After infiltrating fascist networks, learning of Jack Corbin’s real identity, and passing info to other antifascists in Philly to put out a true dox on Daniel McMahon, we decided to give Palehorse a home visit in Florida. Messages were left on Daniel’s home reminding him that “Philly ARA” (lol) can be anywhere and his poor old folks got a number of calls to let them know what their son is. Soon after, we noticed he stopped posting over 9000 things a day on his many social media accounts. Turns out he left the country then got mugged in a red-light district!
Keep in mind, putting out that dox on the real Jack Corbin and putting pressure on him personally completely ruins his whole praxis. He ascribes to some ghost internet warrior bullshit that requires him to stay anonymous. He talks more on various social media about how great Europe is, why American morons should consider fleeing to Europe, and that he’s taking a break from outting antifa.
So that’s 3 fascist fucks Philly antifascists have driven from the fuckin’ country.
The very real Philly ARA