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As you can probably imagine, the ongoing pandemic has dramatically affected LAVA’s ability to raise money for programming, bills and repairs. We are currently surviving through donations and the organizations that use the offices in the building, but those sources are also being stretched thin right now. We are asking folks to become sustaining members by setting up a small monthly donation. You can do this by visiting the LAVA website, and clicking where it says “Keep LAVA in the black!!” You can choose a monthly donation amount or set your own by clicking the Donate button and checking the box to set your donations to repeat every month. While the building will not be hosting large events until the end of the pandemic, your money will go towards housing the following projects:

Prometheus Radio Project (an organization that helps community groups set up radio stations and broadcast their own content)
Workers Revolutionary Collective (the group that has been working tirelessly to organize the ongoing James Talib-Dean Camp protest on the parkway)
DiVerse Entertainment (an arts and education project that helps young artists record and promote their work)
Weekly food distribution (Every Thursday beginning around 3PM)
Monthly clothing/toy distibution (2nd Sat. beginning around 9AM)

We are currently working to make the space available for community projects and organizations while keeping the space as clean and safe as possible. If you or your organization is interested in helping with LAVA or using the space in a safe way please contact

With your help, LAVA can survive this pandemic, and give us all a place to meet, perform, organize and rebuild when it’s over. THANK YOU and please share!