In times like these, no work to be found even if we want it, not enuf weed and acid in the world to make time pass fast enuf, we must dig deep and remember play as a method of killing time. You could fill your night with such activities as: 1. Walking around your neighborhood til you find a nice banner
2. Cut it down and bring it to your sacred spot
3. Smoke weed until you come up with a cool thing to say on it
4. Remember There’s a bridge over the trader joe’s That’s good for dropping stuff
5. Make a banner encouraging looting of said trader joe’s
6. Bike over and drop that banner

7. Make your way over to the property Joel Freedman owns on 21 and locust.

8. Add your words to those of the crew who got there the night you originally wanted to
9. Steal some snacks to keep you sustained
10. Spray over a security camera at a Wells Fargo
 11. Engage in a low effort cat and mouse type game with a police car

12 haviing come to a spiritual awakening

As a result of these actions , become resolutely committed to sharing the stories of them as well as the tactics involved
 in solidarity with every laid off restaurant worker, and with everyone who’s ever turned a trick,
the anticapitalist contingent of the philly mural arts program