We saw a Comcast truck in a quiet Philly neighborhood, painted it and let the air out of the tires. Comcast provides electronic services that enable ICE officers to kidnap people, separate families, and deport migrants.
We wrote “Comcast works for ICE” and “no borders no prisons” on the windshield and sides of the truck. We let the air out of the tires by putting a ball bearing and a piece of wood in the caps of the tire valves and screwing them back on. We took turns watching each others’ backs, planned our route with cameras in mind, used gloves when touching anything we left behind, and changed clothes to help stay anonymous.
Information technology has historically been used to facilitate state control and genocide. IBM created and maintained the information systems that enabled the Nazis to orchestrate the deportation and genocide of millions of people.
Now Microsoft and Comcast are providing the tools necessary to carry out deportation and torture on a massive scale.
Aspects of the border are all around, and the possibilities for attack on the tools of state terror are endless. Their vehicles, offices, fences, communication and surveillance technologies, and all policing apparatuses are impossible to protect all the time.