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Event Information:

  • Fri

    Embodied Difference: Divergent Bodies in Public Discourse

    7pm – 9pmWooden Shoe Books 704 South St

    Discussion with co-author Christina Jackson and contributors Emily August, Paul Wolff Mitchell, John Michael, Kat Richter, and Ute Bettray

    Focusing on the body as a visual and discursive platform across public space, we study marginalization as a sociocultural practice and hegemonic schema. Whereas mass incarceration and law enforcement readily feature in discussions of institutionalized racism, we differently highlight understudied sites of normalization and exclusion. Our combined effort centers upon physical contexts (skeletons, pageant stages, gentrifying neighborhoods), discursive spaces (medical textbooks, legal battles, dance pedagogy, vampire narratives) and philosophical arenas (morality, genocide, physician-assisted suicide, cryonic preservation, transfeminism) to deconstruct seemingly intrinsic connections between body and behavior, Whiteness and normativity.

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