Comcast, Banks, and a Prison Guard Vehicle Attacked in Solidarity with the Prison Strike


We want to claim responsibility for the following actions:

-Slashing 16 tires on 8 Comcast trucks.
-Sabotaging 6 card readers of Wells Fargo, Citizens Bank, and Bank of America.
-Slashing 2 tires on a prison guard’s personal car.

These actions were done over the course of about a week in solidarity with the national prison strike and international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners.

We chose these targets because they profit off of people being locked up and we wanted to strike those who directly or indirectly hold the prisons together.

-Comcast has a contract with ICE.
-Wells Fargo has a contract with ICE and also invests in prisons.
-Bank of America profits off of prison labor.
-We don’t know what’s up with Citizens Bank but fuck them too.
-Attacking a prison guard’s car needs no explanation.

A few notes on our methods:

-For the ATMs we used the tried and true method of super glue and half sized ATM cards or their cardboard equivalent.
-For the tires at first we tried using ball bearings in the valves but found it to be too loud, too slow, and too difficult to do with gloves on. Luckily we had a awl on hand that we had been meaning to try and were ecstatic to discover how quiet, discreet, and easy it was to puncture tires with. After we realized this we couldn’t stop noticing the vehicles of our enemies and went on a modest rampage with the awl. (An awl is like an oversized needle attached to a wooden handle used to pierce thick tough surfaces and they can be found at most arts and craft stores.)

We were able to make these actions happen by honing our observational skills, paying attention to our surroundings, and spontaneously making moves quickly when the opportunities arose.

We feel strongly that having confidence makes an attack easier but dressing like criminals made us feel insecure in that we were drawing too much attention to ourselves. Because of this we decided to get creative with our disguises. As much as we love the uniform* we felt too hot and too suspicious looking to justify wearing it for these types of actions, so we tried out some different styles.
Some of the ways we did this were by simply wearing more color, experimenting with alternatives to long sleeves and pants, and dressing to fit unassuming roles, for example: sporty, going out, stumbling to the store in pajamas etc etc.
Besides that we made sure that gloves and masks were still easy to take on and off. We think different disguises can be interesting and fun, and we want to continue to experiment and expand on theses tactics.


Just as much as anyone else, we’re tired, our bodies hurt, and we sometimes find ourselves slipping into the abyss of self care and prioritizing survival over life. But for this prison strike we wanted to challenge ourselves, to ensure that the prisoners were not alone in their struggle, in their fear and in their discomfort. Despite challenging circumstances we felt it was important to deal with them and not back away because of them. Although we are in no rush to die or find ourselves in a cell we do feel the need to prioritize struggle over comfort. This priority is not from a place of duty or sacrifice but stems from our personal desires. It has been interesting to see how much we can push ourselves. Acting in solidarity and struggle is a constant choice we must make in every moment of everyday. Solidarity is more than something we save for a day on our calendars. It needs to be more than empty words. To us it is a personal choice to not shrink away from discomfort and to make the struggles of others a part of our own path, to face the challenge and upon recognizing how steep and heavy it is, deciding to walk toward it anyway.

Opportunities surround us at all times. Why is there always the need to wait for the next demo? We really appreciate all the different styles of action surrounding the strike, however, we still want to push against the trend that demos are the be-all-end-all, and that they are enough. For us the quality of an action is not dependent on the number of participants or the attention it gets from the media. Plus autonomous attack forces us to face our own individual creativity and initiative. If no one were around to organize with what would you find yourself doing? Would you engage in struggle?

Solidarity with Philly rebels recently brutalized and arrested by cowards
Solidarity with prisoners on lockdown and all those on strike
Fuck money
Fuck technology
Fuck 12
Fuck prisons
For the spread of revolt and sabotage
Toward the destruction of all restrictive realities

*Black gloves, black pants, black hoodie, black mask, black shoes.

Prisoner Solidarity Banner


As a contribution to the international week of solidarity with anarchist prisoners and to the nationwide prison strike a banner was hung on Market Street near 46th Street train station.

Solidarity with anarchist and rebel prisoners! Fire to the Prisons!

Rally to Support Rojava, Stop Turkey’s Attacks!

from Facebook

The Turkish state and their allied jihadist gangs have invaded the democratic autonomous region of Northern Syria, known as Rojava. Founded on the principles of the Kurdish liberation struggle, Rojava has been a bastion of freedom, feminism, and multi ethnic democracy. Their defense forces have been the best in Syria in fighting ISIS.

War crimes have been committed by the Turkish military and their allies in Rojava’s Afrin region, including summary executions of civilians, the mutilation of female bodies, torture, and indiscriminate shelling and bombing of civilians. Their war against Rojava’s people is a war against all of us. We must not allow Turkey to bring more war and suffering to Syria. #standwithafrin #noflyzoneforRojava

1) We call for an immediate withdraw of Turkish forces from Syria
2) We call for a no fly zone to be set up for Rojava
3) We call for an immediate ban on all arms sales to Turkey

[April 2 5PM to 6PM at Philadelphia City Hall]

Freight Train Traffic Disrupted by Anarchists

from Insurrection News


Received on 12.03.18:

Taking inspiration from Olympia Stand, we disrupted freight train traffic using copper wire. We did this three times over the last 30 days. Since hearing of the blockade we felt the need to act in solidarity and we know it was a while ago but time is a scam!!!!!

Obviously we took this action because we hate the economy, money, and the things that keep capitalism moving! We want to fuck with its flow with whatever means we had.

This action is also meant to be an attack on the social peace. Hierarchy and domination are a problem, and we want to attack all its forms, but submission, apathy, conformity, resignation, and stagnation also prevent us from being free. We want to end everything that holds this misery together. Fuck comfort and safety—nothing is safe! This supposed “security” people strive for is just creating more policing over our lives. We need to let go of security! How can we expect to move toward freedom without letting go of comfort and taking real risks?

The crisis is always urgent!
Anarchy as a struggle lived in the present!

Solidarity with anarchists and anti-fascists facing repression and torture in Russia
Solidarity to the anarchists in Hamilton fighting the rich and those who defend their peace of mind and property
Solidarity to the remaining J20 defendants
Also shout out & solidarity to whoever smashed the cafe windows of some buildings in West Philly recently

Solidarity Not Borders: From Athens to Philadelphia

from Facebook

Come to the Wooden Shoe to learn about non-state, non-NGO solidarity work with global migrants, with a focus on Greece. Collective member Sharon Jacobs will share experiences from months living and organizing with migrants in an Athens squat, and we will watch an episode of the subMedia show Trouble connecting the situation in Athens with migrant struggles around the world. We’ll discuss connections between Greece and other places where migrants face state repression and human rights violations, within a context of international conflict and imperialism.

This event is being held in solidarity with Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza ( and the #17m18ActionDay against anti-migration policies between states.

[March 18 from 7PM to 9PMat Wooden Shoe Books 704 South St]

Whammo!: MOVE9 Parole; Addicted to Screens; Anarcho-Syndicalism in Kosovo

from The Final Straw Radio

This episode contains three segments:

Move 9 Parole
“Stare Into The Lights My Pretties”
Anarcho-Syndicalist Organizing in Kosovo

Audio Player


MOVE9 Parole

First, there’s the interview that Bursts held with Michael Davis Africa Jr., a member of the MOVE organization.  MOVE is a Philadelphia-based black liberation group founded by John Africa in 1972. The group lives communally. During the conversation, Michael Jr. talks about the case of the MOVE9, who were 9 members of that group who were arrested and accused of the killing of a police officer in 1978 in Philadelphia, a charge they each deny.  Officer James Ramp was killed following a year of the Philly PD blockading the house for a year under an eviction order and the police besieged the house on August 8th, 1978.  The MOVE 9 have been incarcerated for almost 40 years now, with Merle & Phil dying behind bars.  Police and white supremacist affiliated groups have successfully gotten parole denied for Eddie, Michael and Delbert Africa over the last 9 months as they do for many Political Prisoners from the 1960’s through 80’s in the U.S.  There are upcoming are parole hearings for Janet, Janine and Debbie Africa and more info on who to petition for their release can be found at The name of the D.A. who prosecuted the MOVE9 in 1978 and who is still on the paperwork and has a say on the parole of the MOVE9 40 years later is named John Straub.

Coming up this Saturday, February 24th starting at 4pm there’ll be an event called “Framed In America: The Making of Political Prisoners”.  This will take place at The National Black Theater, 2031 5th Ave in Harlem, New York and will include presentations by Ramona Africa, Fred Hampton Jr, Pam Africa, Roger Wareham, Betty Davis, Ralph Poynter and Johanna Fernandez.  More info can be found on the Justice for the Move 9 fedbook group.

Black December


Because we are internationalists, and recognize no borders, we want to share this call locally. But to add further context, it was on December 15th, 2014 that Brandon Tate-Brown was murdered by two police officers here in Philly. According to members of his family, Tate-Brown was really murdered for “driving while black.”

A witness who approached the officers after the shooting said one told him they stopped Tate-Brown “for a vehicle that was described in a robbery earlier.” But an Officer Heng Dang, involved in the murder, told Internal Affairs investigators that he pulled over Tate-Brown because he drove with just his daytime running lights on. The Police Department has also maintained that Tate-Brown was shot as he reached into the passenger side of his car, possibly trying to retrieve a stolen, loaded, hidden handgun Officer Nicholas Carrelli claims to have spotted earlier jammed into the center console. But in his statement to Internal Affairs, Carrelli said he opened fire when Tate-Brown ran around the trunk of the Charger, “before he gets to the roof of the car.”

Worldwide: Call for a Black December!

Received and translated by Insurrection News on 01.12.17:

With the anarchist Sebastián Oversluij in our memory, four years since his death in combat in Chile during an attempted bank expropriation in December 2013.
With swollen hearts, remembering the anarchist comrade Alexandros Grigoropoulos, seven years since he was murdered in Exarcheia, Greece by police bullets in the year 2008.
For a Black December!
While democratic and civilized totalitarianism advances, expanding its control and surveillance mechanisms, devastating territories, attacking liberated spaces and hunting down insurgents throughout the world, imposing punishments and long sentences of imprisonment against the enemies of domination.
While in Italy our comrades are launching blasphemous attacks against the judges and reaffirming their anarchist convictions during the trial by the repressive operation Scripta Manent.
While thousands of prisoners in struggle are mobilizing in Greece in response to the attempts of the power to asphyxiate prisoners with a new penitentiary code.
While in Chile the power tries to strike its blow of revenge demanding long sentences in the trial against the anarchists Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Enrique Durán.
While in Argentina where you can still feel the rage and pain from the murder of comrade Santiago Maldonado, and then the police murdered the Mapuche warrior Rafael Nahuel while the government militarizes its territories in preparation for the next G20 summit.
While in Brazil, police intelligence tries to halt the anarchist struggle via Operation Erebo, accusing comrades, anarchist spaces and libraries of being behind the beautiful incendiary flashes that in recent years have spread in an intentional way against political party headquarters, police barracks and various power structures.
While all this is happening, in various parts of the globe anarchic minds explore practical and offensive responses to the constant aggression that represents the very existence of power and authority.
From the dignity of the prisoners struggling in the prisons of Bulgaria, to the burning cars in France and the call to action in the Czech Republic. From Belarus to Australia, from Mexico to Belgium and Germany. From Bolivia to the United Kingdom, Finland, Russia, Indonesia, Spain and the whole world, the yearnings for freedom are expressed, shouted, conspired and acted upon without bosses or hierarchies, opening the way to anarchy here and now.
That’s why December continues to be an invitation for insurgent communication via the wild heat of the offensive action against power.
For all our imprisoned and persecuted comrades. For all those that rise up and take action against domination by attacking their structures and their representatives.
May solidarity with our comrades become action. May the memory of Sebastián Oversluij and Alexandros Grigoropoulos ignite barricades and feed fires and explosions against power and their defenders. Let the enemy feel the siege of revolt in every neighbourhood, in every cell and on every corner.
For a Black December, long live anarchy!

Call to fight: Do sabotages the activities of those bastards!


We see that the repressive campaign on the anarchist movement does not cease. Examples are enough: the operation Fénix ( case in the Czech Republic, the case of the Warsaw Trinity (, charges of bank robbery ( in Aachen, courts with rebels against the G20 summit in Hamburg
( and other cases.

Cops, judges, prosecutors, masmedia. They are haunted, imprisoned, robbed, manipulated. This is a challenge to all Revolutionary cells and other groups and individuals. Do sabotages the activities of those bastards. Turn them into terrain, technology and structures. Organize resistance. Support the fugitive and their loved ones.

What destroys us will stop by fighting.

The goal is clear = freedom, justice, anarcho-communism

Network of Revolutionary Cells (SRB)


– translated from the web:

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– web in english:

G20 Solidarity Call


[After G20 in Hamburg] Solidarity call

In a time of open hunt against anti-G20 protesters by the cops, the media and “the public” (including demands for a lynch law circulating on the internet), it is essential to remember those who were injured during protests against the G20 summit in Hamburg and the dozens who are still under investigation and caged by the German State.

No consideration however for a large part of society that, together with public authorities and their media, not only accepts the police state we witnessed in Hamburg, but also wants to see it reinforced.

It is now time for groups and individuals to organize solidarity events, raise donations, and express all kinds of support with those imprisoned, e.g. letter writing as soon as contact addresses are known.

Let’s act in solidarity with all those affected by repression during the G20, and update about their situation through counter-information networks. Let’s make sure that they don’t remain alone.

The more actions, the more pressure on the authorities, the media and their world. For anarchy!

Remember Demhat: Love and Rage, From Philly to Rojava

from It’s Going Down

As the talons of fascism are digging in deeper, we must remember to fight for autonomy and freedom on as small and large a scale as we can.

Here’s to the “slackers” at their jobs, and window smashers down the block; these greetings from Philly urge all to punch a nazi and a cop, remind yr local gentrifiers that they’re not welcome, lie to yr boss and keep yr comrades close.

Here’s to all the J20 folks for getting this year started off right, vowing “No peaceful transition!” to Trump and emboldened white supremacy.

Here’s to the angry queers resisting assimilation and a corporate pride this past June, and navigating this transmisogynistic world every fucking day.

But most pressing, here’s to the YPG and our beloved fallen comrade Heval Demhat for taking up arms in Rojava, fighting ISIS, and a fascist state that was built by American imperialism.

Leaving his home and family in New York, Demhat traveled to so-called-Syria to support the YPG in their struggle for self determination; recognizing the importance of this undertaking, not only for the Kurdish people, but for the ways that anarchist resistance is interconnected. Heval acknowledged that being a part of this revolution would pave the way for autonomous struggle in the Middle East, and bold defiance worldwide. Heval Demhat was killed fighting to liberate Raqqa from ISIS control. Demhat lived and died for his convictions, and fought to support the brave Kurdish people. Long Live Demhat! Long live the YPG! Long live the IRPGF! Martyrs never die!

Here’s to being quiet and dangerous, loud and unstoppable. Let’s keep building trust, doing damage and remaining a threat.

“Our solidarity is our weapon” but hey, we’ve got fists, bats, and guns, too!

Free all prisoners and fire to the state, from Philly with burning love, rage and resistance.