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    From NYC to the World: A Call for a People’s State of Emergency

    Call for community mobilizations in the face of the upcoming 2020 election.

    This is an emergency. It’s an emergency many of us have been living for a long time: from here in New York City, capital of global capitalism and onetime epicenter of COVID-19, to every corner of occupied Turtle Island.

    But it is also an opening. Millions of people have woken up to this reality since the onset of the recession and the eruption of the George Floyd rebellion, and millions more will join us in the coming months no matter what goes down on Election Day.

    Starting November 4 and continuing every Wednesday following until January 20, we will come together to claim a regular space and time for coordination among popular forces, and for sustained non-cooperation with the regime.

    Think direct action: road blockades, sit-ins, shutdowns, mass disruptions. Think social strike: student walkouts, worker wildcats, rent and transit and debt strikes.

    This call is in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, People’s Strike, the migrant labor movement, and indigenous peoples everywhere.

    It is not affiliated with any political party, but open to all anti-racists, anti-sexists, and anti-capitalists who know another world is possible and are prepared to fight for it wherever we live, work, and struggle.

    For updates from across the continent, text HELLO to 205-576-7193 on the Signal app.

    And contact nystateofemergency@riseup.net with any questions!


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