In the wee hours of July 6th, the office of the Pro-Life Union of Greater Philadelphia (88 Pennsylvania Ave Oreland, PA) had their front window smashed and their wall vandalized with “JANE’S REVENGE”. The Pro-Life Union runs two crisis pregnancy centers (Guiding Star Mother’s Home: 1940 E Chelten Ave, Philadelphia, PA, and The Cenacle: 1509 Church St, Philadelphia, PA) and an anti-abortion pregnancy hotline (610-626-4006). They also organize anti-abortion rallies outside of abortion clinics where clients are harassed and shamed, and have numerous member organizations involved in a variety of anti-abortion programs in the greater Philadelphia area (list can be accessed at

We hope that all queers, anarchists, anti-fascists, and just plain-old pissed-off feminists in the area will use this information wisely. Plan with a group of friends, wear a mask, and take action. Project your rage on your enemies. Dissapear into the night.

Solidarity with all those attack the state, capital, civilization, and patriarchy.

-Janes Revenge (A)