We had a lot of fun last night in response to the SMASHBLACKFRIDAY call to action.Using techniques learned from reading other communiques on this blog, we sabotaged 3 ATMS in south philly using superglue and plastic cards that came in some junk mail. We also hit the Frank Rizzo mural in the Italian market, tagging “FTP (A)”.Dropped a banner near 30th street station which reads “CAPITALISM STUNTS EMPATHY” with an iron front, and, slashed the tires of 5 indiego bikes.There’s seriously nothing like directly attacking capital as a concept during the biggest shopping week of the year. We’re having so much fun and I hope y’all reading do as well. Get creative, get rowdy, and protect each other. Fuck Capitalism, Love yr friends. Big love to everyone who’s ever hit the Rizzo mural, and everyone who will in the future.


Deviant Dykes in solidarity with all y’all fuckin shit up during the week of #BloodFriday