A story related to me was that a comrade was in Rittenhouse on a beautifiul weekend day, when a random encounter brought about intel that someone in Nazi regalia was riding a train from south jersey into Philly- He was in full miiltary fatigues, with an SS armband, Sonnenrad on his backpack, and a skull mask.

He soon appeared in Rittenhouse Park, it appears he was on a date, walking around in this nazi uniform holding hands with some other terrible person. There was a heavy police presence on one side of the park due to an earlier protest. The kid was tailed for a few laps around the park- He was about 5’6, slim build, hair dyed bright red with shooting earmuffs on. You’d think dressed like that he’d have the situational awareness to look behind him. He gave off edgy teen vibes, what would possess someone to walk around center city Philadelphia looking like that?

People around the park had apparently looked at each other shocked- some saying “do you see that? What the fuck?”. Several people pointed him out. A comrade tailing him had waited until he was opposite from the police presence and pounced, a sharp piece of metal to the back of the head. Some people nearby cheered themĀ on, encouraged them to flee. they escaped without issue.

No one should feel safe walking around Philly decked out in full nazi shit. He was probably in the city for all of 10 minutes. Don’t allow an inch.

All that is known about him is he lives somehwere in New Jersey. Hopefully more intel may follow. He feels no shame in going into public in explicit nazi dress. This should always be met with instant preemtpive force. Nazis should never, under any circumstances, feel safe in this city. Be afraid.