GDC Benefit Show

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GDC is hosting a benefit show at the Pharmacy in South Philly next Wednesday (1/23). Come join us for good bands and a good cause. #ForeverAntifascist

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J20 Really Really Free Market and Potluck!

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Spend J20 in solidarity with your comrades while browsing through stuff and eating food!

Please bring maximum 2 boxes of stuff so we’re not overwhelmed at the end with leftovers to donate

Bring whatever stuff you think someone else might like, food, clothes, movies, weird books, cool cool cool

Vegan and gluten free food will be available (at least in the beginning) It’s a potluck, please bring food to share if you can. Let’s just keep it a dry space please and thank you

There will be an donation bucket at the space to contribute towards Liberation Project’s Emergency Fund for comrades facing state repression after events. If you feel inclined to throw a couple of bucks their way that would be great!

***If you’re part of a group/collective that is interested in tabling the RRFM message us! If anyone wants to play music or perform or something also message us!***

♥ Liberation Project

Support The Vaughn 17!

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Support defendants in the Vaughn uprising trial as they face immense repression!


After a series of peaceful protests yielded few results, incarcerated
comrades took over a building at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in
Delaware on February 1st, 2017. Citing the election of Donald Trump and
worsening prison conditions as reasons for the uprising, prisoners took
control of their unit for over 18 hours until the state used a backhoe
to demolish a prison wall. One of the correctional officers, Steven
Floyd, was found dead following the uprising.

The state of Delaware has since accused 17 prisoners of outrageous
offenses, including three counts of murder for each of 16 of those
inmates. Desperate to assign blame instead of acknowledging the
notoriously abusive conditions at Vaughn that led to the uprising, the
state has been doing whatever it can to put these people away for life,
despite having no hard evidence against any of them. Its case relies
entirely on contradictory witness testimony from prisoners who stand to
gain from testifying.

In spite of this, one prisoner has already been found guilty of all but
one murder charge, and another of kidnapping and assault. Since then,
one of the 17 defendants was tragically found dead in his cell; another
potential witness had died under mysterious circumstances the week

The trial for the next four defendants will begin in mid-January, and
the defendants, their loved ones, and their other supporters expect a
long and difficult road ahead. We are raising money to distribute directly
among the 16 remaining defendants’ commissaries, as well as to put towards
purchasing clothes and legal supplies, so that those of them still facing trial
can be as prepared as possible.

Thank you!!!


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A few months back, a group of people were arrested for allegedly protesting a “blue lives matter” demonstration in Philadelphia.

The same night as the arrests, the alleged protesters were told their charges had been dropped and were released.

In October, one of them was re-arrested, for no reason other than to receive charges for the same prior incident.

At the protest, the police were physically abusive and used their fists on people they were arresting. People were injured and traumatized and are now being vindictively harassed, hunted down and re-arrested because of the nature of the protest.

Other people who were detained or alleged to be involved with that demonstration may also find themselves facing retroactive arrests or charges.

Please chip in what you can and share with your networks to help the person who was re-arrested make their bail back, which was $1200.

Again, other people who were alleged to be involved with that demonstration may find themselves facing retroactive arrests soon, so we will need to raise funds for them as well.

Thank you so much for your support!

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Help Our Memaw!

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Margot is a dear comrade and community organizer residing in West Philly, after moving here from Louisiana a couple months ago.
This summer the PPD beat her up a couple times while she was lending her talent and efforts to the #EndPARS movement.
As a result of this, she was fired from her job.
Luckily, she’s been hired again, but now we need help!!

Margot’s car needs ~$700 worth of repair.
She needs this car to go back and forth from her new job, which is her sole source of income right now.
Everything from this fundraiser will go directly to Margot and help her survive and thrive during her first winter in Philly.

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Running Down the Walls 2018 Reportback

from Philly ABC

On August 5, 2018, around 90 people ran, jogged or walked 5K to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the incarceration of the Move 9. The route chosen for this event started in Fairmount Park and went past the zoo that members of the Move organization protested in 1973 and 1974 in support of animal rights. The route continued down 33rd street to the intersection of 33rd and Pearl, where the former Move headquarters was before it was bulldozed by the city within 24 hours of the arrest of the Move 9.

Photographs of the Move 9, flowers, and candles as well as a board to write messages was available for supporters to stop and pay their respects at the halfway point. People passing by who knew members of the Move 9 also stopped to pay their respects.

While the national Running Down the Walls event was held in June this year, the Philadelphia event was set in August in order to coincide with the Move 40th anniversary. For this reason, all of the incarcerated people who ran on August 5th are in Pennsylvania or surrounding regions. Many runners on the outside ran with signs displaying the names of either recipients of the Warchest or other US held political prisoners. Including both runners on the inside and outside, the event totaled around 90 participants.

Yoga began promptly at 9:30 am “to warm up our breath, mind and bodies” as yoga instructor Sheena Sood put it. The group then took off in three sections: walkers followed by joggers and finally by runners. This enabled a lot of interaction along the route as people encountered each other frequently. The route was shady to set of the warmth of the day, and refreshments were provided by Solidarity Food Not Bombs.

Together we raised almost $2000 that will be split between Move 9 legal defense and the ABCF Warchest. To close, we squeezed together for a group photo chanting “Free the Move 9, Free All Political Prisoners!”


Running Down the Walls 2018!

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Hosted by Philly ABC and sponsored by the MOVE organization, Philadelphia’s first Running Down The Walls (RDTW) event is dedicated to the MOVE 9. On August 8th, the MOVE prisoners will have been locked in prison for 40 years. Despite irrefutable evidence of their innocence, and the prosecutorial misconduct used to convict them, the political warfare to keep them imprisoned endures.

Join us and Move prisoners as we run/walk/bike/skate this 5K together. If you would like to participate in light yoga and warm-up stretches before, please arrive around 9:15am. Bring a mat if you can! Philadelphia RDTW 2018, exists to amplify their voices, show solidarity, strengthen our forces and help Free the Move 9! If you cannot make it to the event or would like to make an additional contribution, please sponsor a participant either outside prison or inside or one of each. Contact us for more information on sponsoring!

Proceeds will be split between the Warchest Program and the MOVE 9 Support fund. The ABCF Warchest program sends monthly stipends to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War who have insufficient, little, or no financial support during their imprisonment.

Register for the 5K
Thanks for your support by running/walking/biking/skating the 5K! Everyone must fill out the following form to register NO LATER THAN JULY 22nd so that you receive your official shirt the day of the event. The registration fee of $40 confirms your place at the event and and it is preferred that this be paid before the day of the event by using the Seeds of Wisdom Patreon. Cash can also be accepted at the event. Additional funds over the $40 base fee raised through sponsorships are more than welcome. The registration form can be found at the link below, along with all the ways one can pay their registration fee.

[10:00 AM1:00 PM Lemon Hill Dr]

Rizzo Mural Defendant Legal Fund

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In August of 2017, our friend was arrested and charged with vandalizing the Frank Rizzo mural. Ten months later, the court case is finally nearing an end.

Over the last 10 months, our friend:

– spent 24 sleepless hours shivering in a jail cell where their shirt
was confiscated and the air conditioning put on full blast.

– sat through 8 hearings totaling around 15 hours spent in courtrooms at
the CJC.

– dedicated countless hours and days planning for best and worst case
scenarios with their pro bono lawyer, friends, and community members.

– experienced persistent emotional stress and anxieties caused by the

– faced charges that snowballed into two felonies and a misdemeanor,
which could have led to a judge putting our friend in prison for 7-16

– took the substantial risk of rejecting an offer to drop the felony
charges in exchange for 4 years of probation, and a $9,200 fine paid to
Mural Arts, who sent a representative to take the stand and testify to
the damages.

The new DA has presented a different offer: 50 hours of community
service and a $2,000 fine.

Please help us come together to raise money to cover this fine and stand with our friend.

Any financial contributions are deeply appreciated. Please share with
friends and community members on social media.


The Frank Rizzo mural and statue still loom over downtown and the Italian Market, as Mural Arts has refused to publicly take a stand on the issue of whether or not they support a giant 40-foot emblem of racism and homophobia. Here are two articles among man documenting his career and legacy:

Philadelphia, PA (USA): BBQ for anarchist prisoners

from June 11th

On June 11th in Philly we had a vegan barbecue in an autonomous garden. We raised money for anarchist prisoners and had a nice time hanging in the sun. We had anti-prison and anti-police literature on hand.

Up with autonomous spaces!
Down with prisons!
Anarchist prisoners we are with you!

Running Down The Walls Statements from Hanif Shabazz Bey & Eric King

from Philly ABC

We are just a little under two months away from Philadelphia’s Running Down The Walls 5k for political prisoners! In some cities the run/walk/roll has already taken place. For others it is just around the corner. See complete listing of RDTW events. The registration deadline for Philly is July 22. So if you haven’t already, please register here! Posters and flyers are available for download.

In the mean time, please enjoy these RDTW solidarity statements from Hanif Shabazz Bey of the Virgin Island 3, and anarchist prisoner Eric King!

Philly ABC

Message for Running Down the Walls 2018 from Hanif Bey:

Once again, I am grateful to be able to give back something to the Anarchist Black Cross movement, if only in thought. As I run today, I will reflect on a card sent from Danny Tender, a comrade from the Colorado ABC collective. On the front of the card is a picture of someone’s hand holding a lit match, and at the bottom of the card Danny wrote, “Hanif, hold onto the light!”

The ABC bulletin being sent inside to comrades is part of that light, because it keeps us abreast of what’s going on with comrades in other gulags.

Also the assistance from the ABCF Warchest is also part of that light that works to counter the darkness that attacks inclusion, diversity, and equality.

The light is also symbolic of the “truth,” and the truth is that the “people’s power” can dispel the darkness, and make a better world.


Hanif S. Bey

– –
Write to Hanif at:

Beaumont Gereau #16-001
Tallahatchie Correctional Facility
415 US Highway 49N
Tutwiler, Mississippi 38963


Message for Running Down the Walls 2018 from Eric King:

Prisons are not abstract ideas. They are tangible businesses, with real tangible buildings, structures, employees, who have real tangible addresses. The prisons have roads, fences, mail rooms, offices, etc, etc. These are all real targets that should be looked at. No matter where you live, there is most likely a jail, holding center, prison, ICE center, or juvenile prison nearby. Tags and check-ins on instagram, twitter and facebook. That facility most likely has a facebook and its employees most likely have ‘liked;’ that site, or actively post in it. There are groups and forums for prison guards. This means we know WHO is working at these spots, we can find where they life, what they enjoy doing, where they like going. All the power is at the tip of our fingers. Lets find em!!

Let’s spitball some ideas, some realistic ideas, some I dream of seeing come to fruition… bedbugs can be rehomed into offices to infest all of their furniture, lice or fleas, the bug of your choice! Hammers can bust up roads or parking lots leading into facilities and potential potholes to bang up cars. Have fun with google map pages for the facility, yelp etc. All ideas are good ideas! One could find their local police union and creatively display rage, either way make our point. Show up at their houses and let their neighbors know what is up, dance parties in driveways. Or just keep it simple with call in campaigns, just to irritate the workers and jam up the phone system for a bit. If you know a prisoner has specifically shitty mailroom I hear glitter bombs are cool. Wardens and captains always need glitter, they are incredibly bland and basic and need sprucing up.. or if glitter isn’t your ticket I hear animal feces works just as well.

We can make prisons a horrible place to work, we can make prisons a DANGEROUS place to work even on off days. This is a fight against a system that hurts and destroys, it is a real fight. Not everyone is capable of doing everything, but everyone is capable of doing anything, any strike against these fucks is a good thing. There are a thousand ways to fight back, and I stand beside all of them. Solidarity to all who are keeping the struggle alive, fire to all of the prisons, welcome home Herman!!


– –
Eric King #27090-045
FCI Florence
P.O. Box 6000
Florence, CO 81226