Hello friends!

It’s been a few weeks since June 11th and we are looking towards compiling a report-back about all the events and actions that happened around the world this year. If you have already emailed us to tell us about what happened in your part of the world, thanks! But if not then we would love to hear from you within the next couple of weeks. We want to know about what creative ideas you brought forth into the world! If you had an event, how many people showed up? What kind of connections were made, and if any money was raised for our friends? If there was an action of some sort, what beautiful gestures transpired?

We plan on putting out our compilation out in a couple of weeks, so please contact us at june11th (@) riseup (dot) net with your stories!

(Please take whatever security measures that you deem necessary if you choose to contact us!)

-The J11 crew