from Philly ABC

As a follow-up to our movie showing in April, our June letter-writing event will feature the 3 remaining prisoners in the Virgin Island 3 case – Abdul Azeez, Hanif Bey, and Malik Bey. All 3 were rounded up in their early twenties with approximately 100 other black youths in the Virgin Islands and then framed for a shooting at the Rockefeller-owned golf club. It is appalling anytime people are unjustly persecuted for their political beliefs, but not only are the VI3 persecuted for their anti-imperialist beliefs but they are being held illegally in private prison in the U.S. despite the fact that the U.S. jurisdiction over VI cases was terminated years ago!

This letter-writing will feature a Q&A with Kwasi Seitu, former political prisoner and legal representative for the VI3, so that we can learn more about the case and what steps we can take to help secure their freedom. If anyone missed the film, The Hijacker’s Tale, about Ismael Ali, one of the codefendants who escaped to Cuba we encourage you to view it prior to the event. We will also sign cards for prisoners with June birthdays – Matt DeHart (11th), Jay Chase (12th), and Tom Manning (28th).

As usual, the event will be held at 6:30 pm at LAVA with food courtesy of North Philly FNB!

[June 4 at LAVA 4134 Lancaster Ave]