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    Call for Actionday on the 6th Nov – 11 comrades arrested (Germany)

    Call for Actionday on the 6th November 2020.

    On the 26th of October eleven people were put into investigative custody in Frankfurt am Main. As part of a protest action on three highway bridges, the activists were initially accused with severe intervention into traffic and coercion.
    Frankfurt‘s public prosecution dropped the accusation of severe intervention into traffic after only one day. Now the activists have to face an imprisonment of two to three months, which is justified by the entirely unreasonable and constructed accusation of coercion.

    “It is always the same: Once politics can not get a grip on rampant protests, they react with means of repression.“
    (Waltraut Verleih)

    We demand the immediate liberation of all political captives and the suspension of all charges and repressions.
    The captives can not speak up themselves, so let us raise our voices for them!
    Join the movement and participate on the day of action on the 6th of November. Let it be colourful, creative, resistant, in solidarity and most importantly: everywhere! Drop the banner, create demonstrations in solidarity, sticker up, chalk on every street, flyer in every space, write postcards or letters to the captives or do anything else that pops into your head!

    Last but not least: Come to DANNI and on the streets– it was never more important than now!

    In solidarity, prison support Hessen

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