PDFs of Anarchy Can’t Fight Alone and Willem Van Spronsen’s Final Statement


Formatted Kuwasi’s “Anarchy can’t Fight Alone” (8.5 x 14″) and Willem van Spronsen’s final statement (8.5 x 11″) into pdf’s for easy printing and sharing. Solidarity!

[Anarchy can’t fight alone]

[Willem Van Spronsen’s final statement]

Anathema Volume 5 Issue 3

from Anathema

Volume 5 Issue 3 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 5 Issue 3 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • Powerplant
  • Racist Cops
  • Sinkhole
  • What Went Down
  • Youth Migrant Jail
  • Talking Repression
  • A-Space Conflict
  • Giannis Escapes!
  • American Sonnet

Anathema Volume 5 Issue 2

from Anathema

Volume 5 Issue 2 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 5 Issue 2 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • What is a Collective?
  • Tactics Innovation Update
  • What Went Down
  • Whither the Insurrection II
  • Representation is Indirect Action
  • Galleanist Centennial
  • Vaughn 17 Update
  • In Memory of Mauricio Morales
  • World News
  • Immanent Immigration Arrests
  • Go-Gurt Reportback
  • Whereas (Poem)

RED: Breaking Ground

from Facebook

Check out RED’s latest zines: https://radicaleducationdepartment.com/zines/ “RED: Breaking Ground” includes our manifesto, an account of our emergence and objectives, a conversation with our comrades at Cutting Class, and an assessment of our first year of work.

[For reading online For printing]

Some cute posters


These have been popping up in North lol

Unicorn Riot Coverage of Candace Owen Protest

from Twitter

Far-right campus group Turning Point USA’s director Candace Owens just showed up at UPenn campus in Philadelphia. She ignored our questions about whether TPUSA plans to address ongoing neo-Nazi infiltration and recruitment among their membership.
[Video Here]

A group of Proud Boys and others have shown up and started a heckling match with antifascists opposing Candace Owens and Turning Point USA at UPenn in Philadelphia
[Video Here]
We were able to briefly interview Candace Owens when she appeared at UPenn in Philly today. Owens didn’t respond to a Q about her recent dubious Congressional testimony & called it “a weird question” when we asked about being cited in the New Zealand mosque shooter’s manifesto.
[Video Here]

Anathema Volume 5 Issue 1

from Anathema

Volume 5 Issue 1 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 5 Issue 1 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • Manifest Gentrification
  • Update on the Shooting of Kaleb Belay
  • What Went Down
  • Save on Septa and Get a Free Pizza!
  • Hearing the Calls
  • Dockless Scoots and Bikes
  • Campus Organizing
  • Assessing Risk
  • Ongoing Infrastructure Scars Across the Land
  • Whither the Insurrection?
  • Identity and Power
  • The Revolution Will be Messy
  • International Solidarity
  • Super Happy Fun
  • We Can Fight Gentrification
  • Revolutionary Letter

Spring issue of Friendly Fire

from Friendly Fire

friendly fire (1).png

s p r i n g    2 0 1 9    i s s u e 

Militant discipleship, revolutionary eschatology, tarot, info on our upcoming retreat what’s there not to love about the newest issue of Friendly Fire? Check it out here ❤ 

Also, you can still apply to the retreat in Minnesota (June 17-20)! You can do that here. Applications are due 4/15.

And if you have any spare cash to help comrades make it out to the retreat, you can donate here on our Chuffed.

Aries Blessings!

Research 101: Digging and Strategizing to Win

from Philly IWW

Much of our work goes beyond the one-on-one bonds across the workplace, the streets, and the city. This training hosted by the IWW is designed to give you the skills necessary to find and build leverage agains bosses, corporations, the police state, and more. Participants are highly encouraged to bring laptops as the training will cover many online public databases.

Topics covered will include:
-Forming a research strategy to win
-Corporation and land records searches
-Company financials and labor violations
-Public contracting of prison profiteers
-Public data on police
-Social media and network research

April 6th, 2019
at CityCoHo
2401 Walnut St. Philadelphia

Snacks will be provided!

Accessibility: 2401 Walnut street’s rear entrance has a ramp entering the building and elevators to the floor where our room is on. Please note that the entrance for CityCoHo is on the northern side of the building adjacent to the parking lot.

Liberation Project Calendar

from Facebook

We put together an event calendar!

To add your leftist, queer, weirdo events email us the name, date, time and event link (if there is one) at lp.calendar@mailfence.com
Feel free to share!

(image description: vintage cyanotype postcard from 1908 of a very adorable raccoon and a calendar)

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