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    July 16: Day of Agitation for the Freedom of Political Prisoners in Abya Yala

    Joint Statement for the Upcoming Day of Agitation for the Freedom of Political Prisoners in Abya Yala

    We have recently seen the sharpening of the struggle of the oppressed, exploited, and dominated, against those who rob us of our freedom and of a good life. All states have been confronted by thousands of people of the communities of Abya Yala who refuse to perish in passivity. It is clear to us that the struggle against patriarchy, capitalism, imperialism, colonialism, and extractivism is more relevant than ever. As a result, states, as fundamental instruments in maintaining the necessary conditions for our domination and exploitation, have intensified repressive actions against all the rebellious peoples of Abya Yala. This has brought death, torture, and persecution, along with a wave of political imprisonment. For this reason, we have decided to organize a Day of Agitation for the Freedom of the Political Prisoners in Abya Yala this July 16.

    The state is the organization of the dominant classes, which they occupy for their own ends. As long as there are dominant classes, and those classes have an apparatus like the state, we will continue to face repression when we decide to rise up. As long as prisons continue to exist, we will be locked up for being rebels, poor, dissidents, or for simply not fulfilling their expectations. Prison is a fundamental pillar for the maintenance of the state and the necessary order for our misery. Thus, our struggle is not exclusively against political imprisonment, but against prisons in general. In this sense, we reject criminalization and we do not see those who engage in direct action as guilty, nor those who limit themselves to the tactics of bourgeois legality as innocent.

    We believe that to achieve freedom for our imprisoned compañerxs, we must struggle together, horizontally, territorially, and with autonomy. For this, we warn of the threats that lie in wait for us in this struggle. We not only have to avoid political persecution and the most blatant repression, but we also have to protect ourselves from citizenist discourses, which deny legitimacy to popular violence (which is essential in the struggle against those who maintain us beneath their yoke), by tying our hands and our communities, leading us along the path of bourgeois democracy. We are aware of the risk of cooptation of the popular forces by political parties. Those who yesterday hit us with a stick, today smile at us with a carrot. We do not trust those who seek to hold state power, nor those who have already done so with dire consequences.

    The demands for which we agitate are clear:

    1. Unconditional freedom for the political prisoners of yesterday and today in Abya Yala
    2. An end to prisons

    Freedom for all political prisoners of Abya Yala and the world!

    Down with the prisons and the society that needs them!

    Neither guilty nor innocent, simply take the streets!

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