Neo-Nazi Meetup Attendees Identified

from Twitter

So far, we’ve identified two of the individuals who attended a 2020 neo-Nazi meetup at Ringing Rocks Park in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Photo’d below are neo-Nazis Matthew Robert Guse & Gregory Anthony Cristiano (who is also a pedophile & sex offender). A ????… /1

Scranton resident Matthew Guse was exposed by @discord__panic in 2019 as a member of white nationalist organization Identity Evropa (then rebranded as “The American Identity Movement”). Below is a summary of Panic’s article from @IGD_News column TWIF. /2 panicinthediscord.noblogs.or…

Despite his Nazi affiliations, Guse was allowed to graduate from Lackawanna College in May 2020. Unfortunately, the photos here prove that (despite scrubbing the internet of accounts using his real name or Identity Evropa username) Guse is still involved in Nazi organizing. /3

Next is Upper Black Eddy, PA resident Gregory Anthony Cristiano. Cristiano is not only a neo-Nazi. He is also a pedophile and sex offender, according to public records which you can access here: /4…

Ringing Rocks Park is located in the town of neo-Nazi Gregory Cristano’s residence — Upper Black Eddy — so it is likely that he was the one to suggest this meetup with his fellow neo-Nazis. FYI Cristiano also has connections to the NY town of Massapequa. /5

All attendees proudly display roman salutes in 2 separate photos. Photo’d also, a medallion featuring a Nazi Eagle, with the swastica replaced by an Edelweiss flower. See ???? below for more info about the fascist imagery displayed by these neo-Nazis. /6
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We’re still looking into the identities of these three neo-Nazis. Their meetup was in Bucks County, Pennsylvania so it is likely that they live somewhere in eastern PA or western/central NJ. Feel free to send tips via DM or ProtonMail. /7
We don’t tolerate Nazi organizing in our region. If you get together with your Nazi friends in public, we will let the world know who you are. Cut ties with all supremacist contacts and begin your journey toward deradicalization, or we WILL expose you. #WeKeepUsSafe /8

How many light bulbs does it take?


Exterior Decoration Tutorial and Communique

Supplies Needed:
glass light bulbs
duct tape
soft surface or container

Step 1:
Wearing gloves, use pliers to remove the top of the light bulb (to make a hole in the top). Be sure to break off any extra pieces. (Remove the small plate and dark glass, NOT the threaded metal sleeve.)

Step 2:
Use screw driver to pierce a hole through the top into the main section of the light bulb.

Step 3:
Mix paint with water.

Step 4:
Use funnel to transfer paint mix into light bulb.

Step 5:
Wipe everything (tape, bulbs etc) clean with alcohol.

Step 6:
Duct tape hole shut. You can use a soft surface (like an egg carton) to secure bulbs and keep them from falling over.

Step 7:
Pack your bulbs with cushioning in a container you don’t care about getting messy.

Step 8:
Find your target.

Step 9:
Aim high and throw hard!

In response to the March 6th Call for Action we paint-bombed a pro-life billboard because fuck pro-life propaganda. No one should have to have a baby who doesn’t want to.

Sabotage is fun!
Paint on patriarchy and gender!

-Insurrectionary Feminist Exterior Decoration Committee

Dauphin County Phone Zap


*Content Warning: Sexual Harrassment and Exploitation of Vulnerable adults*

Correctional Officer Adams of the Dauphin County Prison, PA has been strip searching and video recording trustee inmates on several occasions starting February 15th, 2021. CO Adams also had 10 men from H Block strip down while video-recording them. This is sexual harrassment, this is predatory behavior, this is a violation of human rights. This is a direct violation of the DOC’s Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

We urge community to contact Dauphin County Prison and demand justice for these inmates.

Please Contact:

Dauphin County Prison Phone: (717) 780-6800

Dauphin County PREA Manager: J. Scott Burford T: 717-780-6307 Email:

Department of Corrections
Central Office Main Phone Line: 717.728.2573
Central Office Email:

Tabb Bickell, Executive Deputy Secretary for Institutional Operations 717.728.4122 ext: 4123

Demand the immediate termination of CO Adams, Demand that the PREA Manager for Dauphin County conduct an internal investigation as officers rarely act alone in these instances

Sample Script


I am a resident of _________ (county/city) and I am contacting you regarding the ongoing sexual harrassment and predatory tactics being used on inmates of Dauphin County Prison. CO Adams has repeatedly violated the Prison Rape Elimination Act by strip searching and video taping inmates. We demand the immediate termination of CO Adams and a full investigation by the DOC and PREA Contact J. Scott Burford. ”

Against the Party for “Socialism” and Liberation: Proletarian Feminism is the Weapon to Smash Revisionism!

from People’s Voice

[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above link.]

Character Assassination and Denial: Steven Powers and PSL Philly

In July of 2020, Dakota of PSL Philly reported fellow member Steven Powers for sexual misconduct at the behest of Powers’ then-girlfriend, who used the name Griselda online. In the weeks following his report, Dakota was charged with violating PSL’s constitution, removed from organizational chats, slandered by his so-called comrades and generally isolated by party leadership. Dakota highlighted this process in detail1 after attempting to struggle over the issue through the proper channels. PSL claims that Powers was throroughly investigated, but thus far the only people to see any consequences for his predatory and abusive actions are the people he harmed.

Griselda, who brought his behavior to the attention of other party cadre, has been systematically harassed and stalked by party leadership. In a formal party statement, PSL even disclosed Griselda’s legal name and location, and declared that their investigation committee concluded that Griselda had falsely accused Powers. It’s worth noting that PSL has taken down the statement down due to Griselda threatening suicide; some members now insist that she was not doxxed, repeating the lie that that the original statement had only her first name in it.

What is perhaps most concerning about PSL’s treatment of Griselda is the fact that the party’s investigation into the matter was entirely internal, though she was never a party member. An internal committee of PSL members reading through text messages is not only unqualified to rule out abuse, it is obviously a ploy to avoid transparancy and protect the org’s reputation at any cost. Let us be crystal clear:This is not an internal issue of party discipline. This is an issue of a party member abusing someone outside of the PSL.

The process was further compromised by Powers’ close friendship with members of the Steering Committee, which headed the investigation. Steering Committee member Timour K. was seen hanging out with Steven Powers with other PSL members during the investigation, despite contact with Powers being restricted by the Party.

A recently released statement by former PSL Philly members2, originally intended for internal struggle, details how PSL manipulated Griselda’s accounts to make her out to be a “hysterical woman” and distorted the context for Griselda’s “consent” in order to find Steven Powers innocent of abuse. The Steering Committee also concealed the fact that Powers had another accuser.

If revolutionary parties truly wish to earn the position of vanguard, they must be accountable to the masses, both inside and outside party membership. PSL’s attempts to resolve contradictions between themselves and the unorganized masses through secretive internal meetings reveals not only a disconnect from the broader masses, but a deep fear and distrust of them as well. This is far from the first time that PSL has sprung to the defense of over-degreed white chauvunists in its ranks.



Gentrifying Activist Spaces – PSL Philly

from Google Drive

[Document Here]

Meet Philadelphia Proud Boy Richard Schwetz, aka “PhillyDick” aka “Dick Sweats.”

from Twitter

Meet Philadelphia Proud Boy Richard Schwetz, aka “PhillyDick” aka “Dick Sweats.”
He was at the Proud Boys’ “rally” in West Philly on Saturday, threatening to dox protesters.
He works for @InovaPayroll in Reading, PA.
Hey, @InovaPayroll, why do you employ hate group members?

Pete Dardas of the Berks County Sheriff’s Department

from It’s Going Down

[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above link.]

Antifascist researchers using the pseudonym Firestorm on Fash we able to track the racist social media posts from Constable Pete Dardas of the Berk County Sheriff’s Department. His Facebook posts are littered with meme’s about “Black on Black crime” and “refusals to apologize for being white.” He regularly posts racially insensitive content in response to the recent wave of removals of confederate and other racist monuments.

As you might expect, he posts plenty of anti-ANTIFA propaganda as well as sexist content. He also posts a ton of sexually charged content, which makes us wonder if the memes are indicators of his behavior in real life, or more importantly, on his shift.

Finally, he posted a diatribe in response to the George Floyd Uprising where he includes some thoughts on the Philadelphia Police Commissioner. He includes his belief that protesters who block highways deserve to be run over, his desire to shoot and kill protesters, his belief that blue lives matter over Black lives and that BLM should be labeled a terrorist organization.

Dardas uses his social media to make veiled threats toward minority groups and activists and given his position of power at the Berks County Sheriff’s Department, it’s clear that his is an absolute danger to the community. After this dox dropped, an understandably outraged community contacted the Berks County Sheriff’s Department calling for Constable Dardas’ removal and as of July 8th, the Dardas had officially resigned.

Graffiti for Dominique Remmie Fells

from Instagram

Someone sent us this dope pic of a piece for Dominique Remmie Fells. She was a black trans woman recently found murdered here in Philly. RIP Remmie

Columbus Statue Focal Point for South Philly Right-Wingers

from Unicorn Riot

Philadelphia, PA – Marconi Plaza has served as the gathering site for right-wing South Philly residents this past weekend. Members of the crowd were almost exclusively of Italian-American heritage, reflecting the ethnic composition and culture of some of the surrounding neighborhoods.

Two weeks ago the city of Philadelphia removed a statue of ex-police chief and ex-mayor Frank Rizzo. Five days later, on June 7, the city painted over the Rizzo mural that had been subjected to years of regular defacement by anti-racist and LGBTQ+ community members. Though in the 1970s Rizzo was celebrated as a success by local Italian-American residents, he was also responsible for the 1985 bombing of a Black residential neighborhood, home to Black liberation group MOVE.

Monuments to historical figures such as Christopher Columbus have been targeted with defacement and removal over the past two weeks across the United States, such as in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where Indigenous community members worked together to rip a Columbus statue from the state capitol grounds.

Philadelphia has two memorials to Columbus: a monument at Penn’s landing, and a statue in Marconi Plaza in South Philly. Marconi Plaza is namesake to Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi, a Nobel Prize winner for his work in radio communications as well as a passionate fascist collaborator who helped Benito Mussolini’s regime implement anti-semitic policies.

After rumors swirled—primarily in neighborhood Facebook groups—that Mayor Jim Kenney may order the removal of the statue, some South Philly residents congregated in the public plaza in a show of support for the statue to remain.

Unicorn Riot documented the scene over the weekend. Many residents had armed themselves with baseball bats, sticks, and golf clubs, and at least one man was visibly armed with some kind of rifle. Bats were observed hidden around the area on Sunday.

Several of those gathered told our reporter on the scene that the Columbus statue represents their Italian heritage. A century ago, anti-Italian sentiment bubbled in the United States as hundreds of thousands emigrated from Italy, fleeing desperate conditions during World War I. Congress’ Immigration Act of 1924 severely constricted immigration from countries with high Catholic and Jewish populations — allowing in 4,000 emigrants per year from Italy, just 2% of the yearly average from a decade earlier — as well as immigration from all other places that weren’t northwestern European countries with an Anglo-Saxon populace.

When our reporter asked about the personal acts of brutality and torture perpetuated against Native people more than 500 years ago by Cristoforo Colombo (Columbus’ name in Italian), some South Philly residents espoused racist sentiments against Indigenous people, while others denied the atrocities had ever taken place.

Some of the right-wing crowd were there for reasons other than protecting the statue. Some in the crowd wore matching ‘I Stand With Frank Rizzo’ pro-police shirts, along with pro-Trump t-shirts and several Trump flags.

The South Philly vigilantes often approached anyone entering the area, inquiring where they lived and harassing them as not being “from here” if they weren’t recognized. Racist and sexist slurs were used freely by the men and women confronting various passers-by.

Mayor Kenney tweeted that the vigilantism is “inappropriate” and warned that it brings “more danger to themselves and the city.

Our reporter on the scene, Christopher Schiano, was assaulted multiple times on both Saturday and Sunday night by many of those who had gathered in Marconi Plaza. The tires to his bicycle were slashed on Saturday, and on Sunday one man damaged the camera Chris was using to document events.

After multiple Philly police officers witnessed the violence against our reporter Saturday evening, Philadelphia Police Captain Louis Campione threatened Chris with arrest if he did not comply with Campione’s order to disperse.

Over both days other community members gathered in opposition to Frank Rizzo and Christopher Columbus, as well as to protect others in the neighborhood from harassment and bullying. “Most of the screaming I heard was from the people who want to keep the statue,” said local resident Mark Dougherty, adding that the gathered vigilantes were heard chanting, “USA!

Several white men were visibly intoxicated on Sunday evening and became more belligerent towards the “Fuck Frank Rizzo” counter-protesters, threatening them with stalking and murder.

Dozens were assaulted and aggressively ejected from the area throughout the evening by vigilantes as the police largely stood by.

On Monday, June 15, Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson (D-52) issued a statement in response to the weekend of violence in South Philly, remarking that the city’s reaction to the vigilantism was a “stark contrast” to its reaction towards Black Lives Matter protesters.

This country may have amended the Constitution to correct the blatant disregard of Black lives during its founding, but we have not done the work to change the perceptions and systems that continue to make it possible.” — Councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson

She stressed that the country’s laws, as well as the application of the law, must be “applied consistently and do not disproportionately harm Black people.” Gilmore Richardson added that the threats and attacks towards reporters were “completely unacceptable” and that the freedom of the press must be upheld.

As of Tuesday reports continue coming in of assaults and attacks that have been made by vigilantes surrounding the Columbus statue in Marconi Plaza.

In a letter to Public Art Director Margot Berg, Mayor Kenney asked Ms. Berg to “initiate as soon as possible the public process through the Art Commission” regarding the possible removal of the statue.

I believe that a public process, allowing for all viewpoints, especially those of indigenous people whose ancestors suffered under the rule of European settlers, to be in the best interest of the City.” — Philadelphia Mayor Kenney

As of Monday, June 15, an investigation is ongoing in the Philadelphia Police Department regarding the lack of police interference in the violent vigilante behavior over the past three days. Captain Campione has been transferred out of South Philly’s 1st district, where he had worked for the past 10 years in his 40+-year-long career as a Philadelphia police officer.

It remains to be seen whether the Columbus statue in Philadelphia will stay. For now the demonstrated willingness of the armed vigilantes to use violence to keep others away from the Columbus statue may prevent anti-racist community members from toppling the statue themselves, but the city of Philadelphia may yet act to remove the memorial to a man responsible for Indigenous genocide as unrest over systemic racism continue rippling through the country.

Racist Attacks Continue at Marconi Plaza

From Instagram

Yesterday, South Philly racists aka The Gravy Seals/ Veal Team 6, gathered at the Christopher Columbus statue at Marconi Plaza where they got drunk, brandished weapons at all those that disagreed with them and throughout the day kettled people to jump them as cops watched. Multiple women and femmes, including a group of young teens, were sexually harassed and groped. Racial epithets were yelled at Black people in attendance. The police cleared some people from Marconi Plaza, leaving a group of racists by the statue. One sergeant said “We’re only going to get involved if fists start flying- they can yell at each other all they want” but when the racists started to punch the sergeant just pulled out his phone and ignored it. The journalist from @unicorn.riot who was jumped on Saturday was targeted multiple times. They pushed a woman down in the middle of Oregon Avenue, beat her and stole her phone. Multiple people were pepper sprayed, and someone who was sprayed was subsequently punched in the face. One man from Veil Team 6 kept screaming “I want war” all day. Make no mistake where fascists stand- they want a race war and they are backed by the police.

John Alice, Racist Vigilante Responsible for Attacking Journalist

from Twitter

An @UR_Ninja reporter was attacked tonight in Philadelphia by a vigilante gang armed with baseball bats. The attack was initiated by John Alice, owner of JA Painting and Remodeling, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who struck the reporter’s bike with a metal bat.

He’s been spending his days boarding up local businesses, and apparently leading attacks on reporters at night.

Curiously, he doesn’t seem to be connected to any organized hate groups. This is just white reactionary violence spilling up. John does, however, have police connections. His brother, Michael, was an officer with the Philly PD.

In 2017, Michael Alice was one of several officers sued for police brutality.…

Like 40% of police, Michael Alice also has a history of family violence. In 2015, he was charged with assaulting his girlfriend.…

You can see video of how the altercation begins here. “You’re so scared,” John Alice says, as the reporter is surrounded by an armed gang.
[Video Here]

The reporter asks about Columbus’ genocide of indigenous people. “They were fucking savages back then,” answers one of the posse.

One member of the group then hits the reporter and takes the reporter’s bike, as another slashes the bike’s tires.

This is white reactionary violence. This is a posse, a mob, and the hate group they’re connected to is the Philadelphia Police. Rather than contain the mob, the then cops threatened @UR_Ninja‘s reporter with arrest if he didn’t leave.

Philadelphia PD were also filmed by @UR_Ninja shaking hands with some of the white vigilante mob.

The cops in Philadelphia are using paramilitary gangs of white vigilantes, shaking their hands, and threatening to arrest the reporters they attack in violation of the 1st Amendment. Don’t give me bullshit about reforming the police. Defund and abolish the police. ❤️????✊

If you would like to donate to @UR_Ninja–possibly to fund new bike tires– please consider making a monthly donation here. I’m a monthly donor, and very proud to support independent journalism.

Local Police Information

from Instagram

There are 796,000 police officers in the US in 17,000 police departments. 85% are men and 77% are white, average age 39, average yearly salary of $69, 036. You could think of cops as a militarized white men’s club with all the makings of patriarchy, weaponized white privilege and a culture of loyal brotherhood. The police are also occupiers of oppressed communities, enforcers of systematic inequality. In some communities during a medical emergency cops may be your best bet getting to the hospital. Or you could just consider them all bastards.

Doxx: Joshua Knarr, Right Wing Death Squad Member in Norristown PA

from It’s Going Down

[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above links.]

Antifascist researcher We Will Be Ruthless have identified Norristown, Pennsylvania resident and Right Wing Death Squad member Joshua Knarr. RWDS became a far-right meme in 2018, and in response to the popularity of the meme, a Facebook group was created. According to the dox, Knarr has been involved with the RWDS Facebook group since January 2020 and posts frequently.

In his posts, Knarr refers to Black people as “farm equipment”, makes jokes about Jewish people and the Holocaust, reminisces about fascism and supports “rapewaffen”, a neo-Nazi accelerationist tactic that has been promoted by neo-Nazi groups like Atomwaffen as a way to send (accelerate, if you will) civilization into a race war.

His posts also include anti-Asian sentiment, Nazi nostalgia, and general racism and even mocks the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, who died at the hands of three white men. Knarr also participates in discussion around the indoctrination or “red-pilling” of younger people through Minecraft servers. He also occasionally posts memes that originate in eco-fascist and accelerationist terrorist circles.

Joshua Knarr is currently employed at Envestnet, a wealth management firm. You are encouraged to contact them via their twitter account, as well as reaching out to Envestnet CEO Bill Crager and President Stuart DePina. You can also reach out via email to the media relations team:

Jovi Val Shouted Down by Antifascists, Tagged with Gritty Sticker, Escorted Out by Cops in Philadelphia

from It’s Going Down

[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above link.]

Unregistered gun-haver Jovi Val was detained by law enforcement Saturday in Philadelphia, when he showed up to troll the March to End Rape Culture (formerly known as the SlutWalk). Val was escorted away by police for blocking the entrance to a Marriott hotel. He refused initial orders to leave because he was surrounded by antifascist protesters, and was eventually led away by law enforcement.

Val wore a Proud Boys hat and carried a bizarre sign reading “Trump is a Jew – Everything.”

Prior to Val’s detainment, an antifascist managed to tag his sign with a sticker of antifa icon Gritty.

In April of this year, Val organized a “Fash Bash” celebration of Hitler’s birthday in the Poconos, along with the neo-Nazi New Jersey European Heritage Association. In mid-September, Jovi Val was a featured speaker at a pro-Trump rally in Dalonega, Georgia, which was organized by neo-Nazis, even though Val claims to no longer be involved in the MAGA movement.

Matthew Missimer of Downingtown Identified as a Fascist

from It’s Going Down

Chicago Antifa identified Matthew Missimer, of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, as far-Right Twitter troll @Mathaeus-M. He frequently retweeted neo-Nazi and white nationalist accounts, including former Traditionalist Worker Party co-founder Matthew Parrott, white nationalist website VDARE, and Identity Evropa, and made frequent misogynistic and transphobic statements. After being publicly identified, Missimer promptly deleted his Twitter account.

“We are the account killers,” quipped Chicago Antifa. “3rd one this week.”

According to his LinkedIn profile, Missimer is an Invoice Processor at Aerotek, a staffing services company in Downington, Pennsylvania. You can let them know about their employee by tweeting @Aerotek.

[twitter post]

[Philly Anticap note: We have only included a locally relevant fragment of the original post. To read the whole post follow the link at the top of the post.]