Anti gentrification


When I couldn’t find my intended target late one evening, I found a new one (and many more all around). I splattered red paint across 4 new (inhabited) condos in south philly. The owners will have cleaned it away in no time, but I hope they felt a least 1/10th of the rage I feel encountering such ‘progress’ all around. I used a squirt bottle to keep things quiet, and a little extra time to scan the area, as I was on my own. Happy february! Live it up!!

Simple Sabotage


I glued the locks to the gates of a construction site in my neighborhood.
Simple sabotage is fun and easy. Even small attacks, especially if consistent and continual, are great ways to cause hiccups in the flow of progress.
Resist gentrification at whatever the stage!

Anti-Gentrification Action


I went to the site of a development project that intends to turn a half a block of vacant land into condos. Still in their early stages, I noticed they had recently begun the process of sectioning off the site for what I assumed to be marking the layout/foundation for building . They had installed a series of rebarb posts in the ground connected by strings, so I cut all the strings and removed all of the posts from the ground (minus 2 stubborn ones). The beams were pretty heavy so I threw them in a nearby dumpster burried under trash.
Hope they’re mad when they realize all the work they did was for nothing.

New Year’s Eve reportback


We don’t know if there was a noise demo this year, if there was we didn’t roll up. But we took our fireworks and had a great little new year’s party to pregame our own action. Nearly every window at Millcreek Tavern has been gloriously smashed out, costing that scumbag ex cop owner ballpark 7 to 10 grand in replacements, if the figure he dropped in a radio show after the last time one was broken, of $1,500 a window is accurate. There’s something beautiful to be said about crewing up with yr friends and lovers, and just goddamn going harder than you already have. Also 2 nights ago, we found where the Drexel buses sleep at night, and swiftly disabled one entirely, slashing tires with an awl, finding out it was goddamn left open, and spraypainting all the windows and windshields from the inside. Rapid gentrification by universities can be combatted; all it takes is creativity, small crews, and some easily fucking procured tools. Double paned quarter inch reinforced windows take about 2 to 3 solid smacks with a hammer to bring down entirely, in a beautiful cascade of glass. Happy new year y’all, here’s to a lawless 2020.

A weary, happy, gay anarchist crew

Black Friday


In solidarity with striking amazon workers in Europe this Black Friday, a small crew of anarchists popped around 20 indiego bike tires, sabatoged 10 ATMs, tagged a macy’s and several other stores, the Rizzo mural, and sabatoged an Excavator being used in a development project.

Tagging spree


We went on a hella tagging spree tonight in preparation for Black Friday. Started at broad and walnut and got all the way up to broad and diamond with 2 cans of paint and a white paint marker. Hit the armed forces recruiting center, a Bank of America, some construction equipment, properties currently being developed, 24 indiego bike tires slashed, and a lot learned and there was much joy taken in simple acts of rebellion. Fuck this colonial holiday, super fuck Black Friday, fuck those who would have us feel shame around mental illness and lack of perceived productivity under this coercive capitalist structure, when the real people who deserve to feel shame are those bulldozing and developing land that used to be wild and beautiful, banks that collaborate with ICE, and fucking army recruiters!
Signed, with all the love in our hearts-

Prison abolitionist queers who will never stop disrupting. Stay sexy, Stay violent, Stay unpredictable

Developer Ori Feibush says “anarchists” vandalized his Point Breeze home

from Mainstream Media

White paint defaces Ori Feibush's Point Breeze home. (Courtesy of Ori Feibush)
White paint defaces Ori Feibush’s Point Breeze home. (Courtesy of Ori Feibush)

The Point Breeze home of Philadelphia developer Ori Feibush was vandalized in an early morning incident that saw the first-floor windows of his home smashed by bricks and paint-splattered across the property.

It’s the latest in a string of vandalism incidents that have targeted properties associated with the developer and his company, OCF Realty. In a phone interview, he blamed “anarchists” who he said had left an incriminating note attached to a brick used to smash the windows of his home.

The developer has been at the center of controversies surrounding the gentrification of the South Philadelphia neighborhood where his company has developed hundreds of properties.

“It’s disappointing,” Feibush said. “There’s always an opportunity for public discourse and I appreciate a healthy debate. But this is not a productive or healthy way to approach these issues.”

The developer said he was awoken Thursday morning around 2:30 a.m. to the sound of shattering glass. Along with bricks and a note, the perpetrators threw bottles of white paint that splattered on the facade, the interior of the home and a car parked nearby. Police arrived on the scene shortly afterward.

In an image sent to WHYY by the developer, a note reads “enjoy your luncheon, ori” with a “circle-A” symbol historically associated with anarchist movements written in permanent marker.

Feibush appeared at an Inquirer panel Philadelphia real estate “influencers” today — an event which itself attracted criticism for its high ticket prices and failure to include voices critical of city’s development industry.

A note left at Feibush’s residence. (Courtesy of Ori Feibush)

Three individuals were captured on video by several surveillance cameras on the block, although the developer declined to release video of the incident.

Several other properties associated with OCF have been vandalized in past attacks. In one instance, four homes were destroyed by a fire that investigators said had been intentionally set.

Feibush said there have been “42 major incidents” of vandalism at his properties over the past year, some of which had not made headlines.

“This was the same M.O. as every other bit of vandalism we’ve had over the past year,” he said of the Thursday window smashing.



Yuppie hair salon on Baltimore ave was greeted this week with a shattered window and red paint, with “Welcome! to Philly” painted on the door. We’re not interested in local business models or co-ops. We’re not interested in ‘conscious’ capitalism. It’s still capitalism, it’s still gentrification.

We’re not done.
Happy May!

May Day Anti-Gentrification Actions


For May Day we claim responsibility for the following actions:
-Deflating the tires and painting the windshield of a yuppie housing shuttle bus.
-Throwing paint at the facade of two OCF properties.
-Smashing glass and cutting all non-hydraulic cables of at least four construction machines at the site of a development project intending to manicure a once wild place.
All of our targets are part of the ongoing gentrification of the city.

Solidarity with the comrades in Italy facing repression.

On May Day anarchists aren’t sleeping!

may day greetings


we saw these in west philly and thought we’d share. one of the photos shows graffiti getting buffed on a new yuppie building.