Anathema Volume 7 Issue 1

from Anathema

Volume 7 Issue 1 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 7 Issue 1 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • Year In Review
  • What Went Down
  • Words Mean Things: Mutual Aid
  • Autonomous Delivery Robots
  • The Group Chat: Our New Social Hub
  • Comic
  • Philly Encampments: What We Lost When “We Won”
  • The Only News I Need Is On The Weather Report
  • Repression Updates
  • Poem

Banner Drop In Solidarity With Loren Reed

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Solidarity from Philly!
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Dwayne “BIM” Staats on Psychological Torture at S.C.I. Albion

from AMW English

“The job is never over; it simply changes from one task to the next. What I’m looking for, I suppose, is balance, and that is a moving target. Balance is not a passive resting place – it takes work, balancing the giving and the taking, the raking out and the putting in.”

-Robin Wall Kimmer

Peace & greetings!

The administration at S.C.I. Albion has empowered corrections officers and the psychologist who works in the RHU (Restricted Housing Unit) to deny our meals, showers, recreation and mail as a means of punishment, retaliation, and psychological torture.

Back in April/May 2020, my neighbor Rufus Davis committed suicide, and in July, another one of my neighbors Phillip Root attempted suicide, but was saved by a C/O named Nolan. Sadly, Nolan was chastised in front of the whole pod by Captain Campbell who said, “Don’t go in there saving nobody. If they want to hang, let them hang!” That statement underscores the total disregard for the lives of RHU inmates at S.C.I. Albion. The same tactics used on Rufus, Phillip and countless others who’d rather kill themselves instead of facing the mental torment, are still in place. It’s upsetting to see how desensitized guards have become towards denying prisoners meals, showers, recreation and mail. The RHU psychologist condones their behavior, the grievance system is useless, and once again, it’s looking like we’ll have to take matters into our own hands (which comes as no surprise).

The reality is we “the incarcerated” are unable to capture footage of excessive force, abuse of discretion, physical, psychological and emotional abuses, cruel and unusual punishment and any other acts of immorality committed by civilian staff, officers, and administrators inside these facilities. Therefore, the dissemination of our truths must be conveyed through word of mouth, writing, communiqués, articles, protesting and uprising.

Power is the people,



Anathema Volume 6 Issue 7

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Volume 6 Issue 7 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 6 Issue 7 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • What Went Down
  • Repression Update
  • White Supremacy & The World’s Destruction
  • Heating Up & Cooling Down
  • Balancing & Burning Out
  • Armed Struggle
  • Living In Fast Times
  • Decentralized Action
  • Nigerian Revolt
  • West Philly Vs The Proud Boys
  • Sick Ass Poster

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Anathema Volume 6 Issue 6

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Volume 6 Issue 6 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11)

Volume 6 Issue 6 (PDF for printing 11 x 17)

In this issue:

  • Black August
  • What Went Down
  • New Projects
  • What Next?
  • Repression Updates
  • Die-Off Debate
  • DIY Defunding
  • Back to School
  • PSL, Occupations, & Some Better Possibilities

Anathema: Volume 6 Issue 5

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Volume 6 Issue 5 (PDF for reading 8.5×11)

Volume 6 Issue 5 (PDF for printing 11×17)

In this issue:

  • Keeping The Embers Hot
  • What Went Down
  • Lore Blumenthal’s Case
  • Abolish The Police?
  • Mass Motives (End Notes Review)
  • Touch The Sky Review
  • Greek Solidarity With USA
  • FAI-FRI Call To Action
  • Reparations As A Verb
  • Annual Week Of Solidarity
  • Running Down The Walls

Philadelphia: Camp Maroon encampment press conference

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Philadelphia: Camp Maroon encampment press conference…
Speakers at Camp Maroon calling for more access to housing – authorities to permit the camp – disarming, disempowering, disbanding Philly PD. #Live now (alternate YouTube link)…
a closer look at the demands posted at the press conference for #CampMaroon in Philadelphia – our live feed is ongoing now

The camp is being renamed away from “Camp Maroon” and information will be released later about this

We are hearing a rundown on the Philadelphia camp demands now – live at press conference. Call to repeal ‘camping’ ordinances aimed at unhoused people, and must support tiny houses, without eating into existing public housing stock & resources…… Hearing about how people without housing are pushed into a system that does not care about them – that homelessness could be ended tomorrow by institutions in Philadelphia

Unicorn Riot Reporter Attacked By White Vigilantes Screaming “Kill Em!”

from It’s Going Down

[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above link.]

Unicorn Riot reporter Chris Schiano was attacked by a vigilante gang of white men armed with baseball bats and guns while reporting on the group defending the Christopher Columbus statue in Philadelphia’s Marconi Plaza.

“You’re so scared. Aren’t you embarrassed?” asked the man who initiated the attack on Schiano, later identified by antifascist researchers as John P. Alice, 36, of Philadelphia, owner of JA Painting and Remodeling. Alice began the attack by hitting Schiano’s bicycle with a metal bat. “So what do you think about how Christopher Columbus cut off the hands of people who didn’t bring him enough gold?,” Schiano asked, continuing to report. “They were fucking savages back then,” answered one of group. In total, the group numbered around 100 people, almost exclusively white.

At that point, a man hit Schiano in the head while his bicycle was grabbed. Though police were watching, they did not intervene. “If you’re gonna talk shit, get the fuck out of here,” said the man with Schiano’s bike as he dumped it on the sidewalk. At that point, another man grabbed Schiano and shoved him while a third man, wearing a Frank Rizzo t-shirt, pulled a knife and slashed both tires on Schiano’s bike. (Rizzo was a former Philadelphia Police Commissioner and Mayor with a long history of brutality, corruption, and racialized policing).

Schiano continued to film the vigilantes from the sidewalk for a few more minutes before he rushed by another man, identified by antifascist researchers as Michael Renzulli, Block Captain for 12th and Ritner, and the owner of Philly’s Finest Construction. A police officer then threatened Schiano with arrest for inciting a riot. Antifascist researchers quickly identified the officer as Captain Louis Campione. Antifascists also identified Anthony Fusco as one of the men present. Police did not arrest anyone in connection with the incident.

“We are aware of the groups of armed individuals ‘protecting’ the Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza. All vigilantism is inappropriate, and these individuals only bring more danger to themselves and the city,” Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney tweeted the following morning. “We are also aware of an apparent assault caught on video tape, as well as possible restrictions placed on journalists filming the event. These incidents are under investigation at this time.”

According to some reports, Michael Renzulli has been removed from his current post following the incident. Currently, there is a call from pro-police residents to rally in support of Renzulli, who they say has been reassigned to another part of the city.

Anarchy in the Streets of Philadelphia

from Mainstream Media

Ori Feibush remembers everything about the night an arsonist destroyed 11 townhouses he’d been developing in Philadelphia’s Point Breeze neighborhood. He was awakened by a neighbor banging on his door. He sprinted about two blocks from his home to the site, but firefighters wouldn’t let him near the blaze. “I was unfortunately standing as a bystander,” he said, “with all of my neighbors watching a project that I had worked on for half a decade burn to the ground.”
Mr. Feibush, 36, says he personally lost more than $1 million in the May 2017 fire, and his investors also took a substantial loss. Later that year, he says, someone unsuccessfully tried to set fire to another of his construction projects, in Fishtown. No one has been arrested or charged for either crime, but Mr. Feibush is convinced that local anarchists who consider themselves antifascist, or “antifa,” are to blame.
Point Breeze is predominantly black, and the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that between 2005 and 2009 roughly 1 in 3 residents lived in poverty. Mr. Feibush said the district had “seen 60 years of disinvestment, 60 years of drugs and crime,” but 12 years ago he decided to “take a chance on a neighborhood that a lot of developers didn’t want to take a chance on.” Mr. Feibush’s critics say he took advantage of the area’s cheap property and bad reputation, and that his market-rate developments drive up prices and displace longtime residents.

In the month before the first arson attack, posters went up in the neighborhood, including one urging locals to “smash back” against developers who are “displacing the black and brown people.” The posters singled out OCF Realty, Mr. Feibush’s company, and called for “direct action.” Anathema, which calls itself a “Philadelphia anarchist periodical,” noted the fire in its May 2017 issue under the heading “What Went Down.”

No one responded to my inquiry sent to the contact email for Anathema. The newsletter has no byline or masthead, so it’s unclear for whom it speaks. The Philadelphia Police Department declined a request for an interview, but a Federal Bureau of Investigation official answered affirmatively when asked if, over the past five years, Philadelphia had seen an increase in property crimes the agency interprets as protests against gentrification and capitalism.
“I don’t have an official tally,” Mr. Feibush said, but since 2015 “we experienced what I call ‘nuisance vandalism’ more frequently than monthly but less frequently than weekly.” That includes the fires as well as “slashed tires, paint on cars, graffiti on buildings.” Masked activists have fired paintballs at his employees, and someone shattered a window of Mr. Feibush’s home in July 2019.

“Philadelphia has long had a strong anarchist and antifascist scene,” says George Ciccariello-Maher, a local academic and the author of the forthcoming book “A World Without Police.” He notes that “a lot of the movements here recently” have targeted developers that activists deem “main drivers” of gentrification, including Mr. Feibush.
Not all of Philadelphia’s antifascists and anarchists engage in violence or vandalism, though many support a “diversity of tactics” and won’t denounce attacks on property. Some run food banks and organizations offering legal support and mutual aid. Others research and expose alt-right activists or agitate for the disinvitation of public speakers they consider fascist. Many shun electoral politics, but their ideas—including that capitalism is destructive and that police, prisons and immigration enforcement should be done away with—have become increasingly mainstream on the left.
Witness the 2017 election of Larry Krasner as Philadelphia’s district attorney. As a candidate, he claimed that “policing and prosecution are both systematically racist.” Since taking office, he has embarked on “an effort to end mass incarceration” by reducing sentences. His website trumpets dramatic declines in the number of charges brought by his office and a steep drop in the overall number of years the city’s convicted criminals will spend behind bars.

In Philadelphia, radical politics seem to have allowed radical leftists to destroy property with impunity. Mr. Feibush says Philadelphia police have dutifully investigated the property crimes against him and his business, but to his knowledge no one has been charged or prosecuted: “The feedback I receive is they can send over [the evidence] they have, but they don’t believe the DA’s office will prosecute.” Mr. Krasner’s office, he says, harbors an “unwillingness to do anything to these groups.” As a result, “they’ve clearly become more and more emboldened over the years.”
I asked Mr. Krasner’s office to respond. In an email, spokeswoman Jane Roh described Mr. Feibush as a “highly controversial/politically motivated developer.” (Mr. Feibush unsuccessfully ran for City Council in 2015.) She also noted that the August 2017 arson attempt predated Mr. Krasner’s tenure.
When I pointed out that a property crime against him occurred this month, Ms. Roh responded: “Did Mr. Feibush say that he deserves special treatment compared to the numerous other property owners who have been victimized over the past week or so? . . . It is unlikely that a crime involving any one individual, no matter how important or prominent they believe themselves to be, would require review by the District Attorney himself.”

Ms. Roh added that “the District Attorney has opened approximately 1,000 criminal cases since the period of unrest began, the majority of which are related to commercial burglaries and property destruction.” She said that “for there to be prosecution the police have to make arrests.”
Meanwhile, Mr. Feibush’s woes continue. On June 5, a security camera captured footage of three people bashing away at his office windows, he says, and this past weekend, someone slashed three tires of an OCF Realty truck.
Ms. Melchior is an editorial page writer for the Journal.

Philadelphia Police Threaten Unicorn Riot Reporter After Vigilante Assault

from Unicorn Riot

Philadelphia, PA – On Saturday evening dozens of armed vigilantes gathered in Marconi Plaza in South Philadelphia near a Christopher Columbus statue, ostensibly to “protect it” from vandalism. Several of the men assaulted our reporter on the scene and slashed his bike tires. Philadelphia police then threatened our reporter with arrest for “inciting a riot.”

[Video Here]

This video is the raw compilation of all of our available footage from the event.

Last Wednesday Unicorn Riot covered the toppling of a Columbus statue outside the Minnesota State Capitol, which came down during a wave of protests that have taken aim at symbols of reactionary politics and white supremacist iconography. A mural of controversial former Mayor and Police Commissioner Frank Rizzo was painted over a week ago not far from the site of tonight’s attack.

In recent weeks armed mobs of white men have gathered in Philly, a city with a long history of reactionary politics and racial tension. A similar armed group in Fishtown attracted international media attention.

At the Saturday evening gathering, the attendees appeared to be eager for a confrontation, waiting to attack anyone who might criticize or damage the statue. Some members of the group were openly carrying firearms and bats with others commenting that they had concealed carry firearms.  At least one of the men holding a gun appeared to have a military-style patch which read “Semper Tyranus,potentially in reference to John Wilkes Booth’s assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

Captain Louis Campione of the Philadelphia Police Department barred our reporter, Chris Schiano, from continuing to report on scene, claiming that Chris was “inciting a riot“.

In 2016 the Philadelphia Inquirer reported that Capt. Louis Campione signed a memo instructing officers to perform unconstitutional searches. Minutes before Unicorn Riot was forced from the scene by Campione, the crowd cheered as a man unveiled a Trump 2020 flag.

After our reporter was forced from the scene, the crowd continued to grow as night fell in the poorly illuminated city park on Broad Street. Earlier in the day Unicorn Riot covered the massive protest march in the city calling to “Defund the Police” attended by thousands of people – view our thread of pics and video from that march below.

[Twitter thread]

Anti-Reform Banner for George Floyd


In the wee hours of the morning of 05/29 we performed a meager act in remembrance of George Floyd and in support of our accomplices throwing down in so-called mpls, st. paul, memphis, louisville, nyc, la, phoenix and wherever else folx are fighting against the constant plague that is the police. Mpls burned down a fucking police station! You are all so inspiring , hope this little message shows a bit of love coming out of philly.

RIP GEORGE FLOYD, RIP AHMAUD ARBERY, RIP BREONNA TAYLOR, RIP PHILANDO CASTILE, and all the other people who have been murdered by the pigs and their white supremacist collaborators. Fuck reform, it’s about revenge, been a long time comin.


Anathema Volume 6 Issue 4

from Anathema

Volume 6 Issue 4 (PDF for reading 8.5×11)

Volume 6 Issue 4 (PDF for printing 11×17)

In this issue:

  • Lockdowns & Incarceration
  • What Went Down
  • Homelessness
  • Resource Extraction Updates
  • The State Of Surveillance
  • Interview With A West Philly Rent Striker
  • When Things Get Rough We Ride Together
  • A Short Timeline Of PA ELF Actions
  • Loving Anarchy (LA)
  • A Quick Rant On COVID
  • Expropriationist Anarchy In Crisis Times
  • Philly Bingo Card
  • Chapter Report Background



In a time where COVID-19 is sweeping it’s way through workplaces, shelters, and prisons.. wholefoods, amazon, and other large corporations are silencing their workers and trying to think of ways they can capitalize off of this pandemic. Houseless folks are being evicted from encampments regardless of the logical recommendations of the CDC. Prisons are death camps and our friends in cages are making masks in crowded conditions without the privilege to even wear one.
As a gesture of solidarity and an expression of our rage, we drop this banner for those on the inside fighting to get out, for the workers under the boot of the corporate masters at amazon and elsewhere, and the importance of practicing mutual aid. Not just now, but always.

Open squats!
Loot the Wholefoods!
Free the prisoners!

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Banner over 676, “Incarceration is murder – empty the cages” #mayday2020 🏴