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Photo by North Philly Food Not Bombs on January 24, 2021. Image may contain: tree, sky and outdoor.

FROM PHILLY TO MINSK – FUCK THE POLICE! Love to #foodnotbombsminsk ! They were arrested while serving, two days after they gave an interview where they spoke on anarchism and animal rights. Free them! Ay @fnb_minsk all love and solidarity ❤️????In other news-We made a good hot meal for our friends living outside, stirfry, pasta + sauce, apple bake, fruit salad and green salad. We also had a tent to give away and two sleeping bags ⛺️

Photo by North Philly Food Not Bombs on January 24, 2021. Image may contain: food.

Running Down The Walls 2020 Reportback

from Philly ABC

We’re happy to report the success of our third annual Philadelphia Running Down The Walls in support of political prisoners, held on September 6th 2020.

On this beautiful sunny day, participants began gathering in FDR park to check-in for their t-shirts, make donations, set up tables, and hang banners. With a nice breeze coming off the lake, Sheena Sood led another amazing yoga warm-up – this time right on the boardwalk by the shore. Blak Rapp MADUSA with the Dignity Act Now Collective kicked off the event with an epic introduction to Maroon and his book, Maroon the Implacable.

Walkers left the start line around 11:30 am, followed by folks moving at a medium pace, and finally the runners around 11:50 am. Afterward, we gathered to hear from two former juvenile lifers who were mentored in prison by Maroon– Kempis “Ghani” Songster and Robert Saleem Holbrook. We were also blessed to have Chuck Africa – the last of the MOVE 9 to be released from prison – speak for the first time since he was paroled on February 7th of this year. Check out this video for highlights of these speeches.

We’d like to thank Solidarity Food Not Bombs, Mike Africa Jr., and Dadaji Odinga from Akbar Originals for refreshments. More big thanks to Hate5six, Unicorn Riot, and photographers Joe Piette and Clifford Smith for media coverage, and the campaign to free Mumia Abu-Jamal for the banners that decorated the stage area. It was a huge honor to have all of the remaining Move 9 participating in this event with us; they not only donated themselves, but provided an additional donation from the Move organization. It was also an honor that we were joined by former Black Liberation prisoner of war, Ojore Lutalo, a founding member of the ABCF. We would like to thank Saleem and Ghani for sharing their powerful experiences spending time with Maroon, and Chuck Africa for choosing our event as the outlet for his first speech back home. We thank the tablers – Socialist Rifle Association, Here & Now Zines, the Never Give Up project, Khalid with the political prisoner artwork, as well as the families of Eric Riddick and Omar Askia Ali. Of course, we also thank the comrades behind bars who ran with us, and the families of people in prison who came out.

Together we raised a total of $14,012! As described in the event announcement, funds are split between Russell Maroon Shoatz and the ABCF Warchest– a fund sending monthly stipends to 19 political prisoners with lacking, little, or no financial support. A full breakdown of Warchest funds in and out since 1994 is available here. In accordance with Warchest policies, any funds over the reserved amount needed to send the monthly stipends will be disbursed as one-time donations to other political prisoners who demonstrate financial need. Philly ABC contributed our organization’s savings to the production of the event t-shirts, lovingly hand-printed by the Reclaim Printshop.

We look forward to more successes in the next year as we further the struggle to free Maroon and abolish the carceral system!

Until all are free!
Philly ABC

Local Groups #givingtuesday

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Hey y’all we heard it was giving Tuesday! Here are a few of the projects we’ve been working on. If you would like to donate our venmo is @ramphilly & the security code is 4970 just write in the description what fund you would like to donate to!
????The Indigenous Solidarity fund has been used to give money to Indigenous liberation projects across Turtle Island as well as send sacred medicine. ????The Commissary Fund for people on the Inside is to help comrades on the inside buy materials to keep them healthy when they are trapped in prisons where social distancing is not a possibility ????Locks for Eviction Defense is to help people facing illegal eviction put new locks on their doors to protect themselves from landlords trying to force them out during this pandemic ????Mutual Aid Fund we are working on a few projects such as doing a care package serve in North Philly (other places doing amazing stp work in North Philly are Prevention Point and @northphillypeacepark). We are also working on establishing a community garden .

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[Video Here]
Apparently it’s #givingtuesdaynow so if you got the funds throw some our way (on Cashapp) or to other mutual aid projects that are doing the work that the state never provides. So many awesome projects out there, give if you can! #givingtuesday

[North Philly Food Not Bomb’s Cashapp handle is $NPFNB]

Hunt for the Wilderpeople: a watch party for Food Not Bombs

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Wednesdays @ 7PM, cinéSPEAK hosts an online watch party, featuring incredible cinematic works from around the world to raise $ for organizations doing vital work in our region and beyond.

THIS WEEK: HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE (2016) –a brilliantly comedic coming-of-age x buddy adventure film from Kiwi writer-director Taika Waititi
**now streaming on Kanopy — see below for instructions**

THIS WEEK’S FEATURED ORG: Food Not Bombs Solidarity they ‘cook for, serve/share food, work with and support homeless or hungry people; save and use food that the capitalist system regards only as a commodity; food that would be otherwise discarded.’

ZOOM PARTY LIVE @ 7PM **must register to receive link**

**As you’re able, PLEASE $UPPORT by DONATING directly to Food Not Bombs Solidarity–>
CashApp: $FNBSolidarity

You will need to:
1. Activate your Kanopy account–>
**FREE** with Philadelphia Free Library card
**Don’t have your physical library card? Look it up here–>

2. Decide how you will watch–>
**If you’re watching from your computer, follow this URL–>
**If you’re watching on Apple tv, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick or other mobile device, search for and download the Kanopy app.

3. Register for the event–> via ticket link on this page
4. Grab your movie snacks/drinks + come hang!

We will:
1. Email the Zoom link to all registered guests @ 6:15PM
2. Start the Zoom party @ 7PM

Hunt for the Wilderpeople (2016)
Written & Directed by: Taika Waititi
Running Time: 1hr 41 min

A boy (Julian Dennison) and his foster father (Sam Neill) become the subjects of a manhunt after they get stranded in the New Zealand wilderness.


**CONTENT WARNING: fatphobic humor, animal death (with graphic images of blood), grief around parental death and a joke with pedophilic innuendo

North Philly Food Not Bombs Needs Supplies

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We have decided to change up service for the time being. We are going to hand out packaged containers of food to our friends living out of doors. To do this we desperately need supplies. We also really need food as the food stores have stopped giving us any donations. So if you have anything to spare contact us! Clean out those kitchens and get rid of all those containers and things you don’t need????

Supplies we need:
Close-able takeout containers
Plastic containers with lids
Ziploc bags (any sizes!)
Brown paper lunch bags
Plastic wrap
Aluminum foil
To go cups (with lids if you got ‘em)
Nitrile gloves
Face masks
Hand sanitizer
ANY VEGAN FOOD! Especially bread, peanut butter, bottled/canned water/drinks, and produce
Or donate money on Cash App! $NPFNB

Financial Support For Food Not Bombs Chapters

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For those who can help us with financial support, we greatly appreciate it! All funds go directly into getting supplies we don’t get donated. Help us out if you got the funds!$NPFNB

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In this crisis time, Food Not Bombs Solidarity needs to do more.
In addition to our free meal, grocery, and produce distro on Thursdays, we serve 4 shelters on Saturdays.
We need to boost our food supplies (already low) and add cleaning stuff to our distro.
We want to support a community in need #ServeThePeople
So we set up a Cash App, this is a first for us!



Vaughn 17 Court Support

from Twitter
Banner supporting Vaughn Uprising prisoners seen over Christopher Columbus Blvd during morning commute in Philadelphia, PA. Participants in Feb 2017 uprising at Vaughn Correctional Center in Delaware face trials this month thru next yr. Jury selection for 1st trial starts today

On February 1, 2017, prisoners revolted & took over Building C at the maximum security prison in Smyrna, Delaware. 4 prison employees were taken hostage & one died after a police raid retook the facility. Prisoners’ demands included better living conditions & access to educationPrisoners involved in the Vaughn Uprising also cited Trump’s inauguration as one of the reasons for their revolt – they believed the new presidency would inevitably embolden prison officials, whose unions endorsed Trump, to intensify neglect & brutality towards incarcerated ppl

Courthouse doors just opened here in Wilmington, Delaware where jury selection for the first trial is scheduled to begin today. Four of the prisoners involved in the uprising – Jarreau Akers, Dwayne Staats, Ramon Shankaras and Deric Forney – make up the 1st trial group


A Food Not Bombs chapter is providing free breakfast and tea to approximately a dozen supporters of the who have gathered outside the courthouse.

Wilmington Police have arrived and are telling Food Not Bombs they can’t serve food on the sidewalk by court without a permit. supporters told police a recent federal court ruling means Food Not Bombs is protected First Amendment speech that doesn’t need a permit

Police seem to have backed off ordering the Food Not Bombs table to leave the area by the Wilmington, DE courthouse after reportedly checking with their law department- the officer in charge just apologized to the people that minutes ago he had been ordering to leave.

We have been told that jury selection in the first trial is closed to the public, so we are unable to report from inside the courtroom today. The first batch of 4 defendants from the February 1, 2017 prison uprising in Smyrna, Delaware will begin trial on October 22.

Anarchists, Communists, Socialists: Part 1 of Building a Revolutionary Coalition – RED & Comrades

from Radical Education Department

“Anarchists, Communists, Socialists: Bridging the Divides in Philly”
Part 1 of RED’s series on “Building a Revolutionary Coalition in Philly”
With Activists from IWW, Philly Socialists, Food Not Bombs Solidarity, RED
Wooden Shoe Books, Philadelphia
July 11, 2018

Event Description:
In Philly, like in many other cities, radical groups often work separately. We come together for certain events, or anniversaries like May Day, but beyond these we can tend to stick to our own projects. How can we create more radical support for, and coordination with, each other? How can we build a radical, durable, and broad-based coalition in Philly?

This summer, the Radical Education Department (RED) is working with other radical groups in the city to coordinate a series of three discussions—building off of our Wooden Shoe discussion this past spring on “Antifascist Education.”

The overall theme for this summer series is “Building a Revolutionary Coalition in Philly.” The first talk, at the Wooden Shoe, will be around the theme “Anarchists, Communists, Socialists: Bridging the Divides in Philly.” One goal is to discuss ways to create more solidarity between groups in the city, exploring the deep history of radical coalitions—among anarchists, communists, and well beyond—along the way.

Download the flyer for the event here.

Food for the Body and the Mind-a MOVE Fundraiser

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Big tasty dinner, brought to you by Food Not Bombs Solidarity!
Chili, cornbread, soup, greens, rice/veg, salad, cupcakes-
This is a fundraiser for the MOVE organization, also a panel discussion event live-streamed from NYC will be shown here.
Free-will donation, $7-10 requested
sit n eat n watch the livestream , or take your dinner home!

[February 24 from 5PM to 8PM at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]

Vegan Brunch Spectacular!

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That’s right, it’s time! Us North Philly Food Not Bombadiers wish to honor the one year anniversary of a day that shook this planet: January 20th of 2017, the day trump seized the mantle of control of this (lol) ‘democracy’. To oppose trump and his zombies, there were some brave and marvelous souls that took to the streets, galvanized into fierce action, and kicked off a wave of rebellion that has not ceased yet (we hope it never does!). Essentially they put their lives on the line, as hundreds are facing what amounts life sentences for their public defiance.

We want to offer up another all vegan brunch fundraiser as a means for people to get together, forge bonds and to hold space for this important day. Everything will be completely vegan and delicious. We will invite some other wonderful radical groups into the mix too, there will surely be some fantastic books and art.

Please make it out! Each brunch we’ve done has been better then the last. We will update menu and location as soon as confirmed!

[10AM to 3PM January 20 Location Cindergarden-Ask a skunk!]

Holiday Card Party for US-held Political Prisoners

from Philly ABC

Join Philly Anarchist Black Cross as we send holiday cards to political prisoners. We will send cards and warm wishes to our friends and comrades inside. Maintaining and building relationships with them is the crux of what we do, so we will be sending cards to as many PPs and POWs as possible.

North Philly Food Not Bombs will serve up dinner!

[December 4 at 6:30 at LAVA Space 4134 Lancaster Ave]

Vegan Brunch by Food Not Bombs!

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Back by popular uprising! On August 26th from 10AM-3PM Food Not Bombs will be holding ANOTHER all vegan brunch, book and art sale to raise funds for comrades. $5-$10 for brunch (no one turned away for lack of funds!) Tons of great books, radical merhcandise and art for sale.

ALL money collected will go to in need comrades, we will update with specific recipients soon!

[LAVA Space 4134 Lancaster Ave]

Vegan Solidarity Brunch / Book / Art Sale

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On June 17th from 10AM-2PM Food Not Bombs will be holding an all vegan brunch, book and art sale to raise funds for comrades. $5-$10 for brunch (no one turned away for lack of funds!) Tons of great books and art for sale.

50% of all we raise will go to LAVA, and the other 50% will go to the Philly J20 defense fund.

[LAVA Space 4134 Lancaster Ave]

Gas Masks for Standing Rock

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We cannot go, but we pledge resistance from afar, and do this by contributing our resources (money )
We will show video clips, have discussion , EAT, and pass the ba$ket!

[December 4 from 7pm to 9pm at A-Space 4722 Baltimore Ave]

Food Not Bombs, Philly! democratic national convention

from Facebook

Food Not Bombs is cooking for thousands of protesters, medics, and jail support on top of doing our regular servings during the DNC! All hands on deck!

Every day from July 24-28 we will be cooking at Calvary Church [801 S 48th St] from 12-8!!!!!

We’re going to be cooking and serving all week. Let’s hangout and chop veggies and put sandwiches together and listen to rage against the machine!

Also, if you could help out with donations of food, supplies, or cash or grocery store gift cards holler! Donate cash via paypal to

Invite yr friends!