Anathema Volume 4 Issue 7

from Anathema

Volume 4 Issue 7 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

Volume 4 Issue 7 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

In this issue:

  • Two Points About Mass Action
  • Red Belly: Reflections on Squatting an Autonomous Garden
  • Learning Lessons
  • Be Gay, Do Crimes: a Short History of Bash Back!
  • What is A-Space?
  • What Went Down
  • Fuck the Law

Propaganda Against Amazon and for the Prison Strike

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Banner Drop in Solidarity with #OccupyICEPHL

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Solidarity action: “Mayor Kenney End Pars” banner spotted in Philly.

The Local Kids – Issue 1


The Local Kids – A compilation of texts, a contribution to a correspondence between those who desire anarchy and subversion.

Issue 1 – Summer 2018

The year is 2018. Our living environment is increasingly interconnected and transparent. This is obvious for the digital reality but is also true for the physical – if the distinction between the two hasn’t already become too artificial. These tendencies have reinforced the validation of the self through affiliation to a group and subjugation to its norms. Before our eyes identities are being constructed, clashes erupt in the scramble for a space to carve out and claim. A bonus for its members is that the enforcing of the norms now is horizontally distributed. As society becomes more totalitarian, the main feeling becomes anxiety. Will for one more day our imperfections pass unnoticed, or maybe just tolerated? And while we invest everything in this socially acceptable image of ourselves we have created, we become the role we were only playing. Is this life?
No, it is a defeat, and we should refuse it. To acknowledge the richness of our desires, to explore them, to feel the power in developing them.
Nothing will make us repent of the choice for full life, the substance of which is autonomy, individual and collective. So we move towards the subversion of social relations.

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Banner Drop in Delco


We dropped a banner over the local “beep beep bridge in glenolden with a torched flag attached to it in solidarity with juneteenth and solidarity with the immigrants that are being locked in cages

Anathema Volume 4 Issue 6

From Anathema

Volume 4 Issue 6 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

Volume 4 Issue 6 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

In this issue:

  • Summer Against Prisons
  • Stop The Raids
  • State Aids Federal ICE Abductions
  • Collateral Violence of Society
  • The Legacy Of The Green Scare
  • Anti-Anarchist Repression in Canada
  • Amazon Watch
  • Poetry
  • What Went Down

Anathema Volume 4 Issue 5

from Anathema

Volume 4 Issue 5 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

Volume 4 Issue 5 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

In this issue:

  • May Day Communiques
  • Update On The Economy
  • Decadence And Risk
  • Technological Progress & The Modern World
  • What Went Down
  • Freedom For J20 Defendants: Call To Action
  • Keep My Name Out Your Mouth



We wrote “Fuck Amazon” on the sides of the Amazon Treasure Truck. Then we set fire to the cab. The boom we heard in the distance suggested it exploded.

There’s been almost no media coverage of this except for a short news story about a potential arson, which later got changed to a story that said that officials did not suspect any suspicious activity.

We will continue to fight against Amazon and HQ2, here and elsewhere.

re: billboard-sized banner drops


You’ve already seen some of our work: two ten by twenty-four foot banners repurposed from billboard advertisements for a world made into property to be bought and sold. No, “we don’t want their jobs, we don’t want their world.” We want to “abolish work, rediscover life,” and fuck up the flow of capitalism as we celebrated May Day – so we hung three large banners low enough that they would interfere with rush hour traffic on all three major highways in Philly on Tuesday morning. The third banner read, “Fuck ur job. Fuck work. General Strike. Happy May Day.” We lowered them slowly in already congested traffic to avoid causing an accident.

We wanted to play with the idea of a banner being more than a message, more than a subversion of the advertising that it was previously used for, and envisioned it as a soft barricade. Play and creativity are valuable, bringing us joy and inspiring further liberating activities. With that, may you continue to find joy in your own attacks and resistance.

Anti Amazon Banner at Whole Foods


This banner was dropped during the afternoon on May Day at the Whole Foods on South St. As the banner outstretched, we also dropped around 500 of these fliers to let those below know that the unification of Whole Foods and Amazon is just another insidious step in Amazon’s attempt to monopolize and control our lives entirely.

Whole Foods rests on a reputation of ‘fair’ pay and flexibility, community and support; but like all work, actually encourages a culture of alienation, domination, self-policing and snitching on your coworkers to maintain a false sense of security.

This was also a shout-out to Amazon and Whole Foods workers, and an encouragement to all to drag our feet more, take more breaks, and lie to our bosses.

We see through the thin facade and are against the greenwashed neo-liberalism that is Whole Foods Market.

Fuck all jobs, fuck Amazon, steal pay, steal candy.

[Flier text: It’s 2018, and the dystopian future we have feared is here. Cybernetics, misery and boredom are fully integrated into our lives… Amazon is a monopoly on our day to day activities, relations and desire Amazone wants to recreate this world as a sterilized and monitored wasteland, with no privacy and no free will. We reject their world. We want freedom. We want joy. We want life without measure. FTL (A) FTP]