*Content Warning: Sexual Harrassment and Exploitation of Vulnerable adults*

Correctional Officer Adams of the Dauphin County Prison, PA has been strip searching and video recording trustee inmates on several occasions starting February 15th, 2021. CO Adams also had 10 men from H Block strip down while video-recording them. This is sexual harrassment, this is predatory behavior, this is a violation of human rights. This is a direct violation of the DOC’s Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

We urge community to contact Dauphin County Prison and demand justice for these inmates.

Please Contact:

Dauphin County Prison Phone: (717) 780-6800

Dauphin County PREA Manager: J. Scott Burford T: 717-780-6307 Email:

Department of Corrections
Central Office Main Phone Line: 717.728.2573
Central Office Email:

Tabb Bickell, Executive Deputy Secretary for Institutional Operations 717.728.4122 ext: 4123

Demand the immediate termination of CO Adams, Demand that the PREA Manager for Dauphin County conduct an internal investigation as officers rarely act alone in these instances

Sample Script


I am a resident of _________ (county/city) and I am contacting you regarding the ongoing sexual harrassment and predatory tactics being used on inmates of Dauphin County Prison. CO Adams has repeatedly violated the Prison Rape Elimination Act by strip searching and video taping inmates. We demand the immediate termination of CO Adams and a full investigation by the DOC and PREA Contact J. Scott Burford. ”