May Day Noise Demo


In celebration of May Day this year a group of us had a noise demo behind the Juvenile Justice Center in West Philly. We wrote graffiti, shot fireworks, and made noise outside the dormitories and saw the silhouettes of kids behind the frosted windows. We left without any arrests or police attention.
-some anarchists

HAYMARKET Documentary Film Screening

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We’re back on our bullshit! May 1st 7:30pm! Get your tickets on our website in the calendar section! ~ Online screening of Haymarket, a brand new feature length documentary followed by discussion with the director Adrian Prawica~

Banner over 676

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Banner over 676, “Incarceration is murder – empty the cages” #mayday2020 ????

Philadelphia: Anarchist Group ‘Bristling Badger Brigade’ Burns Cell Tower (U$A)

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Another May Day, another cell tower set alight. A small act in the earliest hours, but an escalation beyond the norm. And we never want to return to ‘normalcy.’ We don’t know the difference between 4G and 5G. All we know is we want none of it.

The tower’s proximity to a train yard, a major pharmaceutical company’s office, and other military/mercenary enterprises in the Philadelphia Navy Yard was intended to interfere with their operations, however small the impact. It should also be a reminder that no one is untouchable if you have the appropriate determination. And this particular act was quite easy.

The first flame was a warm hug for the comrade Badger, allegedly on the run after a series of similar incidents in Bristol. Stay free!

The ensuing smoke a signal to the comrades undergoing the Scripta Manent persecution in Italy… we stand with you!

For freedom,
for anarchy!

Bristling Badger Brigade

may day


Just before our May holiday began someone cut comcast cables beneath an access panel in the sidewalk outside of the “Real Time Crime Center.” Located in the Quartermaster Plaza in South Philly, these chumps sit around watching us, monitoring police cameras all over the region. Get a life! Stop trying to suppress ours!

No way to confirm or deny the impact, but we hope it poked them in the eyes and blinded them to the life-affirming actions that anarchists may or may not have taken that night.

Philly Tenants Union Calls for a City Wide Rent Strike on May 1st

from It’s Going Down

Call from the Philly Tenants Union for a city-wide rent strike starting on May 1st.

On Friday 5/1, thousands of Philadelphians will participate in a rent strike, either in solidarity with other tenants or because they cannot afford to pay rent. Over 1.3 million Pennsylvanians have filed for unemployment, meaning 1 in 5 workers in the state are jobless. A recent study found that Pennsylvania’s unemployment trust fund will run out of money in 11 weeks, a timeline far shorter than most other states.

The Philadelphia Tenants Union has published an official call for a citywide rent strike to take place on May 1st. The guidelines for the strike are laid out in an official statement on their website. The guidelines include filling out a form so that the organization can connect tenants with each other who share the same landlord to draft collective demands for reduced or cancelled rents. If landlords refuse to provide relief for tenants who cannot pay, then that is when the tenants officially join the rent strike. It is imperative that the largest Real Estate Firms in Philadelphia – with the most political influence – feel the organized power of their tenants, and Philadelphia Tenants Union is working hard to build those unions.

The strike’s demands are directed towards Pa.’s Governor Tom Wolf, State Senators and State Representatives to:

  • Cancel rent and mortgage payments for 6 months, with no debt accrued.

  • Enforce rent and mortgage forgiveness for any missed payments dating back to March, 2020.

Demands are also directed towards Philadelphia’s Mayor Kenney and City Council members to:

  • Make all evictions, eviction filing, and foreclosures illegal for at least 6 months

  • Freeze rent rates at the current level for a year beyond the end of the crisis

  • Enforce comprehensive rent control

  • Take immediate action to provide housing for the houseless

  • Build city-funded public housing that will meet the city’s need

The Philadelphia Tenants Union will also be offering support in three forms. The first is with an “Emergency Anti-Eviction Task Force” that will use legislative methods and direct action to disrupt and prevent evictions. The second is a “Rent Strike Fund” which will provide monetary funds for legal support for collectives of tenants on strike. Thirdly, is “Organizing Support”, providing resources and guidance to tenants as they prepare for May 1st.

The Rent Strike is a preventative measure for combating displacement and potential homelessness in the city and state, and is a direct action to pressure state legislators to provide immediate assistance to the impending economic recession. The official statement and rent strike guide can be found on Philadelphia Tenants Union’s website.



Yuppie hair salon on Baltimore ave was greeted this week with a shattered window and red paint, with “Welcome! to Philly” painted on the door. We’re not interested in local business models or co-ops. We’re not interested in ‘conscious’ capitalism. It’s still capitalism, it’s still gentrification.

We’re not done.
Happy May!

May Day Anti-Gentrification Actions


For May Day we claim responsibility for the following actions:
-Deflating the tires and painting the windshield of a yuppie housing shuttle bus.
-Throwing paint at the facade of two OCF properties.
-Smashing glass and cutting all non-hydraulic cables of at least four construction machines at the site of a development project intending to manicure a once wild place.
All of our targets are part of the ongoing gentrification of the city.

Solidarity with the comrades in Italy facing repression.

On May Day anarchists aren’t sleeping!

may day greetings


we saw these in west philly and thought we’d share. one of the photos shows graffiti getting buffed on a new yuppie building.

laughing all the way to the bank


We had a May Day pre-party at a Wells Fargo and now none of their ATMs work.

End ICE Contracts! Mayday Solidarity March

from Facebook

The ‘End ICE Contracts! Mayday Solidarity Rally’ is a show of solidarity with workers all around the world with a specific emphasis on solidarity with the local immigrant community. The march will highlight corporate sponsorships of ICE.

Meet at the Octavius Catto Statue

[May 1st from 2:30 PM – 5:30 PM at South Penn Square]

amazon locker sabotage


Sparks were flying as we cut the power cables on five different amazon lockers in Philly. A small contribution to the struggle against that company and what it’s doing to our world. Motherfuckers!!
This action was completed over a few weeks in response to the calls for attacks against them.
Small consistent attacks can do more over time than one spectacular operation, but seeing sparks fly while destroying what aims to destroy us is also pretty fucking spectacular.

Big shout outs to Philly, Pugent Sound, Paris and beyond for all the kickass May Day actions this year.
Lets take em by surprise and totally fuck their shit up!
Lets get free
Happy May Day still

cell phone tower fire


Two playful fox friends showed us the way to the cell phone antennae tower. The cable housing caught fire quickly and the flames began to climb the spire. It was easy to do and reminded us how many targets there are all around us. We pass them every day.

We feel happiest when farthest away from the digital and industrial technology that dulls our senses, domesticates our bodies, and destroys the places we love. But the encroachment of civilization expands all the time. If you feel the same way then we hope you will begin to act too. You don’t have to wait for a particular date.

For wild nature.
For anarchy.

The Coyote Insurgency

re: billboard-sized banner drops


You’ve already seen some of our work: two ten by twenty-four foot banners repurposed from billboard advertisements for a world made into property to be bought and sold. No, “we don’t want their jobs, we don’t want their world.” We want to “abolish work, rediscover life,” and fuck up the flow of capitalism as we celebrated May Day – so we hung three large banners low enough that they would interfere with rush hour traffic on all three major highways in Philly on Tuesday morning. The third banner read, “Fuck ur job. Fuck work. General Strike. Happy May Day.” We lowered them slowly in already congested traffic to avoid causing an accident.

We wanted to play with the idea of a banner being more than a message, more than a subversion of the advertising that it was previously used for, and envisioned it as a soft barricade. Play and creativity are valuable, bringing us joy and inspiring further liberating activities. With that, may you continue to find joy in your own attacks and resistance.

Anti Amazon Banner at Whole Foods


This banner was dropped during the afternoon on May Day at the Whole Foods on South St. As the banner outstretched, we also dropped around 500 of these fliers to let those below know that the unification of Whole Foods and Amazon is just another insidious step in Amazon’s attempt to monopolize and control our lives entirely.

Whole Foods rests on a reputation of ‘fair’ pay and flexibility, community and support; but like all work, actually encourages a culture of alienation, domination, self-policing and snitching on your coworkers to maintain a false sense of security.

This was also a shout-out to Amazon and Whole Foods workers, and an encouragement to all to drag our feet more, take more breaks, and lie to our bosses.

We see through the thin facade and are against the greenwashed neo-liberalism that is Whole Foods Market.

Fuck all jobs, fuck Amazon, steal pay, steal candy.

[Flier text: It’s 2018, and the dystopian future we have feared is here. Cybernetics, misery and boredom are fully integrated into our lives… Amazon is a monopoly on our day to day activities, relations and desire Amazone wants to recreate this world as a sterilized and monitored wasteland, with no privacy and no free will. We reject their world. We want freedom. We want joy. We want life without measure. FTL (A) FTP]