Philadelphia Vigil For Stephon Clark

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Please join us as we hold a vigil to pay our respects and mourn the murder of Stephon Clark. Feel free to bring signs, cards, poems, stories, or anything else you need to show support. Let’s try to heal together. Philadelphia stands with the family of Stephon Clark.

This event is organized by:

Black Lives Matter Movement PA
Black Lives Matter Philly
The Future Belongs To Us

[April 8 at 9PM at Thomas Paine Plaza]

Black December


Because we are internationalists, and recognize no borders, we want to share this call locally. But to add further context, it was on December 15th, 2014 that Brandon Tate-Brown was murdered by two police officers here in Philly. According to members of his family, Tate-Brown was really murdered for “driving while black.”

A witness who approached the officers after the shooting said one told him they stopped Tate-Brown “for a vehicle that was described in a robbery earlier.” But an Officer Heng Dang, involved in the murder, told Internal Affairs investigators that he pulled over Tate-Brown because he drove with just his daytime running lights on. The Police Department has also maintained that Tate-Brown was shot as he reached into the passenger side of his car, possibly trying to retrieve a stolen, loaded, hidden handgun Officer Nicholas Carrelli claims to have spotted earlier jammed into the center console. But in his statement to Internal Affairs, Carrelli said he opened fire when Tate-Brown ran around the trunk of the Charger, “before he gets to the roof of the car.”

Worldwide: Call for a Black December!

Received and translated by Insurrection News on 01.12.17:

With the anarchist Sebastián Oversluij in our memory, four years since his death in combat in Chile during an attempted bank expropriation in December 2013.
With swollen hearts, remembering the anarchist comrade Alexandros Grigoropoulos, seven years since he was murdered in Exarcheia, Greece by police bullets in the year 2008.
For a Black December!
While democratic and civilized totalitarianism advances, expanding its control and surveillance mechanisms, devastating territories, attacking liberated spaces and hunting down insurgents throughout the world, imposing punishments and long sentences of imprisonment against the enemies of domination.
While in Italy our comrades are launching blasphemous attacks against the judges and reaffirming their anarchist convictions during the trial by the repressive operation Scripta Manent.
While thousands of prisoners in struggle are mobilizing in Greece in response to the attempts of the power to asphyxiate prisoners with a new penitentiary code.
While in Chile the power tries to strike its blow of revenge demanding long sentences in the trial against the anarchists Juan Flores, Nataly Casanova and Enrique Durán.
While in Argentina where you can still feel the rage and pain from the murder of comrade Santiago Maldonado, and then the police murdered the Mapuche warrior Rafael Nahuel while the government militarizes its territories in preparation for the next G20 summit.
While in Brazil, police intelligence tries to halt the anarchist struggle via Operation Erebo, accusing comrades, anarchist spaces and libraries of being behind the beautiful incendiary flashes that in recent years have spread in an intentional way against political party headquarters, police barracks and various power structures.
While all this is happening, in various parts of the globe anarchic minds explore practical and offensive responses to the constant aggression that represents the very existence of power and authority.
From the dignity of the prisoners struggling in the prisons of Bulgaria, to the burning cars in France and the call to action in the Czech Republic. From Belarus to Australia, from Mexico to Belgium and Germany. From Bolivia to the United Kingdom, Finland, Russia, Indonesia, Spain and the whole world, the yearnings for freedom are expressed, shouted, conspired and acted upon without bosses or hierarchies, opening the way to anarchy here and now.
That’s why December continues to be an invitation for insurgent communication via the wild heat of the offensive action against power.
For all our imprisoned and persecuted comrades. For all those that rise up and take action against domination by attacking their structures and their representatives.
May solidarity with our comrades become action. May the memory of Sebastián Oversluij and Alexandros Grigoropoulos ignite barricades and feed fires and explosions against power and their defenders. Let the enemy feel the siege of revolt in every neighbourhood, in every cell and on every corner.
For a Black December, long live anarchy!

October 21st March & #Abolition Weekend

from Disrupt IACP Philly

To kick off resistance to the IACP throughout their conference, a march has been called for the morning of Saturday, Oct. 21st, the first day of the conference. Meeting at Thomas Paine Plaza at 10AM, we will do our best to make it clear that the IACP and all police are firmly unwelcome in Philly.

Later on the 21st and on the 22nd, Philly for REAL Justice has called for two events as part of #AbolitionWeekend:

#AbolitionWeekend. It’s going down.

October 21-24, police chiefs from all over the nation will be gathering in Philadelphia. But we are clear that they are the heads of military forces which occupy black and brown communities, terrorizing and killing civilians. They will not come into our city without opposition.

On Saturday, October 21st, we rally outside of the Pennsylvania Convention Center, to denounce the militarized policing that plagues our country. [Event page here:]

On Sunday, October 22nd, we are again outside of the Convention center, but this time, we will hold space as we discuss the theory of police abolition and the ways that we can fight for our freedom from the militarized police state. [Event page here:]

We need as many people as possible to come out, stand with us, and learn with us. Freedom is on the horizon. It’s time for us to move.

Below are some new outreach posters! Click images for PDFs.

Keep an eye out for more announced events and actions, and feel free to send any calls, questions or endorsements to

Billboard Graffiti for David Jones


Seen this in South West Philly

RIP David

from Instagram




Enough is enough….
We need police officer Ryan Pownall of the 15th police district…charged with the murder of David Jones…

DAVID Jones was a soulmate and best friend and the father of a son! On Friday we are marching for him demanding justice! I won’t rest until Pownall goes down! Please come march with us!

[June 30 at 5pm at District Attorney’s Office, 3 S Penn Square]

Rally and March for Police Abolition

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Over the last two months, the pigs have exceuted and brutalized several black people. In Philadelphia, David Jones was murdered by Ryan Pownall. Pownall shot David in the back, and claimed that David had a gun. An off-duty pig brutalized a young man named Naji Tribble. The cop slammed his head into the groud leaving him with a severe skull facture. Naji has suffered from seizures and other health problems as a result of the incident.

In Seattle, Charleena Lyles, was murdered by pigs in front of her three children. She’d contacted police to report a burglary and the cops shot her for having a knife in her hands.

In St. Paul, Jeronmio Yanez, the pig who killed Philando Castile in front of his girlfriend and daughter was found not-guilty of his murder.

The list of black and brown people murdered by cops is growing every day. We know we can NEVER reform a system created from the enslavement on African people. In order to proect our communities, we must completely dismantle the current system. We must fight for police abolition.

Please join us for a rally and march on June 28th at 5:30pm. We will gather in front of the Municipal Services building. Please join us!

[1401 JFK Blvd]

RIP David Jones

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RIP David Jones shot in the back by police

Ugly-Ass Frank Rizzo Mural In South Philly Gets Tagged, Again

from Tattle Tot

In case you missed it, Philadelphia Police Officer Ryan Pownall, a white man, shot David Jones, a black man, in the back earlier this month.

Jones died.

In the coming weeks I’ll be doing more reporting on the case. But for now, let us just enjoy and praise the brave soul who tagged the ugly-ass Frank Rizzo mural in south Philly.

RIP David Thomas Jones


Saw this on Chester at 49th street. David Thomas Jones was killed by police on Thursday.