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  • Mon

    Tell DA Krasner to Drop the Charges!

    9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

    Following the murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police, cities and towns across the country, led by Black youth, rose up in anger and in grief and the systemic racism that has had it's knee on the neck of Black people for 500 years.

    This year's uprising caught the attention of nation and the world in an unprecedented way, leading to the introduction of reforms, reductions in police budgets and the removal of monuments that have long stood as painful reminders to the enduring existence of white supremacy.

    While some will argue that property destruction has no place in movements for social justice, we know that without images of burning police stations and damaged store fronts, this movement would not have achieved the attention that it has.

    Furthermore, the property that was "looted" during the uprising is incomparable to what is owed to Black America after centuries of plundering life and labor.

    Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner ran on a platform of reversing decades of racist "tough on crime" style prosecution. As a defense attorney representing people arrested at Occupy Philly and the 2000 RNC, he knew that distinguishing between "good" and "bad" protesters only serves to help the system undermine movements for social and racial justice.

    Larry Krasner knows this, but apparently he needs a reminder. On Monday, June 15th, call the DA's office to remind his of why he was elected and how we can support the global movement for Black life.

    Tell DA Larry Krasner to drop the charges against EVERYONE arrested during this month's anti-police brutality protests.

    Phone number: 215-686-8000
    Email: DA_East@phila.gov

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