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    Call to Action Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism: October 25th – November 9th

    Beginning the weekend of 25 October, around the one-year anniversary of the Tree of Life pogrom in the USA, the actions will continue through the weekend of 9 November, marking one month since the attempted pogrom in Halle as well as 81 years since Kristallnacht.

    We see today, as we have seen before, organized violence – sanctioned by the state, blessed by the church, funded and defended by the ruling class – directed against ethnoracial, religious, sexual, and gender minorities. But today we are fighting back, as we always have. And together we say that an attack on any of us is an attack on all of us.

    This call is therefore also a call to solidarity with peoples everywhere struggling for life and for freedom: from Brazil to Burma, Catalunya to Chile, China to Ecuador to Egypt, Germany to Greece to Iraq, Kashmir to Kurdistan, Lebanon to Palestine, Poland to Russia, Sudan to United States and beyond.

    Action Items

    1. Mark your calendars for 25 October – 9 November. Call your own people to action on these dates in solidarity with the Outlive Them International. The Weeks of Action will begin with an anti-fascist Shabbat (called by some of our people in Pittsburgh), and continue through to the International Day of Action on 9 Nov.
    2. Share word of this weekend of action widely. Craft your own call: use or edit our words, images, and resources as you see fit. Come up with the strategies, targets, and tactics best suited to your own community.
    3. In unity is our strength. Reach out to other groups already resisting the murderous far right in your area or start your own. Organize an action together. Forge connections with other oppressed communities that will endure beyond the International Weeks of Action.
    4. Document your actions and those of the oppressors. Share images, stories, and reports with your social networks using the hashtag #OutliveThem. Then share them with us at wewilloutlivethem@protonmail.com. Please include only as much identifying information as participants consent to give.
    5. Be safe, be smart, and be dangerous. Consider people’s needs, capabilities, and vulnerabilities. Plan lower-risk actions that different people can participate in. People may or may not choose to plan higher-risk actions. We ask that all who answer this call be prepared to support each other in case of arrest, detention, or repression.

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