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As some of you may have heard, over the last month two former members of the LAVA collective have attempted to seize control of the building and community center. Banned for numerous reasons including misogynist and homophobic behavior toward collective and community members, renting space without approval and pocketing the money, etc, these former members first changed the locks on the entire building, refused to let anyone into the common areas or their own offices, and then resorted to calling the police on members of the collective in order to maintain their control.

Luckily, their bid to take the building for themselves has failed and the LAVA collective is now able to access the building. However, because these former members have chosen to involve police, LAVA is unable to bar them from entering the space as well – and if they see an opportunity, they may attempt another lockout.

That’s why LAVA is in dire need of financial support – in order to serve them with a notice to vacate (these former members do not live in the building or in west philly), we need advice from a lawyer so that the people in question will not be able to call the police again once they are successfully removed from the space.

Please donate what you can and share this campaign so that we can get advice from a lawyer, as well as do vital work on the space to make sure we pass L&I inspections which are happening as a result of the two people in question calling the police.

Thank you!

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