Anathema Volume 5 Issue 3

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Volume 5 Issue 3 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 5 Issue 3 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • Powerplant
  • Racist Cops
  • Sinkhole
  • What Went Down
  • Youth Migrant Jail
  • Talking Repression
  • A-Space Conflict
  • Giannis Escapes!
  • American Sonnet

Delaware Admits Failure, Drops Last Remaining Vaughn 17 Cases Retaliation Against Prisoners Continues

from Support the Vaughn 17

On Wednesday, June 12, Delaware announced it was dropping its last two cases against former Vaughn prisoners accused of participation in the 2017 prison takeover. Lawrence Michaels and Alejandro Rodriguez-Ortiz, whom the state claimed helped subdue correctional officers at the beginning of the takeover, will no longer be facing trial in the fall. The state also announced that it would not be retrying defendant Obadiah Miller, for whom the jury in a previous trial could not come to a decision about whether he had fought and stabbed the officer who later succumbed to his injuries. The other defendant against whom the jury had returned no decision charges on the assaults, John Bramble, had his remaining charges dropped in March. The charges cannot be brought back up.

The announcement is a major victory for all 16 remaining defendants, who chose to stick together and take their cases to trial in spite of extreme retaliatory abuse by the prisons, as well as the betrayal by one of the 18 indicted prisoners (Royal “Diamond” Downs), who was secretly working with the prosecution. Following the first trial, defendant Kelly Gibbs took a non-cooperating plea deal and later took his own life.

The defendants have worked non-stop since their indictment in fall 2017 to expose the lies on which the state has built its case, as well as the systemic abuse they’ve experienced leading up to the takeover and in retaliation. Two of the defendants who are serving life sentences, Jarreau Ayers (“Ruk”) and Dwayne Staats, sacrificed what chance they might have left of getting out of prison by testifying on behalf of the other defendants and taking responsibility for planning and carrying out aspects of the uprising.

Delaware’s announcement followed two trials in a row in which the state failed to obtain any convictions. The most recently exonerated defendant, Roman Shankaras, was released after his not guilty verdict on May 23. This past week, Rome gave damning interviews to the press that completely destroyed whatever credibility the state might have had left. The state’s decision also followed the release last week of a scathing letter written by Jarreau Ayers to mainstream press, which described the fallacies of the state’s case and the corporate media’s unapologetically biased coverage.

But retaliation continues against the defendants who are still on the other side of the fence. Despite having almost all been found not guilty or had their charges dropped, the state is continuing to punish ten of the defendants (Jarreau Ayers, Abednego Baynes, Kevin Berry, John Bramble, Deric Forney, Janiis Mathis, Obadiah Miller, Jonathan Rodriguez, Corey Smith, Dwayne Staats) who are now in Pennsylvania, where they are being held on lockdown indefinitely (via placement on PA’s Restricted Release List) on vague and questionable grounds. More than two years later, these prisoners are still being abused for staying in solidarity with one another against the state.

Shoutout to all the defendants and to all rebels inside and outside the prison walls! The struggle for liberation continues!

Graffiti for anarchist prisoners

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Saw this rally of anarchist prisoner shout-outs yesterday, #june11, prefaced by “FREE THE ANARCHIST PRISONERS!”[not pictured: #billdunne]

June 11 Rundown


For June 11th anarchist solidarity in Philly took a few different forms. In the lead up to the 11th stickers and posters were put up. Graffiti for anarchist prisoners was written on the Grays Ferry Bridge.
On June 11th a BBQ fundraiser was held. Vegan food and copies of Fireant were given away and money was collected for anarchist prisoners and local anti-repression efforts.

Anarchist prisoners to the street 🙂

June 11, 2019 statement from Kevin Berry of the Vaughn17

from June 11th

Peace and solidarity to all the men and women that’s behind enemy lines, who continue to resist and rebel against this oppressive system we face everyday.

Also peace and solidarity to all the organizations who support us and fight for us non-stop. A special shout out to Philly, Pittsburgh and Chicago Anarchist Black Cross (ABC), D.C Crew, R.A.M NYC, Ghost Town Prisoner Support and two friends of mine T and N, without all of y’all the Vaughn17 supporters, none of the not guilty verdicts and the charges dismissed for the remaining comrades wouldn’t be possible. So thanks to y’all for being there for us, the non-stop work y’all put in and the non-stop pressure y’all put on DE DOC, PA DOC and the judicial system to make sure were always good. As y’all know the fight continues, we still have three comrades* that have to face a corrupt judicial system. So to all that read this support these brothers and go to their trials the more supports they have the better, so support the #Vaughn17.

Now to my June 11th statement. As I sit here in my cell and write this I really don’t know what to write right now. As I told friends of mine I don’t consider myself to be a anarchist. I wouldn’t put a label on what I do and stand for as a man. I’m just write how I feel and what’s on my mind and hopefully other brothers and sisters behind enemy lines feel the same way. I hate all authority figures (police, C.O’s, judge etc.) with a passion. Some may ask why? My answer to that is why not! These so called authority figures don’t do anything but oppress people mainly people of color, trans men and women, and homeless people, so that’s why I hate them. I want to touch on something else I am passionate about. The abolishment of all theses concentration camps (prisons). I am with the abolishment of theses concentration camps “By any means necessary” as Malcolm X once famously put it. ^^ But to do away with theses concentration camps it must first start with us, the men and women who are on these camps, who endure every form of oppression daily, may it be verbally, mentally, physically or sexually, we face it everyday by our oppressor! To see the abolishment of these camps we must resist and rebel against our oppressor. We speak of resistance all the time but know that “words with no actions is just talk”. It starts with us, and it’s time we stand for something or continue to fall for anything.
Fred Hampton
“Dare to struggle”
You dare to win

Peace to all
#Vaughn17 Kev

*At the time of publishing only two of the #Vaughn17 still face charges, Obediah Miller has recently had his case quietly dismissed! For information about the 17 and up to date addresses (including Kevin’s) visit

Smart communications/PA DOC
Kevin Berry #NT0583
SCI Benner Township
PO Box 33028
St Petersburg, FL 33733

When sending to Kevin keep in mind that since he has been transferred to Pennsylvania mail for him is sent to a processing facility in Florida where it is scanned electronically then emailed to the prison where it is printed.

Matthew Missimer of Downingtown Identified as a Fascist

from It’s Going Down

Chicago Antifa identified Matthew Missimer, of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, as far-Right Twitter troll @Mathaeus-M. He frequently retweeted neo-Nazi and white nationalist accounts, including former Traditionalist Worker Party co-founder Matthew Parrott, white nationalist website VDARE, and Identity Evropa, and made frequent misogynistic and transphobic statements. After being publicly identified, Missimer promptly deleted his Twitter account.

“We are the account killers,” quipped Chicago Antifa. “3rd one this week.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Missimer is an Invoice Processor at Aerotek, a staffing services company in Downington, Pennsylvania. You can let them know about their employee by tweeting @Aerotek.

[twitter post]

[Philly Anticap note: We have only included a locally relevant fragment of the original post. To read the whole post follow the link at the top of the post.]

No Convictions for Roman Shankaras!

from Support The Vaughn 17

Rome is the eighth defendant to be tried in this case, and the fifth to have now been cleared on all charges. Having been scheduled for release last year, he has now been released and is at home with his family.

Two more defendants, Lawrence Michaels (“Smoke”) and Alejandro Rodriguez-Ortiz (“Capo”) are still scheduled to be tried in October. One defendant from the second trial, Obadiah Miller (“OB”) is still waiting for the state to decide whether it will retry him. The other defendant in the second trial for whom the jury returned “no decision” verdicts for two charges, John Bramble (“Johnny”), had his remaining charges dropped for good in March.

After their failure to convict any defendants in the second trial, the state dropped their case against the other six defendants in March.

Anathema Volume 5 Issue 2

from Anathema

Volume 5 Issue 2 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 5 Issue 2 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • What is a Collective?
  • Tactics Innovation Update
  • What Went Down
  • Whither the Insurrection II
  • Representation is Indirect Action
  • Galleanist Centennial
  • Vaughn 17 Update
  • In Memory of Mauricio Morales
  • World News
  • Immanent Immigration Arrests
  • Go-Gurt Reportback
  • Whereas (Poem)

Monday, May 27th: Intro to Prisoner Letter-writing Event

from Philly ABC

Curious to write to prisoners, but not sure how to start or who to write to?

Join us for our monthly letter-writing event this month for an intro on how to get started and open discussion on political prisoners who might be seeking more mail or penpals. We will also be distributing our newly-printed Philly ABC guide to supporting political prisoners as a take-home reference, and sending birthday cards to political prisoners with birthdays in June: Matt DeHart (the 10th), Jay Chase (the 11th), and Tom Manning (the 27th).

We encourage folks who know of prisoners seeking more correspondence to come and spread the word to folks looking to write to people for the first time.

When: Monday, May 27th; 6:30-8:30pm
Where: A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Avenue

Snacks and letter-writing supplies provided!

Anarchy Afternoons on Hiatus for Summer

from Twitter

we won’t be hosting regular open hours for the summer. Check back in with us late August