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Our October issue is out. We’re on time-ish.

O C T O B E R   F R I E N D L Y   F I R E 

-we’ll continue to meeting at 7 PM (not 7 AM) on Tuesdays
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Vaughn 17 Court Support

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Banner supporting Vaughn Uprising prisoners seen over Christopher Columbus Blvd during morning commute in Philadelphia, PA. Participants in Feb 2017 uprising at Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware face trials this month thru next yr. Jury selection for 1st trial starts today

On February 1, 2017, prisoners revolted & took over Building C at the maximum security prison in Smyrna, Delaware. 4 prison employees were taken hostage & one died after a police raid retook the facility. Prisoners’ demands included better living conditions & access to educationPrisoners involved in the Vaughn Uprising also cited Trump’s inauguration as one of the reasons for their revolt – they believed the new presidency would inevitably embolden prison officials, whose unions endorsed Trump, to intensify neglect & brutality towards incarcerated ppl

Courthouse doors just opened here in Wilmington, Delaware where jury selection for the first trial is scheduled to begin today. Four of the prisoners involved in the uprising – Jarreau Akers, Dwayne Staats, Ramon Shankaras and Deric Forney – make up the 1st trial group


A Food Not Bombs chapter is providing free breakfast and tea to approximately a dozen supporters of the who have gathered outside the courthouse.

Wilmington Police have arrived and are telling Food Not Bombs they can’t serve food on the sidewalk by court without a permit. supporters told police a recent federal court ruling means Food Not Bombs is protected First Amendment speech that doesn’t need a permit

Police seem to have backed off ordering the Food Not Bombs table to leave the area by the Wilmington, DE courthouse after reportedly checking with their law department- the officer in charge just apologized to the people that minutes ago he had been ordering to leave.

We have been told that jury selection in the first trial is closed to the public, so we are unable to report from inside the courtroom today. The first batch of 4 defendants from the February 1, 2017 prison uprising in Smyrna, Delaware will begin trial on October 22.

Anathema Volume IV Issue IX

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Volume 4 Issue 9 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 4 Issue 9 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • Hate Crimes at SCI Phoenix
  • We All Live Downstream Pt. 2
  • What Is Direct Action?
  • What Went Down
  • “Always Escalate!”
  • Against The Cult Of Visibility
  • Life’s A Witch And Then You Fly
  • Examination: Imagination
  • Fireworks Etiquette At Demos

Friendly Fire’s September Newsletter Is (Finally) Out!

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The September issue of Friendly Fire is out!

S E P T E M BE R   2 0 1 8 

It’s a bit late, and we apologize for that, but perhaps we can use this as a chance to convince you to submit some writing to our blog and/or newsletter?

If you have any piece of writing you’d like to share – whether it be a report-back of a Christian leftist demo, a devotional or theological reflection, or anything related to the vision of Friendly Fire and the Christian Left – feel free to send it in. We want our blog and newsletter to amplify and connect the work of comrades in Christ.

All submissions can be sent to friendlyfireinfo@protonmail.com, as well as any others questions/inquiries.

Banner Drop near Harrisburg: “End Prison Labor, Shut Down Berks”

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Comrades in Harrisburg, PA have contacted us and requested that we share this image, with their accompanied text.

We dropped our banner on an overpass near Harrisburg,PA in solidarity with this past month’s prison strike. We want to honor their wishes to keep this issue in the public eye, letting our friends (and enemies) on both sides of the prison walls know that this is struggle will be ongoing,and that it will be at the cutting edge of the radical agenda until the last ashes of the last prison are blown away. We also wanted to make the same connection the striking prisoners did by acknowledging the struggle of the migrant families imprisoned in our own backyard by a proto-fascist regime. One of the three family detention centers in operation, Berks Family Detention Center is a monument to all we find disgusting, so we decided to put up a monument of our own in defiance. We we’re inspired by our comrades in Frederick,MD, and we hope we can inspire even more actions like this.

Fire to the Prisons. Set the Captives Free.

-Concerned Citizens

SCI Chester Prison Strike Banner Drop


Some anarchists dropped a banner reading “#PRISON STRIKE – FREE ALL PRISONERS” off the parking garage for the casino next to SCI Chester. Timing was good, and there were folks in the yard of the prison when we dropped it. Hopefully people both in the yard and in the dorms facing the banner saw it clearly, and felt some sense of the solidarity we hoped to communicate.

Unfortunately we couldn’t safely get a clear photo of the banner itself after deploying it. But whatever, out target audience was closer.

The PA Dept of Corrections is currently imposing severe restrictions on those it holds captive, including absurd rerouting of all mail through a private corporation in Florida, increased security screening for visitors, and soon, implementing a system where inmates will only have access to e-books after buying devices with which to read them at their own expense.

Considering this, we gotta figure out more creative ways to communicate with people inside while escalating on the outside. Like, actually escalating on the outside.

For rebellion inside and out,
for severe escalation to end prisons,
– some philly anarchists

Anathema Volume 4 Issue 8

from Anathema

Volume 4 Issue 8 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

Volume 4 Issue 8 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

In this issue:

  • We All Live Downstream
  • The Fight Against Borders Continues
  • The Mirage of Economic Prosperity
  • What Went Down
  • Accident or Attack?
  • Companies Profiting from Putting People in Cages
  • Knock Down Drag Out Fascists in the Street
  • The False Idol of Self Sacrifice
  • 7 Theses on Selfies
  • A Test of Strength

Prisoner Solidarity Banner


As a contribution to the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners and to the nationwide prison strike a banner was hung on Market Street near 46th Street train station.

Solidarity with anarchist and rebel prisoners! Fire to the Prisons!

A Couple Prison Strike Banners

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A couple of prison strike solidarity banners spotted over Philly freeways this morning. #August21 #SolidarityForever #PrisonStrike #PrisonAbolition #RememberGeorgeJackson

banner drop in solidarity with prison strike


Kickin’ off the nationwide prison strike with a banner drop in solidarity with prison rebels. The banner reads “NO BORDERS NO PRISONS! DESTROY ‘EM ALL!!! (circle A)”

Any act of resistance no matter how small, no matter the outcome, is significant. Even the smallest rebellion beats resigning to a life subjugation.

Fuck all prisons