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    January 17th Day of Action to Stop Line 3

    January 17th Day of Action to Stop Line 3

    From the headwaters of the Mississippi River, a call reverberates across
    Turtle Island: Stop Line 3!

    The Dakota and Anishinaabeg people have lived, died, and cared for the
    waters in what’s now “Minnesota” since long before the founding of the
    United States. Enbridge Inc. proposes to place a tar sands pipeline
    across the lands and waters of indigenous people in northern Minnesota—a
    project called ‘Line 3’. This pipeline proposes to cross 211
    waterbodies, some of the richest wild rice beds in the world, and
    violate the treaty rights of Anishinaabeg negotiated in 1837, 1854, and
    1855. The Minnesota segment of Line 3 is the final holdout of a pipeline
    planned to send 1M barrels per day of oil sands from Alberta to the
    western edge of Lake Superior. Line 3 represents a 10% increase in tar
    sands production.

    As the state of Minnesota weighs the final water crossing permits needed
    to build Line 3, we invite you to join us for a day of joyful,
    exuberant, and playful public engagement with the possibilities for life
    without oil. Indigenous, settler, migrant—we all agree: a world of
    extraction is not the world we want!

    When we take action to support the Dakota and Anishinaabeg preserve
    their homelands and culture, together we open possibilities for
    reinventing our lives beyond colonialism and capitalism. You don’t have
    to be part of an organization, a government, or some other structured
    system to want something else. We want ethical ways of relating to each
    other and to the earth. This is the only home we have. From January 17th
    – January 19th we call all beings who want something different to gather
    and display this desire using the hashtag #StopLine3. From banner drops
    to rallies to roving street parties to demonstrations to teach-ins,
    anything that helps spread our joy and defiance is welcome.

    The possiblities for another world exist now.

    Website: https://lifewithoutline3.home.blog/
    Instagram: @WaterIsLifeJ17