J20: Everymen (FL) // Complex // Cape of Bats //Humo

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Everymen (FL) – On the road from Florida

Complex – Mutant pogo freaks

Cape of Bats – metallic blackened punk


*****J20 BENEFIT BAR*****
Think twice or 3 times before you byob

No bullshit OR ELSE

Proceeds from this show will go to the Philly J20 Support fund to help ease the financial burden of traveling back and forth to DC for court appearances, lawyer fees, etc. If you can’t make it to the show but would like to donate please do so using the link below:
For a look at the current legal situation for J20 defendants you can give this article a read (i know its buzzfeed but its fair and accurate):


[May 13 from 7pm to 11pm]

Phl 4/27: J20 Benefit Raffle and Show

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This is a special night where we can all come together and enjoy eachothers art, music and company while raising money for Phily heads who were arrested protesting the inauguration in DC on J20. Some awesome businesses, bands and artists have helped contribute to set up this RAFFLE/SHOW and it is gonna be very cool and you just might leave with some awesome stuff.

Raffle Prizes Contributed by:
Michelle K
Erik Savage
Kevin Spaghetti
Low Level
Yoni Kroll
Green Line Cafe
Sit & Spin Records
Beautiful World Syndicate
Jim Shomo
Dottie’s Donuts
+More TBA

Musical Acts by:


S.L.I.P. (PGH)




Ten bucks gets you 1 raffle ticket and entry to the gig
Eleven bucks gets you 2 raffle tickets and entry to the gig
Twelve bucks gets you 3 raffle tickets and entry to the gig

think before you byob

Ask a klunk for address

Doors at 7
Sound at 8

Act a fool
Leave a fool


[April 27 from 7pm to 11pm]


Benefit Screening of Killing the Black Snake


Come out, watch trouble and throw some 💰for #disruptj20 arrestees this wednesday. April 1 to 8 is a week of solidarity with everyone facing repression so let’s come together to learn and support each other. We’ll pass the hat to collect money for philly people arrested in DC protesting trump’s inauguration. Killing the Black Snake is a short documentary about the fight against the dakota access pipeline being built through sacred Sioux land in north dakota.

[April 5th from 5pm to 8pm at LAVA Space 4134 Lancaster Ave]

Book and Bake Sale for J20 Defendants

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A fundraising effort to Support Philadelphia residents who were wrongfully arrested during the January 20th Inauguration Protests in Washington DC. All funds raised will help pay for defendant legal fees, transit, and housing.

Tons of new books from rad publishers have been donated for the cause and there will be baked goods for sale as well as tarot card readings and music! Please drop by and bring friends.

April 8, 2017 – Noon to Four
A-Space, 4722 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19143

Posters Around Philly

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Philly J20 Solidarity Financial Support Fund

Donate Here

Please donate to Philadelphia area residents who were wrongfully arrested during the January 20th inauguration protests in Washington DC. All funds raised will help pay for defendants’ legal fees, transit and housing costs.

This fund is being used to support people from the Philadelphia region who were wrongfully mass arrested during demonstrations in Washington DC on the day of Trump’s inauguration. On that day, Metro DC police attacked and cornered a large crowd of protestors with brutal, excessive force. Prolonged detainment and mistreatment over the course of 36 hours culminated in an evidence-less blanket felony charge on each of the 230 innocent demonstrators. These antagonistic actions by the state signal a dangerous intent to intimidate and discourage future protest from taking place. All charges should be immediately dropped, and the repression should end now.

Astronomical court and lawyer costs, as well as travel and housing expenses place substantial financial hardships on protestors dealing with baseless felony charges. Backing this fund not only supports those who were unjustly arrested, each donation is also an act of solidarity for those directly under threat from the police simply for their political affiliation and public expression of resistance. These cases will likely set a precedent for the way the Trump administration will handle protest throughout his four year term.

Your donation will directly assist those arrested by allowing defendants to alleviate the financial burdens imposed on them from court, lawyer, travel, and housing costs.

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Philly J20 Report Back

from It’s Going Down

It’s not because Trump won. Its not because Hillary lost. Its because fuck all this. Its because the world is burning and the only way to ignore it is to side with the death culture– turning life into commodities. Trump is merely today’s incarnation of “democracy;” the logical extensions of capitalism, imperialism white supremacy, patriarchy, and all the systems that undergird “democracy” under any president. Because democracy is synonymous with capture. Because its all supposed to happen like this. In four or eight more years a new figurehead of the same system to march around blocks about. Because shits not working, folks.

As if we think broken windows and spray paint will change any of it. Of course it won’t. No window will ever be enough. No march, no rally, no bloc, no president. can we take seriously anything nowadays? Are we seriously still debating violence vs. non-violence. Property vs. life. Its farcical. The “system”, “protest”… Laughable, and yet dire, with real consequences for land, animals, people. Because actually, we’re dying. Because amidst all the rhetoric of hope, the closest glimpse we see sometimes is in people willing to throw down for each other- for some vision, fractured as it may be, that we can fight back, that we can be fearless, that we can strike, be ungovernable, remind ourselves, if no one else, that some part of our minds and bodies hasn’t yet been domesticated by our masters. It could be 100,000 people evicting the halls of D.C. – and would be a resurrection from suffocation, but instead, 100 here, 50 there… we are a death gasp. Signs of life in a dying body.

Signs of life in philly. 40 rebels affiliated only by our actions; no group, no platform. 20 minutes in the streets of one of philly’s most cop-friendly areas at 7pm on a busy friday night thoroughfare. Our rage left dripping from walls, shattered across sidewalks, and left upon cars, gentry property, peddlers of bourgeois excess, banks, atms, symbols of the capital that survives off the life of everyone. More life breathed into our bloc by the vast support of onlookers, who joined in; “fists up, fight back”, “kill your local fascist” (of which south philly is a haven), “a-anti-anticapitalista” etc. Shit got got. If your shit got hit, remember its not about you. Its bigger than you because, fuck all of this, right? Because, Everything.

As we disbanded safely before the lurking eyes of police, a shout, “its been real great, see you all next time!” And everyone faded back into the precarious turbulence.

In Solidarity with D.C. Rebels and Blockaders
In Solidarity with Indigenous Freedom Fighters
In Solidarity with everyone stepping it up in 2017

A “No More Presidents” Reportback


On J20, around 50 of us masked up and took down South St.  We wanted to set a tone of resistance against the Trump regime and the ruling class for the years to come.  There were chants of “Good Night Alt Right” and antifascist flags and banners. The OCF Coffee house was smashed while people spray painted windows along the street.  Bank of America took a paint bomb.  As we moved along, more windows were tagged and shattered.  There was a brief discussion before we turned off South St and started pulling baricades into the road, knowing the cops had to be close by, being earily absent so far.  When they did show, we split, the obstacles slowing them down enough for everyone to get away.
This shit is officially still possible in Philly.  Affinity groups can come together in direct, violent, contempt against the business of gentrification and the moneyed masters funding attacks on indigenous peoples.  For all those arrested on J20 and all those still fighting the Black Snake.

Expect more.




[January 20
6:30pm sharp
South East corner of Washington Square Park]