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This week we will watch films about the 2012 Quebec student strike on the anniversary of one of its largest (if not most successful) demonstrations.

Seven years ago, on March 22nd 2012, students in Quebec held one of the largest demonstrations in Canadian history. At the time, the organizers were hoping that sheer numbers in the street would give them leverage in the ongoing student strike. Many anarchists and other groups had already been taking a different tack, focusing on developing street tactics through continuous direct actions. After the massive demonstration failed to bring the student organizers to the negotiating table, the strikers seemed to en masse turn their attention to “economic disruptions.” Coming on the heels of a particularly volatile annual anti-police demonstration (held yearly in Montreal on March 15th), these economic disruptions took an explicitly confrontational form. The films chronicle the events that followed.

The main film we will be watching is Submedia’s Street Politics 101 (30 minutes). We will begin this film at 3pm

Clips from the film Insurgence will also be shown throughout the afternoon. This is a rare and powerful document of the period.

For more info on the Quebec student strike:

[March 22nd from 3PM to 6PM at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]