July discussion: The Torture Garden

from Viscera

Grab your sunscreen and a towel because we’re back and ready for our next reading discussion with a twist – this one’s about fiction!

Join us July 24th from 1-3 in Clark Park for a discussion of Octave Mirbeau’s classic The Torture Garden. Find the reading here.

To Priests, Soldiers, Judges—
to men who rear, lead or govern men
I dedicate these pages of murder and blood.

We’ll be meeting near the chess tables – see you there!

Philly Spring Skillshare Convergence


Please spread through your networks.

Philly Spring Skillshare Convergence
call for workshop proposals

We’re looking for people interested in giving skill building workshops
around the themes of revolutionary survival and growth. We’re planning
an all-day event with the intentions of strengthening our individual and
collective capacities to survive, heal, build, attack, imagine, and live
in anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian ways.

This spring we’ll be hosting a free outdoor come together. Throughout
the day there will be workshops, food, literature, and hanging out.
Expect blocs of workshops alongside informal and spontaneous learning.

If you’re interested in presenting a workshop please send us a brief
description of what you have in mind and how it connects to the themes
we mention above. We’re looking for workshops to be more or less an hour

Please send your proposals to hereandnowzines@riseup.net

We’re also looking for help with setup/breakdown, food, and
accessibility, so if you want to lend a hand please reach out.

See you in the spring!
Here & Now Zines

anti-gentrification graffiti


on some condo at 47th street and woodland ave


Black and Green Review in Philly

from facebook

KT will be at the Wooden Shoe to talk about Black and Green Review, anarcho-primitivism, the state of green anarchy, and more.
[July 11 at Wooden Shoe Books and Records 704 South St]

Anarchism, Decolonization, and Radical Democracy

from Haverford

2015 Mellon Symposium
Organized by Andrew Cornell
Friday, March 27, 2015

Anarchism has inspired global social movements for more than two decades, yet remains peripheral to academic debate. Scholars have developed sophisticated conceptions of radical democracy, but these have been slow to inform on-the-ground organizing. Both frameworks critique the imperial foundations and racial exclusions of liberal theory and institutions, as do a growing contingent of scholars and activists who demand a thoroughgoing decolonization of our social, political, and intellectual lives.

This symposium explores what common ground and what tensions exist between these critical perspectives by providing a unique forum for conversation amongst an international ensemble of respected organizers and scholars.