J20 Benefit Series: LAVA 2

from Facebook

The battle still continues….

Our efforts have led to full acquittals for the first 6 defendants to go to trial. The prosecution has dropped 129 additional cases since. There are 59 defendants still facing decades in prison for protesting trump. This is the SECOND of two LAVA shows to benefit the remaining 59. We must keep fighting and we must keep winning.


ZORN – Dark



CLAM – Snot

Nobody turned away for lack of $
Don’t be an asshole

VOL 1: https://www.facebook.com/events/424496247985195?%3Fti=ia


[April 13 from 7PM to 10:30PM at LAVA]

Pretty Vandalism


These photos were taken by me, friends, or stolen from the internet. They are of graffiti, stickers, and window smashings around town. To my knowledge none of these acts were claimed with communiques. I do not know the intentions of whoever carried them out but they lift my mood, and bring some joy to my day. I share them here to remind myself and anyone reading what is possible, to generate inspiration, and to help spread the disorder of the city to those who might not have the good fortune to stroll by it as they go about their day.

The broken windows are at Swirl Cafe in West Philly (attacked twice!) and OCF Realty in South Philly.

All these photos are from the last few months. Each photo (with the exception of those taken from the internet) have been cropped and all of them had their metadata removed to avoid identifying the cameras they were taken with.

J20 Benefit Series: LAVA 1

from Facebook

The battle continues….

Our efforts have led to full acquittals for the first 6 defendants to go to trial. The prosecution has dropped 129 additional cases since. There are 59 defendants still facing decades in prison for protesting trump. This is the first of two LAVA shows to benefit the remaining 59. We must keep fighting and we must keep winning.


Sciamachy – Epic melodic crust.

Bitter Taste – Punk

Bloated Subhumans – uncomfortable noises

Nobody turned away for lack of funds
Don’t be an asshole

VOL 2: https://www.facebook.com/events/565095977187096?%3Fti=ia


[March 31 at 7PM at LAVA]

Freight Train Traffic Disrupted by Anarchists

from Insurrection News


Received on 12.03.18:

Taking inspiration from Olympia Stand, we disrupted freight train traffic using copper wire. We did this three times over the last 30 days. Since hearing of the blockade we felt the need to act in solidarity and we know it was a while ago but time is a scam!!!!!

Obviously we took this action because we hate the economy, money, and the things that keep capitalism moving! We want to fuck with its flow with whatever means we had.

This action is also meant to be an attack on the social peace. Hierarchy and domination are a problem, and we want to attack all its forms, but submission, apathy, conformity, resignation, and stagnation also prevent us from being free. We want to end everything that holds this misery together. Fuck comfort and safety—nothing is safe! This supposed “security” people strive for is just creating more policing over our lives. We need to let go of security! How can we expect to move toward freedom without letting go of comfort and taking real risks?

The crisis is always urgent!
Anarchy as a struggle lived in the present!

Solidarity with anarchists and anti-fascists facing repression and torture in Russia
Solidarity to the anarchists in Hamilton fighting the rich and those who defend their peace of mind and property
Solidarity to the remaining J20 defendants
Also shout out & solidarity to whoever smashed the cafe windows of some buildings in West Philly recently

Signals of Disorder in West Philly


Took these photos over the last few weeks.

J20 info session and support dinner

from Facebook

Greetings Friends,

Many of you may have heard that there was a substantial victory this past week in the cases of the more than 200 people (collectively referred to as the J20) arrested and charged at last year’s Inauguration Day protests in Washington DC. 129 people had their charges dropped, while 59 people still face multiple felonies and potentially decades of jailtime.

In an article appearing in The Intercept on Friday, one of the defendants, Miel Macchio, who was acquitted in the first trial, notes that “the dismissals are a testament to the success of the defendants’ collective defense strategy. By refusing to plea and instead coordinating their defense, the accused succeeded in thwarting the government’s effort to collectively punish dissent. ‘What we are [now] seeing, is a strategic narrowing of the government’s case,” Macchio says, “Those still facing charges are now much more vulnerable as a smaller group.'”

On this coming Sunday, January 28, from 5:30-7:30pm we will be hosting a J20 InfoSession and Support Dinner at 5835 Hadfield Street in West Philadelphia. This will be a chance for folks to gather in one place in order to be updated on the current situation, to learn how they can get involved and provide support for those still facing charges, and to generally share food and company together.

We will be making a big batch of vegan chili and some cornbread, but it would be great if others could bring and contribute food to the mix as well!

Again, the basic details:
What: J20 InfoSession and Support Dinner
When: Sunday, January 28 from 5:30-7:30pm
Where: 5835 Hadfield Street, Philly 19143

Hope you can make it!

In struggle,

Emily & Layne

Street Medic Training

from Facebook

Philadelphia Black Rose will be holding a Street Medic Training event on the anniversary of last year’s inaugural protests. Come learn the essentials of stateless emergency medical attention!

Due to some logistical limitations this time around, this will be a shortened version of the street medic training we originally planned. Half of the event will focus on theory and current practice of street medicine. The other half will involve a discussion of what we view as the most essential care one is able to provide in an uncertain situation, assuming a minimal medical capacity.

[January 20 from 3:00 PM5:00 PM at Wooden Shoe Books and Records 704 South St]

Vegan Brunch Spectacular!

from Facebook

That’s right, it’s time! Us North Philly Food Not Bombadiers wish to honor the one year anniversary of a day that shook this planet: January 20th of 2017, the day trump seized the mantle of control of this (lol) ‘democracy’. To oppose trump and his zombies, there were some brave and marvelous souls that took to the streets, galvanized into fierce action, and kicked off a wave of rebellion that has not ceased yet (we hope it never does!). Essentially they put their lives on the line, as hundreds are facing what amounts life sentences for their public defiance.

We want to offer up another all vegan brunch fundraiser as a means for people to get together, forge bonds and to hold space for this important day. Everything will be completely vegan and delicious. We will invite some other wonderful radical groups into the mix too, there will surely be some fantastic books and art.

Please make it out! Each brunch we’ve done has been better then the last. We will update menu and location as soon as confirmed!

[10AM to 3PM January 20 Location Cindergarden-Ask a skunk!]

Nightfall / Serqet (RVA) / Somnium Mori / Schiamachy

From Facebook

Nightfall – Hardcore and noise against the bloodsuckers

Serqet (RVA) – Anarcho-Goth featuring members of Asylum & Lost Tribe

Somnium Mori – Darkwave punk

Schiamachy – Melodic driving crust

Proceeds will go to the J20 Defense Fund
$7-10 sliding scale

[December 9 at Cousin Dannys]

J20 Benefit – N.E.G Release/Final Gig w Nosebleed, + more

from Facebook

N.E.G says goodbye for good, but not without the release of their forthcoming EP, “Shackles”.. all money from this gig will be donated to the J20 defendant/bail fund, to help alleviate financial pressure during the trial of all J20 arrestees.

N.E.G (PHL) – FINAL GIG & ALBUM RELEASE ‘American hardcore meets Swedish d-beat’

Nosebleed (RVA) – Catchy, fast, d-beat, hardcore punk, they’ve got it all.

Inteloper (PHL) – Relentlessly fast d-beat featuring Kiser himself

Syringe (MD) – Baltimore based duo-vocal crust, top notch

Alement (PHL) – The finest display of metallic crust this city has to offer
7 PM Doors, 8 PM Music

[November 22 in West Philly Baby]