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Event Information:

  • Sun

    Mid-September online discussion

    1:30 PM – 3:00 PM EDTmeet.mayfirst.org/viscerapvd

    For those who missed our in-person discussion of Monsieur DuPont's "Your face is so mysteriously kind" (or those who didn't and have more to say) we'll be hosting a second round of discussion online.

    "Life is best in idleness and comfort; intelligence and sensitivity are characteristic of a subject position squeezed from sunshine and soft clothing like red juice from a pomegranate. Revolution is the actualisation of human beings as the object of their subjectivity, it is not religious martyrdom minus the religion. If the walls are not made of paper, don’t punch them, if the bars are not made of chocolate, don’t eat them. If you cannot win, refuse the fight."

    You can find the text on the anarchist library here: https://theanarchistlibrary.org/library/monsieur-dupont-your-face-is-so-mysteriously-kind

    Reading discussion starts at 2 pm EST on jitsi: meet.mayfirst.org/viscerapvd

    [Details Here]