J20 Benefit Series: LAVA 2

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The battle still continues….

Our efforts have led to full acquittals for the first 6 defendants to go to trial. The prosecution has dropped 129 additional cases since. There are 59 defendants still facing decades in prison for protesting trump. This is the SECOND of two LAVA shows to benefit the remaining 59. We must keep fighting and we must keep winning.


ZORN – Dark



CLAM – Snot

Nobody turned away for lack of $
Don’t be an asshole

VOL 1: https://www.facebook.com/events/424496247985195?%3Fti=ia


[April 13 from 7PM to 10:30PM at LAVA]

J20 Benefit Series: LAVA 1

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The battle continues….

Our efforts have led to full acquittals for the first 6 defendants to go to trial. The prosecution has dropped 129 additional cases since. There are 59 defendants still facing decades in prison for protesting trump. This is the first of two LAVA shows to benefit the remaining 59. We must keep fighting and we must keep winning.


Sciamachy – Epic melodic crust.

Bitter Taste – Punk

Bloated Subhumans – uncomfortable noises

Nobody turned away for lack of funds
Don’t be an asshole

VOL 2: https://www.facebook.com/events/565095977187096?%3Fti=ia


[March 31 at 7PM at LAVA]

Help NJ Activist Resist Police Repression

from You Caring

During the summer of 2017 Linette was wrongfully accused and arrested for vandalism in South Jersey. Linette is being wrongfully targeted by police due to their leadership as an activist against police violence and repression. Linette’s ongoing legal battle is becoming increasingly difficult and they need your help.

Linette has been denied for Pre Trial Intervention four times and is now facing five misdemeanors of criminal mischief and the possibility of a minimum of 5 or more years of jail time. In order to be accepted into the Pre Trial Intervention program, which would in turn drop all of Linette’s charges, Linette needs to pay $30,000 of restitution. Friends of Linette are trying to raise $15,000 to help mitigate the cost for Linette’s family.

If Linette cannot raise this money by April 20th 2018 the case will unfortunately go to trial. Because Linette is already a target for police the likelihood of the court system making and example of them is extremely high. If you oppose police repression, support activism, or believe in freedom of speech and expression please give to Linette’s fund. Keeping activists out of prison and in the communities where they are doing the work is critical to upholding justice, we can’t do it without you!

[Donate Here]

Keep Reardon On The Run!

from Philly Antifa

Oh gee the life of a neo-nazi sure is a rough one!
Ex-Philadelphian Mark Daniel Reardon can’t seem to catch a break. After we exposed him in 2017 for flyering Nazi propaganda on college campuses, immense community pressure and good works quickly evicted him from his apartment and he was fired from his job. Great work neighbors!
Typically stupid as Nazis are, Reardon did not learn the lesson that there are consequences for hate mongering. He continued his trashy Nazi path by travelling down to Charlottesville and taking part in Leif Erikson Day here in Philly. All the while spreading tons of racist, bigoted, sexist views from his badly done fringe cartoons he composed hidden in an even shittier apartment in Voorhees, NJ. After more good works by Antifascists of exposing his new address and his Nazi ideology being revealed so publicly, poor Mark felt the heat and has fled the country. YAY!
But, he STILL hasn’t learned.
He has set up a support account to fund his existence, which we think is rightfully bankrupt.
MakerSupport should be made aware that they are creating a safe space for Nazis, and that is an outrage and needs to stop!
And tell them to shut down:
CW if you click VERY offensive racist, anti-semetic, violently homophobic/transphobic/sexist content

Saint Paddy’s Day Antifascist Extravaganza

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Come out to enjoy an evening of films and food centered around antifascism. Two films will be shown:

The Limerick Brigadistas-The true story of volunteers from Ireland who fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War.


Antifa, A Documentary-A new film that explores the history and origins of the modern antifascist movement.

This is a free event!

Vendors will be selling books and baked goods, with all proceeds going to the legal defense fund for antifascists arrested protesting the recent Richard Spencer speech at Michigan State University.

[March 17 from 5PM to 9PM at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]

Food for the Body and the Mind-a MOVE Fundraiser

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Big tasty dinner, brought to you by Food Not Bombs Solidarity!
Chili, cornbread, soup, greens, rice/veg, salad, cupcakes-
This is a fundraiser for the MOVE organization, also a panel discussion event live-streamed from NYC will be shown here.
Free-will donation, $7-10 requested
sit n eat n watch the livestream , or take your dinner home!

[February 24 from 5PM to 8PM at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]

Vegan Brunch Spectacular!

from Facebook

That’s right, it’s time! Us North Philly Food Not Bombadiers wish to honor the one year anniversary of a day that shook this planet: January 20th of 2017, the day trump seized the mantle of control of this (lol) ‘democracy’. To oppose trump and his zombies, there were some brave and marvelous souls that took to the streets, galvanized into fierce action, and kicked off a wave of rebellion that has not ceased yet (we hope it never does!). Essentially they put their lives on the line, as hundreds are facing what amounts life sentences for their public defiance.

We want to offer up another all vegan brunch fundraiser as a means for people to get together, forge bonds and to hold space for this important day. Everything will be completely vegan and delicious. We will invite some other wonderful radical groups into the mix too, there will surely be some fantastic books and art.

Please make it out! Each brunch we’ve done has been better then the last. We will update menu and location as soon as confirmed!

[10AM to 3PM January 20 Location Cindergarden-Ask a skunk!]

A Benefit for The Wooden Shoe w/ Thulsa Doom & More at JB’s

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With the help of staff at Johnny Brenda’s, the collective, volunteer supporters and friends of Wooden Shoe Books and Records are kicking off a fundraiser to expand the music collection. Founded in 1976, the Wooden Shoe is an all-volunteer, collectively-run, anarchist book and record store on South street in Philadelphia. Special thanks to Billy of Population Zero for setting this up. Come out of the cold and heat up.





8PM Doors / $10 / 21+

[Johnny Brenda’s 1201 N. Frankford Ave]

Nightfall / Serqet (RVA) / Somnium Mori / Schiamachy

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Nightfall – Hardcore and noise against the bloodsuckers

Serqet (RVA) – Anarcho-Goth featuring members of Asylum & Lost Tribe

Somnium Mori – Darkwave punk

Schiamachy – Melodic driving crust

Proceeds will go to the J20 Defense Fund
$7-10 sliding scale

[December 9 at Cousin Dannys]

J20 Benefit – N.E.G Release/Final Gig w Nosebleed, + more

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N.E.G says goodbye for good, but not without the release of their forthcoming EP, “Shackles”.. all money from this gig will be donated to the J20 defendant/bail fund, to help alleviate financial pressure during the trial of all J20 arrestees.

N.E.G (PHL) – FINAL GIG & ALBUM RELEASE ‘American hardcore meets Swedish d-beat’

Nosebleed (RVA) – Catchy, fast, d-beat, hardcore punk, they’ve got it all.

Inteloper (PHL) – Relentlessly fast d-beat featuring Kiser himself

Syringe (MD) – Baltimore based duo-vocal crust, top notch

Alement (PHL) – The finest display of metallic crust this city has to offer
7 PM Doors, 8 PM Music

[November 22 in West Philly Baby]