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URGENT: John Bramble of the Vaughn 17 is on hunger strike. The Vaughn 17 continue to be retaliated against in PA. They have now been in solitary for 3.5 yrs in retaliation for a prison uprising that the State couldn’t prove they participated in.

Johnny is still being held on the Restricted Release List (indefinite solitary) w/o due process. Lately he’s being harassed by guards to discourage him from testifying for another prisoner who was accused of attacking the cops. He has no other recourse left except hunger strike.
Johnny is asking for us on the outside to call SCI Rockview at 814-355-4874 (btwn 9am-3:30pm today or tmrw); ask to talk to Superintendent Garman or Deputy Superintendent Houser. You can say you’re concerned for his safety and his mental state and that he’s not eating.
He says he is not going to break the strike until something changes. If you support militant resistance against prisons, PLEASE call today or tmrw! These guys took major risks & came together in multiracial solidarity against the system. We can’t let them fall through the cracks!