We wrote “Fuck Amazon” on the sides of the Amazon Treasure Truck. Then we set fire to the cab. The boom we heard in the distance suggested it exploded.

There’s been almost no media coverage of this except for a short news story about a potential arson, which later got changed to a story that said that officials did not suspect any suspicious activity.

We will continue to fight against Amazon and HQ2, here and elsewhere.

amazon locker sabotage


Sparks were flying as we cut the power cables on five different amazon lockers in Philly. A small contribution to the struggle against that company and what it’s doing to our world. Motherfuckers!!
This action was completed over a few weeks in response to the calls for attacks against them.
Small consistent attacks can do more over time than one spectacular operation, but seeing sparks fly while destroying what aims to destroy us is also pretty fucking spectacular.

Big shout outs to Philly, Pugent Sound, Paris and beyond for all the kickass May Day actions this year.
Lets take em by surprise and totally fuck their shit up!
Lets get free
Happy May Day still

cell phone tower fire


Two playful fox friends showed us the way to the cell phone antennae tower. The cable housing caught fire quickly and the flames began to climb the spire. It was easy to do and reminded us how many targets there are all around us. We pass them every day.

We feel happiest when farthest away from the digital and industrial technology that dulls our senses, domesticates our bodies, and destroys the places we love. But the encroachment of civilization expands all the time. If you feel the same way then we hope you will begin to act too. You don’t have to wait for a particular date.

For wild nature.
For anarchy.

The Coyote Insurgency

A walk in the park


I was walking through Fairmount park last night when I came across something that made me sick. Construction equipment littered an area once filled with trees, an area that is now home to what will eventually be a climbing course. All “progress” makes me sick but there’s something almost ironic about cutting down trees to build something to climb.
I acted only with what was in my backpack, a can of green spray paint. On the vehicles that had front  windshields, I gave them a beautiful forest green coating. I know that, at the most, their destruction of what was once a forest will only be delayed a few short hours. I’m not a fool, I know I don’t have the proper understanding of those machines needed to truly sabotage them. Instead, I hope the green splotches that temporarily cloud their view remind them of the green that only a few years ago, existed on that plot of land. There’s something extremely unsettling about a place once natural that I can’t even find a simple rock needed to smash out these windows. For now, this will have to be enough.
I wonder why local anarchists haven’t done more to fight against these toxic machines that appear on almost every block in the city. Is it because we’re a city now dominated by red and black social anarchists, who would rather wear red to a demonstration and stand in the street, than take the actions needed to defend ourselves and what remains of our planet? I feel no affinity with these people. Their struggle isn’t mine and it never will be. Their utopia doesn’t exist. It never will.

I claim this little action in solidarity with pipeline protestors everywhere, the Zadists struggling against both state repression and the disgusting plague of authoritarian communists and liberals that have infected their space, and most importantly, the fox and raccoon that I met while wandering through this mess of a construction site.

Strike against progress
Strike against isolation
Strike against domination
Destroy everything
It ain’t easy being green

I claim this action on behalf of the Summer Of Rage Anarchist Crew. With this name I remind myself that with a mask on, anyone can become my comrade

Security Cameras Destroyed In Philly


Over the past two months in gentrifying neighborhoods in Philly, security cameras have gone flying into construction sites, been crushed under car tires, and thrown into gutters, never to be recovered. This included cameras on one particular house in Point Breeze that its occupants had tried to use to incriminate someone for an exciting crime last year. Watch out snitches!

We estimate that we took down around 20 regular security cameras and 20 doorbell cameras made by Ring, a company that Amazon recently bought in order to expand their hellish corporate hold on our dreams and purchasing habits into the delightful realm of home security and DIY policing.

Along the way, we learned that the Ring cameras come in different sizes & colors and to look for a blue ring around the doorbell button. We also learned that Amazon has a guarantee to replace stolen or broken Ring cameras for free, so stealing them costs the corporation directly, at a rate of $99-249 per camera depending on the model.

We noticed that tooling around the neighborhood looking for cameras came in really handy down the line when planning other actions, since it made us already familiar with which routes would be safest, and enhanced our ability to recognize surveillance on the spur of the moment.

Fuck yuppies…You can’t buy safety, this is social war! If you move into gentrifying neighborhoods, your shit will get fucked with!
Shoutout to all our friends helping tear down Amazon one Ring at a time!

locks sabotaged for may day


We decided to glue the locks of two gentrifying reality offices in philly. we got one, but at our second target there was a ucd cop posted up, so instead we went and glued the locks of the ucd police headquarters.

happy may day

Have a great summer!


Happy May Day y’all. Since public marches aren’t quite our thing, we decided to head out into the night to cause some trouble as soon as the clock struck 12 am, May 1st. We wandered throughout the side streets of brewery town, giving plenty of those nice new Resnik developer buildings some much needed paint jobs, smashing windows is always a good time, but for this little adventure, we felt that it would cause just as much damage and cost as much money to fix if we painted their windows a nice sleek shade of black. We also took the time to sabotage their locks in a bunch of fun, easy to reproduce ways. On the way, we also stumbled across the vehicle of a yuppie “clean energy” company. We figured this would look much better with some big black streaks on it so we gave it a sweet paint job (free of charge of course). Hope that’s a friendly reminder that we don’t give a fuck about your capitalist version of sustainable future and more importantly, stay the fuck outta our hoods with your ugly gentrified houses.

We went on this little adventure with the memories of the anarchists slain both in the labor struggles in Haymarket square, and for those murdered in the struggle against domination, the memory of their attacks  have warmed our hearts and fueled our mischievous deeds. We also took these actions in memory of David Jones who was murdered by the terrorist pig Ryan Pownell, and in solidarity with those struggling against Temple’s new stadium, and our comrades arrested on May Day last year.

The Summer of Rage has begun! Get your sun screen on because it’s gonna be a hot one! From May 1st-September 21st, every troublemaker, criminal, anti fascist, crime-doer, and anti-authoritarian is invited to join the Summer of Rage Anarchist Crew. Plan some free picnics for your community, paint some fun slogans and pictures on those boring city walls, break whatever you want, have a bonfire with whoever you want wherever you want and most importantly, remind our friends at OCF, Resnik Developers, and all their little gentrifying buddies that Philly belongs to us. Have a great summer

Attack on Construction Vehicle in Solidarity with the ZAD and Camp White Pine


Dear international anarchist thugs, illegalists, casseurs, and defenders of wildness,

we are reporting live from Philadelphia. An attack has just been made, throwing a wrench in the cogs of the machinery of progress… well more literally some wires were cut and windows smashed on one of their bullshit bulldozers.

We have word that this attack was done in solidarity with the ZAD and Camp White Pine (hi! 😉 both of which are facing their own local bullshit bulldozers. The attackers have also sent rebel greetings to area anarchists who’ve been keeping it live (and especially those who share the specifics of their attacks to allow others to reproduce them).

Fuck work
Fuck progress

Signing off for now,
Team Illegal

Pipeline Sabotage


Early last week, we made the two tractors that Energy Transfer Partners was using to construct the Mariner East 2 pipeline near Exton, PA inoperative by cutting their hoses and electrical wires, cutting off valve stems to deflate the tires, introducing sand into their systems, putting potatoes in the exhaust pipes, using contact cement to close off the machines’ panels and fuel tanks, and a variety of other mischievous improvised sabotage techniques.

We feel called to fight for the natural world and would be lazy to submit to the demise of the earth, animal and self by not fighting against its destruction by machines and corporations who seek to kill it for capitalist growth. It was surprisingly easy and brought us so much joy. We’ve read since that ETP has had to acknowledge the damage, which they are usually careful to cover up, and see that this wreck of a project could be seriously compromised by the proliferation of more actions like these.

For those restless, angry warriors out there, we hope you find similar happiness in destroying little by little the tools of this capitalist settler-colonial nation. Death to colonization and capitalism… Shout out to everyone out there still attacking in spite of repression and grief.

OCF Windows


Guess you didn’t get this PSA the first time around, but thanks for the pictures!

I opened the windows a crack to let in the night air…oh right, they were the windows of gentrifying OCF Realty’s main office ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Anyway, this got me thinking that lots of people may not feel comfortable or confident in their ability to throw, limiting the range and impact of some attacks. So I wanted to encourage folks to play catch with their friends, throw a ball against a wall, play fetch with their four-legged friends, etc. It’s fun and builds useful skills!

Shout out to those facing continued repression here and elsewhere.

Rest In Power Paul Z. Simons.