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This week we will be watching 2 short videos from Sub.Media. One concerns the age old question “What is Violence?” The other is the timely back-to-school episode “Learning to Resist,” looking at student movements.

The main aim of Anarchy Afternoons is to function as regular open hours at A-space, an anarchist social center. There is usually coffee, snacks, zines to read, and people to talk to.

After a summer hiatus, we are returning to our regular open hours this Friday with more emphasis on programming and intentional discussion. Each week, we will be either watching videos, discussing a reading, or (occasionally) having short presentations. Beyond this week, there is no fixed schedule so if you have ideas for content, please share.

Open Hours begin at 1pm//Videos begin around 3pm

[September 6 from 1PM-6PM at A-Space Anarchist Community Center]