! Paul Minton is a neo Nazi living in South Philly and currently operating with “Active Club” and “White Lives Matter”. Paul has masqueraded as an antifascist in the past, hence this alerta. Many of you reading this know of Paul, militant and dedicated antifascist. This is no longer the case. We’ll cover the change below, that makes him a TRAITOR.

On February 14, 2022, the official WLM channel posted two pictures and a message.:

The pictures were on Paul’s Nazi Telegram he called Sedition, other picture is from Andy Ngo doxxing Paul about a separate thing he did.

The following day the user “Sedition” left the WLM-PA chat and on twitter @teaktreeturmoil posted the Telegram screenshot and commented on Twitter “Paul runs Anti-AntifaUSA, which was previously PA AntifaWatch”

Paul Minton is a former nazi who was “deradicalized” after his arrest two decades ago for involvement in a murder. Paul spent the ensuing years traveling within antifascist and leftist circles and was known as a militant and dedicated antifascist.

In the summer of 2020, Paul was at Marconi Plaza and got suckered punched by disgraced Proud Boy Dick Schwetz. Below is a picture of Schwetz reacting to the news of Paul Minton getting outed just a short time later.

Here is the link to the Inquirer when Paul got convicted as a Nazi for abusing a corpse.

Paul became redpilled sometime between 2020-2021 and since then has been operating “Embrace Struggle Active Club” alongside well-known Keystone State Skinheads Joe Phy and Nunzio Pellegrino. 

(Joe Phy made the 5400 mile round-trip for this and was easy to recognize.

Paul mostly spends his time putting up low quality nazi stickers to channel his manlet rage. His group’s campaigns have hit various sections of Philly and the surrounding areas.

Paul has also recently been interacting with civic nationalists like cop-wannabe TJ Cahill. So much for ACAB. He has a history of using a network of fake profiles to infiltrate spaces online and manipulate/troll people for information.

Paul knows how to fight and possibly carries a weapon so keep that in mind if you happen to cross paths with him while he puts trash all over street signs.

Please send in ANY tips.  -🖤 

Doug Mastriano hosted at Far-right Venue in Nazareth

from Twitter

On Aug 23, Jan 6 insurrectionist & gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano hosted an event at Farm & Table in Nazareth, a venue owned by Amie & Pete Eckert. The Eckert’s claimed neutrality in an article by @lehighvalley, despite the fact that Amie is also a Jan 6 insurrectionist.
The Farm & Table opened by the Eckert’s earlier this year. The opening was covered by both @mcall & @lehighvalley WITHOUT mentioning the Eckert’s ties to far right street gang the Proud Boys, Amie’s politically motivated arrest record, or her participation in Jan 6.

Anti- Fascist Scavenger Hunt


As we end Black August, we’re calling for you to continue the fight alongside us.

We’re calling for an Anti-Fascist Scavenger Hunt!
Keep an eye out for right wing extremist street art and promotional materials around your hometown and surrounding area and take care of it – or better yet, make some of yer own! We’ll send you gear for every piece of opposition promotional material you tear down and every piece of leftist agitprop you put up.
Lefty Sticker Slap = Ruthless ARA Sticker
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Removed/Improved Fascist Art = Yellow Doc Marten Laces + AgitProp Sticker Pack
DM us the art on IG or email us securely @ ruthlesshbg161 (at) protonmail (dot) com and we’ll set up the best way to get you your stuff.
Happy Hunting!

Stay Ruthless!

NJEHA Fascists Storm Bordentown NJ Pride

from Jersey Counter-Info


Anonymous Submission to Jersey Counter-Info

This past Saturday, July 30, 2022, Bordentown NJ held the city’s first ever community queer pride, which had been rescheduled from June due to inclement weather. The event had been publicly advertised for well over a month and the event plans broadcasted over varying news sites and social media.

Somewhat unexpectedly, five fascists, including Dan D’ambly and Ron Sheehy, from New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA) showed up at Bordentown to disrupt the event and harrass queer community members. While it should be expected at this point for queerphobes of all types to be present at pride/queer events regardless of whether their presence is advertised or not, this shows an overall shift in fascist tactics throughout the state. As covered previously by Jersey Counter-Info, fascists and transphobes as of late have been publicly harassing public forums and event organizers/participants before events. After the said online harassment occurs the transphobes and fascists then turn up at events to continue their assault in person.

The deviation from this prior pattern tells us a few things, but primarily that certain fascist groups are becoming more security minded and using varied protest tactics to their benefit. Excluding NJEHA, all other fascist or transphobic groups in the region such as informal groups led by Terry Beck and White Lives Matter NJ, have been organizing very publicly against the queer community and organizations. There is likely a variety of reasons as to why they use this tactic, whether they are trying to build their organization bases or strike fear into the queer community in advance of an event. Regardless of their reasoning however, their pattern of behavior has enabled the anti-fascists to be able to respond swiftly and shut down the majority of their events, keeping the public safe and taking fascists head on in the streets. Similarly, NJEHA used these kinds of tactics in the past and were also largely unsuccessful. NJEHA’s shift in tactics shows they are becoming aware of operational security concerns and are learning from their past experience. Keeping their plans closed and amongst themselves they were able to avoid having masses of people counter-protesting against them, eliminate the added pressure of public commentary on social media, and have no interruptions in their planning phase.

With NJEHA’s presence at Bordentown pride not advertised, the antifascist response was unorganized. While there were some counter protestors to confront NJEHA the overall response was nowhere near what it should have been. NJEHA members were heckled and addressed by those there but were not disrupted to the point where they were forced to leave or thrown out by the public’s response. They were largely able to do what they came to do and which is a failure of anti-fascists in New Jersey. NJEHA felt enough safety in their actions on July 30, 2022 that they posted propaganda pictures after Bordentown pride on their public telegram account garnering thousands of views. With all of this added together, NJEHA’s actions on July 30, 2022 can be considered a failure of anti-fascists in the region.

Antifascists in this region should adapt to these new tactics and be better prepared for future events where fascists like NJEHA show up.

To NJEHA and other fascists and bigots reading this: Do not mistake this pause as proof of your safety. We are watching.


– some antifascists

NJEHA member Dan D’ambly pictured at Bordentown Pride July 30, 2022.

Dan D’ambly is 64 years old and lives at 1102 Blossom Circle in apartment 305 in Dayton NJ. He has two vehicles, a dark colored older model Toyota and a gold colored Cadillac.

NJEHA member Ron Sheehy pictured at Bordentown Pride July 30, 2022.

Ron Sheehy is 55 years old and lives at 207 6th Street in Barnegat NJ. He has a 2012 Jeep

Neo-Nazi Publishers “Antelope Hill” of Green Lane, PA Exposed

from Philly Antifa

Dmitri Loutsik, Vincent Cucchiara and Sarah Cucchiara, proveyors of neo-nazi publishing house Antelope Hill.

The Southern Poverty Law Center recently published a story on their Hatewatch blog exposing the principals behind the Pennsylvania-based White Nationalist publisher “Antelope Hill Publishing.”

Antelope Hill is being run by Vincent and Sarah Cucchiara (née Nahrgang) of 134 Main St., Green Lane PA and Dmitri Anatolievich Loutsik of Lehigh Valley, PA.

Vincent Cucchiara of Antelope Hill Publishing
Sarah Cucchiara of Antelope Hill Publishing. Unsurprisingly, both she and Vincent were involved in anti-choice organizing.

The article goes into great detail about the history of Antelope Hill as well as their ties to the neo-nazi National Justice Party and The Right Stuff podcast.

In addition, check out this thread by AnonCommieStan on twitter, which details other individuals associated with Antelope Hill as well as reveals that Vincent Cucchiara works as a real estate agent at EXP realty. Sarah Cucchiara was, alarmingly, working as a public school teacher until she was fired for racist facebook posts.

[Twitter Link]

Publishers like Antelope Hill do not seem like urgent threats when compared to companies of fascist Stormtroopers operating all over the U.S., but Antifascists should remember the lessons of Resistance Records or Micetrap Distributions. Both of which operated with impunity for years and helped indoctrinate new individuals into Fascist movements. The ripple effect of harm done by those individuals is incalculable. While we don’t advocate for government censorship of these kind of companies, we do think there should be financial, social and personal consequences for profiting off such books as “Hitler: In His Own Words” and using your home to form neo-nazi political parties with Mike Enoch.

As with any political movement, there are factions in Fascism that usually can be divided into Militant Vanguardism and Incremental Entryism. For example, nazi Boneheads vs. Suit-and-tie nazis attempting to infiltrate local GOP groups.

However, like in most political movements, individuals themselves will move between these factions over a lifetime and work with both. Ultimately, the factions are working towards the same or similar goals. While the militant fringe nazis will openly provoke a response with their constant terror attacks, the suit and tie types, in the past, have flown under the radar for many Antifascists.

A prime example of this is the American Renaissance conference, organized annually by Jared Taylor and other “intellectual” racists. While groups like One People’s Project and local Antifascists have long raised the alarm and protested the conference, it took years before any larger responses were mobilized. Yet Amren has been as damaging as any regional bonehead crew or Patriot Front cell.

This is not to turn our nose up at confronting the Fascist stormtroopers, whose role in trying to “control the streets” should also not be understated. The cold reality is we must fight them on both front. We are paraphrasing, but there’s an old quote that goes…”They have a political agenda that must be confronted politically. They also have a physical agenda that must be confronted physically.”

There will always be trendy leftists, who didn’t have the time of day for Antifa before we started getting media and political slander hurled from all directions, who will either dismiss the fascist militants as “idiot thugs” while also dismissing the fascist intelligentsia as “nerd internet nazis.” The reality is they aren’t going to fight fascism, and their insecurity around that compels them to try and discourage others who do.

Publishers like Antelope Hill, podcasts like The Right Stuff and Daily Shoah and their affiliated parties are equally a threat to our communities as any network of Nazi bonehead crews or Attomwaffen terrorists. They are all part of the same movement. Which seeks to “correct” the demographics of the U.S. through mass murder and deportation, destroy the left and feminist movements here, and impose a far right, ultra-authoritarian nationalism. A society of forced conformity through rigid gender and sex roles and eugenics. A nation of militarism and slavery, with themselves at the top.

That’s the world that our enemies want. Moreover, it’s the world we are headed towards if we fail to stop them. On all fronts.

Eternal War on the Hitler Youth (and all fascists),

New Jersey Proud Boy Spotted in the Pinelands

from Jersey Counter Info


Anonymous Submission to Jersey Counter-Info

An unidentified New Jersey Proud Boy and what seems to be his significant other were spotted on July 3rd at approximately 1:30pm at an Acme Supermarket, located in Pemberton Township, NJ.

The Proud Boy pictured was notably not trying to blend in or subtly flag his membership, and instead seemed to be inviting the public to do or say something.

His presence in the area was also somewhat odd given the timing, as a number of regional and out of town Proud Boys were in Philadelphia for a “Patriot” rally at the exact same time where they were propped up by the cops and allowed to open carry firearms, which is illegal in Philadelphia. While the direct connection between the Proud Boys in Philadelphia and the Proud Boy spotted in Pemberton cannot be 100% confirmed at this time, he and his partner were observed buying a large quantity of hot dogs, burgers, and other BBQ supplies presumably for some kind of timely get together. At this time it is unclear whether this was to support other Proud Boys in Philadelphia after the rally on July 3rd or for a Proud Boys get together for the 4th of July.

Unlike his fellow chuds in Philadelphia, this unidentified Proud Boy did not cover his face or any distinct markings on his body. As pictured, he has a large black spiderweb tattooed on his left elbow, has brown hair, and a full beard.

He is approximately 5′ 9″, 200 lbs, in his 30’s-40’s, and has a stocky build. If you recognize him, please submit any information about him to Jersey Counter-Info or to One People’s Project.

Neo-Nazi Publishing House Exposed in Pennsylvania

from It’s Going Down

[Twitter link]

Hatewatch at the Southern Poverty Law Center has published a report exposing a neo-Nazi publishing house in Pennsylvania:

Hatewatch’s research and analysis reveals that Vincent Cucchiara, 24, and Sarah Elizabeth Cucchiara (née Nahrgang), 25, a married couple residing in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, are two of the individuals behind Antelope Hill. The pair have appeared as pseudonymous spokespersons for the company on numerous far-right podcasts, with Sarah Cucchiara billed under aliases as the company’s editor-in-chief since mid-2021. Hatewatch’s investigation indicates that a third person, Dmitri Anatolievich Loutsik, 25, has played a less public role in the company’s operations. Loutsik appears to have first relocated to Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley in 2021, and in late April he bought a house in nearby Harleysville, Pennsylvania, with Vincent Cucchiara assisting as the buyer’s agent.

Since 2020, Antelope Hill has profited from hate by translating historical works by 20th-century Nazis and fascists, offering a publishing platform to contemporary white power propagandists and shipping books around the world using selling platforms including Amazon. This year, they achieved wider prominence when one of their authors, the pseudonymous Raw Egg Nationalist, appeared in a preview for an upcoming Tucker Carlson documentary on masculinity, which is set to air on Fox Nation in June.

The Cucchiaras and Loutsik have a long, shared history as far-right activists, stretching back to their time together as students at Penn State University in the late 2010s. The publishing operation is one aspect of their ongoing participation in the white power movement. Specifically, Hatewatch has found considerable evidence of close cooperation between the Antelope Hill principals and a network of far-right actors associated with the white supremacist National Justice Party (NJP) and The Right Stuff (TRS) podcast network.

3%ers in Bethlehem, PA

from Twitter

Yesterday, local Three Percenters counter protested a March for Our Lives Event in Bethlehem, PA. The Three Percenters are a “Patriot Militia” intent on overthrowing the federal government. Local activists in attendance provided us with photos to freely distribute.

Proud Boy Banner Taken Down and Burned

from Instagram


We came across this banner on gameday and decided to spruce it up a little, then dispose of it properly. Looks like Zach Rehl’s cry baby friends are sad his cop family members dont have any influence to let him get away with shit once the feds are involved.



from Twitter
🚨 ALERTA BERKS CTY 🚨 Incels (involuntary celebates) are holding a two-day concert at Maiers Grove Park (property of Blandon @lionsclubs) starting tonight at 5pm! The location was just disclosed privately to ticket holders about an hour ago. WE NEED YOUR HELP TO SHUT IT DOWN!
Incels are a violent, far right misogynist subculture that exists mostly online, but is inspired by and has inspired mass shooters. It has already left dozens dead.…
Recently, a music scene called incelcore has developed around the subculture – a means of pipelining incels into collaboration with other far right elements, including Nazis. In September, Raven, the organizer of this event, held a concert in Atlanta.…
Marvin Heck is listed as Blandon @lionsclubs‘ contact for the rental space at Maiers Grove Park. His phone number is listed on the club’s webpage. It’s (610) 926-2241. Demand that he cancel the rental immediately.…
You can also reach out to them on their Facebook or email them at…

UPDATE: Philly Proud Boys Member Rodrigo Gibson No Longer Working At Drexel University

from Philly Antifa

Rodrigo Jesus Gibson, circled, with the Proud Boys in Washington, DC in Dec. 2020. Gibson formerly worked as Communications Director for the Office of the Provost at Drexel University. His hat reads “Proud Boy.”

After the Epik Data breach by hacktivist group Anonymous last year, it was revealed that the registrant of the Philly Proud Boys’ website was one Rodrigo Jesus Gibson.

Gibson was also identified from sources close to the PB’s, as well as facial recognition software, according to this thread by @Ruthlesswe.

Once identified, there is no shortage of information about Gibson available online. Gibson was previously living in Miami, where he was a musician and had a multimedia company.

Gibson is no longer employed at Drexel University. His listing as an employee on their website appears to be out-of-date.

Gibson participated with the Proud Boys when they marched unannounced in Old City in Sept. 2020.

Rodrigo Gibson, holding flag, with Proud Boys at City Hall in Sept. 2020. In front of Gibson, unmasked with a beard, is Brien James, longtime neo-nazi head of Vinlanders Social Club and affiliate of Blood and Honour USA as well as many other white power orgs. James also heads the Indiana Proud Boys.


Gibson (circled with purple) in Washington DC with fellow PBs in 2020. Including Zach Rehl (circled on left), who is currently on trial for charges related to the Jan. 6th, 2021 far-right attempt to stop the certification of the Presidential Election.

Gibson is listed as living in an apartment in Center City at 2220 Walnut Street.

Patriot Front Network 10 Member “Mark PA” Identified as Nicholas Wolfgang Kauffman

from Philly Antifa

We’ve been scooped!

[twitter post]

Nick Kauffman (circled), standing in the Shield formation before a Patriot Front march in DC. Kauffman is behind fellow Network

Some nice work by Central Oregon Antifascists in identifying Kauffman as a Patriot Front member.

As discussed in the thread above, Kauffman works as a surgical assistant for the Lehigh Valley Health Network at their Muhlenberg Location.

Kaffman has put up Patriot Front stickers in the area around LHVN’s offices in Allentown, PA, including the Citgo on West Street and the Butz Corporate Center on Hamilton Street.

Patriot Front Sticker put up outside the Butz Corporate Center in Allentown by Mark Kauffman.
Patriot Front Sticker put up outside the Citgo on West Street in Allentown by Mark Kauffman.
Kauffman also put up Patriot Front stickers at the Lehigh Valley Disc Club’s course at Creek Park.

Kauffman’s place of business can be reached at 610-402-8000. We encourage our readers to politely call and demand that LHVN fire Kauffman, who started working their in November, for practices that clearly contradict their standards.