#RDTW2020 Video and Chuck Africa’s Recommended Resources

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[Video Here]

The 2020 Running Down The Walls official reportback is coming shortly. In the meantime, check out this amazing montage by hate5six.

If you missed the full version of Chuck Africa’s speech on Sunday, he is calling on the movement to support women in prison.


A list of women serving life without parole (or sentenced to death by incarceration) is available through the Women Lifer’s Resume Project. He encourages everyone to pick one to reach out to and see how you can support them. He also recommends donating to the Avis Lee Decarceration Fund. While Avis was granted commutation on September 4th, this fund will lie on to provide support for other women who are released in the dcoming years. Finally, check out the work of the Dignity Act Now Collective that is struggling on behalf of women and trans people in prison.

Graffiti for Dominique Remmie Fells

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Someone sent us this dope pic of a piece for Dominique Remmie Fells. She was a black trans woman recently found murdered here in Philly. RIP Remmie

Benefit Show for Let’s Get Free

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Westboro Baptist Choir, The Bleeders (from Kutztown), The Invasive Species (release of new song/seed packet, Plus possibly one other band TBA , Poetry from Emily Abendroth, presentations from Philly prisoner’s advocates, fancy cocktail bar, This show is a benefit for Pittsburgh based Women and Trans Prisoner Defense Committee, Let’s Get Free. Come learn about what they do and support them and rock out
[May 5th 8PM to 11PM at LAVA space 4134 Lancaster Ave]

International Women’s Day March PHL

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A no show doesn’t mean go home, it means go hard!!


A no show doesn’t mean go home, it means go hard!!

Rumor has it that Daryush “Roosh V” Valizadeh and his Return of the Kings have canceled their international meet-ups due to safety concerns.
Philly has no reason to stand down in light of this. It’s easy to label him and his people as benign internet trolls, but the reality is way more sinister. The Return Of Kings represents a serious rise of tradtionalist fascist movements that aim to uphold structures of sexism, racism, transphobia, and homophobia through the direct promotion of violence. Roosh V even rails against “multiculturalism” making society “unlivable”. He is a self-described advocate of trumps doctrine as well. It cannot be stressed enough that these fuckrs are not as isolated as we wish they were.

White nationalist terror attacks have been on the rise as a white nationalist figurehead has been given the mainstream spotlight through the elections.
This is directly related to the struggles of women of all backgrounds. The same forces that enable these racist attacks to occur are the ones that allow there to be attacks on women’s health centrs, and women in general. The enemy is fascism, and all systems of control that dominate everyday life. This isn’t a matter of negotation. Women being raped, while rapists speak in comfort means this is a matter of war!

To expect the state to do a damn thing is a huge mistake. The state not only protects fascists, but it is an active part of the same structure that fascists aim to strengthen. The police are not our fucking friends. They enforce the same borders bastards like Trump wish to secure even more. They have their guns directed at the same people of color that white nationalists wish to see dead. It’s already well known that 40% of police officer’s families experience domestic violence at the hands of the officer in the family. Support for policing in what is a clearly a police-state has no place in any anti-fascist movement.

The kings may not return saturday night but fascists are stepping it up all over the country with the full suport of American politics. The ideas fascists promote are everywhere and a constant part of our society. Anti-fascists waiting even a moment longer means allowing the enemy to continue dealing the cards. It means allowing them to create the stakes, and control the game.

In an age where fascism is growing stronger, it’s abou time we strengthen our own convictions and actions. Whether these rapists show or not we still need to be out there celebrating anti-fascists resistance. It’s time we step it the fuck up and show every fascist scum what happens when they even so much as mention building a platform for their movement on OUR streets in OUR city. Every Fascist, and Rapist should have fear struck into their hearts when they hear the word “PHILLY”.


Three Dead Anarchists of Philadelphia, and Why I stalk Them: a talk about the place of local history in today’s struggle

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For over 25 years, Robert Helms has researched anarchism’s “golden age” in Philadelphia. Working as an independent scholar, Helms has uncovered nearly all of what is known about two leading women anarchists who were active between 1889 and 1917, Natasha Notkin and Mary Hansen, and many important facts and texts by the well-known anarchist public intellectual Voltairine de Cleyre. Helms’ talk will describe the major events and activities of the anarchist milieu in Philadelphia during this period. Focusing on the lifetime commitments and sacrifices made for the cause by these three women, and how their personalities and the circumstances of their lives informed their radicalism, Helms will address the question of why local historical research is critical to our struggles to create a just and happy world.

He will discuss his methodology for conducting research, as well as the intense thrill a researcher has when they are the only person on earth who knows an amazing, true story of long-dead anarchists. We hope this event will spark discussion about how people can conduct this kind of research in their own communities, the best ways to share the histories and generate future workshops on research in the New York area.

[February 4th at Interference Archive 131 8th St, Brooklyn, NY]

REST IN POWER #yourlifemattered

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“Violence against transgender women, particularly transgender women of color, is an epidemic. At least 20 transgender women have been murdered so far in 2015, 18 of these women were women of color. Two of these murders happened in Philadelphia. Trans* women’s ability to live their lives is constantly threatened by brutal violence.


Stand with them”

Compañeras: Zapatista Women’s Stories

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with author Hilary Klein

Compañeras is the untold story of women’s involvement in the Zapatista movement, the indigenous rebellion that has inspired grassroots activists around the world for over two decades. Gathered here are the stories of grandmothers, mothers, and daughters who became guerrilla insurgents and political leaders, educators and healers—who worked collectively to construct a new society of dignity and justice. Compañeras shows us how, after centuries of oppression, a few voices of dissent became a force of thousands, how a woman once confined to her kitchen rose to conduct peace negotiations with the Mexican government, and how hundreds of women overcame engrained hardships to strengthen their communities from within.

[March 12 at 7-9pm at Wooden Shoe Books 704 South St]

film schedule for screenings at wooden shoe books for march

from anarchadelphia

all in honour of international womyn’s day on march 8th…please come out and show your support.
all films are free and begin at 7pm.

international womyn’s day sunday march 8th- free tiller
2013 documentary that follows the only 4 remaining doctors in the united states who openly perform late term abortions.this film was an official selection for the 2013 sundance film festival.

wednesday march 11th- no woman,no cry
pregnancy is a death sentence for more than half a million womyn every year,but their deaths would be preventable if they could obtain the healthcare they needed.this documentary focuses on the personal stories behind those statistics

wednesday march 18th- the punk singer
Filmmaker Sini Anderson explores the life and career of punk rocker Kathleen Hanna, the Bikini Kill frontwomyn who became a pioneer of the “riot grrrl” movement of the 1990s.

wednesday march 25th- 2 short films-

the semiotics of the kitchen-a feminist parody video and performance piece released in 1975 by Martha Rosler. The video, which runs six minutes, is considered a critique of the commodified versions of traditional womyn’s roles in modern society.

free white and 21 by howardena pindell-in this deeply personal and political video, Howardena Pindell recounts the racism she encountered both as a child and an adult in educational institutions, …

please spread this info widely…
love and rage.