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    International Call for a Dangerous May

    In May, Let’s Play : A Call to Conflict

    Here we can easily realise that the hydroalcoholic gel can be used as hand disinfectant but also to start a fire.
    In other terms : that we don’t need the state guidelines to take care of our friends, and, once we have done with the survival thing, we have nothing better to do than going out searching for evil plans. More than ever we need revenge and true friendships.

    Now that we are stuck into this futuristic system, our only solution is to declare war to normality, if we don’t want to die in a aseptic boredom.

    We face a dual movement. On one side it seems that the power never has been so strong, winning the compliant citizen’s hearts and minds. On the other hand, it seems that it never had to manage such a complex situation (at least since we are born).

    Therefore, we can maybe conclude with two things :

    First of all, it is not about waiting for any masses that would wake up to confront it.

    Secondly it’s look like just the good moment to attack.

    The good moment here doesn’t mean the ONLY good moment. It’s always the good moment to fight.

    No, good moment here means that our opponent is totally busy with other things, and we cannot know what are exactly the consequences of our action (in such unprecedented situation), neither if we will have an other opportunity soon.

    It looks like an interesting wager for all the enemies of the power. To seize the opportunity and see what can happen.

    Now that the control forces who canvass the territory with vehicles, drones or just by foot have never been so in the place and overworked, what could happen if they were threatened inside their fortress, death threats with spray bomb ? Regularly attacked by some stones/cocktails/fireworks/firecrackers in the middle of the night during their sleep ? If they were ambush during their patrol ?

    Now that the cages are chock full and that we slowly die behind the bars, what could happen if the cars’guards would unfortunately meet a screwdriver/hammer/fire starter ? If the people who lock up and guard, already under constant pressure, were hit and beat coming back home ?

    Now that almost everyone work/study/share/relax/learn/rebel/have sex/… in front of a screen, what could happen if some easily accessible fiber optic cables were sabotaged ?

    Now that almost everyone « communicate » using cellphones.
    Order/command/planify/organize to produce (and sometimes to militate) or to « take care » using applications or incessant phone calls ; what could happen if some relay antennas, sometimes located in some no man’s land, were been put out of service ?

    Now that almost everyone lives confined in domotic nests hyperconnected to the matrix, like an substitute of life. What could happen if a high voltage pylon went to fall down ?

    We absolutely do not know what could happen. And that’s precisely why we should imperatively try it.

    Disseminate and translate this text if you liked it. Attack and conspire if you wanna participate.
    Claim and develop your ideas if you want to dialogue with other rebels.

    This short text is an invitation for a dangerous May.

    Note n°1 : if you are too impatient to wait for the month of May and if you liked this invitation, you can just attack in April and saying it in a potential claim.

    Note n°2 : if you are too impatient to wait, you can attack in April AND May !

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