Jane’s Revenge vandalized Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia


In the wee hours of July 6th, the office of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia (88 Pennsylvania Ave Oreland, PA) had their front window smashed and their wall vandalized with “JANE’S REVENGE”. The Pro-Life Union runs two crisis pregnancy centers (Guiding Star Mother’s Home: 1940 E Chelten Ave, Philadelphia, PA, and The Cenacle: 1509 Church St, Philadelphia, PA) and an anti-abortion pregnancy hotline (610-626-4006). They also organize anti-abortion rallies outside of abortion clinics where clients are harassed and shamed, and have numerous member organizations involved in a variety of anti-abortion programs in the greater Philadelphia area (list can be accessed at prolifeunion.org/member-organizations).

We hope that all queers, anarchists, anti-fascists, and just plain-old pissed-off feminists in the area will use this information wisely. Plan with a group of friends, wear a mask, and take action. Project your rage on your enemies. Dissapear into the night.

Solidarity with all those attack the state, capital, civilization, and patriarchy.

-Janes Revenge (A)

Two Construction Sites Attacked By AGA


On the morning of June 17th we used paint and glass etch to fuck with windows on luxury apartment construction at 48th and Spruce and gentry construction at 51st and Baltimore. We also smashed out the front doors and windows at 51st and Baltimore. We did this to fight gentrification and to contribute to the new wave of anarchist attack in the US. We also did this to have fun!

Happy Pride!
-AGA (Anti-Gentrification Action)
(Another Gay Anarchists)

Fake Clinic’s Windows Smashed in Philly


We smashed out all of the windows of the “Hope” pregnancy center on Broad st. We are tired of your “family values” and you forcing families, and your values onto our bodies. This fake clinic spread lies and is part of a broader attempt to strip away body autonomy from hundreds of women and people. We are inspired by the actions of comrades in Wisconsin, Colorado, New York, and a growing list of places. If the attack on abortion does not stop our attacks will broaden. This is also intended as a small gesture of complicity with all those imprisoned by the state, in honor of June 11th.
-Anti Hope Brigade

Proud Boy Banner Taken Down and Burned

from Instagram


We came across this banner on gameday and decided to spruce it up a little, then dispose of it properly. Looks like Zach Rehl’s cry baby friends are sad his cop family members dont have any influence to let him get away with shit once the feds are involved.


Banks Attacked in Solidarity with Atlanta Forest Defenders

from Scenes from the Atlanta Forest

This month we sabotaged card slots of Wells Fargo and Bank Of America in Center City, Philadelphia. This attack was done in solidarity and complicity with those disrupting the construction of a police training grounds in Atlanta. Cops in Atlanta want to cut down a forest to build a mock city to practice squashing uprisings. In response, individuals are occupying, protesting, and sabotaging. People have started staying in the forest and fucking with the construction. The Atlanta Police Foundation is being funded by Wells Fargo and Bank Of America. We are excited to hear about construction workers being chased out and construction vehicles being messed up.

As proponents of self-directed revolt we decided to target the banks contributing to building the cop city. We hope that by communicating our action others feel encouraged or inspired to attack and disrupt the social order in their own context. While it would be preferable if the police project in Atlanta collapsed, for us destruction is an end in itself. We take pleasure in disrupting capital.

Our sabotage involved collecting plastic cards, which we cut into thirds. The purpose of this was to prevent the cards from easily being removed. Before going out we wiped down the pieces with gloves on and dressed anonymously. We inserted the pieces into atm and door card readers after putting a strip of super glue onto them. One benefit of this action is that it fucks up the machine without making a lot of noise or seeming out of place. We feel this is relevant to point out because the cop city is an example of the police preparing for mass unrest and we feel it is strategic to be able to act discreetly in light of increasing policing and surveillance.

Fuck cops
Fuck banks and money
Solidarity and complicity with the feral anarchists in Atlanta
Death to civilization
Long live anarchy
Chaos forever

Piss-Boy Propoganda Destroyers wish you a Happy V-Day


❤️‍🔥✨❤️‍🔥 Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤️‍🔥✨❤️‍🔥

We’ve been holding onto these for just the perfect moment in time. We spotted these over 95 in the cursed land of NE Philly where many white racists and fascists reside. These banners beautifully met their fate in a flaming toilet. After all 3 banners turned to ash in a sweltering toilet fire where they were born to end up… just like the Piss Boys, the toilet self imploded. It seems the toilet couldn’t handle the amount of literal shit it was tasked to withstand. Let this be a precursor to whatever the universe has in store for the fascist idiot who put those banners there in the first place. We hope your fate looks something like this too 😉

Fuck Zach Rehl and all Piss Boys forever! Long live anti-fascist vengeance, chaos & anarchy!

Burning Ashli Babbitt Banner


A few anarchists residing on stolen Lenape land in so called Amerikka were alerted to the presence of a banner drop hanging from an electric tower along route 76 just outside the city celebrating the late far-right extremist, Ashli Babbitt, may she rest in piss.
Immediately upon getting notice of this we went to investigate and lo and behold there it was, hanging up defiantly exposing all the passing traffic to it’s utter filth. We just couldn’t allow that shit to fester in our town and following the proud anti-fascist tradition decided to take matters into our own hands. We got down to the tracks and to the electric tower and cut that shit down on sight!
We then took some arguably incriminating celebratory photos and decided to burn that shit in an old rusty barrel giving it the closure it deserved.
Photos attached along with the reddit thread that alerted us to it’s presence, within one day of the thread being posted we properly disposed of that banner. Can’t ever allow that shit to fester in our city!

Retaliation for Patriot Front


In the early hours of July 9th we paid a visit to the home of neo-nazi Jackson Bradley, spray painting “nazi scum” on the front door and damaging one of the windows. We did this in direct retaliation for Patriot Front’s recent defacing of the George Floyd mural in North Philly and their march through Center City.
Fuck Patriot Front and fuck you, Jackson.
[Philly Anti-Cap note: We received the following message on July 9th. We have not verified the validity of the message but we share it in the interest of any interested anti-fascists. The message is included below:
We were targeted last night at 127 Elfreths Alley and I believe this is in connection with Jackson Bradley who has not lived here since 2009. He should be with patriot front, which we are NOT associated with. This house is occupied by renters and we have no association with any nazi/hate groups. Please do not advertise this address as we would really like to not have to keep painting our door and repairing the window panes.

This house is currently occupied by Jewish people and minority tenants, me being one of them (jewish). Please please please take us off any sort of target list that you may have. Again, the Bradley’s moved in 2009 and no longer live here. I have no idea where Jackson is.]

Vandal’s damage at Reading Terminal Market estimated at least in ‘the five figures’

from Mainstream Media

Paint is seen on the Filbert Street side of Reading Terminal Market, outside the Down Home Diner, in Philadelphia on Saturday, the remains of a vandal's work Wednesday night. The market has offered a reward for information leading to the person who sprayed the paint, captured by surveillance cameras.
Paint is seen on the Filbert Street side of Reading Terminal Market, outside the Down Home Diner, in Philadelphia on Saturday, the remains of a vandal’s work Wednesday night. The market has offered a reward for information leading to the person who sprayed the paint, captured by surveillance cameras.

With the pandemic waning and the city about to lift many of its restrictions, Philadelphia’s iconic Reading Terminal Market had just refreshed its exterior and doors and put new window dressings around the entire building.

“We had cleaned everything, and we were really looking forward to welcoming people as they come back into the city,” said Annie Allman, CEO and general manager of the Reading Terminal Market Corp.

Then a vandal struck Wednesday night. Using what appeared to be a jet-spray device, the person sprayed the Filbert Street side of the 128-year-old building. The paint, which Allman described as battleship gray, hit from as high as the gun could apparently reach to sidewalk level, along the entire block, between 11th and 12th Streets. A surveillance video shows a person dressed in black with a face mask carrying a red bag with white letters while spraying.

With help from the Center City District, the market was able to clear much of the paint. But some of it hit the wood and stone trim and that will be more difficult to repair, Allman said.

Like many businesses, the market’s 70 merchants have had a tough time during the pandemic. Now, a vandal has caused more harm.

In anticipation of the city easing COVID-19 restrictions June 2, Reading Terminal Market had just refreshed its exterior and doors and put new window dressings around the entire building before a paint-spraying vandal struck Wednesday night.
In anticipation of the city easing COVID-19 restrictions June 2, Reading Terminal Market had just refreshed its exterior and doors and put new window dressings around the entire building before a paint-spraying vandal struck Wednesday night.

Allman estimates the damage is at least in “the five figures.” The market coincidentally is about to kick off a fund-raising campaign, and now some of that money will have to be put toward the repairs, she said.

Since the market went public about the vandalism, it has received an outpouring of warm and caring comments, Allman said.

“People who love the market, love it deeply and passionately, and we appreciate that,” she said.

Police are investigating, she said. No other buildings apparently were hit. The market is offering a $500 gift card for information leading to identification of the culprit.

Ruining a Nazi date


A story related to me was that a comrade was in Rittenhouse on a beautifiul weekend day, when a random encounter brought about intel that someone in Nazi regalia was riding a train from south jersey into Philly- He was in full miiltary fatigues, with an SS armband, Sonnenrad on his backpack, and a skull mask.

He soon appeared in Rittenhouse Park, it appears he was on a date, walking around in this nazi uniform holding hands with some other terrible person. There was a heavy police presence on one side of the park due to an earlier protest. The kid was tailed for a few laps around the park- He was about 5’6, slim build, hair dyed bright red with shooting earmuffs on. You’d think dressed like that he’d have the situational awareness to look behind him. He gave off edgy teen vibes, what would possess someone to walk around center city Philadelphia looking like that?

People around the park had apparently looked at each other shocked- some saying “do you see that? What the fuck?”. Several people pointed him out. A comrade tailing him had waited until he was opposite from the police presence and pounced, a sharp piece of metal to the back of the head. Some people nearby cheered them on, encouraged them to flee. they escaped without issue.

No one should feel safe walking around Philly decked out in full nazi shit. He was probably in the city for all of 10 minutes. Don’t allow an inch.

All that is known about him is he lives somehwere in New Jersey. Hopefully more intel may follow. He feels no shame in going into public in explicit nazi dress. This should always be met with instant preemtpive force. Nazis should never, under any circumstances, feel safe in this city. Be afraid.

Freedom of Movement


Seeing the crowded conditions in the concentration camps in Texas reminds me of Inauguration Day two months ago. That night we rose like lions striking at slumbering poachers.

We found a Customs and Border Protection SUV and an Immigration and Customs Enforcement SUV in a parking garage in the Old City neighborhood of Philadelphia. They were redecorated with paint, flattened tires, and shattered windows. Wouldn’t you know it? That advice that an awl can more quietly deflate a tire when pushed through its sidewall was right. And in a pinch, the awl can also be used to break the same vehicle’s glass. This tool can be found at most any hardware store.

So much of this settler-colonial empire’s origins can be traced to this very neighborhood. Paternal participants in slavery and genocide negotiating the imaginary lines that would cross so many living beings decreed their authority here, attempting to halt and erase so much life. The continuation of those programs crosses party lines as easy as capital does the border, and Democrats are as deserving of our fury as Republicans. Freedom cannot be attained beneath their thumbs or anyone else’s.

Another predator has settled in to his position as overseer, accompanied by an officer of law and order. Between them they have personally authored and been party to so much gendered and racialized violence, which is inherent to the nation-state. Don’t mistake what appears to be silence for inaction, because we’ve been busy. But this is a reminder that you don’t need to wait for a protest to interfere with the functions of this country, especially as so many return to resting on their heels. It’s imperative that we don’t wait and we support each other with words and actions.


For the destruction of this and every other empire.

For anarchy.

How many light bulbs does it take?


Exterior Decoration Tutorial and Communique

Supplies Needed:
glass light bulbs
duct tape
soft surface or container

Step 1:
Wearing gloves, use pliers to remove the top of the light bulb (to make a hole in the top). Be sure to break off any extra pieces. (Remove the small plate and dark glass, NOT the threaded metal sleeve.)

Step 2:
Use screw driver to pierce a hole through the top into the main section of the light bulb.

Step 3:
Mix paint with water.

Step 4:
Use funnel to transfer paint mix into light bulb.

Step 5:
Wipe everything (tape, bulbs etc) clean with alcohol.

Step 6:
Duct tape hole shut. You can use a soft surface (like an egg carton) to secure bulbs and keep them from falling over.

Step 7:
Pack your bulbs with cushioning in a container you don’t care about getting messy.

Step 8:
Find your target.

Step 9:
Aim high and throw hard!

In response to the March 6th Call for Action we paint-bombed a pro-life billboard because fuck pro-life propaganda. No one should have to have a baby who doesn’t want to.

Sabotage is fun!
Paint on patriarchy and gender!

-Insurrectionary Feminist Exterior Decoration Committee

New Year’s Eve vandalism of federal buildings in Philly leads to multiple arrests

from mainstream media

New Year’s Eve vandalism of federal buildings in Philly leads to multiple arrests

[Philly Anticap note: Everyone arrested has been released. See Up Against The Law’s post here]

Several people were arrested Thursday night after police and city highway patrol officers responded to reports of large unruly crowds and vandalism at federal buildings in Philadelphia.

Police observed a crowd on the 900 block of Market Street at about 8:50 p.m. Thursday, on New Year’s Eve. A 25-year-old man threw a brick through a window of the Robert Nix Federal Building, according to police.

The man, along with another man, age 24, and two 23-year-old women, all dressed similarly in black clothing, tried to flee the scene, but were taken into police custody.

The damage to the Nix building was estimated at $3,000.

Shortly after at 9 p.m., Philadelphia Highway Patrol officers were also in the area of 900 Market Street responding to reports of a large group of people breaking windows and spray-painting the federal building.

Officers stopped three individuals who had spray paint on their clothes, markers in their possession, and other suspicious materials.

A 25-year-old man had a glass jar with a fuse going into a bottle with a strong flammable odor, police said. He also had a container with a powder labeled “Fire Starter.”

A 22-year-old woman had bottles of liquids with chemicals and spray paint on her hands and clothes, police said.

And a 26-year-old woman had spray paint on her clothing.

The three individuals were taken into custody and charged with attempted arson, risking catastrophe, having an incendiary device, conspiracy and related offenses.

The materials they had with them will be examined by bomb technicians, police said.

City Officials Addressed In Paint

Last night in North Philly, on 19th & Oxford street, the site that the city planned to move unhoused individuals into today Wednesday, December 30th was targeted.

The unhoused individuals are currently staying in “Covid hotels” at the Holiday Inn on 13th and Walnut streets for shelter from the pandemic and cold. City government says they’ve run out of funding and can no longer house them here, but we know that’s not true. The city wants to save money and alternatively use the site to shelter housed and employed people suffering from covid. Yet another instance of the city further displacing unhoused people and prioritizing the privileged.

We’ve had enough of the bullshit and the runaround. We’ve had enough of orgs that hardly show up or don’t make proactive and decisive moves. We have decided to act autonomously and will continue to.

The slow trickle of evictions started on December 15th when advocates began to post up outside the hotel and distribute donations to residents and friends on the streets.

Mayor Kenney, in an attempt to ward off bad press, put out statements to the effect of “do not be concerned, the hotel residents will be situated with permanent housing, we will not be kicking people out on the street.” Spewing his usual bullshit, he is interested only in saving face and assuring liberals they need not be concerned or called to action. Meanwhile, some hotel residents were moved to an unused former PRISON in Kensington that same week — an interesting take on “permanent housing.”

The recent snow fall and protests have delayed planned evictions. However nothing concrete has changed. We’re tired of pushing meekly against the force of those in power, of doing nothing more than creating delays. Delays that temporarily disrupt the plans city officials still intend to carry out when we become fatigued and distracted. Despite the protests, another eviction notice was issued this week. Today marked the last day residents were apparently going to be permitted to stay in the hotel.

The site at 19th & Oxford, where they were expected to be transferred, appears to be a detention center of sorts. Word on the street is that it does not have hot water, some units may not have heat & the residents were going to be roomed in pairs. The point is this situation is abhorrent.

The city treats unhoused residents like undesirables they mean to discard of. They prioritize saving minimal amounts of money at the expense of the most vulnerable, marginalized Philadelphians— most of whom have existing health issues, adding to the stress and trauma they already endure by being unhoused. Our neighbors are not disposable. They should not be shuffled around from place to place, often without understanding where they’re going or what the conditions they’re walking into will be.

All attempts at negotiating with the city for better treatment have failed and been full of deceit on behalf of city officials… no fucking surprise. We have been too gentle in our modes of feedback. Protests have received media attention and some public support, but none of this is stopping the city from making their moves.

We all know this city loves and hoards it’s property. We need to “dialogue” with them in a language they understand or at least can’t ignore. Instead of waiting for the city to move people into the Oxford building, last night anarchists rolled up to sabotage the locks, graffiti the building and smash about 20 large windows and the glass door entrance.

Liz Hersh, the Office of Homeless Services, Resources for Human Development and Mayor Kenney have been addressed in paint. No one should be mistaken about the intention behind the actions. The media will surely spin its usual narratives, but we are not interested in letting the anticipation of their words influence or silence ours.
We did our thing. We said our piece.

Acts Against Goliaths


Carpet tacks spread in the police headquarters’ parking lot before a demonstration. More tacks dispersed at the local Amazon warehouse’s truck entrance. One valve stem cut on an Amazon truck’s tire. Two Amazon van tires slashed. Fiber optic cables cut where they hung low on three telephone poles in more affluent neighborhoods.

Small but unceasing acts against so many Goliaths. We hope to put a sling in many more hands while hunting for low-hanging fruit that might actual nourish our revolt.

The spectacle of the spell-out on the Regional Rail train is hardly worth mentioning without documentation, but our word is all we have. Those straight letters reading NO MORE PRESIDENTS taking up half the clean car in the earliest hours of somebody’s election day blazed bold in black and chrome. Maybe CLIP or Septa Police have the flicks to share from this earlier act. Either it ran and shared the message or was taken out of commission for cleaning.

We won’t stop. This world teeters on too many terrifying and enchanting precipices to stop. We invite you join us, with these recent acts as a minimum of examples. The greatest difficulty is in beginning, but once you’re out the door it gets easier. Take care and it gets easier.

“Let every act of repression visited upon us bloom infinite vicious resistance.”

Looking toward a winter of anarchy.