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Event Information:

  • Wed

    LILAC/LSC Reading Group: Alfredo Bonano- The Insurrectional Project

    7:00 pmRegister for Meeting Link!

    We're departing from our normal programming on Hope Against Hope this week to talk about the theory behind insurrectionary anarchism, a tendency that is often counterposed with the more social anarchist/libertarian socialist thought that we've read in the past.

    From wikipedia:

    Insurrectionary anarchism is a revolutionary theory and tendency within the anarchist movement that emphasizes insurrection as a revolutionary practice. It is critical of formal organizations such as labor unions and federations that are based on a political programme and periodic congresses. Instead, insurrectionary anarchists advocate informal organization and small affinity group based organization. Insurrectionary anarchists put value in attack, permanent class conflict and a refusal to negotiate or compromise with class enemies.

    On Wednesday, June 9th at 7:00pm EST, we will meet to discuss  Alfredo M. Bonanno - The Insurrectional Project

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