Woman Charged with Posting NJEHA Nazi Flyers in Staten Island

from Philly Antifa

From SIlive.com:

“STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — A 49-year-old New Dorp woman was arrested and faces multiple charges in connection with anti-Semitic postings made on the borough, the district attorney’s office announced Tuesday.

Gina Aversano, a resident of the 600 block of Tysens Lane, was arraigned in Criminal Court in St. George Tuesday afternoon on two counts of first-degree aggravated harassment and four counts of making graffiti…

Court documents allege Aversano posted a sticker with a swastika onto a rock in Wolfe’s Pond Park on Nov. 4, 2020 before posting a second sticker featuring a swastika onto a privately-owned van near Tysens Lane in New Dorp the next day.

Then, between Dec. 31, 2020 and Jan. 1, 2021, Aversano allegedly posted flyers from the New Jersey European Heritage Association (NJEHA), a group deemed a white supremacist organization by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League, to a Stop & Shop sign on Hylan Boulevard and a muni-meter near New Dorp Lane, authorities allege.”

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NJEHA is a group we’ve written about frequently on here. Led by longtime nazis Ron Sheehy and Dan D’Ambly NJEHA has close ties with Patriot Front and has come into Philly for flyering and to harass and provoke anti-racist events such as the ICE occupation.

Neo-Nazi Profile: Perry Maholland Jr of Levittown, Pennsylvania

from Anonymous Comrades Collective

In today’s report we would like to present this concise profile on a Pennsylvanian neo-Nazi who runs a fledgling social media website that caters to neo-Nazis, fascists, antisemites and admirers of Adolph Hitler. Allow us to introduce:

Perry Maholland Jr. of Levittown, Pennsylvania

Perry Maholland Jr’s adoration of Adolph Hitler and Nazis is hardly a secret. His social media posts make it obvious that he is not shy about showing his face and name along with his disturbing convictions. After all, his username on the right-wing social network site Gab is “@ihatejews“:

Perry Maholland Jr's Gab profile. His usename is "@ihatejews" and he states he is there to "name the Jew."
Perry Maholland Jr’s Gab profile. His username is “@ihatejews” and he states he is there to “name the Jew.”

Maholland also has a conspicuous presence on the the question/answer site Quora where the topics he covers are of a particular focus: antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Perry Maholland Jr's profile on the Q&A site Quora.
Perry Maholland Jr’s profile on the Q&A site Quora.
Maholland had a particular focus on antisemitic conspiracy theories on Quora.
Maholland had a particular focus on antisemitic conspiracy theories on Quora.

In fact, oddball antisemitic conspiracy theories seem to occupy a predominance of Maholland’s life. Instances of his obsession are easily found across various social media websites.

Antisemitic conspiracy theories are an obsessions with Maholland. Pictured above is a post from his profile on VK.com.
Antisemitic conspiracy theories are obsessions with Maholland. Pictured above is a post from his profile on VK.com.

Fuhrernet: a Place for Neo-Nazis

While Perry Maholland used to be the leader of a fourth-rate heavy metal band called Spirus,  he now spends his days as a web developer, as indicated by his public LinkedIn profile.

Perry Maholland Jr's LinkedIn profile.
Perry Maholland Jr’s LinkedIn profile.

One of his current pet projects is a fledgling social network website that caters to neo-Nazis and admirers of Adolph Hitler called Fuhrernet, the logo of which bears a marked similarity to another well-known social network site.

The "Fuhrernet" logo. Look familiar?
The “Fuhrernet” logo. Look familiar?

As it is now, Fuhrernet (one of the contributors to its development, by the way, is Jewish neo-Nazi Diana Brancoveanu, aka “Pikachu,” whom we reported on earlier) is a barely functioning echo chamber where neo-Nazis post links to videos and memes consistently of an antisemitic and racist nature.

Fuhrernet post featuring a photo of Hitler and Nazi soldiers.
A post on Fuhrernet that is representative of the site’s basic content.

It does not appear, however, that Fuhrernet is actually catching on very well. Maholland’s own profile page shows that he joined in 2017 and, four years later, only has around sixty friends and followers, a paltry sum considering he is the creator of the site.

Maholland's own profile on Fuhrernet.
Maholland’s own profile on Fuhrernet.

Because even Nazis can fall in love, one of Maholland’s Fuhrernet “Friends” is a woman who calls herself “Vera Castiel” and whom we believe to be living in Germany. Vera appears to be his girlfriend and they are in Nazi-love.

Maholland's girlfriend "Vera Castiel" has a Fuhrernet profile too.
Maholland’s girlfriend “Vera Castiel” has a Fuhrernet profile too.
Valentine's Day e-card from Vera Castiel to Perry Maholland Jr. on Fuhrernet.
Valentine’s Day e-card from Vera Castiel to Perry Maholland Jr. on Fuhrernet, because even Nazis can fall in love.

We are quite sure there are no surprises in their relationship! Honesty really is the best policy…

Perry Maholland wants his foreskin back too!
Perry Maholland wants his foreskin back too!

Tschüss, for now…

There will be more to come from us on Perry Maholland Jr and “Fuhrernet” in the future. Rest assured, he is on our radar and there will be more to follow!

Two Men Arrested in Philly for Attempting to Intimidate Vote Counters Linked to Qanon

from It’s Going Down

On Friday, November 6th, two armed men were arrested after police were tipped off that they were headed to the Philadelphia Convention Center to drop off fake ballots where votes were being tallied for the presidential election. WPVI-TV reports that, “Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, Joshua Macias, 42, and Antonio Lamotta, 61, both of Chesapeake, Va., have been charged with Concealed Firearm Without a License, a third-degree felony, and Carrying a Firearm on Public Streets or Public Property, a first-degree misdemeanor. A woman was also with them, but she was not placed under arrest, officials said.”

As CNN reports, “Both men were carrying loaded handguns, and police found an AR-type rifle in the Hummer, authorities said at a news conference Friday. About 160 rounds of ammunition were found in the weapons and the vehicle, authorities said.”

The vehicle the two men were driving had a hat and window sticker with the QAnon logo indicating these men were followers of the QAnon conspiracy cult. As we’ve previously reported:

At the heart of Qanon lies the belief, inherited and passed down from past conspiracy theories, many directly stemming from anti-Semitic sources, that a shadowy collection of “Satan worshiping pedophiles” which in turn controls Hollywood, the media, the Pope, and liberal elite politicians – are all involved in ritual child human sacrifice, sex trafficking, blood drinking, and cannibalism. These elites make up the “deep state” and only Donald Trump can bring them to justice. Leaking information about this epic conflict, is an anonymous person from within the intelligence community (but somehow not the deep state) with Q level security clearance that has knowledge of this whole plot and has been leaving clues, known as “Q-drops,” on racist far-Right boards like 4chan and 8chan (because where else would a senior official do so?). Q’s followers then take the seemingly nonsensical clues, known as “crumbs,” that are posted online and try and make sense of them.

QAnon has swept the internet and communities all over the country and has inspired it’s followers into some dangerous and violent actions. The growing concern around QAnon conspiracy and it’s followers has even lead the FBI to label QAnon a domestic terror threat. Efforts by Twitter and Facebook to shut down the spread of QAnon-related disinformation has proved too little too late in many respects as the growing concern of QAnon continues to motivate it’s followers to carry out violence.

Thomas J. Louden, Bucks County Civilian Defense Force Militia Leader of Pekasie, PA

from It’s Going Down

AntiFash Gordon has identified Thomas Louden, a volunteer firefighter and director of managed care at Jefferson Health in Philadelphia. He also serves as Batallion Chief of the Sellersville Fire Department and Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator of Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania. This summer, Louden posted about looking to join a militia and hinted that the right should be prepared to violently defend itself from socialists. By September he was head of the Bucks County Civillian Defense Force Militia, posting about recruiting a sniper. Since then, his violent rhetoric has only escalated and he frequently encourages armed responses to leftist activity. Louden is heavily armed, trains multiple times a week, and should be considered a danger to the community. See the full thread below:

from Twitter

Meet Thomas J. Louden of Pekasie, PA.

He’s a volunteer firefighter and Director of Managed Care at @TJUHospital in Philadelphia.

But as “Fireeagle,” he’s the head of the Bucks County Civilian Defense Force militia, and spreads violent, racist, and antisemtic conspiracies. ImageImageImageImage

He’s also the Battalion Chief of the @SellersvilleFd and the Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator of Hilltown Township, Pennsylvania.

You can email them at info@hilltown.org. Image

He’s also becoming increasingly radicalized in response to the upcoming election.

On June 30 of this year, he started looking for a militia to join, and hinting that he wants to kill anti-racist protesters. ImageImage

By August 28, he was openly calling for the murder of Black Lives Matter activists.

By September, he was talking about “cannon fodder” and “those behind the scenes” who “really need to be stopped,” and invoking the antisemitic “Soros” conspiracy theory. ImageImageImage

And simultaneously, he became the head of a newly formed unit of the Civilian Defense Force, a far-right militia, where he goes by “Commander Fireeagle.” ImageImage
And just days later, he began attempting to recruit a sniper for his militia. Image
This was right around when he stopped using his real name on the militia forum he joined.

Btw, those links are live and resolve to the profile of “Fireeagle.” Image

In June, he was trying to convince the other members of his militia forum that an armed response was needed to a satirical announcement of an antifa-sponsored flag burning. ImageImage
He’s also increasingly active on the Civilian Defense Force forums, where he’s adding contacts at an alarming rate. ImageImage
He’s been training to act on his violent fantasies, too.

He claims to be “hitting the range 4 times a week and flying at least 100 rounds each session.” Image

And he’s well-stocked on guns, too.

He claims to concealed carry a Sig Sauer P320x, and keeps a Beretta 92F at the ready. He also owns an Armalite AR, but doesn’t specify which kind. (Pictured is an Armalite AR-10.) ImageImageImageImage

So how’d we find his real identity?

On the Civilian Defense Force forums, he notes that he’s in Bucks County, PA, and that he’s a volunteer firefighter. And the Deputy EMC for his township.

But that still doesn’t tell us *which* town he lives in. Image

A quick Google search of “fireeagle” and “Pennsylvania” brought me to a Corvette stingray forum, where a user with that screen name (who also claimed to be a volunteer firefighter) posted a picture with a house number visible, but no town. Image
On the same forum, a picture of his car won the December 2019 photo contest.

Do you see what I saw? Image

Hacker voice: Computer, enhance.

We see a sign for a cross street. The top sign is illegible, but the bottom reads “VICTORIA LN.” Image

So I went to the Bucks County property records site, to see exactly how many Victoria Lanes there were in the district.

Three towns have a Victoria Lane– Chalfont, Levittown, and Perkasie.

A quick look on showed me the Victoria Lanes, so I checked for any intersecting streets that have the same number referenced in the photo from tweet 13 in this thread.

(I can’t give it out on Twitter– that’s a violation of Twitter’s policies.)

I compared the photo he posted with the Google Street View image of the house matching that number.


Same garage, outdoor lighting, porch pillars, and bush. ImageImage

So then I checked the property records and saw that it’s owned by a Thomas J. Louden of Pekasie, Pennsylvania, and his wife.
On his militia forum, “Fireeagle” gives his location as Hilltown Township, PA, just five miles from Perkasie, PA.

(The latitude/longitude is not his home, just the location of the town center.) Image

And remember, he introduced himself as the “Deputy EMC for my township for over 15 years.” Image
On his LinkedIn profile, he kindly lists that he’s the Deputy Emergency Management Coordinator for Hilltown Township, PA. ImageImage
Anyway, @TJUHospital, your Director of Managed Care, Thomas Louden, is leading a far-right militia chapter and spreading rumors about “ANTIFA” who had been “trained by radical Islam” who planned on “killing as many Trump supporters and whites as possible!!” Image
Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that @TJUHospital has the leader of a far-right militia working as their Director of Managed Care, given that they tried to deport one of their own patients, as @aurabogado reported in June.

So @TJUHospital, think about whether or not you want to have a heavily armed wingnut like Thomas J. Louden, aka “Commander Fireeagle” of the Citizens Defense Force in your offices, as he’s recruiting snipers for his militia.

Doxx: Joshua Knarr, Right Wing Death Squad Member in Norristown PA

from It’s Going Down

[This post only contains information relevant to Philadelphia and the surrounding area, to read the entire article follow the above links.]

Antifascist researcher We Will Be Ruthless have identified Norristown, Pennsylvania resident and Right Wing Death Squad member Joshua Knarr. RWDS became a far-right meme in 2018, and in response to the popularity of the meme, a Facebook group was created. According to the dox, Knarr has been involved with the RWDS Facebook group since January 2020 and posts frequently.

In his posts, Knarr refers to Black people as “farm equipment”, makes jokes about Jewish people and the Holocaust, reminisces about fascism and supports “rapewaffen”, a neo-Nazi accelerationist tactic that has been promoted by neo-Nazi groups like Atomwaffen as a way to send (accelerate, if you will) civilization into a race war.

His posts also include anti-Asian sentiment, Nazi nostalgia, and general racism and even mocks the murder of Ahmaud Arbery, who died at the hands of three white men. Knarr also participates in discussion around the indoctrination or “red-pilling” of younger people through Minecraft servers. He also occasionally posts memes that originate in eco-fascist and accelerationist terrorist circles.

Joshua Knarr is currently employed at Envestnet, a wealth management firm. You are encouraged to contact them via their twitter account, as well as reaching out to Envestnet CEO Bill Crager and President Stuart DePina. You can also reach out via email to the media relations team: media@envestnet.com.

Ian Hoffman, Identity Evropa PA coordinator

from Philly Antifa

Ian Hoffman AKA Papa Pizzagate; Identity Evropa PA Coordinator

One of the Identity Evropa originals!

A devoted white nationalist, Ian Hoffman of Palmyra, PA was arrested on assault and battery charges at Unite the Right in 2017,(https://archive.st/lryf ). He was doxxed then, but its time for a redoxx! Ian Hoffman is the Pennsylvania coordinator for Identity Evropa and handles the t-shirt orders for his fellow nazis. One time he put up stickers in Harrisburg, before they were promptly removed by locals.

He’s 30 years old, born on July 25, 1988 and is a diehard Trump supporter. Hoffman enjoys trolling the opposition using racial slurs, and posting it to Discord: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/481597551272001546/509197425601413136/unknown.png. He has declared that “we have a president who is openly calling himself a nationalist. Demographics are being discussed openly (and not always favorably) on cable television. Senators and pundits are using language that would only have been heard from White Nationalists as recently as 5 years ago.” Hoffman goes on to say that he thinks Trump won because he hates a lot of the same things regular Americans hate too, like Globalism, political correctness, bureaucracy, the “deep state”, multiculturalism and so forth. Further illustrating his belief that the time is right for proudly claiming one’s white identity, Hoffman helped cement connections between Identity Evropa and politician Steve King of IA, saying “The left went full court press on ‘STEVE KING IS A WHITE NATIONALIST’ and he still won.”

Hoffman’s social media is full of loads of garbage, including this sad attempt at poetics:

“Nationalism is Rising

Globalism is falling

Neoliberalism is on it’s way out

Trump taught the American public to hate the media, and they do.

People are seeking other answers to the truths

of our broken society and system

White Identity is in the air.”

Around the holidays, Ian Hoffman recommends encouraging Identity Evropa members to “name the Jew” to their parents and family. Going on to say that “White people [are] not acting in self-preservation and group interest. Let’s focus on improving that. Promoting these ‘grand Jewish plans’ makes us sound extreme, inaccessible and unhinged, so may as well drop it and focus on what we can do.  Ultimately, whether or not you believe in the plan is irrelevant” and ending his diatribe with “I’m SURE that if (((THEY))) didn’t circumcise young men, America would be [a] white ethno-paradise.”

An active shit-poster, Ian is easily searchable on social media; Ian Hoffman’s twitter is www.twitter.com/papapizzagate with an archive of http://archive.fo/NLKOS, his followers are archived here http://archive.fo/jajud, plus which white supremacist trash bags he’s following can always be found here http://archive.fo/IfIG3 His private youtube, is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L78ORLT1zY and his public YouTube is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChoqPqK5guwUdFXSgVW0XVw/videos(http://archive.is/9u498 ) which he makes a lot of money off of https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/481597551272001546/516044381526949891/unknown.png so flag him for explicit content to get him de-platformed and make this Nazi broke again.


Don’t forget Ian, the internet is forever and we will keep finding you and finding you.

Ian lives alone at 129 W Main St, APT 2E in Palmyra, Pa. In a show of how empty his life is, he lists his hobbies as cars, entrepreneurship, dirt bikes (his field of work now) and bonsai trees.


129 W Main St


Palmyra, PA



July 25, 1988

Social media:

Twitter: www.twitter.com/papapizzagate http://archive.fo/NLKOS, followers: http://archive.fo/jajud, following: http://archive.fo/IfIG3

YouTube (private): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1L78ORLT1zY (unlisted/private video, same avatar as Twitter)

YouTube (public): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChoqPqK5guwUdFXSgVW0XVw/videos (http://archive.is/9u498 )


Charlottesville connections:

Meet David Fanelli, Identity Evropa Fash In Pennsylvania

from Panic In The Discord

Going by the username V. Balboa on Discord, David Fanelli, born on 03/28/1988, is a prolific member and the designated leader of operations for Identity Evropa in the state of Pennsylvania.  He has over 1,700 messages on the Identity Evropa Discord server, and has been with Identity Evropa since their inception. Fanelli appears to be responsible for almost all of the IE stickers around Philly. According to his social media, Fanelli currently works for Boeing.

You can spot him very briefly in the following video in a blue t-shirt, on the side of other fascist groups, and standing right next to the Identity Evropa flag at the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville:

David Fanelli at UTR
David Fanelli at UTR
David Fanelli at UTR

You can him hear yell “build the wall!” at about 22 seconds in, and he makes a few later appearances, as well. You’ll also be able to see David wearing the same glasses in these photos from “Unite the Right” and pictures on his Facebook.

The video has been archived offline, so even if David somehow gets it removed, it will still be available for viewing and re-posting.

David liked to post pictures of himself on Discord — before Identity Evropa was deplatformed from the service this weekend.

Here, you can see him sporting his IE apparel at a Trump rally:

Discord post from V. Balboa showing David Fanelli at a Trump rally (the orientation of the Discord post is sideways here).
David Fanelli doing the White Power symbol in an IE t-shirt.

Just to make the connection crystal clear, here’s his Facebook:


He put his antisemitism on display regularly in the Discord logs, sometimes using triple parenthesis in messages, like this post:

He admits his, and Identity Evropa’s, political intentions are to build a white ethno-state:

David liked to post pictures of his dog on Discord. He also posts those on Facebook:

V. Balboa Discord post of Fanelli’s cute pooch. Doxxed by his dog!

You can also see here that David posted a picture of a book he’s reading on Discord. He also posted it on his *very public* Facebook, which he has since taken down. But don’t worry, we have an archive.

David’s books on Discord
AAAAAND David’s books on Facebook. Matchy-matchy.

Fanelli is invested in infiltrating local GOP offices nationwide, but especially in Pennsylvania. As you can see from his archived Facebook friends list, he has many friends that are local pundits and politicians in the GOP in Pennsylvania.

You can see his full archived friends list here: http://archive.is/j50Hq

You can view Fanelli’s archived profile here: http://archive.is/nOnuP 

Fanelli posted this photo on Facebook on October 25, 2018, captioned “GOP dinner party.” After doing some sleuthing, it looks like he was rubbing shoulders with the GOP at the Center City GOP Pre-Election Party with Sen. Scott Wagner on October 25 in Philadelphia.

Fanelli at GOP dinner party in Center City, Philadelphia
Info/details about the GOP dinner party
Info about the GOP gathering Fanelli attended.

According to a database searches and confirmation from local antifascists, Fanelli lives in Upper Chichester, Pennsylvania at 1997 Mill Road, and works for Boeing according to his archived Facebook account. He probably works at Ridley Park Boeing. Here’s their number: (610) 591-2121

David Fanelli AKA V. Balboa – PA

Age:30, 3/28/88

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/david.fanelli.71066 (http://archive.is/nOnuP)

Friends list: http://archive.is/j50Hq

Employment: Boeing

Activism with IE:
-Signed up for Leading Our People Forward 2019
-Says he will attend the American Rensaissance conference

Charlottesville connections:
Attended Charlottesville

Reportback from Yiddish Anarchism conference

from Anarchist News


As one of a pair of Philadelphia anarchists who traveled up to this event together last weekend, I admit that I did not know much about Yiddish anarchism as such before registering us both for this academic conference (subtitled “New Scholarship on a Forgotten Tradition”). I’m also not an academic (at least not officially). What I found there- especially as the day went on- didn’t seem too very anarchist overall.

I kept telling myself that it was the time period’s historically significant preoccupation with work, work relations and wars that was being focused on (the late 1800s through the 1950s, mostly) and asking myself if it’s possible that there just isn’t that much information available that could be considered fairly to be illuminating on Yiddish anarchism in and of itself (though a robust list of materials at the host facility/archive/museum was offered, which I’ve attached). At one point I found myself fidgeting in my chair when questions about left unity were brought up from the audience.

There was a strong start, though. Spencer Sunshine, the conference organizer, made a few salient points. One was that most situations ask how to keep anarchists and radicals out of them. This, instead, was staging a conference in which he thought 70 people would show and there were 1300 responses of interest on Facebook (which is of course an excellent barometer for actual attendance, but sure). On the actual topic, he promised exploration of Yiddish anarchism appropriate for the historically-minded- both for Jewish interest and for New York interest- for the Yiddishist crowd who can read primary sources, for what he called radical rejecting-of-Zionism Jews and for anarchists, who would ask what specifically Jewish anarchy would look like. He endeavored to look for more positives, in his words, citing exhaustion with the default anti-Zionist Jewish identity.

Assertion after assertion after assertion after assertion followed for hours, punctuated with a handful of interesting historical nuggets and a few funny/poignant slides. It was indeed an academic conference. The indeed well-over-capacity crowd seemed to cover a lot of ground, though- there were lots of younger college-age folks, and someone posted on Twitter about saving seats with an Antifascist Action flag draped over them (though I did not see that). We were told in the welcome address that there was an enormous collection of Yiddish pornography in the museum’s archives, which made everyone laugh. Several elders were present, many of whom were attending along with younger people. This is promising, especially if it was more a manifestation of shared interest in anarchism, which clearly has a legacy problem. The median age of attendees seemed to be about 40 or so.

To circle back to Spencer Sunshine, he did also briefly mention the phenomenon of anti-semitism on the left, which in my avowedly not-a-leftist-at-all view is enormous and also poorly addressed. I thought on it more than he talked about it in his introduction, and so I’ll take a swing at it here. A gaping hole in the wonderful world of identity politics and the stifling, stilted, caricature-generating, frankly authoritarian practice of living and organizing by them is the persistent assumption that Jewish people are white and/or white-passing. I would say that I deal with that every day but I avoid, avoid, avoid people who think and act like this and I have for a very long time, preferring to think about whiteness as actively choosing to be on the side of power rather than being committed to interrogating, confronting and unwinding it wherever it may manifest itself, even in polite- and/or polite activist- society. It would have been amazing to see more about of how the milieu, especially on the Lower East Side, in which Yiddish anarchism is said to have been situated for the most part, made this commitment to being free happen in its heyday and since. Forgotten tradition, perhaps; I personally suspect it is alive and well in more places than a less careful and attentive eye may tend to look around. We need much more than war stories, anecdotes and tales of friends of friends to make- and keep- this real.

The programming- which consisted of unrelated 15 to 20 minute presentations by individual, active, paid academic writers and educators glommed into awkward panels that each in turn fielded questions, including an early one about why bother asserting anarchist identity at all if the world we dream of will never come to be. There was also the aforementioned inquiry into the importance of left unity both here and there (meaning in 1920s Russia, the domain of another presenter who made a valiant effort to delineate the revolution she spoke of as being anarchist, not socialist and made a single-line mention of individualist anarchism as a tendency in Russia). The program had a few objectively interesting topics but there didn’t seem to be much of a method to it overall. It seemed like the roster of presenters was drawn from who responded to express interest, and of those, who was available to be there. We were reassured that someone came from Croatia to attend, though. In a frankly concerning exchange, a presenter who teaches in Budapest told us that “people who get caught intentionally got caught,” because “you can just say you’re not an anarchist.” He can take that right back over there, for my part. A biographer and historian of Johann Most, New York-based publisher, atheist firebrand (he wrote “Die Gottespest”- translated as “The God Pestilence”) and frenemy of Emma Goldman- sounds like Most was fun at parties- presented and promoted his book about organizing in beer halls. I didn’t stay to find out what postvernacular meant, because I read it in the conference guide under the subtitle “the politics of flagging with Yiddish.”

It wasn’t clear through the whole day that what was promised- an exploration of what makes things distinctly Yiddish anarchism, as the conference organizer said was division by language, not identity and not Jewish but Yiddish speaking- would be shown to us aside from the work of one presenter who is a historian of Rudolf Rocker and the London East End. Local favorite Voltairine de Cleyre was mentioned as a contributor to working-class organizing that skewed heavily Jewish and/or Yiddish speaking (a theme, this and/or!), and a lot of similar content followed. We were taught that Rose Pesotta, who was a garment workers’ union organizer in New York, traveled to Lodz in the wake of the devastation of war across Europe to find people who asked only for moral support, literature, a printing press and a linotype machine in Polish. Their desire, according to the presenter, was to keep learning by virtue of their not having asked Rose Pesotta for visas or help for themselves. Okay.

Meeting a Yiddishist for the first time was good, though. Anna Elena Torres, whose field of expertise is working-class poetry in Yiddish and history/biography of its writers, including Peretz Markish (1895-1952). She told the story of his life’s work, The Man Of Forty, which was smuggled out of his native land in a potato sack by his wife once he was caught up by the state under suspicion of being its enemy. She gracefully fielded a question about backlash against use of the Yiddish language in publishing, confronting the notion that it was used to get around censorship rather than a manifestation of pride in who one is and how one wishes to express oneself. She also told us she talked to Audrey Goodfriend once, which made me (and I am sure some others there) smile, thinking of the people who knew and loved her. Professor Torres said she asked her why she still engaged with Yiddish in the context of anarchism after long-running newspaper Freie Arbeiter Stimme ended in 1977 and a half (in her words). “What are you, an academic?” she said Audrey Goodfriend responded. “Fortunately,” she told the audience, remembering, “at that time, I was not.”

Philly Police Harass Jewish Cops: Lawsuit

from Unicorn Riot

Philadelphia, PA – A new federal lawsuit alleges that a culture of anti-Semitic and racist harassment has been allowed to thrive at the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD).

Court filings submitted on behalf of two Jewish officers claim that the police department and the City of Philadelphia tolerate supervisors who have “created a racist, anti-Semitic, and anti-Jewish environment at their employment at the PPD.” Unknown PPD officers are also believed to be behind graffiti of Nazi symbols and slogans found on a Jewish cop’s locker and inscribed on his patrol car, incidents the lawsuit asserts were never looked into properly.

The primary complaint in the lawsuit was filed on November 19, 2018 on behalf of Stacey Gonzalez and Pavel Reznik, both Philadelphia Police officers and practicing Jews. The lawsuit primarily focuses on conduct by Corporal Karen Church of Philadelphia’s 9th district, who is “known for making racist remarks toward non-white and non-Christian officers” according to a sworn Internal Affairs statement by Officer Gonzalez.

The lawsuit also names the City of Philadelphia and the PPD as defendants, claiming that city administrators essentially signed off on anti-Semitic conduct inside PPD by failing to address the issue when officers brought it to their attention. 10 unknown officers, or John Does, are also named as defendants in the lawsuit.

According to the lawsuit, Corporal Karen Church commented to Officer Gonzales, “Why doesn’t the United States just take a missile and blow up Israel?” Another officer, Sergeant Oneeka Noble, is accused of making anti-Semitic remarks towards Gonzalez during preparations for a Memorial Day barbecue, reportedly telling her “Stacey, don’t bring in no motherfucking Kosher shit“.

Other incidents mentioned in the complaint were events reported by Pavel Reznik, a Russian Jewish police officer who is also party to the lawsuit.  Included along with the complaint are photographs being used as evidence exhibits in the case. The photos show Reznik’s police locker with ‘SS’ bolts scratched into it along with the German word ‘Totenkopf’.

Nazi graffiti on the locker of Jewish Philadelphia Police Officer Pavel Reznik

The locker graffiti, which seems to clearly target Reznik as a Jew, is a clear reference to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. ‘SS’ stands for ‘Schutzstaffel’, the name of an elite Nazi German paramilitary unit created by Adolf Hitler. ‘Totenkopf’ is a German word for “skull” or the “death’s head” symbol which was used by SS units assigned to concentration camps. The ‘Totenkopf’ symbol is still popular today among neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Another photo included as evidence in the lawsuit shows Reznik’s PPD patrol vehicle with a Star of David and the phrase ‘Hebrew Hammer’ inscribed in the grime that had built up on the side of the car.

A Star of David and the words “Hebrew Hammer” drawn in dust on Philadelphia Police Officer Pavel Reznik’s patrol car

According to the lawsuit, neither of the incidents of clearly anti-Semitic vandalism targeting Officer Reznik were properly investigated by the department.

Reznik wrote in his sworn statement that since he first joined the police academy in 2006, he had become aware that PPD “discriminates heavily against Jews” and claims that officers often made anti-Semitic comments around him such as “We’re just getting ‘Jewed out’.” One exchange is alleged to have taken place in which an officer made a comment about Jewish food and another officer responded, in a joking tone, “Don’t be racist,” to which Officer Marcus O’Shannesy reportedly replied “It’s not racism, it is anti-Semitism.” According to the lawsuit, another police officer named Dougherty also chimed in, saying “Jews can’t cook for shit, their Chanukah food sucks“.

The lawsuit alleges that Reznik faced further retaliation related to his religion. He was reportedly told “That’s some bullshit, no need for you to go home early… what are you, special?” when he asked to be able to attend a Jewish police officer’s honor guard event. He was also denied time-off requests while his wife was pregnant, and made to work shifts while other other officers lower in rank than himself were getting their time-off requests granted.

According to the suit, Reznik has stopped requesting time off to celebrate Jewish holidays because he assumes his requests will be denied and he will face retaliation.

Reznik said he was also subject to harassment based on his Russian nationality and other officers seeing him as an immigrant. He claims that while enrolled at the police academy, a superior told him “I must break you; we must destroy your country” in a mock Russian accent. Reznik also maintains that another officer frequently made derogatory comments about “all the benefits immigrants get, without doing any work“.

In addition to specific anti-Semitic remarks and acts of harassment, Corporal Karen Church and other PPD officials are accused of retaliating against Jewish officers by subjecting them to “unwarranted and disproportionate warnings and punishments … wherein discrimination was exhibited“. Punishments against Jewish cops complaining about anti-Semitism reportedly included being made to stay late while non-Jews were allowed to leave, and being prevented from taking time off for Jewish holidays. “There are always courtesies given to Christians to worship their holidays and leave early, but the rest of us are nailed to the directive when it comes to our holidays,” Gonzalez said in a sworn statement.

After Gonzalez complained about Corporal Church’s “bomb Israel” comment, Church retaliated by making her stay late while other officers were allowed to go home, the suit claims. Church is further alleged to have taken disciplinary action against Gonzalez for leaving work to prepare for Yom Kippur, while non-Jewish officers were said to be running similar holiday errands around the same time and were not disciplined. Church is also said to have refused to let Gonzalez work any half-days during the Jewish holiday, despite allowing Christian cops to take half-days during Christmas and Thanksgiving.

“…PPD supervisors directed discriminatory and prejudicial acts towards Jewish police officers and would intimidate these police officers by insulting them, requiring them to perform additional work not asked of other officers, (mainly white Christian officers) and precluded them from taking adequate time off for religions holidays, gatherings, and other Jewish religions expressions.” – Gonzalez & Reznik’s complaint

According to Officer Stacey Gonzalez’s sworn statement to PPD internal affairs, she believes the racist and anti-Semitic conduct by Corporal Church was knowingly tolerated by police higher-ups, including former Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey:

If you know this person has a history of making derogatory comments, you are protecting her if you don’t take any action against [her] She even stated out of her mouth she was protected by someone on the second or third floor …” – Officer Stacey Gonzalez Internal Affairs interview

In her statement to PPD Internal Affairs, Officer Gonzalez also claimed that the Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), which often negotiates on behalf of officers with grievances, discouraged her from speaking out about her allegations of anti-Jewish discrimination:

“…the FOP (Mike Trask and Roosevelt Poplar) said they weren’t going to have anything to do with it. They said to take it to your people … They stated they didn’t want anything to do with my complaints regarding the Christian holidays.” – Officer Stacey Gonzalez Internal Affairs interview

John McNesby of the Philly FOP, speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, claimed that the police union was not involved in, or aware of, the lawsuit about anti-Semitism in the department:

This is the first I’m being made aware of this … To my knowledge they’ve never contacted [the union] or requested any assistance, which would be their first line of defense … but they took the path that they did, and it’s under litigation and I guess they’ll figure it out on that level.” – John McNesby, President, Philadelphia Fraternal Order of Police

Corporal Karen Church, as well as several other PPD officers named in the new anti-Semitism lawsuit, have all been named in previous litigation over discrimination and workplace harassment in Philly’s police department.

Karen Church and Sergeant Robert Deblasis were both sued in 2011 by Robin Middleton, an African-American Philadelphia Police Officer and Christian Baptist, who said that she was harassed by Church and Deblasis on the basis of both her race and religion. Middleton’s lawsuit claimed that Church, with Deblasis’ knowledge and approval, prevented her from being able to attend religious services. Middleton also claimed that Deblasis routinely called her “the Blessed One” and would make the “sign of the cross” gestures towards her at work. Middleton also alleged that Deblasis and Church retaliated against her for her complaints about this harassment; when she became injured on the job, they refused to provide her with either an injury report or a hospital referral.

Deblasis had also been named in a previous lawsuit that claimed he harassed PPD officers for their involvement in interracial relationships. The new lawsuit contains a statement from Officer Gonzalez to PPD Internal Affairs in which Gonzales claims another officer overheard Deblasis using the phrase “the ‘N’ word” to refer to a black person.

This fresh scandal tying Philadelphia’s police to anti-Semitism and Nazi imagery comes just two years after an uproar involving an officer sporting a Nazi tattoo while on the job. During the 2016 Democratic National Convention, which was hosted in Philadelphia, pictures emerged of Officer Ian Hans Lichterman sporting a forearm tattoo with a Nazi German eagle design under the word “fatherland“.

McNesby & the Philly FOP defended the Nazi tattoo as “not a big deal” at the time, while the police department declined to discipline Lichterman, saying no policies had been violated. The department has since instituted a new tattoo policy and Lichterman was never fired, but ended up leaving PPD to take a new job as a federal police officer guarding the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Former Ian Hans Lichterman sports a Nazi tattoo while assigned to protests outside the 2016 Democratic National Convention. Photo Source: Evan Parish Matthews/Facebook

Read the full text of the complaint in Officers Gonzalez & Reznik’s lawsuit (with Internal Affairs interview transcripts) below or click here to download the PDF.

The upcoming “We the People” Rally is organized by anti-semites

from Friendly Fire Collective


cw: anti-Semitic imagery, violence, fascism

The far-right Proud Boys have proven time after time that they are a violent organization. Their front group in PA, Sports Beer & Politics II, is no different. Despite denying being racists, their page is a cesspool of fascism. Only a month ago, they shamelessly posted an anti-Semitic meme.


Again, we need to take the upcoming rally seriously and make it known that all forms of fascism will be opposed in Philly. The Right is escalating in their tactics, feeling bolder and more passionate about their genocidal cause. This rally cannot and will not go smoothly, especially after the recent string of terrorist attacks in the so-called U.S. from white nationalists, including a blatantly anti-Semitic attack at the Tree of Life Synagogue this past week.

For more information, check out the counter-protest facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/171281213803986/