Burning Ashli Babbitt Banner


A few anarchists residing on stolen Lenape land in so called Amerikka were alerted to the presence of a banner drop hanging from an electric tower along route 76 just outside the city celebrating the late far-right extremist, Ashli Babbitt, may she rest in piss.
Immediately upon getting notice of this we went to investigate and lo and behold there it was, hanging up defiantly exposing all the passing traffic to it’s utter filth. We just couldn’t allow that shit to fester in our town and following the proud anti-fascist tradition decided to take matters into our own hands. We got down to the tracks and to the electric tower and cut that shit down on sight!
We then took some arguably incriminating celebratory photos and decided to burn that shit in an old rusty barrel giving it the closure it deserved.
Photos attached along with the reddit thread that alerted us to it’s presence, within one day of the thread being posted we properly disposed of that banner. Can’t ever allow that shit to fester in our city!

Gavin James Hanf, Disinformation Propagandist of Pennsbury, Pennsylvania

from It’s Going Down

Karma161 gave fascist doxer Gavin James Hanf an 18th birthday present by exposing his racist activity online. Gavin is a recent graduate of Pennsbury (north of Philadelphia) who has doxed and harassed marginalized people and leftists under a multitude on online pseudonyms. He has been documented sending money to fascist domestic abuser Chandler Pappas and collaborates closely with pedophile Joey Camp.

[Twitter Thread]

Community Alert Flyer About Patriot Front and NJEHA

from Philly Antifa

Patriot Front Alert

Click the link above for a .pdf of our new community alert in response to recent activities by Patriot Front/New Jersey European Heritage Association in and around Philly.


Woman Charged with Posting NJEHA Nazi Flyers in Staten Island

from Philly Antifa

From SIlive.com:

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A 49-year-old New Dorp woman was arrested and faces multiple charges in connection with anti-Semitic postings made on the borough, the district attorney’s office announced Tuesday.

Gina Aversano, a resident of the 600 block of Tysens Lane, was arraigned in Criminal Court in St. George Tuesday afternoon on two counts of first-degree aggravated harassment and four counts of making graffiti…

Court documents allege Aversano posted a sticker with a swastika onto a rock in Wolfe’s Pond Park on Nov. 4, 2020 before posting a second sticker featuring a swastika onto a privately-owned van near Tysens Lane in New Dorp the next day.

Then, between Dec. 31, 2020 and Jan. 1, 2021, Aversano allegedly posted flyers from the New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA), a group deemed a white supremacist organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, to a Stop & Shop sign on Hylan Boulevard and a muni-meter near New Dorp Lane, authorities allege.”

Full Story

NJEHA is a group we’ve written about frequently on here. Led by longtime nazis Ron Sheehy and Dan D’Ambly NJEHA has close ties with Patriot Front and has come into Philly for flyering and to harass and provoke anti-racist events such as the ICE occupation.

Retaliation for Patriot Front


In the early hours of July 9th we paid a visit to the home of neo-nazi Jackson Bradley, spray painting “nazi scum” on the front door and damaging one of the windows. We did this in direct retaliation for Patriot Front’s recent defacing of the George Floyd mural in North Philly and their march through Center City.
Fuck Patriot Front and fuck you, Jackson.
[Philly Anti-Cap note: We received the following message on July 9th. We have not verified the validity of the message but we share it in the interest of any interested anti-fascists. The message is included below:
We were targeted last night at 127 Elfreths Alley and I believe this is in connection with Jackson Bradley who has not lived here since 2009. He should be with patriot front, which we are NOT associated with. This house is occupied by renters and we have no association with any nazi/hate groups. Please do not advertise this address as we would really like to not have to keep painting our door and repairing the window panes.

This house is currently occupied by Jewish people and minority tenants, me being one of them (jewish). Please please please take us off any sort of target list that you may have. Again, the Bradley’s moved in 2009 and no longer live here. I have no idea where Jackson is.]

Patriot Front Run Out of Town by Multi-Racial Crowd in Philadelphia

from It’s Going Down

[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above link.]

Neo-Nazi group Patriot Front, best known for recently vandalizing George Floyd statues and Black Lives Matter murals across the US, attempted to march through Philadelphia on July 4th, but were shouted down and confronted by locals in the area who drove the marchers off the streets and into their rental vans.

Attempting to save face on their Telegram under a barrage of bad press, Patriot Front referred to those who confronted them as “anti-white hordes,” however in reality, youth of all colors took part in confronting the neo-Nazis and beating them back, including many working-class whites. Despite this latest setback, Patriot Front remains one of the most active white nationalist groups still operating in the United States. We must continue to combat, expose, and educate the public about the threat that these groups pose. Obviously we’re doing something right if they are forced to slink in the shadows, afraid of even the general public confronting them.

BREAKING: Neo-Fascist Group Patriot Front Chased out of Philly, Detained by Police After Attempting Fourth of July Weekend March/Rally

from Idavox

Video still of Patriot Front running away as Philly asks them to leave Philly style!

See, THIS is how we like to celebrate our 21st birthday! Thanks for the gift you City of Brotherly Love you! We will definitely have more on this soon!

PHILADELPHIA – The neo-fascist group Patriot Front decided to celebrate the Fourth of July with one of their flash mobs, but were not expecting the City of Gritty to provide them with fireworks!

As the group of 50 reportedly jumped out of three Penske rental trucks marched down the street and tried to hold an impromptu rally on Dilworth Plaza just outside City Hall, they were met with passers-by who immediately began to berate and lay siege on the them chasing them off the plaza into the waiting arms of law enforcement who detained them for approximately two hours.

Patriot Front, a group that was splintered from another in the wake of the tragic “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Va in 2017, is known for posting stickers and tags across the country and has held flash mob rallies like this before, most notably in Washington, DC. They also appeared in Nashville early last month in similar uniforms and carrying identical American flags modified with a fascia in the canton. The public began to take notice of them only in the past month or so because their tags were found in the vandalized statues of police murder victim George Floyd in Brooklyn, NY and Newark, NJ, as well as on a vandalized mural in North Philadelphia.

Driver of one of the trucks Patriot Front reportedly rented.

The Patriot Front associates were lined up and stretched almost one city block at Race St. and Delaware Ave. The police eventually released them, but as state law as well as Penske rental rules do not allow for them to ride in the back of box trucks, they were not allowed to ride back as they came. Thomas Rousseau was reportedly seen at the Philadelphia rally helping trucks leave the scene as the rest of the group were escorted by police down Columbus Ave. It is not known at this time if they have left the city yet.


Patriot Front Nazis Hold Flash March in Center City

from Philly Antifa

Patriot Front Nazis in Philly July 3rd 2021

Late last night, a group of around 50 Neo-Nazis held a flash march through Center City. They were members of Patriot Front, the same Neo-Nazi group responsible for defacing the George Floyd memorials in Olney, Newark and Brooklyn. Patriot Front has also engaged in marches like these in other cities.


We are still gathering information, but around 10pm the nazis arrived in rented moving trucks and gathered on Delaware Avenue. They then marched to City Hall with banners and smoke bombs. Some of them were armed with clubs and other weapons.

Despite the march being unannounced, Patriot Front marched during a busy time in Center City, and Philly gave them the welcome they deserved.

These escalating provocations from Patriot Front and their allies must be confronted directly. Time and again it is proven that ignoring or avoiding conflict with reactionaries only delays the inevitable and makes the conflict worse.

Neo-Nazi Meetup Attendees Identified

from Twitter

So far, we’ve identified two of the individuals who attended a 2020 neo-Nazi meetup at Ringing Rocks Park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Photo’d below are neo-Nazis Matthew Robert Guse & Gregory Anthony Cristiano (who is also a pedophile & sex offender). A ????… /1

Scranton resident Matthew Guse was exposed by @discord__panic in 2019 as a member of white nationalist organization Identity Evropa (then rebranded as “The American Identity Movement”). Below is a summary of Panic’s article from @IGD_News column TWIF. /2 panicinthediscord.noblogs.or…

Despite his Nazi affiliations, Guse was allowed to graduate from Lackawanna College in May 2020. Unfortunately, the photos here prove that (despite scrubbing the internet of accounts using his real name or Identity Evropa username) Guse is still involved in Nazi organizing. /3

Next is Upper Black Eddy, PA resident Gregory Anthony Cristiano. Cristiano is not only a neo-Nazi. He is also a pedophile and sex offender, according to public records which you can access here: /4 offenderradar.com/offender-d…

Ringing Rocks Park is located in the town of neo-Nazi Gregory Cristano’s residence — Upper Black Eddy — so it is likely that he was the one to suggest this meetup with his fellow neo-Nazis. FYI Cristiano also has connections to the NY town of Massapequa. /5

All attendees proudly display roman salutes in 2 separate photos. Photo’d also, a medallion featuring a Nazi Eagle, with the swastica replaced by an Edelweiss flower. See ???? below for more info about the fascist imagery displayed by these neo-Nazis. /6
[Thread Link]
We’re still looking into the identities of these three neo-Nazis. Their meetup was in Bucks County, Pennsylvania so it is likely that they live somewhere in eastern PA or western/central NJ. Feel free to send tips via DM or ProtonMail. /7
We don’t tolerate Nazi organizing in our region. If you get together with your Nazi friends in public, we will let the world know who you are. Cut ties with all supremacist contacts and begin your journey toward deradicalization, or we WILL expose you. #WeKeepUsSafe /8

Patriot Front Deface George Floyd Murals in Olney, BK and NJ

from Philly Antifa

UPDATE: Patriot Front have also defaced George Floyd statues in Brooklyn and Newark, NJ which were unveiled just a few days ago for Juneteenth.

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Stills from footage of the nazis who vandalized the George Floyd memorial in Brooklyn.

Original story below:

A memorial mural to George Floyd in Olney was defaced by Patriot Front Neo-Nazis overnight.

Sometime last night, Fascists associated with the Neo-Nazi group Patriot Front painted and stenciled over the George Floyd memorial at N. 5th st and Olney Ave.

Patriot Front is a splinter faction of Vanguard America, one of the major organizers of the Unite the Right rally in 2017. Vanguard America brought James Fields to Charlottesville, where he plowed his car into a crowd of Anti-Fascist protestors, murdering Heather Heyer and injuring many others.

More recently locally, the group has engaged in late night provocations like these, putting up flyers and stickers in Center city and S. Philly.

Patriot Front has a large amount of crossover in membership with the New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA), which as also run propaganda ops in Philly from time to time.

NJEHA is led by Dan D’Ambly and Ron Sheehy, both of New Jersey, who we have listen in our local fascists section.

This thread on twitter also has lots of info on NJEHA/Patriot Front associates in the area.

[Tweet Here]

We will be updating this story as we get more info. Anyone with any information about who defaced the George Floyd memorial should contact us.

Rest in Power to George Floyd, Death to White Supremacy and Fascism.

How a neo-Nazi Musician Became a Philly Cop: The Brian P. Haughton Story

from Idavox

The many faces of Brian P. Haughton: left, as a Philly police officer, center as a law enforcement coordinator, right as a member of Arresting Officers (red circle).

Imagine if you will, you being a person of color that learns you were arrested or assaulted by a cop who for a good chunk of his life before he became one was a neo-Nazi musician who playing in a band called Arresting Officers! You just might feel a way about that. So should your attorney who should question how fair your arrest was.

While his name was not mentioned, an article in the current edition of Rolling Stone about White supremacy in American policing makes reference to a former Philadelphia police officer and trainer who used to be in a well-known band associated with the neo-Nazi scene in the city.

“A Philadelphia cop played drums in a racist skinhead band through the mid- to late-Nineties before joining the police force, serving until his retirement a few years ago,” the article read, noting further that he  did not respond to interview requests. While this was a vague reference in the article it is well known that  Brian P. Haughton was the drummer for the ironically named band Arresting Officers before becoming a police officer for 21 years, later retiring and becoming a police trainer, a role that he is prominently in today.

The first Arresting Officers album.

Formed in 1987, Arresting Officers was a Philadelphia-based Oi!/RAC (Rock Against Communism) band that put out two albums for the German label Rock-O-Rama Records, as well as a 7-inch for Street Rock N Roll, a sub-label for Rock-O-Rama. Both labels were known for releasing albums by neo-Nazi bands such as Skrewdriver before Rock-O-Rama was reportedly shut down in a 1994 police raid. Haughton also contributed to the band Break the Sword, which released an album on Resistance Records. This project included not only Joe Rowan, the lead singer of Nordic Thunder who was killed on his birthday in 1994, but also Scott Stedeford, a member of the Aryan Republican Army who was alleged to have conspired with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh before he bombed the federal building there, and who committed a series of bank robberies in the Midwest from 1992 to 1994. Stedeford is reportedly due to be released from federal prison this summer after serving over twenty years for his role in those robberies.

Haughton graduated from the police academy in 1995 and embarked on a 21-year career as a Philadelphia police officer which included working on SWAT teams. When he retired from the force he became an instructor and now works with the Middle Atlantic-Great Lakes Organized Crime Law Enforcement Network (MAGLOCLEN), which is part of a communication and information sharing network in law enforcement. Ironically, while a police officer he was tasked to work the Democratic National Convention in 2016, which saw some controversy when Officer Ian Hans Lichterman was observed during a Black Resistance March sporting a tattoo of a German eagle beneath the word “Fatherland” on his left arm. Lichterman, who was cleared of any wrongdoing by Internal Affairs but is no longer a Philadelphia police officer, saw earlier controversy when his name showed up in data from several neo-Nazi and Klan websites that were hacked and leaked.

The investigation Rolling Stone conducted revealed that police chiefs and unions frequently fail to address racism and White supremacy within in the ranks, thereby creating a climate where White supremacists have been free to infiltrate police forces and grow their numbers and influence.

Aggravated Assault/Chaos 88 Frontman Warren Meikle, ROT IN HELL!

from Philly Antifa

Warren Mieckle wasted his entire life.

Idavox is reporting that lifelong Neo-Nazi bonehead Warren Meikle has finally died. From the site:

“Meikle was an early member of Atlantic City “Skinheads”, who in the eighties was one of the more violent hate groups in New Jersey… Meikle was among the more prominent members of the group because of his band Aggravated Assault, who’s album It Could Happen To You – the title song that threatened harm coming to those mentioned in the lyrics – was put out by the neo-Nazi label Resistance Records in 1993. Another Nazi label, Tri-State Terror, released its second album Out on Bail as well as a split release with Blue Eyed Devils titled Hate Crimes. Later, Meikle would form another band, Chaos 88 which put out three releases…

In recent years, Meikle had married Pittsburgh tattoo artist Lettia Suchevich and moved there from Atlantic City. Neo-fascist stickers including that of his band Aggravated Assault were reported seen and taken down by antifa in Pittsburgh, and the Pittsburgh City Paper retracted a story about female tattoo artists that featured Suchevich after it was learned the writer included a photo of the artist wearing the t-shirt of her husband’s band, and doctored the photo to remove the swastika tattoo on her arm. Meikle’s Facebook page lists him as divorced, and he eventually returned to New Jersey sometime in the fast few years. Two years ago, it was reported that Meikle was seriously injured in a two-car collision in Southampton, NJ that tied up traffic for four hours.”

He won’t be missed.

Ruining a Nazi date


A story related to me was that a comrade was in Rittenhouse on a beautifiul weekend day, when a random encounter brought about intel that someone in Nazi regalia was riding a train from south jersey into Philly- He was in full miiltary fatigues, with an SS armband, Sonnenrad on his backpack, and a skull mask.

He soon appeared in Rittenhouse Park, it appears he was on a date, walking around in this nazi uniform holding hands with some other terrible person. There was a heavy police presence on one side of the park due to an earlier protest. The kid was tailed for a few laps around the park- He was about 5’6, slim build, hair dyed bright red with shooting earmuffs on. You’d think dressed like that he’d have the situational awareness to look behind him. He gave off edgy teen vibes, what would possess someone to walk around center city Philadelphia looking like that?

People around the park had apparently looked at each other shocked- some saying “do you see that? What the fuck?”. Several people pointed him out. A comrade tailing him had waited until he was opposite from the police presence and pounced, a sharp piece of metal to the back of the head. Some people nearby cheered them on, encouraged them to flee. they escaped without issue.

No one should feel safe walking around Philly decked out in full nazi shit. He was probably in the city for all of 10 minutes. Don’t allow an inch.

All that is known about him is he lives somehwere in New Jersey. Hopefully more intel may follow. He feels no shame in going into public in explicit nazi dress. This should always be met with instant preemtpive force. Nazis should never, under any circumstances, feel safe in this city. Be afraid.

Neo-Nazi Profile: Perry Maholland Jr of Levittown, Pennsylvania

from Anonymous Comrades Collective

In today’s report we would like to present this concise profile on a Pennsylvanian neo-Nazi who runs a fledgling social media website that caters to neo-Nazis, fascists, antisemites and admirers of Adolph Hitler. Allow us to introduce:

Perry Maholland Jr. of Levittown, Pennsylvania

Perry Maholland Jr’s adoration of Adolph Hitler and Nazis is hardly a secret. His social media posts make it obvious that he is not shy about showing his face and name along with his disturbing convictions. After all, his username on the right-wing social network site Gab is “@ihatejews“:

Perry Maholland Jr's Gab profile. His usename is "@ihatejews" and he states he is there to "name the Jew."
Perry Maholland Jr’s Gab profile. His username is “@ihatejews” and he states he is there to “name the Jew.”

Maholland also has a conspicuous presence on the the question/answer site Quora where the topics he covers are of a particular focus: antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Perry Maholland Jr's profile on the Q&A site Quora.
Perry Maholland Jr’s profile on the Q&A site Quora.
Maholland had a particular focus on antisemitic conspiracy theories on Quora.
Maholland had a particular focus on antisemitic conspiracy theories on Quora.

In fact, oddball antisemitic conspiracy theories seem to occupy a predominance of Maholland’s life. Instances of his obsession are easily found across various social media websites.

Antisemitic conspiracy theories are an obsessions with Maholland. Pictured above is a post from his profile on VK.com.
Antisemitic conspiracy theories are obsessions with Maholland. Pictured above is a post from his profile on VK.com.

Fuhrernet: a Place for Neo-Nazis

While Perry Maholland used to be the leader of a fourth-rate heavy metal band called Spirus,  he now spends his days as a web developer, as indicated by his public LinkedIn profile.

Perry Maholland Jr's LinkedIn profile.
Perry Maholland Jr’s LinkedIn profile.

One of his current pet projects is a fledgling social network website that caters to neo-Nazis and admirers of Adolph Hitler called Fuhrernet, the logo of which bears a marked similarity to another well-known social network site.

The "Fuhrernet" logo. Look familiar?
The “Fuhrernet” logo. Look familiar?

As it is now, Fuhrernet (one of the contributors to its development, by the way, is Jewish neo-Nazi Diana Brancoveanu, aka “Pikachu,” whom we reported on earlier) is a barely functioning echo chamber where neo-Nazis post links to videos and memes consistently of an antisemitic and racist nature.

Fuhrernet post featuring a photo of Hitler and Nazi soldiers.
A post on Fuhrernet that is representative of the site’s basic content.

It does not appear, however, that Fuhrernet is actually catching on very well. Maholland’s own profile page shows that he joined in 2017 and, four years later, only has around sixty friends and followers, a paltry sum considering he is the creator of the site.

Maholland's own profile on Fuhrernet.
Maholland’s own profile on Fuhrernet.

Because even Nazis can fall in love, one of Maholland’s Fuhrernet “Friends” is a woman who calls herself “Vera Castiel” and whom we believe to be living in Germany. Vera appears to be his girlfriend and they are in Nazi-love.

Maholland's girlfriend "Vera Castiel" has a Fuhrernet profile too.
Maholland’s girlfriend “Vera Castiel” has a Fuhrernet profile too.
Valentine's Day e-card from Vera Castiel to Perry Maholland Jr. on Fuhrernet.
Valentine’s Day e-card from Vera Castiel to Perry Maholland Jr. on Fuhrernet, because even Nazis can fall in love.

We are quite sure there are no surprises in their relationship! Honesty really is the best policy…

Perry Maholland wants his foreskin back too!
Perry Maholland wants his foreskin back too!

Tschüss, for now…

There will be more to come from us on Perry Maholland Jr and “Fuhrernet” in the future. Rest assured, he is on our radar and there will be more to follow!

Why We Fight: Author Shane Burley with Kim Kelly & George Ciccariello-Maher

from Facebook

The essays in Why We Fight: Essays on Fascism, Resistance, and Surviving the Apocalypse (AK Press, 2021), many published here for the first time, cover the shifts in rhetoric and tactics of the Alt Right since their disastrous Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville in 2017, and the explosion of antifascist, antiracist, and revolutionary organizing that has risen to fight it. Burley unpacks the moment we live in, confronting the apocalyptic feelings brought on by nationalism, climate collapse, and the crisis of capitalism, but also delivering the clear message that a new world is possible through the struggles communities are leveraging today. Burley reminds us what we’re fighting for not simply what we’re fighting against.

This free online event will be in conversation with Kim Kelly and George Ciccariello-Maher. Zoom link will be shared soon.

[Thursday, May 6, 2021 at 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM EDT]