Support Philly Anti-Fascist Arrestees!

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Five people were arrested by the Philadelphia Police Department today while acting against MAGA white supremacists in center city. It is still unclear what charges they will face, but they will need financial support both to get out and afterward.

All funds will go directly to bail and legal fees for arrestees. Any additional funds will go to the PHL Anti-Repression fund to support future arrests. Please help our friends taking action against white supremacy and fascism!

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Urgent Bail and Legal Funds Need for Camp White Pine

From It’s Going Down

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For over a year now, the Gerhart family and a huge number of dedicated volunteers have been working to stop the Mariner East 2 pipeline from being built, putting too many miles of beautiful Pennsylvania forests, streams, and wetlands at risk.

As a last resort, volunteers have taken to the trees and used direct action to stop this pipeline from being built. Arrests while non-violently defending this land are probable, and the right of the Gerharts to maintain their property have already been violated.

Pennsylvania judges have a nasty habit of imposing harsh and unreasonable bail and legal costs on people arrest for environmental direct action. Please support these brave volunteers by donating to their bail and legal fund. We already have a lawyer in place who is ready to defend any arrested individuals, but there are many costs associated with legal defense. Ever dollar helps!

LAVA Benefit : Solarized, Sheena + Nosebleeds, Manikineter

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hey LAVA Space needs our help to pay some bills! come see some bands and give some cash!

(transcend the paradigm…don’t want the moon, stay yo ass on earth then)

(the freedom and liberation of paranoia, the ghost in the machine)

(the queen of comets burst through the noise)

(b-list gobots make messy trance)

DJ Yung Nila

[June 25 7-11PM at LAVA 4134 Lancaster Ave]

LAVA Benefit: The Guests, Ramona Cordova, Anili Mars, Talon Duch

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After a bunch of bullshit, we owe the water department a lot of money. Come help us out and enjoy a bunch of dope music.

The Guests

Ramona Córdova

Anili Mars

Talon Ducheneaux

$5-20 Sliding scale love for LAVA
Doors at 7PM


[June 24 at 7pm at LAVA 4134 Lancaster Av]

F**k You, Free Spit feat. QQQ/OHM/Duece Dagod/3Xile

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A benefit for our unfairly imprisoned comrade, featuring some dope hip-hop and electronic artists.

A radical trans activist was beaten and arrested by police this weekend, defending all of our rights. With guns at their back and violent fascists looming, they bravely countered the bigoted march against Sharia Law. They are charged with assaulting a police officer, but that could not be further from the truth. Multiple eye witnesses watched as they were trampled by horses, pulled to the ground, and attacked by a group of officers. All this for defending the Muslim community. Bail is 100,000 dollars, they need at least 10,000 to be released. We know how much more dangerous prison can be for transgender people, and if bail can’t be posted they could be trapped in there for months before a court hearing. All proceeds go to the bail fund and getting them out. Every day they spend inside is an incredible threat to their safety. Help our friend see the sky again.


QQQ (this shit just dropped yesterday and it’s DOPE AF go check it out)


Duece Dagod –



$5 Cover
$1 beers

[June 15 7:30 to 11:30PM at Black Magic]

Bring an activist home

from Fundrazr

A dear friend and activist was in Harrisburg protesting against the Islamophobic “March Against Sharia Law.” After being illegally forced out of the street, a police horse was used to trample them. They were then tackled by 5 police officers and charged with harrassing a police animal. Bail has been set at the obscene amout of $100k, of which we need 10% to make a bail bond. Any money raised will go toward this cause, or towards paying back any guardian angel who can pay $10k as a loan, $4k of which has already been raised via a different campaign. Anything in excess of $10k will be used for their legal defense. Please help us bring our friend home to safety as soon as possible.

NOTE: This campaign was started because the original YouCaring campaign was taken down. The approximately $4k that was raised through that campaign will be kept an used toward bail and legal fees.


Vegan Solidarity Brunch / Book / Art Sale

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On June 17th from 10AM-2PM Food Not Bombs will be holding an all vegan brunch, book and art sale to raise funds for comrades. $5-$10 for brunch (no one turned away for lack of funds!) Tons of great books and art for sale.

50% of all we raise will go to LAVA, and the other 50% will go to the Philly J20 defense fund.

[LAVA Space 4134 Lancaster Ave]

Vegan Cookout & BBQ to Benefit Marius Mason

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[June 11th 4-6PM
Grays Ferry Crescent Skatepark


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LAVA Space is a grassroots organizing and media center located in the Belmont neighborhood of Philadelphia. For over two decades the space has served as a place for activist groups and communities to meet, eat and share art and music.

The water department recently cut our water supply off until we jumped through numerous hoops to get a water meter installed. After this was done, we went to pay the bill and found that we were being charged $3571.82 for 10 years of not paying for water. Apparently, in 2008 someone cut the meter out of the water main so that we wouldn’t get billed. We were able to put the debt on a payment plan so that we can pay $450 upfront and then $108 per month for the next 30 months. We’re asking for help as we already have trouble keeping up with other monthly bills and it will be extremely difficult to pay this one on top of the rest.

LAVA was established to provide a meeting space and resources to a neighborhood with serious needs. The downstairs of the building houses a library, weekly produce distribution and an event space that gives a platform to artists and organizations from a wide range of backgrounds. The upstairs is used as affordable office space for groups fighting for social justice (Human Rights Coalition and Radio Prometheus) and the Shark Tank recording studio, which has become an important resource for young musicians in the community.

Please help keep LAVA afloat by donating what you can and sharing this page with your networks.


J20: Everymen (FL) // Complex // Cape of Bats //Humo

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Everymen (FL) – On the road from Florida

Complex – Mutant pogo freaks

Cape of Bats – metallic blackened punk


*****J20 BENEFIT BAR*****
Think twice or 3 times before you byob

No bullshit OR ELSE

Proceeds from this show will go to the Philly J20 Support fund to help ease the financial burden of traveling back and forth to DC for court appearances, lawyer fees, etc. If you can’t make it to the show but would like to donate please do so using the link below:
For a look at the current legal situation for J20 defendants you can give this article a read (i know its buzzfeed but its fair and accurate):


[May 13 from 7pm to 11pm]