“DEFEND THE MEADOWS! A. P. Construction INC. has been given a permit by the City of Philadelphia to Destroy and Gentrify over 100+ Acres of Lenni-Lenape Land at so called “FDR” Park in South Philly.
The Lenni-Lenape name for the unceded area is “Pahsayunk” and “Chingsessing”  Pahsayunk translates to ” A place between the hills.” Chingsessing translates to “A place where there is a Meadow”.
The Proposed $20+ million dollar development would devastate and privatize the unceded Autonomous land with plastic “Astro-Turf” sports fields and over-priced shops.
This would ruin the habitat and life of thousands of sacred animals, trees, mushrooms, plants, and insects such as the endangered Monarch Butterfly!
For all life we must stop this and all Ecocidal development by any means necessary!
Please take Direct Action and contact A. P. Construction Inc. to demand that owners and the management drop the contract and cancel the “1954 Pattison Ave.” development.
A. P. Contruction Inc. – Philadelphia Office –  Phone Number: *67 (215) 922-2323 – Address: Navy Yard Corporate Center, 1 Crescent Drive, Suite 104, Philadelphia, PA 19122
Main Office in New Jersey – Phone Number: *67 (856)227-2030 –  Address: 915 S Black Horse Pike, Blackwood, NJ08012
Send an anonymous email to:
Instagram: @APConstructionInc