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A Second Eviction Has been posted by the city for both JTD (22nd and Ben Franklin) and Camp Teddy (2013 ridge ave)
Residents have no intentions of leaving while the city negotiates their livelihoods in circles.

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 18th @ 9:00 am.

We need bodies to come out and hold down both locations for
* Cop Watching & Police Survalince
•Patrolling the area, recording names and badge number. Lower arrest risk
* Barricading & Securing the Camp
* Help move, and construct barricades for the perimeter. Trucks are useful in picking up barricades from around the city and transporting them back. Lower Arrest Risk
* Residential Support
* Keep resident informed on ongoing actions, help residents pack their belongings and clean, keeping calm and getting/keeping contact in the event we are displaced. Lower arrest risk
* Defense Unit
* Willing and able to defend camp against the cops physically. Using your bodies as a line of defense. Come equipped with protective gear. Higher arrest risk

With eviction courts opening back up and the moratorium over, landlord and police are ready to ramp up eviction like this city has never seen before. Philly will not back down and submit to the oppressive forces trying to sweeps us up and out of sight. We will stand together. The city has decided to use our cities unhoused as testing bunnies for what poor and disenfranchised folks all around the city will experience on September 1st, when eviction are allowed to procede and people can be uprooted from their lives. Send a CLEAR message that an attack on our must vulnerable is an attack on our whole community, this is unacceptable. Will you stand with us?

Tomorrow morning, BEFORE 9 o’clock !

Be prepared to defend against our camp.