paint attack for willem van spronsen


The night of July 17 we paintbombed the facade of the Immigration and Citizenship Services building. We aimed for the big logo on the side of the building. We came up with and carried out this action quickly and spontaneously because we felt the urgency of attacking those who enforce borders. We especially felt this in the wake of Willem Van Spronsen’s death while fighting those maintaining concentration camps in the U$A. Acting in remembrance of our dead keeps the fire burning within us. We hope that this action and others add to the struggle against borders, until all borders are destroyed.

RIP Willem Van Spronsen



Yuppie hair salon on Baltimore ave was greeted this week with a shattered window and red paint, with “Welcome! to Philly” painted on the door. We’re not interested in local business models or co-ops. We’re not interested in ‘conscious’ capitalism. It’s still capitalism, it’s still gentrification.

We’re not done.
Happy May!

Bhaskar Sunkara Attacked with Yogurt

from Twitter

The Founder of Jacobin Magazine – Bhaskar Sunkara – , author of “The Socialist Manifesto, and founding member of was just attacked with yogurt at Calvary Church with yogurt? The guy threw these to the audience. See image.

[Video Here]

[Philly Anticap note: The above tweet says Bhaskar Sunkara is a founding member of Reclaim Philadelphia which is incorrect.]

May Day Anti-Gentrification Actions


For May Day we claim responsibility for the following actions:
-Deflating the tires and painting the windshield of a yuppie housing shuttle bus.
-Throwing paint at the facade of two OCF properties.
-Smashing glass and cutting all non-hydraulic cables of at least four construction machines at the site of a development project intending to manicure a once wild place.
All of our targets are part of the ongoing gentrification of the city.

Solidarity with the comrades in Italy facing repression.

On May Day anarchists aren’t sleeping!



We paint bombed a pro-life billboard at a busy intersection in the middle of the day during rush hour.
For more feminist attacks!

laughing all the way to the bank


We had a May Day pre-party at a Wells Fargo and now none of their ATMs work.

Action against OCF Realty in West Philly


Windows smashed and front exteriors painted up on two apartment buildings owned by OCF Realty in West Philly.

Wells Fargo ATM Sabotaged


On the night of April 5th I sabotaged a Wells Fargo ATM using glue and a piece of credit card. Wells Fargo is part of the web of institutions and individuals that makes borders possible. Against borders and nations!

Political Vandalism Targets ICE Agent in Philadelphia


Early this morning, the home and car of leading ICE/HSI agent Bryan McPherson at 2600 Cedar St. appears to have been targeted. His house was spray painted with the words “Resist ICE,” and more importantly, his vehicle was disabled and thousands of dollars in damage done. This act of political vandalism follows after the names and addresses of several ICE agents in PA were released on the Internet last summer. At the time of this writing it is unclear whether this is an isolated incident, or whether other officers have been targeted.

In 2018, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) deported over 270,000 people. ICE officers separate children from their families; several have died in custody. Bryan McPherson is the Assistant Special Agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), a division of ICE in Philadelphia. It is unclear whether or not he will be able to use his vehicle to report to work and deport more people.

26 Indigo Bikes sabotaged for Black December


They had their tires slashed.

These vile blue beasts are a fine ride around town for the wealthy (unsurprisingly the most inept bike riders on the road), are consuming space and welcoming the rich into gentrifying neighborhoods; reminding us that leisure, technology and convenience are crafted for the elite, and always at our expense.

For a Black December and a rowdy new year!