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Event Information:

  • Wed

    Defend and Support Kensington encampments

    7:00 am1800 Allegheny Avenue

    Eviction Defense Requested:
    Kensington Encampments
    When: Wednesday June 16th, 2021
    Meet at 7am Support needed throughout day
    Where: Meet @ 1800 E Allegheny Ave
    Why: The city threatened to evict several encampment sites in Kensington, posting up signs listing the “1800 block of Hilton Street, the 1800 block of Allegheny Avenue, and the (illegible) of East Allegheny or any other place in the neighborhood known as Kensington”. Rallying point is near the intersection of Allegheny & Kensington Ave, where we can see most sites listed.

    The city publicly said they won’t evict once a lawsuit was pending, HOWEVER they told all businesses/service providers they’ll be evicting that day. This is a deliberate confusion tactic to keep eyes off of Kensington! We will not let them act unseen on our neighbors. Residents have requested support early that morning even if the city doesn’t try to evict, as police harassment occurs DAILY here regardless of formal notice.

    Residents report belongings being trashed by cops each morning. This is just eviction without the notice!

    Do you have information that could help with the lawsuit against the city to stop the sweeps? Email stephanie.sena@law.villanova.edu

    [Details Here]